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On 1/15/08 My Network started airing what they called another new show from the makers of Cops. The official site acts like this is some kind of completely brand new companion show, but it really is just unused Cops footage from many years ago. They had too much footage to fit into a season and instead of showing "lost" episodes they made a new series. John Langley said years ago he holds no footage back, but when they released the Too Hot tapes and Hank Barr's book, we learned that wasn't the case. He originally wanted to call Cops "Street Beat", so that is probably where this title was inspired. The only difference between this and Cops is cosmetic. 

Spoken warning: This program contains graphic material which may be inappropriate for some viewers.
It features a different theme song, this one is instrumental with cops talking, various people yelling an ends with a cops saying the Miranda rights. '(Gunshot) 911 emergency police. Yes, I've been shot and they're coming through. Shots fired! Shots fired! Where's he at? OK, we're going to stay right over southbound. Cover me! Cover me! Put your hands over your head. I didn't do nothing wrong. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law." Text of what the cops say flash across the screen.
The graphics and the titles are more artistic, each segment has it's own title, it features ambient music like a horror film at times and only the third segment has a follow up with a text explanation of what happened after and sometimes a statistic. On 1/16/09 they had a marathon on the Fox Reality Channel. This is the first time it aired there. In March 2009 rerurns started airing on truTV.

Official Summary - From the producers of Cops and Jail, Street Patrol is about the men and women of law enforcement who dedicate themselves to keeping our streets safe. The show follows real police officers from departments across America as they respond to a wide range of calls, from domestic disturbances, armed robbery and homicide. It will also include fascinating facts about the departments and officers, as well as offering insight into the society we live in.

Season 1 (2008)

# Info
1 Lincoln’s Pursuit (Pierce County WA) 2001, Sleeping with the Enemy (Indianapolis, IN) A Shot in the Dark (Lee County FL) 1997 #101. 1/15/08
2 Runnin’ for Smokes (Chesapeake, VA) 1998, She’s So Mean (Lee County FL) 2005, Backdoor Booze (Chesapeake, VA) 1998. #102. 1/15/08
3 Big Bang (North Las Vegas, NV) 1995, Amanda Busted My Window (Nashville, TN) 1998, Yes or No Question (Corpus Christi, TX) 1998. #103. 1/22/08
4 Gene Got Spiked (Albuquerque, NM) 2000, Shackmates Stabbing (Nashville, TN) 1998, Yacco Bags it (Jacksonville Beach, FL) 2000. #104. 1/22/08
5 Stubborn Stalker (Lynwood, CA) 1994, Blame Game (Las Vegas, NV), Domestic Double Murder (Tucson, AZ) 2001. #105. 1/29/08
6 Stuck on You (Compton, CA) 1994, I Drink Blood (Riviera Beach, FL) 1999, Shy Shoplifter (Palm Beach County FL) 1999. #106. 1/29/08
7 Dead Game (Atlanta, GA) 1998, Motel Madness (Las Vegas, NV) 1994, Slingin’ in the Rain (Jersey City, NJ) 1991 #107. 2/5/08
8 Naked Fight (Las Vegas, NV) 1995, Library Loudmouth (Norwalk, CA) 1994, Hidden Heater Haunts Hoodlum (Palm Beach County FL) 1999. #108. 2/12/08
9 Kids Can’t Drive (Nashville, TN) 1993, Daddy’s Dope (Sarasota County FL) 1997, Rooftop D.U.I. (Mesa, AZ) 1999. #109. 2/19/08
10 Joe Under the Car (Phoenix, AZ) 1993, Beginner’s Luck (Lee County FL) 2006, Playing with Guns (Kansas City, KS) 1995. #110. 2/26/08
11 Good Old Fight (Denver, CO) 1992, Peaches ‘N Crack (Kansas City, KS) 1994, Drive-Thru Drugs (Palm Beach County FL) 1999 #111. 4/29/08
12 Mom’s Missing Car (Fort Worth, TX) 1995, Lady Loudness (Petersburg, VA) 1999, Underwater Parking Lot (New York City, NY) 1994. #112. 5/6/08
13 Why’d You Run (Miami, FL) 1996, Fake $ (Las Vegas, NV) 1997, Married Meth Freaks (Phoenix, AZ) 1993 #113. 5/13/08
14 Donut Shop Delinquent (Cleveland, OH) 1993, Domestic Dust Up (Fort Worth, TX) 1995, Water Gun Threat (Virginia Beach, VA) 1998. #114. 7/15/08
15 Another Round (Pierce County WA) 1997, Dogs & Chickens (Dallas, TX) 1995, Two-Fer (Hollywood, CA) 1994. #115. 7/15/08
16 Egg-Sactly (Tucson, AZ) 2001, Mother’s Ex (Las Vegas, NV), Bronx Barricade (New York City, NY) 1994. #116. 7/22/08
17 Staking My Ground (Denver, CO) 1992, Duo in Distress (Los Angeles, CA) 1994, In with a Butter Knife (Las Vegas, NV) #117. 7/22/08
18 Get a Realtor (Fort Worth, TX) 1999, Gotta Be Love (Petersburg, VA) 1999, Cracked Up (Jacksonville, FL) 2000. #118. 7/29/08
19 Rules of the House (Cleveland, OH) 1993, Dumpster Motel (Jacksonville Beach, FL) 2000, Loiter and Liquor (Speedway, IN) 1999. #119. 7/29/08
20 Non-Resident Evil (Spokane, WA - 7:27 PM Domestic Violence Call) 2006, Can't Speak the Language (Buffalo, NY - 12:37 AM Officer Assistance Call) 1996, Handcuffed Husband (Phoenix, AZ - 6:43 PM Domestic Dispute) 1993. #120. 8/4/08

Season 2 (2008-09)

21 Mom Owes Me $10 (Corpus Christi, TX) 1998, All I want is Chicken (Indianapolis, IN) 1999, Battle of the Bathroom (New York City, NY) 1994. #201. 9/9/08
22 Chop Shop (Jersey City, NJ 2001), Mile High Driver (Denver, CO 1993), Sniff and Search (Jacksonville, FL) #202. 9/9/08
23 Slo Mo Traffic Stop (Pierce County WA 2000), The Road Home (Lee County, FL 2006), 4 Gun Menace (Hillsborough County FL 1995) #203. 9/16/08
24 Wing-Footed Waiter (Mesa, AZ 1999), Restrain Yourselves (Palm Beach County FL 1999), Ex-Circus Guy (Pierce County WA 2005) #204. 9/23/08
25 Johnny Dangerously (North Las Vegas, NV 1997), Pull Up Your Jeans (Fort Worth, TX 1999), Who was the Masked Man? (Jacksonville, FL 2000) #205. 9/30/08
26 Car Jacker Hunt (Los Angeles, CA), Left Behind (Palm Beach County FL), Shot in the Dark (Albuquerque, NM) #206. 10/7/08
27 Father's Day Murder (Sacramento, CA), Misguided Missile (Tampa, FL), BB Boys (Corpus Christi, TX) #207. 11/18/08
28 Brawling Brother (Fontana, CA), Car Connection (Providence, RI), Keeper of the Gate (Kansas City, MO) #208. 3/10/09
29 Trailer Park Snare (Phoenix, AZ), You’re a Man Now (Boise, ID), The Plunge (Jacksonville, FL) #209. 3/10/09
30 Runaway Uncle (Albuquerque, NM), Deadly Lie (Las Vegas, NV), Back Woods Meth (Pierce County WA), #210. 3/17/09
31 Smoking Gun (North Las Vegas, NV), Ironic Semi Accident (Rialto, CA), Police Radio Rip-off (Atlanta, GA) #211. 3/17/09
32 Extreme Ex (Brevard County, FL - 2:12 AM Domestic Violence Call), The Devil’s Drink (Nashville, TN) Family Ties (Fort Forth, TX) #212. 3/24/09
33 Buy in Plain Sight (Las Vegas, NV- 11:34 PM Possible Drug Activity), Nasty Neighbors (Mesa , AZ - 7:04 PM Disturbance Call), Lockdown (Jersey City, NJ - 9:15 PM Person in Distress) #213. 3/24/09
34 Gun Scare (Brevard County FL), Boyfriend Battery (Buffalo, NY), Crack Pipe & Food Stamps (Phoenix, AZ) #214. 3/31/09
35 Suicide or Son (King County, WA), Liar and Liar (Las Vegas, NV), Respect Your Mother (Albuquerque, NM) #215. 3/31/09
36 Who Done What (Las Vegas, NV), No Birthday Cake (Sacramento, CA), Not-911 (Lynwood, CA) #216. 4/21/09
37 Burglary Bungle (Tampa, FL/Nashville, TN 1993), Walking the Track (Las Vegas, NV), Deadly Bar Fight (Fort Worth, TX 1999) #217. 4/21/09
38 He Said, She Said (Pittsburgh, PA - 7:47 PM Suspicious Vehicle) 2007, Troubled Teen (Maricopa County, AZ - 8:02 PM Runaway Juvenile) 1999, Hit & Run Felony (North Las Vegas, NV - 7:27 PM Hit and Run Accident) 1997 #218. 4/28/09
39 Station Wagon to Police Station (Sacramento, CA - 7:21 PM Stolen Vehicle) 1993, Fremont Inexperienced Driver (Las Vegas, NV - 4:23 AM Hit and Run Accident) 2007, Rollover Lesson (Lakewood, WA - 4:50 PM Traffic Accident) 2001 #219. 4/28/09
40 Rambunctious Roommate (Fort Worth, TX - 2:29 AM Officer Assistance Call), Less than Honest (Martin County FL - 3:18 PM Suspicious Vehicle), Rock ‘N Sock (Anchorage, AK - 10:23 PM Traffic Stop) #220. 5/5/09
41 Tony the Tiger (Pittsburgh, PA - 5:03 PM Possible Drug Activity), Locked in, Locked Up (Denver, CO - 12:01 AM Disturbance Call), Door Stop (Jersey City, NJ - 9:03 PM Person in Distress) #221. 5/5/09
42 Basketbrawl Brawl (Kansas City, MO - 9:23 PM Shooting Call). Grass Cutting Machine (Hamilton County OH - 7:16 PM Disturbance Call) Daddy’s Drug Drive (Mesa, AZ - 7:01 PM Suspicious Vehicle) #222. 5/13/09
43 Bike Story (Las Vegas, NV - 7:05 PM Robbery in Progress), Bad Blood (Pierce County WA - 1:22 AM Domestic Dispute), Auto Inferno (Nashville, TN - 3:25 PM Vehicle Fire) #223. 5/13/09
44 Broken Tail Light (Palm Springs, CA - 9:10 PM Traffic Stop), Consider the Kids (Kansas City, MO - 10:31 PM Domestic Dispute) Police, It Ain’t Stolen (Riviera Beach, FL - 9:48 PM Suspicious Vehicle) #224. 5/20/09
45 Just Chillin (Travis County, TX - 8:26 PM Assistance Call), Drug House Daddy (Sacramento, CA - 5:02 PM Suspicious Activity), Suspect Slip (West Hollywood, CA - 12:01 AM Disturbance Call) #225. 5/20/09
46 Crack Shot (Aurora, CO)/Double Domestic (Lee County, FL)/Homeless Headache (Atlanta, GA) #226. 7/14/09
47 Downtown Runaround (Spokane, WA)/Vicious Cycle (Marion County, IN - 10:21 PM Domestic Dispute)/Guns and Gangs (Denver, CO - 6:50 PM Officer Assistance Call) #227. 7/14/09
48 Blunt Talk (Martin County, FL)/Back to Jail (Denver, CO)/Coming to America (Las Vegas, NV) #228. 7/21/09
49 Hurt Feelings (Spokane, WA)/Backpack Backtrack (Spokane, WA)/Highs and Lows (Corpus Christi, TX) #229. 7/21/09
50 Pawned Car (Atlanta, GA)/Fighting & Biting (Sacramento, CA)/Boatyard Bonehead (Lee County, FL) #229. 7/28/09
51 Mr. Orange (Jacksonville Beach, FL)/Push Thy Neighbor (Anchorage, AK)/3-Way Traffic Stop (Las Vegas, NV) #230. 7/28/09
52 Intimidating a Bus (Shelbyville, IN)/Deny the Reefer (Palm Beach County, FL) Out the Window (North Las Vegas, NV). #231. 8/4/09


151 Total

Person or K-9 City, State Episode(s) On Cops?
Officer Rob Adams Jacksonville, FL 205 Y
Officer Mario Alfonsi North Las Vegas, NV 205 N
Officer Jorge Ayala Las Vegas, NV 216 N
Deputy Sean Baraniak Palm Beach County FL 204 Y
Deputy Simon Barnes Palm Beach County FL 111 N
Officer Bret Satchwell Sacramento, CA 219 Y
Officer Garritt Bennett Fort Worth, TX 118 N
Officer 1st Class Bill Bergamini Petersburg, VA 118 Y
Officer Vincent Bingaman Phoenix, AZ 113 N
Officer Wayne Blackard North Las Vegas, NV 218 Y
Officer Craig Blakely Atlanta, GA 107 N
Officer Adam Bracey Virginia Beach, VA 114 Y
Officer Kevin Brandon Kansas City, KS 111 Y
Sr Officer Billy Breedlove Corpus Christi, TX 103 N
Officer Tom Brennan Denver, CO 202 Y
Officer Tim Brown Cleveland, OH 119 Y
Officer Martin Burns Nashville, TN 109 N
Officer Fred Cisneros Denver, CO 202 N
Cpl Kevin Clapp Palm Beach County FL 204 Y
Officer Tom Clayton Dallas, TX 115 Y
Officer Mike Clupper Speedway, IN 119 Y
Officer George Conway Nashville, TN 217 Y
Officer Claude Cosby Riviera Beach, FL 106 N
Sgt. James Cowan New York City, NY 112 N
Officer Jeff Crenshaw Atlanta, GA 107 Y
Officer Jerry Dalton Fort Worth, TX 118 Y
Officer Andrew Deddish Indianapolis, IN 201 N
Deputy Rick Dempsey Palm Beach County FL 108 N
Officer William Dobscha Jacksonville, FL 118 Y
Officer Dave Dooros Hollywood, CA 115 N
Det Tom Downing Chesapeake, VA 102 Y
Officer Rick Driscoll Los Angeles, CA 117 N
Officer Duane Eamon North Las Vegas, NV 218 Y
Cpl. Clyde Eisenberg Hillsborough County FL 203 Y
Deputy Jim Erb Lee County, FL 203 N
Sgt. Chuck Ezell Speedway, IN 119 N
Deputy Andrew Finley Pierce County WA 203 Y
Deputy Jose Garcia Compton, CA 106 N
Deputy Tony Geiseauer Lynwood, CA 216 N
Officer Al Gibson Las Vegas, NV 113 Y
Det. Robert Godell Kansas City, KS 110 N
Technician Reuben Gomez Denver, CO 111 Y
Det. David Gonzales Jacksonville, FL 118 N
Officer Anthony Goodman Jersey City, NJ 107 N
K-9 Officer Keith Gordon Jacksonville Beach, FL 104 N
Lt. Richard Greene New York City, NY 112 N
Officer Nick Gulli Las Vegas, NV 117 Y
Officer Peter Hackett Albuquerque, NM 104 N
Deputy Lincoln Hale Pierce County WA 101 Y
Officer Melvin Halloway Riviera Beach, FL 106 N
Deputy Cliff Hamilton Palm Beach County FL 204 N
Det Kevin Hammond Chesapeake, VA 102 Y
Officer Jeff Hardison Chesapeake, VA 102 N
Officer Gina Haynes Sacramento, CA 219 Y
Deputy John Heacock Pierce County WA 115 Y
Deputy 1st Class Pat Healey Lee County FL 101 N
Officer Royce Hearne Fort Worth, TX 217 Y
Deputy Pete Hedrick Lee County FL 110 Y
Officer Ben Heffner Indianapolis, IN 101 N
Officer Eric Henry Virginia Beach, VA 114 N
Officer Phil Hernandez Denver, CO 117 Y
FTO Tim Hines Mesa, AZ 204 Y
Officer Michael Hoffman Pittsburgh, PA 218 Y
Officer Ruben Hood Las Vegas, NV 116 Y
Officer Stephanie Hughes Mesa, AZ 109 N
Officer Randy Jacoby Fort Worth, TX 112 Y
Deputy Bill Jaeger Norwalk, CA 108 N
Officer Henry Jason Sacramento, CA 219 N
FTO Dale Jernegan Mesa, AZ 204 N
Officer Darrell Johnson Tampa, FL 217 N
Deputy P. Johnson Palm Beach County FL 108 Y
Sgt. Louie Karras Jersey City, NJ 107 N
Deputy Lynelle Kern Pierce County WA 203 Y
Sgt. Greg Kierce Jersey City, NJ 202 N
Deputy Elva Kircikyan Lee County FL 102 N
Officer Joe Kolp Lakewood, WA 219 Y
Officer Brian Kowalski Tucson, AZ 105 Y
Officer Chris Lange Las Vegas, NV 216 N
Officer Eric Leach Las Vegas, NV 107 N
Officer David Lemanske Kansas City, KS 111 N
Officer Rick Lewis Atlanta, GA 107 Y
Lt. Michael Libretto New York City, NY 201 Y
Officer Jim Luby Cleveland, OH 119 Y
Officer Michael Lucas Kansas City, KS 110 N
Deputy Ted Lynn Hillsborough County FL 203 N
Officer Erik Maasikas Nashville, TN 103, 104 Y
Officer Antonio Maldonado II Fort Worth, TX 205 Y
Officer Kimberly McDonald Miami, FL 113 N
Deputy Kevin McElyea Sarasota County FL 109 N
Deputy Danielle Meyers Palm Beach County FL 106 Y
Officer George Middlebrook North Las Vegas, NV 103, 205 Y
Officer Dave Miller Nashville, TN 109 N
Deputy Mike Miller Lee County FL 101 Y
Officer Scott Mitchell Fort Worth, TX 205 N
Officer Homer Morodomi Jacksonville Beach, FL 119 N
Officer Mike Mosco Denver, CO 117 Y
Officer Troy Neal Tampa, FL 217 N
Deputy Kris Nordstrom Pierce County WA 204 Y
Sgt. Kevin O'Callahan Jersey City, NJ 107 N
Officer Corey Olson Lakewood, WA 219 N
Technician Ken Padgett Denver, CO 111 Y
Officer Ron Payette Tucson, AZ 105 N
Officer Dan Pesqueira Los Angeles, CA 117 Y
Officer Mike Pettinger Denver, CO 202 Y
Officer Todd Plowman Fort Worth, TX 114 Y
Officer Bobby Plummer Nashville, TN 103, 104 Y
Officer Eric Poerio Sacramento, CA 216 N
Officer Bill Pontious Hollywood, CA 115 N
Deputy Jeffrey Prater Palm Beach County FL 106 N
K-9 Deputy Greg Premo Pierce County WA 101 Y
Officer Braidien Pursell Jacksonville, FL 202 N
SCI Ted Raymond North Las Vegas, NV 205 N
Officer Michael Richards Las Vegas, NV 108 N
Officer John Riley Albuquerque, NM 104 Y
Officer Gabriel Rivera Tucson, AZ 116 N
Officer 1st Class Garrett Robinson Petersburg, VA 112 Y
Officer Evan Rosenthal Las Vegas, NV 217 Y
Officer Tom Rowe New York City, NY 116 Y
Officer Nick Scerbo Jersey City, NJ 107 N
Officer Keith Schilke Petersburg, VA 118 Y
FTO Officer Eric Shaughnessy Jacksonville Beach, FL 104, 119 Y
Officer Alan Slattery Jersey City, NJ 202 Y
Officer Dave Smith North Las Vegas, NV 103 Y
Officer Jerry Smith Riviera Beach, FL 106 Y
Officer Bruce Southey Fort Worth, TX 112 Y
Officer Allen Speed Fort Worth, TX 205 Y
Officer John Spottswood Jacksonville, FL 205 Y
Officer Stan Stanley Miami, FL 113 Y
Cpl. Philip Strodtman Dallas, TX 115 Y
Officer Jim Sutton Las Vegas, NV 219 N
Deputy Luis Tafoya Albuquerque, NM 104 N
Officer Robert Thompson Las Vegas, NV 219 Y
Officer Paul Trombley Lee County FL 110 N
Officer Rick Umberger Las Vegas, NV 108 N
Officer Jose Viera Kansas City, KS 111 Y
Deputy Kenneth Voiret Palm Beach County FL 111 Y
Officer Dale Wisnieski Chesapeake, VA 102 N
Officer Tom Wagner Las Vegas, NV 105 N
Officer Michael Walker Tucson, AZ 116 N
Officer Robert Walsh Phoenix, AZ 110 N
Deputy Bill Walters Sarasota County FL 109 N
Officer Jim Warden North Las Vegas, NV 218 Y
Officer Michelle Watkins Las Vegas, NV 108 Y
Sr. Officer Weldon Weber Corpus Christi, TX 201 Y
FTO Lee White Mesa, AZ 109 N
Officer Travis White Las Vegas, NV 113 N
Deputy Connie Winard Maricopa County, AZ 218 Y
Officer Gregory Woodhall Pittsburgh, PA 218 Y
Deputy Mark Wright Palm Beach County FL 111 N
Deputy Jay Yelick Los Angeles, CA 105/06, 216 N
Officer Jeff Zappala Cleveland, OH 114 Y


Person or Company Role
Hank Barr Sound
William T. Cole Narrator
Bryan Jerel Collins Title Sound Design
Chris Fisher Online Editor
Michael Glickman Editor
Alisa Goto Design Coordinator
Mitsuo Goto Post-Production Supervisor
Jeff Kaufman Epilogues
John La Count Camera
John Langley Executive Producer
Morgan Langley Producer
John Lee Music
D.J. Lynch Mixer
Steve Malito (Died 8/5/06) Sound
Chuck Montgomery, A.C.E. Editor
Ron Norton Camera
Prologue Graphics
Sunrise Post Post-Production Services
Jack Walworth Sound
Douglas Waterman Supervising Producer
Alexander Wysocki Online Editor
Chris Wysocki Online Editor
Peter Zazuly Sound


City, County Production #(s)/Total #
Albuquerque, NM 104, 206, 210, 215 (4)
Atlanta, GA 107, 211 (2)
Boise, ID 209
Brevard County FL 214
Buffalo, NY 120, 214
Chesapeake, VA 102
Cleveland, OH 114, 119 (2)
Compton, CA 106
Corpus Christi, TX 103, 201, 207 (3)
Dallas, TX 115
Denver, CO 111, 117, 202 (3)
Fontana, CA 208
Fort Worth, TX 112, 114, 118, 205, 217 (5)
Hillsborough County FL 203
Hollywood, CA 115
Indianapolis, IN 101, 201 (2)
Jacksonville, FL 104, 118, 202, 205, 209 (5)
Jacksonville Beach, FL 119
Jersey City, NJ 107, 202
Kansas City, KS 110, 111 (2)
Kansas City, MO 208
King County, WA 215
Lakewood, WA 219
Las Vegas, NV 105/7/8/13/16/17, 210/15/16/17/19 (10)
Lee County, FL 101, 102, 110, 203 (4)
Los Angeles, CA 117, 206 (2)
Lynwood, CA 105, 216 (2)
Maricopa County, AZ 218
Mesa, AZ 109, 204 (2)
Miami, FL 113
Nashville, TN 103, 104, 109, 217 (4)
New York City, NY 112, 116, 201 (3)
Norwalk, CA 108
North Las Vegas, NV 103, 205, 211, 218 (4)
Palm Beach County FL 106, 108, 111, 204, 206 (5)
Petersburg, VA 112, 118 (2)
Phoenix, AZ 110, 113, 120, 209, 214 (5)
Pierce County WA 101, 115, 203, 204, 210 (5)
Pittsburgh, PA 218
Providence, RI 208
Rialto, CA 210
Riviera Beach, FL 106
Sacramento, CA 207, 216, 219 (3)
Sarasota County FL 109
Speedway, IN 119
Spokane, WA 120
Tampa, FL 207, 217
Tucson, AZ 105, 116 (2)
Virginia Beach, VA 114
Total 50 105

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