Other shows that are official crossovers or used real Cops footage.

40 Greatest Reality Show Moments (2004)  #29 - transvestite trucker from Albuquerque episode #1225. 2/5/00
America's Most Wanted John Walsh - I rode with Jacksonvilleís finest and the TV show Cops (Ep #1301). I walked the beat with Russell Johnson and Michelle Cook, together we walked to the streets to solve their toughest cases a missing mom a missing child and one from out of town - Asgar Ali wanted for a tempted murder out of Orlando. But not all of our cases were that hard to solve. Clip of the guy caught on the fence. Michelle says he was on the fence about 45 minutes before they got there and they  didnít know that. We were giving him the third degree about trying breaking into the yard. He looks back at us with sad eyes saying he was there 45 minutes can you get me off, then you can yell at me. John - we took a break from crime fighting to grab some dinner at the Jacksonville Landing. We ate at The American Cafť, little did we know a fugitive lurked just around the corner. Capture #611. 5/20/00 - when we broadcast that episode Michelle made sure she was watching. Michelle - We decided to go to another restaurant at the landing. We went to Jocks & Jills, have a quick dinner and went to watch the Cops/AMW combined show. The alert sent shockwaves through a homeless shelter in Jacksonville because the resident they knew as Jose Torres was right under their nose and a wanted fugitive. Terrance Wright checked it out and immediately knew who it was. I said hey thatís Jose. Michelle says the original call was dispatched to the homeless shelter, she honestly thought it was going to be a lead on 1 of 3 big cases profiled on the show. They made their way to follow up on the tip. Michelle tells John - the manager says hey there is someone upstairs you need to see, we went up in the elevator and the door opened up and the guy was right there and my mouth dropped open. What is interesting John is that at one point I asked where are you from. He said Trinidad. I remember from the show he said Trinidad, but he said his name was Kasha Ratan. I said wait a minute where do I know that? It was on the show. Cops took him downtown to fingerprint him and check cyberspace. Iím looking at the picture, heís standing right behind me. I looked at him, back at the picture and asked if thatís you. I looked and asked. On the third time he said yeah thatís me and I was in shock. John - there is nothing as exciting as being on the hotline when that call come in. Clip of the operator saying they have a capture and people cheering. Michelle - this is where it gets more interesting. I get a call a couple hours later and they say did you, Officer Johnson and Mr. Walsh eat at The American Cafť last Saturday. Yes. Did Mr. Walsh eat the steak? Yes he did. Do you realize that Ali was the one who prepared it? John - Holy Mackerel! Remember the restaurant Jocks & Jills where Officer Cook went before the show aired? Ali used to work there as a dishwasher. All the restaurants in the city we go to two where he worked. He made my steak and he washed your dishes. Michelle - Itís better than fiction. I will tell that story to my children and grandchildren. 5 min. 7/00
America's Most Wanted/Cops America's Most Wanted/Cops - Atlanta, GA - First segment - capture of Eric Rosser. John Walsh - I'm going to ride with the Atlanta PD to catch the bad boys. Officer Elizabeth Watson says at the end of the car chase he ran into the parking lot. Officer Mark Cooper - I gave him my best Sunday tackle. Profile 5/11/00 - a night of partying turned into a brutal murder. The murderer was Gregory Rhodes, he was on the 50 state 50 fugitives special. A tip said he was in Atlanta. While living in a homeless shelter he robbed people. He stepped in front of Dana Lezai, didn't hear him, said let me have your purse and I asked were you kidding? He was calm, easy going, assured of himself. Then he targeted Frank Robinson. He was working on his car and asked if he needed help. He acted like he was getting a cellphone, he pulled out a gun and asked for his wallet. He said it was in his briefcase in the trunk. Then a cop came by and he waited until he went by said it was his lucky day. He ran to a car and he had his phone and called it in. Officer Mark Cooper says they go the call and that day Cops was with them. Liz says they are going to back up cops on a perp of a robbery just reported. The car stopped for a brief moment, pulled to the curb, then decided to take his chances and make a break for it. One of the things that gets your heart going fast is robbery, wanted man and chases and we had it all rolled up in one. He jumps a hedge. At that point he had nothing to lose and was going for broke. As Rhodes fled from his car the camera crew from Cops caught the action on tape. Episode #1409. 9/1/01. Clip is shown of them chasing him on foot into the parking lot and piling on, cuffing him looking for the gun. .25 caliber automatic handgun, get it cleared, one in the chamber. Liz says when it was under control she secured the vehicle. They found stolen property on him. Dana says once she found at who he was it took her back to be that close to someone so dangerous. He brags he's on the Top 50 FBI most wanted list. What's your name? Give me a cigarette I'll tell you my name. How many robberies you going for? 2 or 3 I know. Armed robberies are no joke. You could hurt somebody, I wasn't trying to. Cooper says he was featured on AMW and he was indeed AMW. He was proud of himself, but relived he didn't have to run anymore. Walsh congratulates them in person. 8.5 min 9/1/01
Celebrity Justice 4/3/05 - Legal Briefs talked about the 600th episode. 2 min
Fox Files - Inside Cops Behind the scenes TV special. 8 min 3/99
InFANity TV Guide Channel - Lisa Joyner hosts. John Lanlgey says it originated in the early 80s with a show he did called Cocaine Blues. He did a ride along and it was such a rush he thought he would be a great idea to ride with cops. It took 7 years to get it on the air, he went to every network who said you couldn't do it without a host or narrator. He said yes you can. But it wasn't until Fox said yes because they were in a writer's strike. He likes following people and showing their experiences. It's fresh, unpredictable and in the moment. Hank Barr says American's are voyeuristic, they say thank god they don't have problems like that. Langley gets upset when people say it's a guilty pleasure, if you feel guilty do something about it. He wants them to have fun. They go to Pomona, CA to watch the crew film. Sgt. Michael Olivieri says a typical day is delivering a baby, a barking dog, anything. He watched Cops when it was starting and it made him want to do it even more. Officer Shelly McCrary grew up on it, thought it looked exciting and wanted to do it. Chief Joe Romero says they are modern days knights in shining armor. He likes any episode where they run around naked. Michael likes the where the one legged cop catches the guy. Langley says they are astonished that people sign releases. Morgan Langley says if it's news they say go away, when they hear it's Cops they like it. Officer Shaun Diamond says one woman had him fix her hair to be on camera. The chief gives a tour of a police car - they have internet hookup on the computer so they can get suspect info, dash cam, side light, lightbar panel, siren, it's much more cramped than in the 50s. His hand is the cup holder, you have to drive and steer. He then shows a 1956 police car - huge steering wheel, no pursuits, the cages didn't start until the late 70s. They came around so people couldn't break out, back then the criminal had no respect. Shelly has the same concerns for safety as any officer. Michael says you get ridiculed quite a bit for being on the show. Shaun says there is a lots of grief - notes left, cupcakes in the car. Superstar status - he's called star, but when they stop then it's bad. Langley says in his day cops weren't very popular, lots of protests in the 60s. He had lots of preconceived notions. It took years for him to learn cops are good people. Morgan was 13 when Cops started. His dad was always in show business, but sporadically, it was his first network show. John says he grew up with it, they were subjected to it. At first Morgan asked if this was for real. He learned it took him almost 10 years to get it on the air, he's very focused. John says it's a young man's game. Do I try to talk myself out of a ticket? Take a guess. Does it work, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Morgan says if they feel you are trying to get out of a ticket they don't like it. Lisa asks for a tip to get out of a ticket. Michael says everyone deserves a break, sometimes you'll get yours. Shaun says to apologize, turn your car off, hands on the wheel. If you explain it you can get a break. They don't follow them around after. Lisa rides with Shaun. He goes to an area with gang activity. Kids come out of school and if they are wearing clothes that looks gang related they get confronted. They have to watch for the bad guys every minute. They pull behind a traffic stop and he explains why he parks out, using the door for cover. If you are shot at you need to take cover. Hank Barr says they were in 2 shootings, they are getting used to it. John La Count says with the LAPD they were sniped at. John talks about the crash in Denver when the crew was injured. Michael says sometimes you are a little distracted with a crew and you talk to them and don't look for bad guys. La Count says you have to help out with backup, you won't let them get beat up and film it. Hank does it because he loves them, they bled, have the same problems. La Count says it will be a feather in his cap when he's in an old folks home. He has a Cops tattoo his arm. Langley talks about Jail airing on court TV and My network. For years people ask what happens after the arrest and follow up info, so Jail was a simple no-brainer idea. They got exclusive access around the country they wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for Cops. You'll see lots of drugs and drug behavior. Lots of poignant behavior and fights. Every year 14 million people are arrested in the US, more than any country. From murders to tickets of an amazing cross section of people. After Cops comes Jail. Morgan shows the family house. There's a tiled inground pool with a lawn around it. They have a grape vineyard on the hill. Living room/music room because the man who built the house was a composer, great acoustics. He plays the piano. The wine cellar has a steel door, 3500 bottles inside. They even have their own Langley wine, should've called it Cops wine. He pours a glass. Morgan says people love the tasing segments. The use of them is controversial with different agencies, a few people have died. Shaun thinks it's a good tool to stop someone who is combative. The 700th Episode Party at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica, CA - John never thought it would happen, never thought it would be on 20 years. They beat Gunsmoke and it's still fun. It came about because of the 1988 strike, still would've gotten on the air, it helped them, but strikes don't help. He says they're be fewer drugs there than any other party in Hollywood. John shows his restaurant Auberge in Ojai, CA. It's open Wed-Sat. He shows Jonathan the manager and Marqueriot the chef. They have an outdoor patio looking over the mountains. It's easier to make a TV show, the food is more labor intensive. A TV producer takes all the credit and does none of the work. Michael says they aren't restricted by weapon, they have high caliber weapons they can bring out. Chief Joe is 100% satisfied being a cop and would do it all over again. Langley says lots of interesting things happen - officers wrestling with snakes, dwarves in Vegas, a knife wielding women trying to stab a man, high speed chases, food fight on food lane. One favorite moment is the naked man in the barbershop in Philly, he was sweaty, crazy and struggled. Morgan's favorite is the woman who called cops for buying fake crack - that's a classic. John's other bizarre one is the runaway car in Vegas because the woman started it and locked herself out and it went in circles. You couldn't have scripted it or thought it up, that's what makes it fun to watch. #INF-073018. 11/6/07
My Name Is Earl - Our Cops is On! Sunday afternoon in Camden County - Earl Hickey and all the regulars are bored in the Crab Shack bar. His brother Randy Hickey reads the comics, and it's the day of the week they run out of food. Darnell tells Earl all they have is pickled eggs, all the pool cues are broken from Saturday night fighting and the vending machines are broken. The kids are left at their grandmothers and haven't been picked up. Everyone is asking themselves 'what if' about their lives. Earl says Sundays are rough, but every 5 months something would happen to change it. Randy checks the guide and yells - it's on! It's a rerun of Cops from 2003 and they were in it. They put it on and crowd the bar to sing along with the theme. Camden County Unit 2 - Officer Bobbi Bowman goes to a domestic call. Joy curses Earl out and hits him with peppermints. Bobbi arrives and asks if she wants a domestic counselor. Joy spent $46 on sex toys and he wants to go out stealing with his brother Randy. Randy says he loves the show and sings "Bad boys, bad boys who you gonna call?" Earl says Joy's from Canada where stealing doesn't meaning stealing. He has garage door openers on him. Bobbi asks about the recent garage robberies and he takes off on a BMX bike, mocking her, calling her a pig and takes a dirt ramp off the property. Unit 3 - Officer Stuart Daniels gives out too much personal information about himself including his SS number and turns off the radio during an important call. Didi, a one legged woman comes out of her house and he thinks someone just did that to her and took her leg. She says it's not that, she wants the guy across the street arrested. Stuart turns around and the guy is standing on his lawn naked and says his grandfather fought in a war so he could be naked. He has a yellow water noodle loosely wrapped around his private area. Then Earl rides in from the back yard on his bike holding the box of garage door openers. Stuart asks what's in the box. He says nothing but rocks and shakes it. Then a garage door right behind him opens. He  takes off again. The naked man says to Stuart look, it's snake pants. He turns around and Stuart is OK with it. A man drives by and stares at him twice. Noise complaint - Bobbi goes to a black woman's house. She says it's so loud she can't think. She sees the camera and goes back and puts a wig on. She has Bobbi follow her and says it's so loud you can hear it through the walls. They enter a room full of pot plants. She says it's her grandson's room, he's a gardener, he's so good people call all the time to come and see them. Darnell comes out of the bathroom and grandma says go back to your plants, he sees the cops, grabs a plant and jumps out the window. Officer Bob Smiley goes to a robbery in progress. Randy and Earl are trying to steal batteries in a convenience store. Vali, the Indian owner has a gun trained on them. Earl says it's buy one get one free, they are just taking the free ones. Randy is happy it's Cops again. Then the photo booth shakes and Willie the mailman comes out with Patty the town whore. She says it's not what you think. Bob sees the pictures come out, looks at them and goes to arrest her. She kicks him, knocks him down and Randy mugs for the camera before he runs out. Crazy Lady on Roof - Bobbi says there's something about trailer park people that they like to climb up on things and a lot fall off. Joy says she'll come down when she's done busting her husbands stuff or has to pee. A group watches and Bobbi tells them not to encourage her, she might fall. Then they all chant "fall." She tells them to back up and throws a bowling ball onto Earl's Def Leppard mirror and the glass goes into Willie's eye. Bob says soon after the bars open the drunks come out. He spots a car weaving with the plate STAR PWR. He says it's Tim Stack from Son of the Beach, the town celebrity. Tim gets out wearing his SOTB outfit and Bob calls him by name. Tim asks if you know who I am, he has 62 credits on the imdb, but they screwed him on a Quincy two-parter counting it as one. Bob asks have you been drinking? No, good enough for me, free to go. Bob says he was on Punky Brewster, he's a hero to me. It's a straight shot home once he passes the school. Patty is on the ground and has her hand inside a soda machine. Bobbi is going for lunch and asks her are you stuck again? No, I'm just trying to get my hand cold for a guy who is into dead people. Possible Assault - Inside the Crab Shack a man with no voice has to hold a box to his throat to be heard is fighting with a black guy. The black man is mad he tricked him into eating pork, it's against his religion. He laughs at him. The man runs out and he talks to the cop without his voice box. Patty says it's not the first time she's been on TV. She had a client that took her to a wrestling match, she was on TV when she got hit by a chair. Stuart goes to a traffic accident. It's Tim Stack, he crashed into a phone pole. Tim rolls down the window and wants to order food thinking he's at a drive thru. Patty offers a date to a Mexican going by, saying she has a free hand. Robbery in Progress - Bobbi goes to the trailer park where Earl & Randy are in a garage. Earl says it's not a robbery, they are cleaning the garage. He runs into the house and Bobbie chases. Randy talks to the cameraman in the garage explaining he wants to be chased, he knows it'll make it on the show, but don't chase me too hard. Earl comes out the front door and jumps into Bobbi's patrol car and yells whose got your car bitch? Bobbi goes to shoot him, but Kevin the cameraman is in the back and says out the window not to shoot. Earl didn't know he was back there. Kevin asks you aren't going to kill me are you? I hadn't planned on it, but I hadn't planned on stealing this car, keep filming and we'll see where it goes. Bobbi says she is so screwed. Stolen Police Car - Earl says his wife has a right to be mad at him, someday he'll get his life in order, not today, he stole a police car. He asks Kevin if he's scared. He is, he has 3 kids. Earl asks if they are all the same color. Yes. Not his, funny thing is the white one is better than the black one at sports. Earl pulls up to his trailer and Joy says not the cops again, she'll go Ruby Ridge on him. Earl says it's date night, so he got her the car. She says you stole a cop car for me? He says he even has a hostage, look at him funny and he'll show you a picture of his kids. She loves him so much and will screw his brains out and keeps talking dirty. He says you had me at balls and they are filming it all. Possible Break In - Bob goes to Kenny James house, he's always going out there for harassment calls. His window is broken. Bob says the window was broken from the inside. Ken's hand is taped from breaking it himself. He's gay, is hot for Bob and has food for him. Bob says if this harassment continues he'll have to stakeout the place. Kenny says he'll rent a movie. Joy pulls over a woman. Earl says that's his ex, he can't be seen, he's supposed to be dead. Joy calls her over the loudspeaker and says get out of the car slut. Spread your legs like you are good at. Natalie says she's only been with one guy. Earl says he's the one who hit that. Joy says she looks drunk and she'll shoot her in the face if she is. Nat denies drinking and Joy makes her hop on one foot in a straight line while touching her nose and she breaks down saying she did have 2 sips of champagne at a wedding because it was a beautiful toast, please don't shoot me in the face. Return to Headquarters - Bobbi is walking back, says it's foot patrol now. She didn't call the stolen car in. She hoped he'd get cold feet and return it. She goes to call it in and sees Darnell running by with 2 pot plants. She calls out to him and he runs for it. She goes in a yard, kicks over a pool looking for him, then sees his hair sticking out from a pile of leaves. She grabs a leafblower and blows them away and he asks if there is a problem. Garage Bandit Caught - Stuart finds Randy hiding high up in a tree. He's crying, afraid he's going to fall. Bob comes up on an abandoned police car, but Earl and Joy are naked in the back. She loves kissing someone in a stolen government vehicle while someone films it. Earl knows, it could become a habit. Stuart knocks on the window and they both run for it. Earl's pants are around his ankles so he falls and scrapes his wiener. He's too scared to look and asks Stuart to do it. He says it's pretty gravelly. Joy runs and Kevin follows. She says to stop and throws a shoe at him and knocks him out. She says he made her do it. Stuart calls in he has a man with a bloody pecker in his car and chases after her. He finds her hiding under cardboard in a dumpster and a homeless man inside says please don't take her away. Man in Tree - Plan B is to shoot him with a tranquilizer. They shoot Randy, he falls down into the trampoline they set up and he bounces out onto the lawn. Back at the bar Earl says some folks would mind being on TV, but every time their Cops comes on they feel special, people ask them for autographs, it's a good feeling. It reminds Earl he has something to do and writes it down. Randy sings bad boys don't get no steaks, solider don't get no steaks, etc. (References Cops episodes #526 with the pool & #1315 with the rocks) #36. 1/4/07
My Name is Earl - Our Other Cops is On! Parts 1&2 Earl says life as a prison guard is rough especially when it was time to turn off the TV. Randy tells everyone time is up and they pelt him with shoes. It'll be easier to follow rules outside if you follow them in here. The power knob is gone though. Joey has the knob and swallows it so they get to keep watching TV. Suddenly Cops comes on and Randy yells to Earl, "Our Other Cops is On!" Officer Stuart Daniels 7/4/02 - he is in charge because his mom the captain lost her nose to flesh eating bacteria. It's the first Fourth of July since 9/11. At the fair they have raffles to see Ground Zero, Dan Coscino karaoke, Osama toiler paper and a Persian Gulf Dunk Tank. The man with the voice box plays Osama who mocks him and Stuart throws a ton of balls and misses. He doesn't care, he's not real anyway. Earl runs up and just pushes the arm so he's dunked. Officer Jeff Hoyce has a twin brother and sister who work in the mall and he's worried about a terrorist attack there, it's a prime target. Domestic Disturbance - Joy is attacking Earl with weed whacker when he pulls up. Who called? Sikh the Muslim neighbor because she killed all his plants. She says she's the queen bee and Earl needs to do her work, service her and die. Randy says look Cops is back! Bad Boys what's it gonna be? She is sorry she hit Kevin with the brick last time. They show the footage of her from 6/8/01. She's mad he spent all their money on an All American Sandwich Press instead of stealing. It doesn't even make sandwiches, just makes flag patterns on them. Go back to the fair and make me some money. Earl & Randy defend the purchase. Stuart says it's no worry she has no weapon, so he leaves. Earl calls her a crazy ho and she gets a hoe and attacks him. Officer Bobbi Bowman goes to a strip club that is dead and Catalina is mad people are with their families at the fair. Tim Stack is on the stage drunk singing Oklahoma. He usually sings something worse. He warns the whores to get off stage. Bobbi tells him time to get down and he falls off the edge. Ride Along - Stuart picks up the guy who won a trip in a silent auction. Kenny comes running out and his parents want a picture with him and Stuart. He says only gays and dorks do that, right stud. Snack Related Disturbance - Randy gets his head stuck in cotton candy and is flailing around. Stuart knows Earl and has a file on him for theft. Earl says he can't hear, cotton is in his ears. He crashes into a pole and is knocked out and kids pick the candy off his face. Civil Unrest - at the Hands on a Hardbody contest Patty has male hands all over her. The truck company backed out, so there is no truck and she'll donate her body for an hour for almost anything and the money goes to the firemen. Earl is playing even though he's married. He says he plans on selling her and the little man is cheating. Why am I little, can't you say the guy in the red shirt? The guy in the little red shirt then. Randy won a bear for hitting the guy with a dart in the eye and said he could take anything. Earl says the little guys is cheating by using glue. Is it in the rules? Patty doesn't care. Many go to get glue and remove their hands so they are out. Bobbi says they keep their fireworks and equipment in the tent, lots of homeland security stuff. They have a surface to surface scooter which is not a regular one. Possible Kidnapping - Jeff says someone is locked in a bathroom. His mom used to do that when his uncles visited, he found out later they weren't uncles and it ruined his relationships with women. Darnell's grandma is mad about his girlfriend being there. Come out cheating white bitch. Joy is in the bathroom and grandma is warning her she will get her. She burns Joy with a curling iron when she opens the door to see what's going on. She burns Jeff and then takes off. She was in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler hated her. Jeff chases her, but can't keep up as she runs through yards and over a truck and a hedge. Joy isn't cheating, she just came to buy a nickel bag for her husband. Darnell says that's a bag of nickels. Child endangerment - Bobbi goes back to the strip club. Catalina has a baby in a papoose as she's dancing and says it's not hers, she's babysitting. Men yell to take it off. Bobbi takes the kid back home on the scooter. Missing Animal - a call of a missing lamb from the petting zoo. This leaves only 2 animals left. They find Earl with the lamb trying to sell it for $20. It's under a blanket and they lift it. He says that's his dog, sheep dog, most of it on the sheep side. Ken encourages Stuart to shoot Earl and he panics and shoots the lamb by mistake. He says it was rabid and had to put it down. The cook wants to take it and he lets him. On Patrol - Bobbi is on the scooter, she says was in NY on 9/11, not in 2001, it was 1982/83, high school field trip, still pretty eerie. Earl & Randy are riding a bumper car down the street and it's raining sparks. She says it's great they are keeping it green. Home Invasion - Sikh says two men are in his trailer. It's Earl and Randy using the bathroom and eating food. Cops pull them out and they say they are supposed to share trailers. Earl says his wife locked him out. I pee out here all the time, but I'm not gonna poop. Our kids play in this yard. He didn't have enough money so she wouldn't let him in. He tells Joy to tell them. She is naked in the window and ducks down. Then we see Darnell hiding with her. Earl asks the cop if he's married. Not anymore. Lucky you. She passed away. Sweet, no alimony. They are taking the guys to the station and might let the guys go for the fourth, since they are good. They are licking the back window and he warns them a Hep C tranny was back there and they don't get it and keep licking. Equipment demonstration - Stuart announces they will have a 2 hour show of $50,000 worth of hi-tech equipment. It was supposed to go to Camden NJ, but it's every town for themselves. They have a thing that can look around corners. They have free shirts and they use a gun and when they shoot it knocks over a man. He had it set on stadium by mistake. Disturbance at Strip Club - Catalina and Perra fight over customer. Cat wasn't there, so she took him, he's a regular. The African man says they both sat on his lap, now they are both his wives. Cat says Perra couldn't sit on his lap, she would break his leg. Perra doesn't get it. I'm saying you are fat. You should not have explained that. They fight and the man says he has enough for both, the skinny one for cuddling, the thick one for birthing. See, he called you thick. They fight again on the pool table and all the guys watch and throw money. They fall off and role around. Missing Equipment - Stuart says it is all gone, Jeff is screwed. They can handle it, visualize it. The fireworks are gone too. They stole our Fourth! Who would steal our equipment and fireworks? They would make a bomb. There is white powder and Jeff thinks it's anthrax, Stuart says it's funnel cake. They make an announcement and Jeff warns his brother and kids to get out of there and run for their lives. Stuart says they have a security breech. Jeff says it's a terrorist attack that could rival 9/11. Everyone panics and starts running. Stuart says his mom is going to kill him. 
Part 2 - Preparing Interrogation Facility - Their cameras and fireworks were taken by terrorists. As soon as they figure out the torture device they'll get them. They have a waterboarding kit. Confiscated Footage - Randy & Earl have a Cops camera and are filming themselves. Randy hits a button and says it turns everything to fruit rollups. Earl says let me see, it's for heat. He waves his cigarette around and Randy says it's like a ghost dot and gets scared. Bobbi says the fair is like a ghost town. The terrorists hit them in the nuts. Those left are mad since they took the fireworks. Patty is going to call her mom again and decide she'll keep her next baby. There are 3 guys still on her, two get disgusted which leaves only the midget. Catalina said she did her first a terrorist attack when she was 6, she was mad about them taking away the PBJ at school and took over the bus. On Patrol - Jeff says he read the manual on how to profile possible terrorists, but it was really confusing so he got this from the hardware store. I'm questioning anybody that falls between Swiss almond and coconut husk he holds up the sticks to a guy who is OK, but stay out of the sun or you'll be borderline. Joy comes out with liquor and says they cancelled the fireworks, what will her husband do from 8-10pm? She goes to her car and Darnell is inside and ducks down. Confiscated Footage - Earl films Randy hiding in a dumpster. It'll be hilarious, he'll jump out when they pick up the trash and scare the hell out of them. He has a camera on his face too. The truck picks him up and he jumps out screaming, but the driver doesn't notice them and dumps him in the back with trash. Lunch Break - Stuart says they had a coupon for lunch. Ken says the food is bad. Stuart says that's why they get donuts, can't spit on them. Ken is grossed out and wants to make him dinner at home. Darnell works there and says terrorists didn't take the fireworks. Since he's black he doesn't have to worry about terrorist profiling and feels bad for the Mexicans. Ken says he was terrorized by his dad making him play catch and his mom not using the pot holders he made for her. Domestic Disturbance - Stuart goes back to the trailer park for the third time. Earl throws stuff at Sikh's trailer because he was peeping at his wife and him making romance. Earl came in with the camera while Joy was laying on the couch in a bathrobe after a shower. There is Darnell's educated black man shirt on the couch. She says it's a gift for Earl Jr. if he graduates school. Earl knows what she's up to, getting romantic for him. He puts it the camera on heat vision and it shows her crotch is all hot. He says good he doesn't need to kiss her now. Randy films it, but he knows the rules, he has to turn his back if he stays in the room, no peeping. He knows the rules. Earl jumps on her, and Darnell is naked behind the curtain. They don't notice him so he sneaks out he back and they hear him. Earl and Randy jump up and the camera shows their crotches are all hot. They run in the back and see Darnell running behind Sikh's trailer so they think it's him. Sikh says why would he spy on them, he can see his wife's elbows all the time. Randy says you like elbows, you'll love boobies then. Stuart asks Randy where he got that police helmet he's wearing and he says he wants and attorney and runs. Stuart chases him, falls and calls in an officer down since he fell, not shot. Pursuing Suspects - Stuart says he saw them go into the trailer and tells Ken go in on 3, make it 2 as a surprise. Ken makes a gun with his finger. Make it 3 -procedure. He can't get the door open, it's locked. They all run and Randy finds Darnell naked hiding and tells him he'll make it out, he knows the secret way, follow him. Joy runs and Ken says he'll get the blond hussy. Jeff says he's on the way to make whoop as on terrorists. Sikh takes out Earl with a hoe. Joy pounds on Ken for calling her a hussy, tell your mom you picked the wrong girl. Jeff comes over and knocks her off. They fight to get her in the police car. Ken says the cops are brave and then passes out and they put him on a stretcher. Tim Stack is drunk at the strip club and says he hasn't seen people that flexible since Vietnam. They take Earl to the tent at the fair for terrorist interrogation. They bang his head on a car and say he got a boo boo. He says he's American, not a terrorist. They tell him to confess. They stick the camera probe in his butt and he confesses. Digital Fiberscope Technology - they show inside his rectum. They take him out and put him in the car. Joy can't believe he confessed already and pulled it out of him. He says in him. She says that's why she confessed all that stuff on their anniversary. Stuart calls his mom to say they caught the terrorists. She is mad he's using up her minutes. Randy steals the police car with them in the back and Stuart says he has to go, his girlfriend is on the other line, but she doesn't believe him. He gets mad. Stolen Cop Car - Randy says it had the keys, he had to steal it. Joy says all she did was run from a cop, she shouldn't be in much trouble. Earl says he told them she would blow up the shoe pavilion. She would not, she gets all her cheap jellies there. Earl says he'll make it up for betraying her. She says she would never betray him and now she can. He wants to go to Canada, says Joy will like it since she likes Michael J. Fox because he's from there. Randy gets excited about it since he is the one who likes him. Earl forgot, he knew is was someone. She says their beer has twice as much alcohol, can't be that bad since they are laid back and have a pot leaf on their flag. Kevin is filming them and wants to get out. They can't do that, he heard their plans. Stuart & Jeff are in one car, they have lojack if car their car is stolen like now, plus they break down a lot. They pass by Tim Stack driving drunk in a bumper car. They can't arrest him, he's on the tourist brochure. Earl & Randy put Kevin in the trunk are sorry they keep kidnapping him. They close the trunk and say they'll call where he is when they get there to say where they left him. Randy wants to put him in the lake, which might be a good idea. The cops pull up and warn them they will get shot for real. The shot accidentally ignites all the fireworks and they all start exploding and everyone stops to watch them and say how beautiful they are and what a great country it is. Kevin is in the trunk and lights a flare to get out and starts smoking it up. They arrest Earl after. Stuart and Jeff are at the fair later, they stopped the bad guys, but they agreed to drop charges for beating them. Stuart says the cops got 1, terrorists got 1, it's a tie. He's not supposed to get emotional. Ken asks if he ever thought about getting romantic with a man. He knows where he's going with that, but he's Catholic, so it's no go. After that prisoners started treating Randy differently, like he was one of them. A guy says he's famous just like him. He won the powerball and shot his dad. Randy says he's the million dollar moron. That's multi-million dollar moron. Tony says you know Tim Stack? Yeah. I'd like to kidnap him and set him on fire. Randy says he would be funny like that. They sing Tim Stack, Tim Stack, set him on fire to the tune of Bad Boys. 1 hour. 11/1/07
The Making of Cops Behind the scenes TV special. 7 min 6/94
VH1 Goes Inside Cops John Bunnell says it is the ultimate show. Lt. Tom Monahan from Las Vegas talks, American Vice Geraldo Rivera special highlights from 1987 are shown. John Langley used it as a pilot. Stephan Chao was the president of Fox at the time and loved the idea. Sgt. Jerry Wurms worked on the Vice show as an associate producer and went on to become a cop. He was a rookie during the Broward County episodes. His famous cops bust is shown where he chases a man. His famous line was "stop or I'll shoot you in the back." The next day he got chewed out by his Lt. for it. Langley loved the rawness. Sgt. Freddie Cruz II says they don't get to be heroes every day. Steve Kiger the soundman talks about a rescue in a canal in Patterson, NJ. Sgt. Jason Degroat was there and explains how he almost died when his rubber fishing waders filled up with water. Two weeks later he saw the victim at a pizza place and he broke down and cried. John La Count, cameraman, explains about the house in Fort Worth they thought was on fire, Sgt. Todd Plowman was the guy who broke the windows. He says everyone thought the house was on fire. After he opened the door he realized there was no smoke inside, but she needed to get out anyway. They boarded up the house and posted a car all night. John Langley says the show has a very simple formula with the three segments - action, emotion, thought. Chase, domestic, drug bust for example. Officer Antonio Maldonado II talks about a truck pursuit that went through people's yards clipping a couple cars, back on the service road where he slammed the breaks and he almost hit him. He found the guy had a narcotics warrant, but was leaving a drug house. John Bunnell says Langley called him all the time if he had anything going on. He talks about a drug bust where there was no one home and they took his pot, guns and vintage corvette, then left him a message on the phone. Antonio says police take a lot of abuse. Sgt. Anthony Damiano says he gets lots of abuse. Randy Stratton says it would all go good if people listened, but it doesn't happen. Wurms says there is a 5 part police plan. Sgt. Fabio Zuena, Providence RI says you are there because there is a problem, 1st is presence, 2nd verbal command. Sgt. Scott Anger, Los Angeles, says 3rd is to up it a bit. Randy says the tasers are the best, 4th is a physical fight, 5th is deadly force. Zach Ragsdale, cameraman, and Steve Kiger says the only time they had a deadly force shooting was the guy with the knife in Boston. Plowman says the shooting was a split second decision. The guy survived the shooting. The mayor and chief were shown the footage and were glad everything went by the book. Sgt. Ray Verdugo, LA says it is the first reality show. They couldn't write this stuff. Fabio talks about the two women and guy screaming at the call of the mom who stabbed her son. He says something wasn't right, guy is fighting with the wife, found out his wife and mom are lesbians. He came in and caught them and flipped out. Sgt. Freddie Cruz II talks about the woman who lost her dentures on the roof. She spoke English, but the husband spoke Spanish and he slammed a piece of cheese in her mouth and teeth flew out the window. She never did find her teeth. Sgt. Joe Waltman, Pamona CA says there are lots of drunks. Sgt. Scott Anger says it was his first call with the crew and it was the crazy guy who read miranda rights to himself and he was Superman. Scott said at first that it was nothing and the crew said, no we're going. Once he got him to jail and he was slapping himself he lost it. Langley says the rule is not to get involved unless a life is in danger. In Portland a crew member gave CPR. In Denver the crew was in an accident. Damiano says the crew only wears a bullet proof vest, no weapons or anything else. Hank Barr, soundman, says they all could've gotten killed at one point. LaCount talks about the naked man segment, his first shoot. He was on meth and broke into a barber sharp and the owner shot him. He was hard to handle with the blood, sweat and no clothes. He ran out the door right before the chair came flying out, like a wild west brawl, most compelling thing he ever shot. Nudity comes from all walks of life. Mardi Gras episodes are popular because of the nudity. Having the camera there is a reason for them to get more free. It's hardest to film, a controlled riot. Doug Waterman, supervising producer, says the Girls Gone Wild balcony froze the street and they got crushed against the car and horses were spinning from the crowd. The crew was afraid they would get crushed. Lots of bizarre things happen, they don't make them up. Even after 17 seasons they never know what to expect. Lt. Tom Monahan says prostitution is illegal in Vegas, yet people think otherwise. He talks about going undercover as a sheikh to bust escorts. They still use the techniques cops showed him for filming. Sheriff Bill Young says once money is mentioned it is a bust. He says he took the uniform off and the women were pissed. Most people give a release to show their identity no matter how stupid or crazy they are. Lots of people want to be on the show. It amazes them, lots of quick talking is involved since they want to get everyone on. Randy Sutton talks about the guy who reported his car stolen and was totally high. He even admitted he was smoking crack all day. The  guy gave his car and money to a guy to buy dope for him and never came back. Antonio got the crazy woman who stopped him for getting ripped off on a crack deal. He couldn't believe she stopped him for this. He went over to talk to the woman, no law against admitting it. He was a mediator. Days later narcotics busted the house, shut it down and boarded it up. Everyone knows the theme song. Langley always wanted a reggae song. Producers collected demo tapes from the area and one had Bad Boys. Stephen says for 2 years Fox executives wanted them to cut the song because it wasn't right. Damiano's ways not to get arrested - don't call the officer dude or poppy, never challenge a cop to a fight, don't ask the cop to hold your beer when you look for you license, don't lie, keep your shirt on. Nobody thought the show would last longer than 6 months. It'll be on as long as people are screwing up. #126. 2/19/05
X-Files - X-Cops The Cops film crew are riding with Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Keith Wetzel when reports come in of a woman who claims that a claw monster is prowling around outside her house. Keith says they always get crazy stuff happening when there is a full moon. Arriving at the scene, they find the hysterical woman locked in her house and evidence that something tried to break in. Moments later they are attacked and the deputy's car is flipped over. As other officers arrive on scene to assist reports come in of two armed suspects. They rush to the scene and the two identify themselves as FBI agents Mulder and Scully, working on a case in the area. Mulder explains to the cops that there have been sightings of something prowling in the neighborhood over the last 60 days, always on nights with a full moon. Descriptions from witnesses of a large fur covered animal standing on it's hind legs, indicating the possibility that the creature is a werewolf. The Sergeant asks to see Mulder's badge again. Scully is concerned about Mulder's theory being aired by the film crew, but Mulder likes the idea of finding evidence of the paranormal on national television. However his werewolf theory seems less likely as more attacks occur, but witnesses describe their attacker as being their worst fear personified. They must solve the case before the full moon sets. #7ABX12. 2/20/00

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