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The Academy Episode Guide - Fox Reality Channel LAPD Police Academy 21 Episodes 2007-08
America's Hardest Bounty Hunters Episode Guide - Bravo UK 15 Episodes 2005
Anatomy of Crime Episode Guide - Court TV 27 Episodes 1999-01
Animal Cops - Detroit Episode Guide - Animal Planet 40 Episodes 2002-05
Animal Cops - Houston Episode Guide - Animal Planet 98 Episodes 2003-09
Animal Cops - Philadelphia Episode Guide - Animal Planet 10 Episodes 2008-09
Animal Cops - San Francisco Episode Guide - Animal Planet 15 Episodes 2005
Animal Cops - South Africa Episode Guide - Animal Planet 15 Episodes 2008-09
Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix Episode Guide - Animal Planet 27 Episodes 2006-07
Animal Precinct - New York Episode Guide - Animal Planet 102 Episodes 2001-08
Armed & Famous Episode Guide - CBS Celebrity Cops 4 Episodes 2007
Bait Car Episode Guide - Court TV hidden camera criminals 8 Episodes 2007
Bank of America Shootout Episode Guide in North Hollywood, CA 2/28/97 16 Episodes 1997-08
Beach Patrol Episode Guide - Court TV Baywatch Cops 40 Episodes 2006-07
The Big House Episode Guide - History Channel Prison documentaries 4 Episodes 1998-99
Bronx Crime & Justice Episode Guide - BBC 3 Episodes 2003
Bounty Hunters Episode Guide - National Geographic 4 Episodes 2008
Captured Episode Guide - Oxygen Channel true-crime 17 Episodes 2007-08
Caribbean Cops Episode Guide - truTV 6 Episodes 2008
City Cops Episode Guide - The Learning Channel 7 Episodes 2003-04
Conviction Episode Guide - MSNBC Prisoner expose 5 Episodes 2008
Crime Scene Clean-Up Episode Guide - Discovery Channel 2 Episodes 2001
DEA Episode Guide - Spike TV 12 Episodes 2008-09
Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol Episode Guide - Spike TV 45 Episodes 2006-09
E-Force Episode Guide - FL Cops on the water OLN/Versus Channel 12 Episodes 2005
The Enforcers Episode Guide - TLC 6 Episodes 2002-03
Female Forces Episode Guide - Biography Channel women police 10 Episodes 2008
Firehouse USA: Boston Episode Guide - Discovery Channel 7 Episodes 2005
The First 48 Episode Guide - A&E CSI for real 125 Episodes 2004-09
Fugitive Strike Force Episode Guide - TLC/Discovery 13 Episodes 2006-08
Hard Time Episode Guide - Discovery Channel's version of Lockup 8 Episodes 2009 
Hot Pursuit Episode Guide - Court TV/truTV 82 Episodes 2006-08
Inside Episode Guide - Court TV looks at prisons and police 13 Episodes 2006-07
Inside American Jail Episode Guide - Court TV/My9 from Cops Creators 34 Episodes 2007-09
Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force Episode Guide - A&E 4 Episodes 2008
K-9 Cops Episode Guide - Animal Planet 14 Episodes 2008-09
LAPD: Life on the Beat Episode Guide - Fox/TNT/Syndicated 223 Episodes 1995-99
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Locked Up Episode Guide - Discovery Channel Prison show 3 Episodes 2001
Locked Up Abroad Episode Guide - National Geographic Prison show 24 Episodes 2006-09
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Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force Episode Guide - A&E US Marshals 18 Episodes 2008-09
Maui Chopper Episode Guide - truTV helicopter rescues 6 Episodes 2008
Miami Animal Police Episode Guide - Animal Planet 31 Episodes 2004-06
Mtv Busted Episode Guide - Mtv style Speeders/Cops show 26 Episodes 2008
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Party Heat/Party Police Episode Guide - truTV/Court TV 15 Episodes 2006-08
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Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Episode Guide - Fox/Syndicated 167 Episodes 1993-99
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Reno 911! Episode Guide - Comedy Central Cops Parody  73 Episodes 2004-08
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Road Wars Episode Guide - Sky One UK Cops meets Police Videos 45 Episodes 2003-07
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Ski Patrol Episode Guide - truTV Snow Cops 12 Episodes 2008
Smile...You're Under Arrest! Episode Guide - Fox Reality Cops/Punk'd 3 Episodes 2008-09
Specials - Misc. Shows dealing with Cops and their Gear 52 Episodes 1960s-09
Speeders Episode Guide - Court TV/truTV 91 Episodes 2006-09
Speeders Fight Back Episode Guide - truTV 13 Episodes 2008-09
Stringers: LA Episode Guide - truTV BTS police footage 12 Episodes 2008-09
Street Patrol Episode Guide - My Network deleted Cops footage 19 Episodes 2008-09
Supermax Episode Guide - Discovery Channel Prison show 4 Episodes 2001
Surf & Rescue: Dewey Beach Episode Guide - truTV beach cops 6 Episodes 2008
S.W.A.T. Discovery Channel Specials Episode Guide 4 Episodes 2000
S.W.A.T. USA/Special Ops Episode Guide - Court TV 16 Episodes 2005-07
SWAT - Dallas, Detroit & Kansas City Episode Guide - A&E  33 Episodes 2006-07
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Undercover: Double Life Episode Guide - Discovery Channel 8 Episodes 2009
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Why I Ran Episode Guide - Biography/A&E Channel 13 Episodes 2008
Why They Run Episode Guide - MSNBC Channel 2 Episodes 2007
Women & the Badge Episode Guide - Oxygen Network 10 Episodes 2002-03
The World's Wildest Police Videos & Specials Episode Guide - Fox 77 Episodes 1998-01
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Documentary style shows on cops and gear in order of their airing. 

Riot Prevention Torrance, CA Police Training Video 1960s
Investigative Reports Bad Cops: Cause and Effect - Corrupt cops talk about the reality of modern police work. The Robert Leuci story with US Attorney Rudolph Giuliani. Narrated by Bill Kurtis. AKA Notorious 11/8/93
American Justice American Justice - Cops on Trial - Miami, FL 7/85 Ė three bodies are found in the river stuffed with drugs and money. Drug dealers were working with cops to raid boats known with drugs, but the cops were rogue and were dealing. They made over a million each on one raid. 12/85 - The Miami River Cops were caught. All were Mexican. Alex Alvarez says they wanted to get rich, why could drug dealers have everything? 1/87 Ė the verdict came through that most were innocent. It ended in a mistrial. Riverias made a deal and spoke about 70 dirty cops. They tried to kill the witnesses. Eventually they all got up to 35 years. Clarence Dickson says there is so much temptation and it will get through. 10% of their cops were found corrupt. Los Angeles, LA 3/3/91 Ė Rodney King is beaten. Daryl Gates says itís reasonable and necessary force, but who makes that determination. He was a cop for 43 years and believed the force was unnecessary. Rodney says he was glad he wasnít dead, they beat him where it hurt. Sgt. Stacey Koon, Lawrence Powell & Timothy Winn were indicted. Ofc Jorge De Los Reyes said morale was down, it was depressing. Ira Reiner says people had less and less tolerance for violent criminals. The initial reaction is that person had it coming to him. King was on parole, drunk, ran from cops and had drugs. Two passengers surrendered, King charged them, tased him twice and he still fought. He stopped, then started fighting again. They are trained to use the batons to cause pain and stop them. King was big, 6í2Ē and heavy. They go for your guns, are bigger than you. Koon says he was impervious to pain, it was according to training, sometimes itís brutal. Ofc Ted Briseno says he didnít see any weapon, thought it was excessive and he tried to stop Powell. They ran the tape so many times it had no impact. 4/29/92 Ė they are found innocent. Then riots ensue and 1200 fires are started. 54 are killed. Then cops are accused of not using enough force. President Bush ordered a civil trial. Harland Braun says it became symbolic justice, there was no chance at a fair trial. This time King testified. Powell & Koon were found guilty and got 30 months. 4/94 Ė King won $3 million. 1994
Investigative Reports Cops or Criminals? - Bill Kurtis probes corruption in the New Orleans Police Department. 7/13/96
American Justice Deadly Force - Philadelphia, PA - Move, a radical back to nature group run by Vincent Lee Park AKA John Africa sets up in a house. In 1978 they used a bulldozer to clear a house and cops were fired on. James Ramp was killed and 9 were convicted in his death. They claim they were in the basement and didnít shoot. 1996
Investigators - L.A. Vice Female officers train to be undercover prostitutes.
Popular Mechanics for Kids Police Force - Police training; LAPD high-speed pursuit; handling handguns. #206. 10/24/98
Hot Pursuit: A Deadly Game High-speed police chases sometimes kill bystanders. 3/7/99
Discovery Jones Expeditions Obey, Okay - Host: Rodney Scot. K-9 Training police dogs with Sgt. Jack Williams; fire department dogs sniff out cases of arson with Investigator Paul Wilkinson. 1999
20th Century With Mike Wallace Cops Under Fire - The 1991 beating of Rodney King; the shooting of Amadou Diallo; racial profiling. 8/10/00
Critical Rescue Officer Down: North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout 2000?
K-9 to 5 SWAT Dog; Forensics Dog; Trucker Watch Dog; Dog Art Gallery - SWAT Kyra the Belgian Malnois. Officer Joe Cetera takes him to a training house. A border collie named Zip is the first dog to become a forensics investigator; a Belgian Malnois goes to SWAT school in order to receive advanced training. Animal Planet 2001
K-9 Cops Canine cops are quickly gaining popularity with police squads. Discovery Channel.  1/19/01
MSNBC Investigates Captured Cops Caught on Tape - Michelle Jeter is beaten, Garrison TX - Darrel Luncerto is killed 1/23/91, Andy Lopez TX shootout 9/71, On the NJ interstate 25 shots are fired and Stan Crew is killed 6/2/99, SC trooper screams at a woman - yanks her out of the car - and is fired 1/8/96, A woman is given a ticket later accuses the cop of sexual assault then recants when she learns it's on tape 2/26/96, In Chesterfield a woman accuses a cop of sexual assault and the tape disproves it 12/2/99, In Riverside County CA a truck with 19 Mexicans runs and is caught then a woman is beaten 1996, Loud music at a bridal shower gets 2 complaints, some people leave and all the rest are arrested. Officer says they were wounded by people throwing stuff. The partiers say otherwise. Later they learn the whole thing was secretly recorded by a neighbor and the cops lose a $16 million lawsuit 1989, An officer making a traffic stop gets clipped by a passing car 4/96, In Kansas a tornado rips through a town and a baby that looks like a dirty doll is found alive 5/31/89, Pieter Deblock is a diabetic who goes into shock and his van catches fire. 3/8/01
Protect and Serve On the Beat - Rod Bernsen hosts. 1/23/00 - two cops stop a woman, then she takes off on snowy road. She gets in an accident, makes a u-turn, charges cops, acts like she has a gun and steals a police car for a half an hour. 8/11/98 - HCPD Jeff Imes does a PIT. 2/23/01 - LPD cops PIT a SUV that goes offroad and slams back into them. 9/21/99 - a woman runs and slams into a tractor trailer. A man attempting to elude police leaps from a bridge and breaks both of his legs; an officer wearing a bulletproof vest is shot in the chest. TLC 2001
High Speed Pursuit: Justice on the Road High Speed Pursuit: Justice on the Road - Phoenix, AZ - Officer Timothy Mason is chasing a robbery suspect who carjacked a truck and escaped from prison 2 days ago. Officer Gary Bucklin is in the chopper, he tells them when to drop spikes. Tim does and he hits them. He does it again until all the tires are flat. He keeps going and shoots drugs into his wrist. He goes the wrong way on the freeway and Tim PITs him into a wall, sparks shoot up and he spins out into the grass. They break out the windows and yank them out and needles are on the seat. His window blew out, he put his hands up and was scared, knew he was caught. Gary asks if he really thought he would get away with 30 million candle watts on his car, would they go away? Dr. Geoffrey Albert says a good pursuit is a positive outcome and by the book. The officer has to decide to pursue or break it off. They have to way the risk vs. the need to catch them. A person dies every day in a pursuit. The PIT is classified as deadly force. Mark Snelson trains cops in Melbourne, FL to do the PIT. Brian Skelly says if itís not done right itís a ram and dangerous. Hit behind the rear tire and accelerate to spin them out. TLC 2001
MSNBC Investigates Use of Force. Cops Caught on Tape - Videotape impacts the way police officers work and the way citizens view them. 4/13/02
Captured MSNBC Investigates the North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout. 2/28/97 - 9am. David Shapiro and his son were in the bank when the gunmen races in and told everyone to get down. Larry Eugene Phillips Jr. (26) & Amil Matasureno (27) fired into the door and a 79 year old woman was punched in the head. In 10 minutes they got $300,000. A bank robbery that evolved into a shoot-out with the police on the streets of North Hollywood is recalled in a minute-by-minute account featuring footage of the gun battle and interviews with the police officers and witnesses. AKA Terror in North Hollywood 2002
Captured - Crimes Caught on Tape Denver 2/9/88 - Hutchinson escaped from prison and robbed a credit union at gunpoint of $3000. He runs, gets away from police and only Mike Silva in a newschopper is watching. He gets away from cops then runs over and kills a detective in the road. He crashes into a tree after, runs on foot and tries to carjack a woman with a baby in a blue car. She takes off, he shoots at her. He then kidnaps a 72 year old man and has him drive him away in a green pickup truck. Cops go right by them without seeing him duck down. They then land the chopper in front of the truck to block the escape so cops would know where the were. He wanted to ram the chopper, but cops got in and shot him to death and esscued the old man. New York City June 00 Ė after the Puerto Rican parade a group gathers in central park and 30-40 men start throwing water on women, then assaulting and ripping off their clothes. The group gets bigger and more than 50 women are attacked and clothes are ripped off. They went for police who didnít help. Mayor Guiliani was upset the police didnít respond when they should have. 5 police were fired, 18 men convicted. Kingwood, TX 5/30/99 - a teenage girl and her friends, Lisa Warziki & Katie Dunn rob a convenience store at gunpoint. They do it 5 times getting $50 to $800 and call themselves the Queens of Armed robbery. They spend 6 months in jail waiting for the trial. In court they blame it on drugs and want mercy. They each get 7 years and break down. It was a first offense and the judge wanted to give more, but that was the max. Toledo, OH - Marla Fairchild works in a convenience store and found the safe was empty of $4000. She thought she was going to get fired. Lex Bitner says it was a diversion crime. One man asked her about no salt chips across the store. Another distracts the other employee while a third crawls behind the counter and empties the safe. Another blockades her from looking that way. Seven were indicted and one fled the country. In another case a man is seen going behind the register and the owner comes over and people start yelling to distract him. Columbus, OH - gunfight in convenience store. Kingwood, TX - a group of teens video tapes all their crimes of vandalism and fires. When they leave the camera to record people falling in a park and the camera is found. Washington DC 10/28/99 - a gang films their assaults and robberies. One guy is knocked out with 1 punch and he brags at how tough he is. A bail bondsman found the tape and they went to trail and 5 were arrested. Houston, TX 7/26/97 Ė a Stop & Go convenience store is robbed at gunpoint by 2 black kids. Debra Brown was the mother of Louis Clemons (14) and friends saw it on TV and knew it was him. He admitted he did it and got 9 months in a bootcamp. He broke parole and got 5 years when he was 17. 2002
Vegas Cheaters Exposed Security shows who and how they caught them. 2002
Animal Miracles Ace's Courage - Ace the police dog is one of Canada's most decorated canine cops on Victoria, BC with Officer Glen McKenzie. Hosted by Alan Thicke. #29. 2002
Investigators Decoy Squad - The dangerous work of "decoy cops" is spotlighted. Each day, male and female police officers pose as ordinary people, from tourists to bums, to catch muggers, pickpockets and other criminals. 2002
Techno Cops Hi Tech Surveillance/Shot Spotters - Discovery Times 9/6/02
Discover Magazine The Future of Law Enforcement (High Tech Hot Pursuit/Fingerprinting) 2003
Dogs with Jobs Jonah is a police K-9 working for the Seattle Police Department who returns to work after getting shot in the head. 2003
Dogs with Jobs K-9 Cinder is a female from Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada who works with Officer Eric Luke 2003
Conquest Urban Ops - Peter Woodward and his team will learn what it takes to be in a police SWAT Team, at the America's top training facility, the Direct Action Resource Center in Little Rock, AR. Peter and five guys will be put through the paces by FBI instructors John Hickman and Tim Williams. The team is drilled in using all the special weapons and tactics employed by our countries best hostage rescuers. Peter's challenge will be to lead his team into an enemy held building, breach the doors, clear the rooms, subdue the bad guys...and rescue the hostage in 2 minutes! #14. 4/13/03
Building the Ultimate - Safety Squads Pat Stefanski is with the LAPD air fire unit, Warren Messina, Jim Gram, Ron Massie, Marc Choi fly the Firehawk/Dan Dressle owns International Armoring for cars/Ogden Utah SWAT Ė Will Cragun, Steven R. Watt, Troy Arrowsmith, Geoff Parrin & Brandon Roudy/Coast Guard Victoria, Canada Ė Clay Evans, David G. Howell, Clive McClure, Shawn Murphy, Tom Schmidt/NYFD Ė Lt. Robert Sarno from Ladder 283, Leon Morris, WTC discussed, #54 truck replacement Ė James Hebe of Seagrove, WI, Kevin OíConner & Tom Goodheart. 2004
This is Daniel Cook At the Police Station - learn about the boats and cars used by police officers while touring a police station in Ontario Canada. Also go on the case of the Noisy Party. 2004
MSNBC Reports Stings: Taking the Bait - Houston, TX 1/11/03 Ė Dora Vasquez & Maria Olivares are being extorted by a correctional officer where her husband Ed is locked up. He says for money he can get out early and stop him from being deported. He was forcing her to pay. She calls the news and played a reporter her tapes. He gave them a wire for a meeting. He wants half the money and says he knows people who can get him out early. They find his name is Damone Holman and he has a clean record. Two days later Eduardo was beaten in prison. He wants $15,000 and the reporter goes to the police and Dan Macanolty who have them record the call. They will meet at the Sonic in the open and have money for the sting. Cops brief them and they go. He arrives and says he will be allowed to call them and they can pick them up on the 22nd and 23rd. He says he has the INS letter for him to be deported and goes and gets it. He doesnít count the money and takes it. They bust him. Ed saw it on the news and couldnít believe it. He was moved to ADSEG. Holman was found guilty, fined, got a month in jail and resigned. 2004
NYPD Animal Squad Animal Planet 2 hour pilot for a potential series. It would be a good one as it is very much like the Cops episodes in Mardi Gras that showed the mounted police at work. Police officers have a one-on-one relationship with their canine and equine counterparts. #1. 7/24/04
K9 Cop Challenge Human and dog law-enforcement partners from around the United States compete. 5/29/05
AutoManiac Cop Cars - Police cars are some of the highest-performance vehicles on the road. Hosted by Bill Goldberg who rides in every style of police car from the 1910s to today. 7/27/05
Shootout! - SWAT Team Shootouts Berkley, CA 9/27/90 - Murdad Dashti holds hostages at Henry's bar and shoots some. Capt Robert Snow explains, Brent Weiner was the go between hostage. He heard voices and didn't trust blond women and forced men to sodomize them with objects. Larry Chavez was on the SWAT team/Columbus, OH 8/16/93 - a sniper shoots the gun out of a suspect's hand in the street/Honolulu, HI 2/29/96 Ė John Miranda holds 5 hostages inside a construction company. Tom McNeil was a hostage who was pulled inside. He was fired 6 months earlier and is back for revenge. He mightíve killed his girlfriend earlier and shot the boss in the leg. Then John calls into a live radio show. Heís calm and they try to tell him to let the hostages go. He drags the boss to the window to show him off and says heís going out with a bang. The boss jumps out the window and gets away. He flips out and duct tapes the shotgun to Tomís head. He leads them all outside, then turns around to go back. The other hostages flee and the SWAT team locks the door from the inside. For 6 hours they are stuck there on the stairs. They lower food down to him and then he makes him walk to the street surrounded by cops. John tells him to count down from 60 to 0 and he would kill him. He says no so John counts. When he gets down to 13 Tom swirls around for the gun and he fires. Then the cops start firing at him. Tom is unharmed. He thanks the cops for holding on, he just went to work and ended up with a gun in his face and everything changed/Sacramento, CA 4/4/91 - Good Guys Electronics Store - Lisa Monique Joseph was one of the Oriental Boys hostages. Lt. Gordon Smith was on SWAT. The gang took 40 people hostage for no reason. One cop has to strip down and bring them a bullet proof vest. A SWAT team enters from the back and watches. When they send a woman out on a leash for the second vest hours later a sniper shoots one of the gang members and shatters the window. He's hit, but not injured. He starts shooting hostages as SWAT enters the back and kills the other 3 gang members. 9/27/05
NOPD: After Katrina New Orleans police attempt to keep the peace after Hurricane Katrina causes the levees to break. AKA Unexpected Heroes 11/1/05
Shooting Gallery 511 Challenge: The Search for Top Cops - Police officers from around the country compete in a series of shooting competitions. Las Vegas - Robert Aquino & Chad Boardman, Walla Walla - Steve Harris & Kevin Huxoll, Tuscon - Bob Callan & Lee Souter. 12/26/05
Tools of the Trade - SWAT Lt. Jack Diaz says police call them when they need help. Tampa, FL - they have 24 members. Maj John Bennett says all SWAT teams have to be ready. March 4 at 1pm - they have a warrant for an armed suspect. Det Curtis Smith drives the APC, he calls it a humvee on steroids. Ofc Todd Rego shows where it was shot and it didnít break the glass. They demonstrate the 10 pound vest. Ofc William McKendree says they wear 70 pounds of gear and itís tough to remember where everything is. They train with an emotionally disturbed man threatening to shoot himself. Ofc Bill Traynham talks about the X26 taser. They demonstrate the search cam that can turn around corners and work at night. Todd Rego demonstrates the battering ram attached to the APC. It can also deploy tear gas. Steve Metzler talks about the door charge. Jeff Dickie is the pilot of the Tampa Bell 407 helicopter and it has an extra bar for repelling. Ofc Bryan Felts repels down a building. Omni Blast 100 stun grenade is shown, itís twice as loud as an M80. It blinds and is so loud it disorients the brain. Sean Stuart also explains about it. Sgt. Carson Helms talks about Sig Saur P226 gun and how the laser sight works well at night. PVS-14 night vision monocular goggles are shown. Det. Randy Camp is a sniper, their weapon is a Remington 700P sniper rifle. Jon Weiler shows their 50 caliber rifle. The spotter uses a Bushnell Range Finder to get the target distance. Jim Cooper trains with a chemical test. Remote Andros F6A Robot is shown by Jim Cooper. It can go 9 feet up with a 360 degree claw. Nabco total containment vessel is their bomb disposal unit. Robert Deperte shows the basket inside and the automatic closing door. They are the last local defense. 2006
Inside - Supercops: SWAT Detroit - Sheriff Warren C. Evans from Wayne County & Lt. Rich ĎSherlockí Holme, Scott Gati goes to a narcotics search warrant with the door nailed shut. A 2 story crackhouse with 5 suspects, crack & $300. A 3 story boarding house with 25 people caught, 15 live there and pay $250 a month, $6000 in cash is found. Suspect Tank is caught at a crackhouse, 3 guns, crack & $300 with help from K-9 Jenny. Officer Reid Chakra Barty hits a small white house and get $400 in crack. Lt. Walter Epps finds kids in a crackhouse with a .44 magnum. Albuquerque, NM Ė Sheriff Darren White & Sgt. Van Eldridge go to a salvage yard at night, ram the gate and search a trailer and boxcar. Deputy Patrick Burk finds a violent suspect in a trailer filled with needles. Miami, FL Ė Major Louis Battle of SRT & Officer Troy Lee go to a Jamaican crackhouse, but the suspect isnít home. Officer Melvin Gonzalez & Sgt. Thomas Salerno have a briefing. Sgt. Chip Churukian goes to an apartment complex, the suspect isnít home, but drugs and guns are found. #103. 5/15/06
A Question of Life or Meth Police response to the meth crisis; effective solutions. Stories from ex-users. A&E 50 mins 9/7/06
SWAT: Tactical Force Team members describe their experiences. 1/2/07
Channel 9 News NY Riding with Newark, NJ Cops. 3/20/07
Original S.W.A.T. World Challenge 2007 International teams compete in shooting events in Little Rock, AR. Countries represented include Germany, Taiwan, the U.S. and Canada. Ocean County, NJ Wins 6/29/07
E! Wildest Cop Show Moments Sharon Houston, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jason Pullman, Scott Thompson & Gary Anthony Williams comment. 2 kinds of mullets, guys with no shirts, naked perps, dumptruck flips in Phoenix, Skinheads on meth in New Zealand with one whose head goes through a fence (Hereís Skinhead), Armed & Famous clip with man masturbating to Latoya, Americaís Hardest Bounty hunters comes in on naked couple having sex. 7/07
E! Wildest Cop Show Moments 2 Ocean Force - Panama City Beach, FL 07 - a cop stops a motorcycle for illegal lights and the girl on the back yells and gets stupid. Helena, MT - a cop warns a woman to stand away from her car or she might get hit and then the car gets slammed. Lakewood, OH 9/10/93 - a woman is stopped and canít find her license and flips out when she canít find it. Do you understand how mad I am? Son of a bitch. 12/15/93 - the same cop stops another women who goes crazy. Clearwater, FL - a man urinates in the coffee pot at work. Chandler, AZ - cops do a police sting for people with warrants and tell them they won a trip and arrest them. Murfeesboro, TN 5/7/87 - a drunk is given a FST and he tells him heís being recorded and he talks through a cone and into the mic saying heíll sue them all. Ocean Force - Panama City Beach, FL - cops stop a guy from mooning helicopters. He says they canít arrest him he didnít do anything. A cop doesnít park his car and it rolls away in reverse and crashes. Tampa, FL - cops arrest an old guy who says his nuts itch and he wants to scratch them. He dances around to scratch them. Broward County FL - a woman in a drunk tank takes off her dress and starts shaking her boobs and pulls up her thong and bends over. Then she asks if a camera is on. A man does a backflip during a FST and lands on his face. Ocean Force - Panama City Beach, FL - cops stop a guy for loud music. Heís 19 and has a case of booze. Heís been stopped twice that day for underage drinking. They pour it all out and arrest him. Tehran, Iran - female police academy footage. Newark, NJ 96 - a man tries to rob a convenience store and the clerk just sweeps the floor and ignores him. He tries to rob a man of money on line and haggles with him saying he was nice to him. King of Prussia, PA - a man breaks into a restaurant for a tip jar, grabs it and runs head first into the wrong door. Fort Worth, TX - a man breaks through the roof of a liquor store, falls to the ground and gets trapped inside. Ocean Force - Panama City Beach, FL - cop stops a truck full of shirtless guys who are hanging out the windows. They were kicked out of a truck for keeping it live. Augusta, GA - a man drives his truck through a mall. Washington DC 9/5/98 - a protestor in the back of a police car says he was assault victim and itís false arrest over and over, victim assaulted. 2007
Bringing Home Baby SWAT Team Dad Rudy Nikko - A dad's job as a police detective and SWAT team member weighs heavily on a couples' mind. 9/07
Manswers How can you tell a Hooker vs. a Cop? A cop can't get naked/can a boob crush a can/drunk deer fast/ex $ car #103. 10/3/07
Cell Phone Justice LA 2/07, Idiot Slapping, Daniel Hoyt NYC flasher, London Bombing 7/06, Virginia Tech Shooting 4/07, Pamela Rogers dances for 13 year old boyfriend, Anoka arson w/Det Kurt Klosterman, street brawl ends in stabbing, Happy Slapping, Jennifer Ort in NC, Jonathan Littlejon Blaze Brooklyn killer, Scott Peterson. Court TV 11/20/07
Police Tech: Stolen Cars There are 250 million vehicles on the road and 1.2 million are stolen a year. A $6000 car is shipped out since itís worth more for parts causing. $8 billion in theft a year. 5/28/07 - Dave Young is a police trainer who goes to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. Lou Agosta is the head of it where they train 10,000 a year. Pursuits are dangerous and they start with the Patrol Sim that costs $100,000. 2007
Police Tech: Catching a Crook 680,000 cops make 14,000,000 arrests a year. Crime causes more deaths than natural disasters. Dave Young goes to the LASD to see Cmmdr Charles Sid Heal who runs the Technology Exploration Unit. A look at the latest technological advancements in crime fighting, including devices that have the ability to look through solid walls and robots used in investigations. 2007
Caught on Camera - The Thin Blue Line Crisp County GA 2/4/06 - Deputy Steven Rankin (25) goes to pull over a car at 2am for blasting the radio. He walks up and is shot in the face. Deputy Ben Bray heard the static on the radio and went over. The thug tries to finish him off and his gun jams. He goes for Stevenís gun and he fights back and runs to his car and they start shooting at each other. Ben arrives and Steven is down, his face is bleeding and teeth are out. The next day Ben Westbrook (35) is caught and gets 68 years in prison. He lost 70% of his jawbone, had a brace for 18 weeks, lost teeth and the bullet is still in his spine. In 2007 he quits and becomes a fitness trainer. Perry, GA 4/26/04 Ė Ofc Chris Sutcliffe chases a speeding pickup truck with Ofc Chad Payne. They crashed the truck and went over, a girl canít get out because the door is jammed. Chris calls EMS and goes to get a first aid kit. Chris saw 3 guys, 1 with his hands down. Then the guy starts firing and heís hit. Chad turns and fires back. Chris goes down. Lots of shots are fired. Chrisís arm was bleeding. Ofc Eric Barnett arrives and starts firing under the truck at the suspect. They stole the truck in OH. Charles Brutus Wright the shooter got 107 years. Chris has a metal plate in his arm and lost mobility. Now itís a training video for cops. Boston, MA 6/21/05 - Sgt. Mark Columbo is told someone is breaking into a car. He asked the guy to prove it was his car. He went to radio it in and the man attacked him. They fight and wrestle on the ground as many people walk by and donít stop. He grabbed his nuts and told him to stop. He tried to cuff him and headlock him as hard as he could. Then he asks for help. Ruben Delgado gets 2 years from the tape. Pollock, LA 4/5/06 - murderer Richard Lee Mcnaire escaped from prison for the third time. Itís maximum securityís first escape in 15 years. Ofc Ball spots him running down the train tracks and stops him. He denies escaping and he asks for ID. He doesnít have any, heís Robert Jones, staying at a hotel doing roofing. My brother is staying there, call him. He asks why heís all scratched up, from roofing in his shorts. He says his name is Jimmy Jones this time. The cop doesnít know, says he matches the description and it sucks doesnít it. He lets him go and he gets away for 2 years and was caught in Canada. #103. 7/6/08
Tougher in Alaska  Arctic Troopers - Host Geo Beach - In 1941 the police force was created, in 1961 they became troopers, they only have 340 for the whole state. Kotzebue - Sgt. Karl Main has 6 troopers in his hub to patrol 40,000 square miles and a different culture. In the west you canít look people in the eyes. They have problems with guns and alcohol. His grandfather was a trooper, he graduated from the academy in 2001. There are no open roads between the 10 towns, so they have a jet boat. The rain has been light, so itís too shallow to land and they need to take a plane. Coldfoot 1/19/08 - only 13 people live there. Trooper Andy Evarts is the only cop in 500 miles. It gets to 40-50 below. He hasnít seen another cop since the fall. 7/20/08
New Cops Ron Kaneter film. Follows Class 332B through 8 months of training at the Philadelphia, PA academy and returns 5 years later. Training Week 30 - they stop some guys hanging at a corner and ask what theyíre doing. No answer. Sgt. Dave Hunter 22nd district tells Recruit Rahim Henderson if he doesnít move they can lock him up for obstruction. They are giving him a chance to get locked up. Rahim says heíll think of something. They stop him for mouthing off, asks him where he lives. Heís a tough guy, so they cuff him. Disorderly has to be loud, draw a crowd, didnít do that until after. Obstruction of the highway isnít moving. Sgt. Alan Clark says they are like a sub contractor, work for people, no one stands over you. Training Day 1 - Sgt. Jeffrey Judge splits the class into A and B. Spell my name right on all forms. You are not an officer until you graduate, any questions, any problems and Iíll kick your ass, Iím going to make cops out of you, if you think you will challenge me or the department get out now. He wanted to be a cop since he was a kid. Many of them have family that are cops. Jeff Smith likes to help people out. The benefits are a small a part of the job, helping people is what itís about. Itís a different job to start, family are opposed to it, neighbors act differently around you, people hate you because of your job and badge, they donít care what race you are. Rahim says he watches Cops, AMW, likes when the bad guys get caught. They play a Cops type show and say TV is not reality. They like when cops on TV taste the drugs, you donít do that, what if itís rat poison? 11/08
Modern Marvels Night - squid/worms/police nightvision/FLIR/helicopter's Spectrolab spotlight - Cpl Craig McDonald Riverside Co/Deputy Patrick Bashe & K-9 bloodhound/Paul Gergates - new police lightbar 12/26/08
How It's Made Police badges (Sheriff's Dept Monmouth County NJ) 1/16/09


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