Cops Promos

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These are shorts made by specific channels to promote Cops is on their station usually with music added. Usually a minute or less.

Name Description/Location
Court TV 1812 Overture (8/05)
Court TV Blue Danube (8/05)
Court TV The Beat Goes on (8/05)
FX Labor Day Marathon (9/05)
FX Frisky Thursday Cops & That 70ís Show All Night (11/05)
FX New Yearís Day Cop Til You Drop Marathon (12/05)
FX Wild Wednesday Marathon (3/06)
20th Anniversary DVD opener Fox Saturday Cops makes television history with the milestone 20th season. 20 years on the beat and still gong strong. The wildest chases, toughest takedowns, strangest suspects - Cops. Don't miss all new episodes Saturdays on Fox. (2/08)
Fall 2009 Promo w/Sue Sylvester from Glee On Demand (9/09)

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