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Alphabetical list of parodies and references in movies, TV shows, radio, etc.

The A List  In Trouble Makers of the Animal Kingdom Bernadette Pauley says, "I drink beer, eat mac & cheese and watch Cops to burn calories." 12/07 
American Dad!  Francine’s Flashback - Stan pulls out a tape of Cops in Langley Falls that they were on. 5/15/05
Bad Boys Title is a reference to the Cops theme song, even the tagline is "Whatcha gonna do?" 1995
Bad Boys II Martin Lawrence/Will Smith sequel, see above. 2003
Beach Patrol: San Diego One underage drunk girl says they are going to be stars on Cops and Most Wanted and laughs. #105. 1/23/06
The Ben Stiller Show Medieval Cops Parody - Two knights deal with a drunken wizard who claims to have turned his wife into an animal and take his wand to make sure it isn't hot. An arrow sticks nearby with a note about a disturbance at Excalibur. A drunken man has been trying to pull the stone out of a rock for an hour and the line behind him is restless. He yells at his wife and son too and finally the son wants a change to pull the sword. He removes it and turns into an older king. The mom knew he was special, the dad says he loosened it for him. #112. 1/17/93
Borat Borat is sitting on the bed of his hotel going through TV channels and comes across a scene of Cops when they are tasering a man in the street. 11/06
Chamillionaire/Krayzie Bone The "Ridin'" music video starts out as a Cops pullover parody with the logo. 3/06
Duck Dodgers Bonafide Heroes has the same Cops intro warning. 11/4/05
Dude, Where's My Car?  "I saw this on cops, hit hard and hit fast." 2002
Elephant Man/Wyclef - Five-o  The music video is a Cops parody in Little Haiti. 7/07
Eminem  "My Name Is" music video has a Cops style segment (Detroit 4:53am) where he gets pulled over and falls out of the car. 1999
Futurama - Lesser of Two Evils  Bender watches ' Cop Department' on TV with lines - most of them aren't even people. I didn't fire the laser. 2000
House of Buggin’  The Premiere had a Cops Parody Skit where everyone had camera filming in a convenience store - even the crook. 1995
Howard Stern  Radio - Played clips from the show. His favorite is the guy in the downstairs apartment who gets tasered. 2004-05
Howard Stern E! Show - Hi-Pitch Limbo - Artie says it's like Cops when Rich won't leave and the police make him. 4/05
I Love the 90's  Episode 1993 - Cops version of John Wayne Bobbitt. 2004
I Love the 90’s Part Deux Episode 1990 - Cop rock is described as a musical version of cops. 1994 - the Bad Boys theme is played when discussing The Club car theft protector. 2005
I Love the Holidays While talking about mischief night the Bad Boys theme plays. 11/05
In Living Color  Episode 85 - Cops - LAPD Edition with Stacy Koon. 2/7/93
In Living Color  Episode 117 - Thugs - cameras follow around criminals who break into a house and get busted by the Cops crew on the way out. 3/10/94
Inner Circle  "Bad Boys" Music Video features Cops clips. 1993
King of the Hill  In "Meet the Propaniacs" Dale plays the Bad Boys theme on his keyboard. 2000
Episode titled "Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Watcha Gonna Do". 2002
In Edu-macating Lucky Bobby asks, "Is that Lucky?" while watching Cops. 5/14/06
Leo Laporte  On his Los Angeles radio show he said license plates are blocked out on Cops because they may have been innocent. 9/17/06
Lockup San Quentin: Extended Stay  Episode 'Bad Boys, Bad Boys' 9/28/07
Married...With Children In 'How Green Was My Apple' with the cable out Bud reenacts an episode of Cops, but we only see him saying tune in next week for another exciting episode. 2/6/94
Kelly's Gotta Habit - Al and Jefferson are on the couch at Al's house watching TV. Al: Boy I love Cops. Jefferson: Best show on Fox. Al: Like that's saying something. America's justice system at work, almost makes me want to pay taxes and vote. He thinks he'd make a good cop, he has eyes in the back of his head. Behind him Peg is tied up and getting robbed. Al calls the police about the robbery and asks Officer Dan if he's going to the strip club Saturday. He can't. Then they can't get to do strip searches on the girls. He knows, that stupid show Cops is following him around. It's Al's dream to be on Cops, he wants to ride with him. Dan says he works alone and lost 3 partners already. Al says all male cops work in pairs just like Ponch and Jon or Cagney and Lacey and asks him if the chief knows he rents the car out for prom dates. Dan agrees he can go with him. Dan comes to pick up Al. He sings Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do when I come to see you. He's in uniform, has a gun and shoots himself in the leg getting ready. He gets in the car and calls Car 54 where are you? Dan says we are car 54. The cameraman comes over, says he's Mike from Cops, just act natural, pretend I'm not here. Al panics. Mike asks him why he became a cop. It's in his blood, his pop's a cop. Mike gets in and asks Dan when did your partner get shot in the head? 30 seconds from now. As a cop he's a flop. They have to do an equipment check. Al checks his gun and it goes off, then an owl drops from the sky. He's making an example. What of the last 2 spotted owls in the hemisphere? Al says he's seen more action in a shoe store, not that he works there, he's a cop and a good one. They get a call of a 633 in progress. Floor it danno, wait let's be careful out there. They pull up and Al gets there first as Dan is winded running over. The woman says it's her Stanley, he's going to jump. Al says we've got a jumper! Is your husband depressed? No, he's dead. Stanley is her cat. He became a cop to rescue cats from a tree? He goes to grab the cat and it jumps down on him and bites him in the crotch. Dan goes to get doughnuts and keeps eating a box full. Mike films it and asks how many can your partner eat? He's nearing his record, watch out his buttons are about to blow and they both duck. Mike says it's the worst he's filmed since Cops in Amish country. Then there is a radio call about Jefferson's house. Al jumps in the car and says let's go. Shouldn't we wait for your partner? Would you want me to wait if you were in trouble? You, yes. Al breaks in the door and shoots the grandfather clock, then the phone when it rings, then the answering machine. Jefferson and Marcy come down the stairs and are tied up and covered in whipped cream and Mike says what a sicko, they tied you up and put cream on you? They say uh, yes. He got away. Marcy asks Al what he's doing dressed as a cop and Al tasers her. Mike says this is great, going to make it on Cops. Jefferson says he's going to be on TV? Then he tases himself. Al chases the crook down and beats his head against he ground in front of his house. When he cuffs him the door is open and Kelly is having a party. Mike says nun's at an orgy, this will get him on Hard Copy. Another cop arrives and Marcy says there he is, arrest him. Al says that's right, got him. She says no, Al. He's arrested for impersonating a police officer. Marcy hopes he'll fry, he says back at you and tasers her as he's taken away. 10/12/96
Maximum Exposure  In "Like, Totally Overexposed" there is a Bad Girls, Bad Girls segment. 2000
Minority Report The show is still on in the future and has a Bad Boys CGI intro. 2002
My Name is Earl - Our Cops in On See Specials 2007
My Name is Earl - Our other Cops in On See Specials 2008
Motormouth  Cleveland, OH/Indianapolis, IN - when busted one guy said he thought it was a version of Cops. 2004
MXC In "Malcontents vs. Baked Goods" the trailer park ranger says he has to be on Cops at least once. 2005
My Coolest Years VH1 Series Episode "The Dirty Hippies" they play the Bad Boys Theme when talking about beating hippies. 2005
New Cops  Recruit Rahim Henderson says he watches Cops in the film. 2008
P.O.D. - Booyaka 619  Samples the line "whatcha gonna do when they come for you". 9/06
Punk'd  COPS episode - Mike Shinoda, Brandy, Mekhi Phifer. 2004
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Brotherly Love - a woman sings Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gonna do. 1994
Reno 911!  The basis of the show is a parody of the calls on Cops. 2003-
Reno 911! Miami  The basis of the movie is a parody of the calls on Cops. 2007
Rookies  Jefferson: Toy Gun - John Wiebelt says watching Cops on TV made him want to do this. #108. 11/11/08
Saturday Night Live Let's see what's coming up later tonight Cops. The logo is crooked and the Bad Boys theme plays. Tonight Cops takes you to the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. 12/19/91 - two cops (Kevin Nealon & Jay Mohr) are driving to a domestic disturbance call, third time at the same address, got to check them all out. They go up to the door of the Governor's Mansion. Governor Clinton we have complaints about a domestic. He says nothing wrong beat it. You can open up or not, we are coming in. It's open. Bill's in a wifebeater with a black eye. What happened to you? Nothing?  It doesn't look like nothing to me. She beat you up pretty good didn't she? No one beat me up. No one beat you up? What happened then? Fell down. Well, that's not what it sounded like to the neighbors, they heard a brawl. He doesn't know. Where is your wife? Don't know. You don't know much do you? Don't know. They hear someone behind the pantry door, he says nobody's in there, it's just he closet. Mrs. Clinton (Jan Hooks) could you come out here, we know you are in there. She comes out. You did quite a number on him. Guess so. I guess so too, been drinking? Little bit. When is this going to stop? Look at me when I'm talking to you. Don't know. Well, I'll tell you something, it's the 5th or 6th time this month they've been here and we're getting a little tired of it. Want to press charges for assault sir? No, that's OK. Well, I can tell you unless you press charges, we can't do anything about it. She's going to keep doing this until she kills you. But she loves me. Funny way of showing it. I guess. On they way out they say you see things that just break your heart, so pitiful., it's just sad. Nothing we can do, I guess. #1919. 5/7/93
Scary Movie Shorty says to reporters it's the second time he's been on TV, the first time was on Cops. 2000
Shrek 2 Knights is a parody of Cops. 2004
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XVIII - animated Fox TV show logos appear on the screen including Cops and Marge gets rid of them. 11/4/07
Smile You're Under Arrest Operation Movie Star - Alex Hernandez asks is this for Cops? #102. 1/3/09
South Park Chicken Lover - Cartman is an officer pulling over people on his Big Wheel in a Cops Parody. 1998
Surf & Rescue: Dewey Beach A girl says Bad Boys whatcha gonna do - what a dangerous town. #105. 9/22/08
There's Something about Mary Cops Live TV show has Ted getting busted because it looks like he's having sex in a rest stop with other gay men. Has the song and theme and says will be back. 1998
Troops Star Wars Cops Parody - Stormtroopers patrolling on Tatooine look for a stolen droid that turns out to be Tom Servo from MST3K and the Jawas have it. When questioned a Jawa tries to run away and gets blasted by the troopers. Then they drive over to the Lars homestead. Beru is mad at Owen again. He's been drinking and hitting her. They've been there before and are tired of dealing with it. Beru has a thermal detonator and winds up killing herself and Owen. 1998
Walking Tall Has the lines -Where did you learn that? Cops. That's a good show. 2004
Whose Line is it Anyway? Episode 85 - Cops as a comedy skit. 2003
Whose Line is it Anyway? Episode 165 - places where you wouldn't expect to see Barney - on Cops. 2004
White Zombie Real Solution #9 samples the 'Yes lord, hallelujah' part from #613. 1995
The X-Files - X-Cops See Specials 2000
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