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Cops on other shows

Former Cops

Cops who were on the show, but are no longer cops.

Sgt. Ruben Barela (Changed careers) Albuquerque, NM
Officer Bowen Buffalo, NY
Sgt. John Bunnell (Retired as Sheriff) Portland, OR
Officer Dave Moran Forth Worth, TX
Deputy Baron Philipson (Retired 1998) Broward County FL
Deputy Paul Terrusa (Retired) Los Angeles, CA


Crew hat - black
Crew shirt - grey

In the mid 1990s they sold a few items.

Item/Retail Price
Ashtray - black glass $6.95
Baseball hat $16.95
Board game $29.95
Drink cozy $4.95
Lighter $5.95
Mug $7.95
Sweatshirt $28.95
T-shirt $16.96
Windbreaker - yellow

In 9/08 they went wild with every aspect of high priced basic clothes

Mug $15.99
Large Mug $16.99
Stein $18.99
Ceramic Travel Mug $22.99
Trucker hat - B/W $16.99
J. Spaghetti tank - white, light blue, light pink, lemon $22.99
Women's tank - white $20.99
T-shirt - white $20.99
Fitted t-shirt - white $21.99
Ringer t-shirt - black/white, navy/white, red/white, $21.99
Sleeveless t-shirt - white $21.99
Women's V-neck t-shirt - white $21.99
Women's V-neck dark t-shirt - black $24.99
Women's Cap Sleeve t-shirt - black/white, brown/white, red/white $21.99
Baseball jersey - black/white, blue/white, red/white $22.99
Organic t-shirt - white $23.99
Jr. Raglan - black/white, baby blue/white, pink/white $23.99
Long Sleeve t-shirt - white, ash grey $24.99
Women's Long Sleeve t-shirt - white $24.99
Long Sleeve Dark t-shirt - black, navy $29.99
Women's Long Sleeve Dark t-shirt - black, brown $29.99
Colored t-shirt - black, navy, cardinal, military green, red, royal, brown, charcoal $24.99
Sweatshirt - white, ash grey $26.99
Hooded Sweatshirt - white, ash grey $30.99
Jr. Hooded Sweatshirt - white $30.99
Women's Raglan Hoodie - black/white, baby blue/white, pink/white $32.99
Women's Tracksuit - black/white, baby blue/white, pink/white $45.99


Exclusive photo of Deputy Ruben Barela & Steve Kiger Albuquerque 1996
Mardi Gras 1990 Opening
Quick shot of the World Trade Center at night from #317
World Trade Center across the river in the day from #317

Officer Michael Lopriore from Boston #415

A Boy and his Truck - the cross dressing truck driver from Albuquerque collage #1225


Exclusives sent to this site

"A girlfriend of mine, the blonde one in the episode was completely hammered and needed a ride home from a party. So when I arrived at the house to pick her up, the homeowner asked if I would also take this really, really drunk guy (the stabbing victim) home since it was on my way. I said yes, then another man from the party asked if he could also get a ride home (he was the other witness in the episode). We arrive at my girlfriend's house and I am helping her out of the backseat and the sober guy was helping the drunk guy out also because I was leaving him at her house. The drunk guy seemed to be yelling profanity at this white car that was approaching and gave them the middle finger. The car approached slowly, he walked up to the passenger side, and then the car sped off. I ran over to see what happened. The sober guy said he thought that they punched him in the face because he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, but he didn't look right to me. He looked like he was going into shock and I noticed his shirt was soaked in blood. I told the sober guy who lifted his shirt to find his intestines were hanging out.. It was disgusting and I screamed. The sober guy called the police and they showed up with a Cops crew. It was crazy. Apparently, when he walked up to the car, some guy reached out and stabbed him for no reason. They didn't know each other. The guy survived. When I went to visit him, he couldn't recall a thing. Also I was never asked to sign a release." Ann Marie (9:27 PM Stabbing Call) episode #1336

"It was a hot and humid, late-summer evening and I worked a double shift that day. The Cops crew and me had just left a Cuban sidewalk cafe after downing a couple "shots" of Cuban coffee. During that time of my career and right up to retirement I lived on "shots". I was told to drive an older 1996 model police car with no cage to accommodate the Cops camera & sound guys. At the time my car was a newer model with a cage. I hated driving older vehicles in general because they weren't new, they smelled, had loose handling, didn't look good, and ultimately I did not look good driving it. I recall vigorously arguing with the Captain about that. I lost. I arrived on the call of a "male shooting a gun" with my interior dome light on, AFTER shutting off my blue/red lights and headlights. We knocked on every door in the immediate area looking for a victim, but we never found one even though the "Sissy Boy" guy insisted he shot at several people. Turns out the majority of people in the area were illegal aliens who didn't want to get involved for obvious reasons. Sissy Boy was eventually arrested for a $50 warrant out of Monroe County for catching undersized groupers. Monroe County actually confirmed the message and promised to extradite him, only to change their minds the next morning, whereupon he was released. (Monroe County is the southernmost county in Florida, known for world famous fishing, the Florida Keys, and evidently illegal undersized groupers.) During the entire incident, the Cops camera operator kept grinning and repeatedly chanting, "This is great TV!" My sister still gives me crap about the "donde esta la pistola" line I used on Sissy-Boy guy. I met up with Sissy Boy while working an off-duty job a few years later. I turns out he's a Cuban refugee and had both knees broken by Fidel Castro's secret agents while incarcerated in Cuba. He remembered the arrest and thanked me for treating him with respect and dignity. To this day, my then-sergeant maintains this was the best and most authentic Homestead PD Cops segment ever. Thanks for the great website and thanks for watching." Tom Swartz episode #1534

"At the time I was filmed I was visiting Alaska on vacation. I loved it t here so much I went home to Georgia...packed up and moved up t here permanently. So I board the train to go back to Portage and get my car to drive back into Anchorage and hurry and go home to clean up before meeting these darling men for dinner. After all, I had been in and out of the rain all day on the boat and I looked like hell, as you see on the show. So I am racing down the Seward highway and when I exit onto Dowling I see three police cars coming up FAST behind me and I think hmmm I better pull over and let them go around me because obviously they are in high pursuit of something. Next thing I know I am surrounded by the cars. When the guy popped out with the camera I jumped out of my car and in my very thick southern accent said "I swear I don't have a gun!" The cop asked me how fast I was going and I very innocently said "I don't know" and he said "I don't know either because I have been trying to keep up with you for miles!" All I could think of to say is that I didn't know my car could go that fast and that I swear I was not intentionally recklessly driving on your roads. It was then that he made me swear not to do it again. And I did, because after all I was returning the car the next morning anyway.  I proceeded to have a very fun dinner with the two men from Ohio, you can imagine how that event gave us some really colorful conversation to exchange. When the show aired and they finally saw that I had been telling them the truth that night at dinner. It haunted me for many years because some folks thought I shouldn't have been let go and the poor cop that let me go got a huge ration of you know what from the local community." Very best regards - Andréa Meché episode #309 - 10:33 PM Street Patrol

"Thanks for the attention. It is still a great show and I am proud to have had something to do with it's genesis." Duane Tudahl (Editor/Assistant Editor for Cops)

"I had just returned from being on active duty with the Marine Corps during Desert Storm. My incident is where a red pick up is on the side of the road. The call was initiated by the other Park Ranger you see in the episode. I am the Park Ranger with the glasses there to assist as I was that ranger's supervisor.  The owner "Gary" is a former Joplin, MO police officer and he was extremely intoxicated. The KCPD officer is Scott Caron who tries to perform field sobriety on him. I appear to have pushed Gary face first into the ground, but I did not push him at all. He was just barely able to walk and was stumbling towards me and the roadway. I just did not want him to fall into the lane of traffic, but those who do not know this think I pushed the guy down. I barely touched him, but it sure looks like I shoved him. (It it is funny though) I felt bad so I reached down and assisted Scott in picking the guy up, oh man he was just gross. He was VERY hot, sweaty and stinky. He got his sweat all over me when I picked him up. That was like 17 years ago and I remember it very well even today. The day that episode aired I received many calls from all over the nation from people who knew me. Even to this when they rerun I still get calls about it. Pretty funny deal!" Major Larry B. Niederschulte episode #402

"I also love the show Cops and have been watching since the first episodes when I was kid. It was always a dream of mine to be a police officer and my ultimate goal was to be on Cops. Well that dream came true in my second year on the street as a Tampa Police Officer. I love my job and can't believe I get paid to do it. I have seen my episode on TV over a dozen times and it still gets me as excited as it did the first time I saw it on TV. Great work with the site. Thanks." Jason Tkach episode #531

My son Bobby Godell was filmed in 1995 for the show, but his footage never aired until Street Patrol in 2008. He was the Liaison Officer for some of the COPS episodes in Kansas City, KS and a hostage negotiator. We lost him in 1999 at the age of 35 from a blood disease possibly contracted after 7 hours in a meth lab. I actually met John Langley when we had a party at our house. COPS quit coming to KC when our chief started disciplining officers for smoking, a baseball hat with a beer logo on a plainclothes officer or unbuttoned jacket. Remember the chase from KC MO to KC KS when the vehicle was on rims for miles on I-70? The chief timed an unmarked patrol car between mileage markers and the officer beat that. COPS claimed there were missing frames to shorten the time span.  Jerry Godell 5/08

"I think your site is pretty neat. I'm glad to see that that police officers still have some friends in the community, good job!" George Haake episode #1703 

"I was the paramedic that took care of the guy sitting on the stairs. The funny part about it is that I was so frustrated with the commotion going on around us due to the filming of the show that I really let loose with a string of unlady like language. I didn't think I would make it on the show because they couldn't find 15 seconds that they didn't have to bleep out. Much to my surprise, a few months later I was walking through the waiting room of a Jersey City hospital and people started pointing at me. When I looked at the TV in the waiting room, there I was! Believe it or not, someone in my household taped over my copy of the show." Deborah episode #320


"Cops is an existential variety show. There's nothing wrong with the multitude of reality shows floating around the TV landscape. But some have neither the subtlety nor the substance of a cobweb. We just do what we do.” - John Langley


An example of top to bottom officer rank.

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