821 episodes as of 7/24/10
Season 23 starts Sept. 24th 2010
274 Cops 2.0 episodes
67 Jail episodes
52 Street Patrol episodes (Looks dead)

If you are looking for episodes on DVD or specials or are an officer who could send a police patch to trade email me.

Most famous intro warning:
Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.
Cops is filmed with the cooperation of the men and women of law enforcement. 
All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
(This hasn't been used in years.)

Officially the 800th episode was 9/24/10 and I had 822 listed. No explanation of their count is ever offered. Some best ofs are counted as regular episodes, but 12 are not and maybe they don't count some of the 2 hour specials - but I do. Also some episodes have become quietly banned and removed from syndication.

COPS on Fox has been my favorite TV series since 1989. It airs at 8pm on Saturday nights and has ever since it started, later adding a second episode, sometimes a new one, usually a rerun, right after. Then America's most Wanted follows. In the mid 1990s I tried to find out how many episodes there were or an episode guide. No one ever had an answer from the official site to TV Guide to wherever, and still don't. So I started my own Episode Guide for it since no one else ever would and in 2001 started posting it online and now all the pieces are in place, but some production numbers may not be exact because there are episodes that are banned or have segments that have been replaced. I have been taping Cops since the first season and have every single one recorded. I have written summaries for every episode, but I haven't posted them all yet, so if it's not listed I should be able to find it.

Latest Updates

Please note: I have been diagnosed with health problems, so if someday the site stops getting updated that is why. www.copsonfox.vacau.com is the new address.


Added cast and locations to Season 2232,
Added all the dates to The Episode List.

Sept. 24th will be the season 23 premiere of COPS (8:00-8:30 and 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) celebrating its milestone 800th episode. Well, they are only 22 episodes behind this time they are almost 50 episodes closer, so good work.
Great News! There will be a season 23 and they will return to Pierce Co. yet again.
Added cast and locations to Season 2228.
This is the first new Portland segment in 13 years!
Added a little new info on upcoming episodes 2230 & 2231.
Updated  with the basic info of 2224 & 2226 and the next one 2228 that won't air until 6/5/10.
Lots of sports like NASCAR junk pushing Cops off the schedule. Updated Season 22 and the Episode List with basics from 2225 & 2227.
Updated Season 22 and the Episode List with the titles, dates and basic info for the last 6 episodes.
Updated the Cast & News with a scan of an officer on Cops long ago who faced some trouble a while back.
Added the rest of the first calls to Season 21 completing it.
Added the basic details to #2216.
Added the basic details to the unofficial 800th episode in the 4th decade of Cops #2213.
On the 9th they snuck in Bad Girls! 13 Special Edition #2211 even though it was listed only as a coast to coast. Added the calls, basic details, all the Cast and Locations.
Cops is still in reruns this week so I started a new page for promos.
Added the complete Cast from season 4. The first 4 seasons are now complete.
It's xmas from cops with the 6th Ho! Ho! Ho! special this week, mistakenly listed as #7 on most places. Added the basic info to 2236. Also features another new town!
Added the calls to 2210.
Added the calls to 2208.
Added the complete Cast from 2201.
Updated the Season 22 Locations. Two of the Top 5 keep going up and 3 new towns have been added.
Added details to upcoming episode Coast to Coast 159 #2210 to the Season 22 page.
Added the complete Cast from 2125 which means all of Season 21 is on the cast list.
Happy Thanksgiving! Added the complete Cast to 2214 and the calls to the Season 22 page. This episode also includes a brand new town.
Added 19 more episodes to the Season 3 Cops 2.0 guide.
Added details to upcoming episode Slacker Crimes 1 Special Edition to the Season 22 page.
Added details to the last episode #2125 completing Season 21.
Added a 2.0 link next to all the episodes from Season 1 next their corresponding episodes from Season 10-18. For example try Season 11.
Added 55 more episodes to the Season 3 Cops 2.0 guide.
Added the complete theme song to Street Patrol.
Started a page for Police Women of Broward County.
Added more to the Season 3 Cops 2.0 list, now with 200 episodes!
Added details to 2205 and this week's episode which is finally 2201 which was supposed to be the season premiere to the Season 22 page.
Updated all of season 3 for Jail which is getting confusing as they've done 3 best ofs airing them different on My9 and truTV.
Added a link to the top of my Interviews about a case against an officer I interviewed.
Added details to this week's episode 2205 to Season 22.
Added all the names to the latest 13 Season 2 Street Patrol episodes. This is all of them for now.
Added the correct 2 episodes that aired last week during Season 22.
Deleted #441 from the Banned Episodes since it is starting to turn up in syndication.
Added the first 2 names for Season 22, but those episodes didn't actually air, will fix soon.
The official site was down for the last month, but is now back for the new season. It is revamped using flash, that's about it.

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