Home Video

In 1996 a slew of home videos were released. Then there was nothing else until 2003 when some were released on VHS/DVD with too hot footage. Then nothing until 2008 when the 20th anniversary special was released. 

20th Anniversary DVD Set 2 Discs 2/19/08 includes:
For details on everything said and featured on the discs go here
Disc 1
20th Season Television Special
Original Pilot Episode with optional commentary by executive producer John Langley and special guests
Las Vegas Heat episode with optional commentary by John Langley and special guests
Parodies and Tributes featurette
Famous Fan Favorites featurette
(On 1/23/08 a Lost episode was listed on the official site, but is not included)
Disc 2
Sizzling Scenes from the first 10 seasons
Sizzling Scenes from the second 10 seasons
The Story of Cops featurette - the history of Cops
Cops on Cops featurette
Lights! Camera! Action! Toughest Takedowns featurette
600th Episode 2005 DVD Emmy Consideration - 2eps #1720 & Bizarre Calls #1734
911 Emergency VHS 1996 - 50 mins - one the rarest of the home videos.
(Las Vegas, NV - 7:45 PM Code Red - Officer Emergency) #318. (Denver, CO - 1:16 AM Suicide Call)  #508. (Fort Worth, TX - 2:24 AM 911 Call) #527, (Thurston County WA - 6:41 PM Structure Fire Call) #444, (Miami, FL - 7:44 PM Accident Call) #428, (Las Vegas, NV - 10:31 PM Man with a Gun) #722, (Riverside County CA - 10:42 PM Fight Call) #330. (Fort Worth, TX - 10:31 PM Domestic Disturbance Call)  #528, (Denver, CO - 12:09 AM Drive-by Shooting) #509, (Fort Worth, TX - 3:02 AM Accident Call) #530, (Los Angeles, CA - 9:46 PM "911" Call Hang Up) #704, (Pierce County WA - 11:27 PM Shooting Call) #504, (Multnomah County OR - 10:22 PM Domestic Disturbance) #207, (Harris County TX - 2:33 AM Burglary in Progress) #335, (Fort Worth, TX - 10:05 PM House Fire Call) #816, (Philadelphia, PA - 11:04 PM Intruder Call)  #521.
Ads at the end - Too Hot 1, Too Hot 2, Hot Pursuit, Caught in the Act, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hat, Mug, Lighter, Ashtray, Game 1-800-426-7717
Bad Girls DVD/VHS w/Too Hot footage 2003 - 50 mins. Short theme song.
(Fort Worth, TX - 12:57 AM Indecent Exposure) #1211, (Nashville, TN - 3:48 PM Robbery Call)  #610, (Des Moines, IA - 9:22 PM Fight Call) #1410, (Albuquerque, NM - 7:32 PM Street Patrol) #832, (Virginia Beach, VA - 2:14 AM Street Patrol)  #1114, (Pierce County WA - 1:51 AM Theft Call) #1315, (Mesa, AZ - 5:08 PM Domestic Disturbance Call)  #1331.
Too Hot Footage
Biker Patrol - a woman shakes her ass.
Sturgis 97 - women show their breasts. One on top of the crowd has hairy pits, one's thongs rides high. Lady Godiva is a girl with thong on the back of a bike. Cops say they are looking for open containers, exhibition driving and burnouts. A woman flashes on the back of a bike and stops for pictures. Cops bust her then a woman in a red thong poses for pictures. #1036
The right to remain silent - Ken the shaved head lunatic.
Palm Springs, CA - The very hard looking ugly woman says she's just BBQing and goes to turn over the meat. She won't listen, won't come over, asks what she did, wants to know again. He says to get her ID before he becomes really impatient. She says he already has, hasn't he? He says not yet. She says it'll take a second and goes inside and says should she get her gun first? She calls him a rookie and an a-hole. #1507
A guy with a shaved head and a long pony tail says he'll bust his f--king head. He'll press charges on him for being a f--king asshole, playing goddamn godzilla, but he's a bitch. They'll rough him up downtown and he'll make it come back to him. Just a punk pussy behind the badge. They aren't men, they are bitches. He's white and he's right.
An old white guy in the street says don't get f--king hostile. They cuff him and he says don't f--king talk to me, his son says if you kill me I'll f--king sue your ass. The old guy says don't be yelling at me.
A black woman says to a guy her momma called her on the phone and she told him to get out of her f--king house. He's not her sister, Anita is. She knows him, but she's not his boyfriend.
Des Moines, IA - The woman with the tire iron says don't f--king push me. The daughter says the Asian woman is a f--king asshole, they asked him if he had a f--king problem and he punched her mom 6 f--king times. The gooks are all sticking together. She says he f--king hit her first, what kind of man is that. All these f--king gooks won't tell the truth. No one will f--king listen to her because she's pissed. #1410
Don was asleep, he woke up to her yelling, she's been yelling all f--king day because she's on the rag.
The white guy from before says he's no tough guy, but he'd like to headbutt their asses right out. They say to try it. He makes a move, says he could've done it, would've knocked him right out. Then he butts his head on the car and calls them pussy boy.
The drunk old guy from before says he doesn't know what he's been arrested for. He says get off his ass, he doesn't give a f--k, they are a bunch of punk mofos anyway. The only crime is your mouth, f--k you and your momma. He doesn't know where his teeth is. Where's your teeth he says, up your momma's ass?
The BBQ Meat girl says you are an a-hole, when I grow up I want to be just like you. He's just a smart guy a-hole, are you still a rookie? She doesn't have knives, cigarettes, calls him a-hole Larson
White guy says he'll take them to the gym and box their assess and break their f--king necks.
The old guy struggles and says you do what you gotta do, he doesn't care what the f--k you gotta do, you eat your mommas pussy and ass. Punch me in the face, I don't give a f--k.
A crazy guy in the back of a car says I ain't got a mofoing thing to say to you, I don't give a f--k if it's hot. He's not a mofo stoner. He's driving around in a station wagon that doesn't look tough. Yeah, it's a piece of sh-t, but he's still mofoing hard.
Old guy says I bet you are a big old dick eater and that's a suck my dick camera.
The white guy loaded into a paddywagon. He says I'll see you later bitch and yells it. He's going to stomp their mofo ass, you're a homosexual mofo.
Hazardous Duty - Cops chase a guy into the brush, take him down, he bites a cops arm and growls wearing only stained underwear. A cops nose is all bloody from where he punched him. He says he's fine when he gets up.
A cops chases a guy on a motorcycle. He stops, gets out and tackles him off the bike.
A woman fights with a female bike cop. They pound each other until they pull her off.
Palm Beach, FL - Deputy Shawn Boorman says if he throws it he's under arrest, it's a crack pipe. No it isn't. You can't outrun the one legged guy? I let you catch me. #1123
Two guys fight at an airport, chaos ensues and they tackle them and cuff them.
A guy in his house fights like crazy. A woman wants him out, he flies through the air, says if they kill me he's going to come back and get you. It takes 3 of them to hold him down. He screams that they grabbed his neck and he wants their badge numbers.
A woman trespassing in a yard says go to hell and trespass. He takes the beer away from her and pushes her down and cuffs her. She says oh really she's under arrest? She struggles the whole time.
A Mexican guy dressed as a woman has crack in his mouth and tries to swallow it. They grab his neck and he keeps squealing "I don't have nothing" Then his large wig comes off. He says he's telling the truth. #1230
The Best of Cops Uncensored VHS 1996 - 55 mins
Note: There is no new footage here, just some cursing and nudity during Mardi Gras. Some of the older clips now have times. John Langley intro: over the years people have asked him what his favorite moments are, so here they are.
(Albuquerque, NM - 4:07 PM Car Pursuit) #833, (Las Vegas, NV - 11:01 PM Communication Center) #311, (Kansas City, MO - 8:43 PM Domestic Disturbance) #403, (Kansas City, MO - (4:45 PM Street Patrol/MO - 8:03 PM) #407, (Mardi Gras 1990 - Viuex Carre District) #231/2, (Venice Beach, CA - 2:15 PM General Patrol)  #708, (Cleveland, OH - 10:26 PM Carjacking Call) #631, (Jersey City, NJ - 5:15 PM Truck Sting Operation Briefing) #319, (Boston, MA - 4:52 PM Warrant Served) #420, (New York City, NY - 3:05 PM Public Assistance Call/8:54 PM) #734, (Broward County FL - 11:31 PM 911 Call) #101, (Shelby County, TN - 11:12 PM Disturbance Call) #425, (Kansas City, MO - 5:28 PM/8:48 PM)  #408, (Los Angeles, CA - 1:32 AM Assault in Progress) #701, (Harris County, TX - 2:52 AM Disturbance Call) #332, (Multnomah County, OR - 4:04 PM Assistance Call) #205.
Caught in the Act VHS 1996 - 52 mins
Theme song with footage from the tape. A lot of calls have been renamed for no reason.
(Philadelphia, PA - 5:43 PM Assistance Call - now reads Stolen Car) #521, (San Diego, CA - 7:35 PM Stolen Car Call - now 'call' is gone) #214, (San Bernardino, CA - 10:16 PM Man with a Gun) #543, (Portland, OR - 9:41 PM Traffic Stop) #212, (Kansas City, MO - 9:07 PM Shoplifting Call - now 'Shoplifters') #401, (Fort Worth, TX - 1:08 AM Assistance Call - now Officer Assistance Call) #528, (Kansas City, KS - 11:25 PM Assistance Call - now Failure to Stop) #723, (Los Angeles, CA - 10:37 PM Assistance Call - now Suspicious Person) #702, (Fort Worth, TX - 4:12 AM Burglary in Progress Call) #526, (Las Vegas, NV - LSP Unit Southeast Area Command - now is 5:14 PM Sting Operation) #312, (Boston, MA - 11:16 PM Drug Sweeps - now Drug Activity)  #415, (Cleveland, OH - 11:03 PM Breaking and Entering) #630, (Indianapolis, IN - 5:17 PM Traffic Stop) #645, (Sacramento, CA - 5:11 AM Stolen Car - now Suspicious Vehicle) #605, (Pittsburgh, PA - 1:53 AM Burglary in Progress - now Breaking and Entering) #410, (Denver, CO - 9:37 PM Disturbance Call - now Public Disturbance) #509, (El Paso, TX - 12:40 AM Burglary in Progress) #623, (Los Angeles, CA - 7:49 PM Pedestrian in Traffic - now Public Endangerment) #708, (Nashville, TN - 12:18 AM Suspicious Activity - now Stolen Vehicle) #610, (New York City, NY - 3:33 PM Decoy Operation - new title for video) #637, (San Bernardino, CA - 7:47 PM Bomb Threat - now Terrorist Threats) #542, (Sacramento, CA - 6:45 PM Vehicle Stop - now Outstanding Warrants) #601, (Boston, MA - 8:28 PM Buy/Bust Operation - now Anti-Drug Operation) #421, (Sacramento, CA - 10:42 PM Disturbance Call - now Public Disturbance) #606, (New York City, NY - 10:52 PM Street Patrol - now Man with a Gun) #736, (Miami, FL - 1:26 AM Crime Suppression Unit - now Stakeout) #437
Caught in the Act 03 DVD/VHS w/Too Hot footage 2003 - 50 mins (This is totally different than the 1996 version)
(Mardi Gras - 8th District 12:20 AM) #821, (Fort Worth, TX - 10:03 PM Suspicious Activity) #1212,
(Fort Worth, TX - 12:02 AM Street Patrol) #1428, (Philadelphia, PA - 5:43 PM Assistance Call) #521, (Harris County, TX - 10:43 PM Traffic Stop) #1028, (Kansas City, MO - 9:07 PM Shoplifting Call) #401, (New York City, NY - 2:33 Briefing) #637, (Lee County, FL - 10:21 PM Robbery Call) #933
Bonus Footage

(Mardi Gras 2003 - 11:31 PM Fight in Progress) Women flash their breasts and guys give them beads. A woman takes her pants off and slaps her ass, other women flash their breasts for the camera and licks their own nipples. A woman is naked and gets clothes airbrushed on her. Women flash from the balcony and on the street. A guy drops his pants for beads in front of the cops and is arrested. He's from Canada. He's the third one from Canada arrested in 2 days. He picked the wrong time to drop his pants, and is sorry he has to be arrested. #1602
Serving the !f!*?@ Public
A shirtless white man says he's in his own damn house. They say don't start, they got called to his house and to take his hands out of his pocket. He fights, but won't drop his cigarette. "What did you do that for? He didn't beat up anyone." A woman says he pulled her hair out, she's holding it in her hand. He doesn't give a fuck what she says, that's her own fucking problem. He's not responsible for her problems. She's an f--king whore on the f--king street. He lets a lot of whores in, because he helps them. How does he help them they wonder. He lets them take a bath, let's them wash their ass, but he's the bad guy for doing that.
Cops pull up to 2 guys smoking a bong. The old guy says he has a back problem and is smoking it for that. He argues with the young guy in the back. You f--king guys are f--king killing me. He has a bad pain and he's trying to get him to the hospital. Carl in the back lays over the seats. He hates this town, this dealership and this country, Christ almighty.
A woman screams what is this girl doing with her boyfriend in a car. She's 2 months pregnant with his kid and he's with her. They scream at each other. The one in the red says she's trying to run my ass off the road and now she's pregnant. They've been together a year. She can't hit him though. They were somewhere and she came after Tommy and said she was a psycho with a gun and shit, trying to run them off the road, she didn't know what to do. She keeps yelling.
They find a crack pipe at the first guys' house. He says he's never seen it before. It's not his, doesn't know what the f--k it is. BS you are going to tell me it's mine. He has no ID, they come into his house and are going to tell him what to do. He's lying on his couch minding his own f--king business. It's none of their f--king business where his f--king ID is. You can't go through my f--king house you f--king lying mofo's. They carry him out.
A woman says she can't come here and cuss me out. After she beat on my door someone busted my damn window out. You goddamn goofy ass mofo's, get off my lawn. She doesn't want their help now.
A black rasta man tried to rob a car rental dealership. He says his ID is in his right pocket MF. His say she'll lay down so they can find his f--king ID. He says the woman said she'll fuck him up. He said if you put your fucking hands on my I'll GD kill you.
A shirtless man is led off and he yells you stupid bitch, I'm going to f--king kick your f--king ass when he get out. They tell him to shut up, people are sleeping. He got up on me, just telling him what I'll do. He then bangs his head against the back of the car.
A Mexican guy says the drugs aren't his, they're not his fucking pants, he didn't notice a lump in his pants when he put them on.
1st guy going in the car says you lying MFs, fuck you, get that goddamn camera out of my face you fucking asshole. Looks all crazed and insane.
Pet Peeves
(Buffalo, NY - 6:02 PM Street Patrol) #820, (Kansas City, MO - 8:45 PM Felony Warrant) #1015, (Palm Beach, FL - 4:27 PM Assistance Call) #1126, (Albuquerque, NM - 9:18 PM 911 Hang-Up Call) #1227, (Palm Springs, CA - 8:30 PM Animal Complaint) #1509
Funniest Moments VHS - Came only in a set. 1996 - 15 mins
This program contains adult moments, recommended for mature audiences.
(Las Vegas, NV - 11:01 PM Communication Center) #311, (Portland, OR - North Precinct Street Patrol) #201, (Kansas City, MO - 8:43 PM Domestic Disturbance) #403, Cops run over to a green car where a shirtless white man is hiding underneath and he crawls out like a snake. He ran because he was stupid, 
(Kansas City, KS - 8:03 PM) #407, (New York City, NY - 3:05 PM Public Assistance Call) #724, (New York City, NY - 8:54 PM Public Assistance Call) #724, (Buffalo, NY - 6:02 PM Street Patrol) #820, (Philadelphia, PA - 1:47 AM) #321, (Kansas City, KS - 4:45 PM Street Patrol) #407, (Broward County FL -  8:13 PM Domestic Violence Call) #110, (Multnomah County OR - Narcotics Unit Task Force - Warrant Served) #209
In Hot Pursuit VHS 1996 - 46 min. Theme song with footage from what's to come.
Hello, I'm John Langley, executive producer of Cops. Over the years we've filmed a variety of police activities, but certainly the most exciting and the most dangerous is the high speed pursuit, it's the kind of activity that gives cops nightmares. Here's an example of what we mean as we join Cops In Hot Pursuit. (Kansas City, MO - 1:04 AM Car Chase) #723, (Sacramento, CA - 6:23 PM Traffic Stop) #608, (Los Angeles, CA - 8:31 PM Stolen Vehicle) #701, (Cleveland, OH - 2:07 AM Stolen Car Call) #628, (Los Angeles, CA - 10:15 PM Motorcycle Pursuit) #704, (Pomona, CA - 12:03 AM Car Chase) #S900, (Little Rock, AR - 1:13 AM Stolen Vehicle) #638, (Fort Worth, TX - 4:12 PM Street Patrol) #816, (Houston, TX - 12:32 AM Traffic Stop) #334, (Little Rock, AR - 9:44 PM Robbery Call) #641, (Indianapolis, IN - 6:56 PM Suspicious Activity) #642, (Cleveland, OH - 5:07 PM Domestic Disturbance) #628, (Las Vegas, NV - 9:08 PM Sting Operations) #721, (Fort Worth, TX - 12:41 AM Suspicious Vehicle) #526 
I guess the message is that you can run, but you cannot hide, I hope you enjoyed this video. On behalf of cops across the country and Cops crew we're glad you joined us. We look forward to the next time. 
Shots Fired DVD/VHS w/Too Hot footage 2003 - 67 mins
(Palm Springs, CA - 10:25 PM Home Invasion Call) #1520, (Pierce County WA - 10:02 PM Street Patrol) #1531, (Albuquerque, NM - 8:57 PM Shots Fired Call) #1520, (Lynn, MA - 11:21 AM Assault Call) #908, (Los Angeles, CA - 10:37 PM Assistance Call) #702, (Miami, FL - 9:03 PM Roll Call) #1531, (Pomona, CA - 10:16 PM Man with a Gun Call) #1531. 50 mins
Bonus Footage
The Bare Facts - Mardi Gras 1990 - Officer Desiree Gaudet and her partner talk about - flashers, breasts, butts, they go up to the lady who flashed on the balcony & George and say to stop. #232
In the Line of Duty - Maricopa County AZ - Officer Tom Intrieri is with Katherine won't pick up her underwear in the hall, curses and yells at someone to get a camcorder bitch. #1331
Keep your hands where I can see them. They are right here you stupid bitch. Why don't you shoot me bitch? Kiss my motherf--king ass.
Pierce County WA - Ken says, "Reason, reason, no explain it to me now. No, reason?" #917
Fort Worth, TX - Kelly the whore jumps on a red car in the middle of the street and shakes her bare ass. #1211
Indianapolis, IN - I'm a Rapaho chief, f-k you. West Virginia? No. I forgive you, I swing from my teats, he keeps cursing. Why are you arrested me? You are under the influence? No, I've been drinking water all day, how can you tell me that? Mark, you smell like alcohol. No. Relax. No. He fights. #1201
Katherine 2 - all you care about is wetback mofos, No. You are under arrest for 3 counts of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. She bangs her head against the wall and says Al Gore ain't shit, stupid mofo piece of shit. #1331
Keep your hands 2 - she tells him to keep in his car and he gets out and says to kiss my mofo ass, I ain't done sh-t. She cuffs him. She asks if he has hand grenades, he says he has all kinds of sh-t.
Drunk, crying, shirtless white guy - he says he's been throwing up right over there. You can ask all kinds of people because he's been loud and shit. They came back and shit. He went to do his thing and shit. They came and broke into his car and shit and he has to work. Ever been arrested David? Yes burglary.
Rapaho 2 - Did you hit him? If I did he deserved it. If he wanted to these cuffs wouldn't stop his jujitsu flip trick. What's that? Don't you worry about it. You arrested the wrong one. Are we? He mumbles and curses and he asks if that's Rapaho. #1201
Woman in a station yells are you on f-cking crack? Shut up. Drop dead and suck his dick.
A black woman says there was no relationship, just straight up sex. She got out and some guys over there said he ate her penachie. She never said anything. All they have is straight out sex, he never ate mine, like to know how good it is. She told Calvin to tell them he never ate him, she never sucked him, just straight sex 1000 times. If he wants some skull she doesn't care.
Katherine 3 - she's put on the police car and searched and she yells white, white, white. She never did anything wrong, want to stick your stupid camera in my pussy? #1331
Moving Violations - Harris County TX - Deputy Tracy Shipley pulls over a car then a drunk plows into her car. #1028
Cleveland, OH - red car hits guard rail. #628
Fort Worth, TX - after a chase a white van crashes t-bones a car in an intersection. #816
Man fires at police from his car and cops ram him
Philadelphia, PA - car crashes into the police car going by. #521
Pierce County WA - woman crashes into Deputy Bob Nielson with her red van. #916
White van crashes into a car in front of cops.
Cops chase a car on foot and he crashes into a house around the corner.
A car wipes out and goes around cars into woods.
Motorcycle wipes out going trying to go into desert.
Car missing a wheel and lights on 65th street crashes.
A cop with a K-9 films another cop that PITS a car by the reservation.
This is going to be ugly here - DWI red pickup hits a ditch and flies through the air. The guy says he closed his eyes.
Cops PIT a car multiple times, then the car smokes when they pin it.
17 mins
Too Hot for TV Volumes 1&2 - The Bad Karma Collection Best Buy Exclusive 2 DVD set from 2006. It contains - Too Hot for TV - Busted and Busted Big Time, there is no exclusive footage here. Each disc is 46 mins. 
Too Hot for TV Vol. 1 VHS Uncensored 1995 - 38 mins
Warning for mature audiences. John Langley intro - raw, outtakes, uncensored, never before seen. The theme song has clips with nudity.
Dealing with the public
Sacramento, CA - A guy in a pink shirt is cuffed on the ground and says don't you put your dick in my ass you cocksucking faggot. God damn it you are f--king my hand up, you bald headed mofo They carry him into the car and he keeps cursing.
Fort Worth, TX - Officer Rick Benson talks to a shirtless black man with a fade asking what the f--k is you saying. I ain't go no mofo weapon, 
Dale a white, shirtless man screams to f--king let him go as they cuff him in the house. A woman says she has kids in the back and to keep it down.
A black guy in a car curses out a cop, says he's lived there 15 years and doesn't need this sh-t. He asks him why he curses so much and he says it's his right and he can curse all he wants to.
A woman in green silk pajamas says she'll walk out of jail and tell a taxi driver she'll give him a blow job to get out of town and he'll still pay her $25.
A black man is yelling and the woman there says he hit her over the head with a pistol and he's a stupid ass mofo, he can't believe he'd stick his dick in such a nasty ass wooly haired bitch.
Alaska - a cop comes out of the Breakers Bar, talks to Lucy who is drunk and warns her not to go to another bar or she'd be arrested. They pull her out of the car and she screams, they put her in a cell and she pounds on the glass, threatening to break it. Three guy guys go in to put her down and two more assist as she calls them f--king assholes.
A woman in the back of a car says, "I can't sit that way, it f--king hurts, take them off, get that camera off me, I can't stay like this, just let me sit up and I'll be fine. I don't need the woman talking to me, I relate better to men than women, especially dykes, stop pushing you bitch. Cooperation is key, now it isn't bitch?"
Kansas City - A drunk guy in a restaurant says she already served me a-hole, wanna butt f--k me, that's what you are looking for, no reason to be on top of me, you don't got sh-t on me. He was sitting there having a drink and eating dinner when you decided to molest me and didn't have a reason to mofo.
Unique calls
Boston - the full moon brings everyone out.
Las Vegas - a woman got drunk, started taking her clothes off and waded through the fountains of the Stardust Hotel. They drag her to a police car and take her to the station. She wails and moans she didn't do anything. They have to carry her and her dress comes off.
Mardi Gras - a guy with a Clockwork Orange penis mask and women showing their breasts.
Danny has a long-haired wig, says he's not a fag, likes the way it feels. He puts it on then grabs his cigs, they put lotion on their hands, might have lice.
A crossdressing old man says he's been dressing like this since he was 9 and his first wife encouraged it.
7-11 - a guy called Juicy dresses as a woman and grabs men and slides her hands on a cops leg.
A tattooed woman takes her shirt off and shows her chest.
Guys wearing chaps with butts sticking out.
Boston 6:15am - a cop pulls up to a naked woman sitting on a police car. She gets up and says put me on TV, he tries to find where her clothes are, says no one wants to see that, put clothes on or she'll get locked up, a friend tries to help, but she won't listen. They get her dressed and cuff her, put her in a wagon and she says get off me. The job is full of surprises, she needs mental help, has had problems in the past, her husband says she never got help. She does have problems.
They go up to a guy with his pants down in a car and he says Jiminy Crickets. A cop asks if that's his name. He says no it's Johnny. He says he was too drunk to drive.
7-11 - A cop says they don't want him here. He says a whore came by and offered to give him a blow job for $10. So he did it.
At a Kmart parking lot they tell the woman not to take her clothes off in the middle of a parking lot. She doesn't care and says to search her. He says no, a female will do that.
A bunch of cops surround a garbage can and yell for the guy to get out.
A man missing a bunch of teeth opens his mouth so they can check them, he says he was seeing a friend.
Mary is drunk in a cell says to shut your mofo goddamn mouth. The guy with her mouths what she is saying, he's heard it before. She tells him to shut the f--k up. He tells her to be quiet. She tells him to turn around and face the wall. He says it's his fault for being with someone small with no tits and he has bigger tits than her. She keeps yelling at him and he says he doesn't have to listen since she isn't a cop.
Fort Worth, TX - Officer Matt Smith talks to a black guy and asks if she's ever hit him before, he says yes. Then the bathroom door opens a naked woman comes out and shoves him. Matt turns away and smiles. They tell her to put clothes on. She comes out again naked and slaps him. Matt says she can't be hitting him. #534.
Routine calls.
A drunk white man falls over his red truck.
A drunk in a paddywagon falls over.
During Mardi Gras a man falls off a light pole.
A woman with long blonde curly hair and no top on is drunk. A cop asks her if she's been drinking, she says yes.
Cleveland, OH - The old drunk guy in the bar with his pants down says he's got $100 f--king dollars on him, outside he says he was captured by the fucking Germans and they killed him. #632
A woman who is crying says she called the cops and then asks the cameraman who he is. She puts her hand on the camera, waves, sticks her tongue out and falls over.
A cop asks a woman for Miss Alabama since she stays there and had to much to drink. The woman doesn't want the cameras there. He says not to worry. She's walking around topless, instead of taking to the hospital, they'll take her there. She says they were chasing her, curses out niggers and she's calling charges on them. She wants to go to the bathroom, says she'll leave in a white limo, is pressing charges on them for breaking her hand. She says you want to stick your dick in my ass, but you can't. It's $100 to get in here, but now it's $100 for you.
A cop talks to Dolly in a white convertible. She's going home to the west side, says don't hurt me, don't start this sh-t, she's only had one drink, don't be silly. She's drunk. They take her in the car, since she can't drive. She cries, says is this important to her. She wants the cameraman to turn the light out in the back seat and it's not fun.
A black guy passed out drunk in a car. They knock on the window to wake him up and he knocks back.
A black guy Willis, says his birthday is 9/9/61. He wants to talk, told him 1963 before. He says he's 21, then says that's crazy, he's not trying to lie. He is…birthday is…can't think of anything. He's trying to make it right, doesn't want to lie, swears he doesn't, but can't think of anything.
A woman says she watches the hidden videos at work. A cop says this not hidden videos and not a joke. She asks if he is a celebrity, is he like Matlock. She has to do the test and be on her way. A female cop gives her a drunk test.
A woman tries to walk a straight line, can do only one step, says she's not that way, only barefoot walking. She can't take another step and would be better if she was barefoot.
A black man doing a drunk test says he can't walk on the line because it's not level and he touches it. The cop shows him how to walk heel to toe. The guy asks for the cops shoes, his shoes are overrun, he works in them. The cop gives him one more test to stand in front of him and lean his head back farther. He says my neck is not as long as yours.
A drunk old white women is asked to says the alphabet. She gets to M then says I don't know.
A guy hops around in circle on one foot and tries to do the ABCs.
A man arrested in a Guns N' Roses shirt drops his pants.
A drunk woman in a police car says, "Blood! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie." Then she screams loud, says she will bite him. He says not to. She asks if he wants head and if she can bite it off and if she scares him. He says yes. She wants to bit him, she's hungry, she's a polite vampire. In the station she says her head hurts, then says she'll have to f--k another night, leans on the wall and falls down.
Sex Sells
Las Vegas - A prostitution sting in a hotel with the cop dressed as an Arab. She says women don't give head, wants to give him a condom and will do oral on his mouth. It's more money for the three of them together, that's rare, her and her friend cost another $500 and then they'll do whatever you want. The blond woman gets undressed, gets into bed, they undress each other and kiss as he watches. A man comes in and he says he is Stephen, his driver. They pay them, they run around in their underwear, say not to be shy, we aren't. They are having a show that's already begun. He watches. She says it's America, safe sex. She says oh, geez, this really sucks. She doesn't want to have her picture taken, but it's too late.
A truck driver says two women went in his truck and stole some stuff from him. He says he went into Hardee's and when he came back and his wallet was gone and CB was loose. He chased them to the hotel. He goes over to the whores and the older one says he motioned them over, wanted two girls, $20 each one to suck, one to f-ck and they agreed. The young girl was at the trailer park and she went over to her and asked if she wanted to do it. He says he had five $20s and all his billing slips were down the road. He says he gave her $20. She says she sucked his dick for it and didn't want to get out of the truck when she started sucking. He says she didn't finish.
A woman lifts her top up and comes over to the car laughing with her breasts bouncing.
A cop drives by and sees two old men making out and he stops them. One white guy shays he was the best ho on the blvd and now he's a retired ho.
Los Angeles - male prostitution sting. A cop drives around in the back of a limo picking up young men. He says to one guy he was watching him walk up and down, asks if she's working or just healthy. He asks what he wants, suck, f--k, kissing. He says anal. She says to do each other. Erica is pulled out, under arrest, he's dressed as a man and admits he has a penis. #220
A Mexican guy says he's half and half, then admits he's a he.
A big Mexican guy says he's not a girl, everyone wishes they were, then says oh, my god, that's going to be on national TV. He means he IS a girl and laughs, everyone will know. It's a guy.
Murphy's Law
Two cops talk to a woman about how she slapped a guy, then she gets in the red pickup and starts it. They run over and he says he'll bust the window out right now, she rolls down the window and takes off.
Two cops try to get a blue light to stick on a dashboard while driving through a parking garage and it won't stay.
Cops can't get the siren to work and make a siren noise.
A cop runs out of gas, curses, says he won't make it, it's going to be bad. The crew is laughing at him. They might have to push. It's a bummer, running real low, on fumes, it stinks. He asks them if they are loving this? He's a dead duck, he's done, that's it. Then the Sgt comes over and says he shouldn't put this over the air.
A cop car's engine is on fire and they run inside the cab to get the shotgun. They put the engine out and smoke is everywhere. One says he bets they never had a cop car on fire on their show before. They agree.
Herding cattle in a graveyard, it's a first.
The go into a van with a Crow stick and the K-9 grabs something, probably narcotics. The dog won't let go of the wallet he found. They need to read Bill his rights and take the dog out and he still won't drop the wallet, they hold him in the air and he still won't.
They ask a black guy named Kermit if he has a gun and pull him out of a police car. He says no and wishes he did because he would be able to stop the guys tearing his sh-t apart. He was dropping a girl off and they grabbed his nuts while searching him and it hurt like a mofo.
A cop searches a white guy who says his stepfather is there. He goes down to search him and the cops pants split. He says not to go behind him and cracks up laughing. The guy wants him to let him go.
Charlie goes after a loose chicken. It runs all over a yard very fast and he can't get it. It runs down the road and they chase it, but can't get it. They got the stolen car, the thieves, but the chicken got away.
How to deal with stress.
Los Angeles, CA - Deputy Sean Collinsworth wears a funny nose and glasses in a convenience store with another cop.
Two girls moon police and they take pictures.
A cop burps on camera.
Cops try to get into a school and the door is locked while a mechanical voice keeps saying, "The door is open". They keep replying, "No, it's not" and then "shut the f--k up."
A woman with a bloody leg says she was just shot. Percy who is with her says she's mad. A cop says she's mad because she was shot. He doesn't know how it happened. The cop tells him it must be spontaneous combustion, people walk down the street and their leg explodes, it happens every now an then.
Cops pulls a car over on Virginia and County road. The car backfires and the cop yells "Holy sh-t!" then cracks up. It scared the living dog crap out of him because he thought shots were fired.
A kid being interviewed at the station says he was in the guys trailer. Why does he have blood all over his shirt? He says he popped a zit and they crack up, that's a new one.
During a traffic stop at night and all the black guys in the car stick their arms out the window without being asked to.
A collie gets in a police car. A female officer shoos it out and tells the Sgt. a dog decided to jump in his car and piss all over the floorboards. He doesn't know what to say.
Cops cuff a totally naked drunk man on the ground who says they'll need two dozen people to take him down.
Pierce County WA - a man says they are here for the cow. Is he sure? The cop knocks on the door and they goof on him for being on cow patrol and ask him if there is a cowbell instead of a doorbell. The cow is wondering around and he says he'll shoot it if it's charges. The cow could lay one in the road and cause and accident. He says if it makes it on the air they are smoked.
Behind the scenes with the crew.
The crew gets ready and follows the cops out and get in the car.
Denver, CO - the crew gets in an accident. Chuck got hurt after the cops collided. They say it might make the show, but don't know.
A black woman asks if she is going to be on cops one day. He says she might, then she pulls out pictures of her showing leg and says to show this.
An old man curses that some crew member is a stupid SOB and points and laughs at him. Then he curses at the camera and falls over.
A black woman comes down the stairs and says to get out.
A drunk bloody woman in the back of a police car says to get away.
A guy in a jail hides his face and says to get the camera out of his way,
A black guy being cuffed against the wall say to get his Opie Taylor haircut mofo ass out of his face and he hopes he'll get them.
A huge fat man in the back of a police car flips out, kicks the window and says to open the door.
A black guy puts a shirt over his head to stay off camera. Get me off camera
The drunk woman who fell over earlier curses out the camera and spits at them. They say to be nice.
Mike, a black guy in a paddywagon curses them out, calls them crackers, says f--k them and the cameras then screams and curses ahhh sh-t.
Langley - We hope you enjoyed this special Cops video,  thanks for watching.
Too Hot for TV Vol. 1 - Deluxe Edition VHS Uncensored 1995 - 52 mins, Same as above plus 16 minutes of compelling bonus footage
John Langley - Now we are going to show material too hot for TV and it's probably too hot for the video.
Pittsburgh, PA - Officer Pat Logan says if your head is getting screwed backwards because of this job you go someone who is going to help you, unfortunately some guys don't and end up chewing on a gun barrel, you can't leave the problems in your locker. #324
Kansas City, MO - Officer Scott Caron goes to a house fire with a disturbance in the background, will see what's on the scene. Come back here man, don't go in there. Black guys are running in the apartment that is on fire. A guy walks around the fire truck in his underwear and his skin is peeling off all around. Sit down, I've got a blanket in the car. He can't lay down, it hurts. You have to, bear with us. He moans, lays down and shakes. EMS waters him down. He backs people up and FD goes in. He's burnt pretty bad, they say second degree, never saw anything like that before. They put him on a stretcher with an IV. Hang tight man. He says there is an old man in the basement, anyone inside? It's something I'll never forget, hard to explain it will stick with me the rest of my life.
Houston, TX - Deputy Robert Merchant is advised it's a DOA, subject hung himself, unknown until they get there what they have. He pulls up to the A-1 tire store and they open the garage. The men is hanging, but is touching the floor where his ladder fell over. How long has he been there? It usually takes and hour or more to get to that form. They aren't too sure it's a suicide. Sgt. Mark Walker says see how his tongue is, that's what they look for in hanging cases. The struggle and pressure, that's from hanging, if there is none that means he was hung after he was killed. The ropes stretch, he thrashed around a little bit, painful, he didn't go like that, flopped around a few minutes. #334
Hoboken, NJ - Officer Mike Plunkett says you never know who you are going to run into this time of the morning, quarter after 6. Look at this! He pulls up and a naked black woman is sitting on a police car. A guy says that's my woman, give her some clothes. She gets up, has floppy misshaped breasts and shows it all off, then bends over the trunk. Where are her clothes? You better get some on or you are going to jail. They throw a coat on her and she curses them out. They find a dress and cuff her and put her in a van. The job is full of surprises, never know what you are going to run in. 6:45am obviously needs some mental help. Her husband says she's never gotten any before, obviously she has problems.
Kodiak, AK - Sgt. John Palmer goes to Breaker's Bar where a drunk woman left woman left the ships bar and then went into another bar to drink and that's a felony charge. They get Lucy into the car and have to carry her out she's thrashing around and screaming they are liars. In he cell she pounds on the window and will go through. They have to go in and a large group of guys restrains her. She screams and curses them, nothing illegal and I'm getting stopped off this shit, you hear that a-hole. #309
Kansas City, KS - Officer Zane Schuberger says they have a major shooting 34th and farewell, major drug area, have had a couple drivebys there, nothing else but a major shooting. He pulls up and a car is wrecked. He's told it happened in front of the drug house. His car is all shot up. A black guy is in the front all bloody and leaning over, he's spitting blood and twitching, but they say he's DOA. The car is full of buckshot, windows are blown out, it's definitely from the crack house, coroner is on the way.
Fort Worth, TX - there is a major accident of a car that flipped over, driver is dead and passenger is trapped. FD is on scene putting it out. The cars is destroyed and wrapped around a pole. Do they have the driver? They have the driver in custody, bat out of hell, come around, slammed into the pole. He's OK, the other person in the car they pull out with a leg hanging off. Another DWI, he thinks he's going to get away with it, but is never going to talk to his buddy again.
Las Vegas, NV - Cops run and yell do you have him? They catch a hairy naked man and he is yelling nonsense. They tell him to spread his feet, stop resisting, relax. He says they knocked me out, GD, MF ahole. It makes it real difficult when they are under the influence and there is nothing to grab on to.
Pierce County WA - Deputy Anthony Jensen says it looks like the suspect shot himself, coming up on the right. They go into the house and EMS works on someone. Does he have a weapon. There is a baby shot dead in a crib, black guy shot himself. Is this her husband? Deputy Curt Beaupre says look at the pictures. The wife is down and dead. The shooter's arm is in a cast. Once he shot her he shot the 2 kids, then himself, that's where they heard the bang bang bang. She had a restraining order, but lifted it for today so they could be together. #445
Pittsburgh, PA - Officer Pat Logan says you wonder why policemen shoot themselves in the head. How would you like to see this day in day out. 28 year old mother with 5 kids that no one can take care of, it's just depressing. #409
Too Hot for TV Volume 1 - Busted DVD/VHS - 46 mins. Same as the original V1
Too Hot for TV Volume 2 VHS Uncensored 1997 - 44 min
Mature warning. The Bad Boys theme song has nudity and middle fingers.
Langley intro – the raw, the real and outrageous.
What it’s like to be a cop on the job.
An officer enjoys the job, the rap of meeting people.
A long-haired, bearded man asks if the cop has a warrant. He says no and he replies to get the f-ck out of his ass, get out of his face then. You’re in my property, I can see your foot in my land.
Two women curse at each other and a guy. He tells them to sit down and if they get out of shape again they’ll go to jail. She screams in his face that she hears him.
A guy arrested in a wheelchair at his house says, “call my mom. Kiss me, bitch.” #442. 12/12/92
Cops stop a big black guy in the street, go to search him and he runs into a yard as his pants are falling down. His family shouts at him and says don’t shoot him. He says his aunt gave him $5 to get that sh-t, get that on camera.
A man in his house says f-ck it, he don’t even care, you wanna take me, take me. He curses out the woman, says Stephanie started this, he’ll go, had ID, he got nothing. How come there is no law against being a whore. He calls her a bitch. He’s led out side, keeps cursing, kicks things, says why is there no law against bitches. They can do whatever they want. He’s not scared of jail, f-ck them and their jail.
The long-haired bearded man from before says not to manhandle him as they take him outside, still holding his cigarette. He says they don’t give up and what is this.
Cops carry a woman in white into the police station who says her mom is a tramp and her dad is a f-cker.
The guy in the wheelchair keeps cursing out the cops while in the back of the car.
A girl handcuffed in the backseat, wants the cuffs off, keeps kicking the window and bangs her head against it.
The long-haired guy man says they come in his house and arrested him for nothing. Cops explain he’s just detained. He says he’s detained real good. He calls the cop a punk says if he ever sees him in real life, he’s a punk.
A guy is all bloody and a witness says he was fighting with his brother. The guy won’t say what happened, he calls them goddamn f-cks and weak minded bastards then spits.
A Mexican guy being transported says he tried to play the system. He knows the deal, he’s been to prison, he shot a guy in the head, he’s habitual, did time in Shadow Mountain.
A man says everyone got to make a phone call except for him and he’s been charged falsely. The old man in the police station says he’s been vaccinated with a phonograph needle because he’s sure running at the mouth. He says to button his lip, he replies no. He says he’s not going to try him, to put him back in jail and he doesn’t have to listen to him. The man calls him an a-hole.
A crazy black guy in a cell screams at the top of his lungs, smashes the window again and again, curses and people all laugh at him, including the guy with him.
Albuquerque - Dep Ruben Barela talks to a drunk guy at a convenience store who says all his family in Texas are cops. Ruben asks if he is going to be a cop too. The guy keeps saying f-ck you.
How do cops deal with stress?
Denver - Officer Daniel O'Shea says being a cop you get to do what everyone tunes into the 10 o clock news to see. It’s like an eticket to Disneyland and he’ll ride every ride. #511. 1/9/93
A drunk guy is on a golf cart and the officer blows a mighty whistle at him. It’s yellow plastic and standard issue for foot pursuits.
A man gets out of a car and is playing with his carrot in front of the cop.
Randy Sutton answers the phone at a house after a bust and says, “It’s Laurie, he’s a little tied up right now.”
Cops kick a door to break it in. Three of them kick it again and again and can’t get it open, then one puts his foot through the glass.
A cop cuffs a guy and he farts.
Sarah is a red head and says sometimes she acts stupid because she’s a blonde.
A female cop asks the crew if cops smile on the show. He says she can. She hopes she will, laughing at every call.
Cops go up to a red SUV that has an alarm that raps, “I know you want to get inside, but you better step away from the ride. Time to stop hanging around or my alarm will sound.”
A white cop raps about his gun, he’s straight tripping with his neener, a nine, but he doesn’t have one, he has a .40
An old black guy is asked if his wife is on drugs, he says not that he knows of and they’ve been married for 31 years. The cop says she doesn’t look that old. He says she’s 41, he married her when she was 10.
A man is down from being shot, he asks if his penis is still there. They say the shot is nowhere near his pecker.
A shirtless black man is chewing on grass. He says it’s acid, called green monster.
Two guys are standing there, one guy keeps pissing and his friend stands right next to him and watches. They go to call out and can’t since he’s been going for so long.
A woman just got out of jail and says they gave her a ticket for something she didn’t do. She offered him a blowjob before not to write the ticket, but he turned her down. He’s a nice guy who doesn’t want his dick sucked.
An old woman with a black wig and no teeth in a Tinkerbell outfit says the cop is her boyfriend. She holds him, says she loves him and has been with him 7 years. He says his wife will see this and find out. She doesn’t care and she’ll spank his butt.
A cops says it's a felony volleyball.
Cops find a man who was angry at his wife in the middle of a divorce and put a pick axe through the windshield of her truck and dog poop all inside it.
In jail a little drunk guy says he’s from Compton, he’s in a Columbian gang, he rolls with Eazy-E. The cop asks what about Ice-T? He says f-ck him, he migrated to NY.
Cops ask a small woman her stats. She says she’s 100 pounds from South Dakota, wants the cuffs off, doesn’t appreciate it and curses them out. They found her giving oral behind an adult bookstore.
A man asks how many times has Bob Dylan come into their station with a gun in the last 27 years. A cop  says he doesn’t know, but Elvis came in yesterday.
Continues below
Too Hot for TV Volume 2 - Busted Big Time DVD/VHS w/Uncensored footage 2003 - 46 mins
Bonus Footage
Fort Worth, TX - A man says he lives at Graceland and he married Lisa Marie. Officer Rick Benson asks does Elvis know? He says yes and he's happy about it.
98% of the time police work is boring, but 2% you have to look into the eye of the tiger and walk the valley of death.
What's the number one call police get?
A cop spots a DWI going along the curb. He lights him up, he hits the curb again and again then stops. He gets out and tells him to throw the keys out, she does, says you are welcome. She says she isn't gong to lie, she had a few drinks, a 12 pack.
A guy says he hit a cow with his truck, it's all smashed up and tells them to f--k off.
Leon is passed out on the sidewalk with a Spam can. Did he have too much Spam, is that why he's out. The cop gives it to him and he smacks it away.
Larry, a black guy, says he hit all that then he gets in trouble. He says he doesn't drink. They go to give him a sobriety test and he shows his leg, says he got hit and his shoes cost $350. He does heel to toe and says he can do ballet and dance even with a broken rib. It's f--ked up, he's a bad mofo and they can't understand.
An old white guy is passed out on the ground with his pants down. He's taking a nap and didn't take his pants off until he got there, he needed to take a whiz.
A woman is drunk on the floor of her apartment and says to kill her, put a shotgun to her head.
A Mexican guy is out on the ground, they call him Juan Doe.
A fat white woman is topless and has massive breasts with tattoos. He says they'll need a car to move her, he can't lift her himself. She says damn right he can't. They put her top back on.
A man is crying in the backseat of the police car. The cop asks him why do convicts cry more than anyone else. He says because I f--ked your momma, so suck my dick.
A man with bloody feet can't walk a straight line.
An old white guy in a van can't speak coherently. He says, "mom mom, had no ID. His ba ba bamm ba dem is badmam."
A drunk woman riding in the front of a police car says he's a rudie poop, or whatever, that's what she did wrong, was a kiss ass.
A white long-haired guy is asked to say the alphabet as fast as he can. Abcefd, qsc, wtr, try another one.
Another guy is asked to go from A-Z and he says he can't even do that.
A white guy same thing, "qrst, tub, that's why he knows his ABC's." He cuffs him after that. Then the guy fights and says he didn't do nothing and gets charged with resisting.
An old drunk guy in a police car says he's trying to be nice, if you untie his hands he'll beat his ass. The cop asks if that's being nice. The guy says don't f--k with him.
A white guy in jail says you are the f--king police, why don't you know something? Him and his old lady have been across the US together and never had problems until tonight. They say to stay out of San Diego.
The fat white girl from before is getting fingerprinted. She starts wagging her tongue at the cop and reaches for his crotch, then takes her top off again.
Los Angeles, CA - Eduardo is in a cell and says not to worry about him. He then acts like he's a cop. He yells police and talks to a fake suspect. He tells them they have the right to remain silent and slaps him. Anything you say can and will be against you in a court of law Cop says the miracles of alcohol. #704.
A cops' job is to be in control of the situation.
A cop says people think they are crazy, but ask anyone who works in a hospital, a full moon makes them go out to lunch. #323.
A cop spots a black guy walking down the street and there is a guy down on the ground who says someone punched him and knocked him out. He can't move nothing. They call an ambulance. He starts to get up and says f--k the pain, he'll kill him T. It takes two friends sitting on him to hold him down. They tell him to shut up. The guy waves to the camera and says to say hi to mom.
A drunk, naked white guy is down on the ground and has a cut on his ass. They go to cuff him and he says they hit him, knock him out mofo. He keeps cursing as they cuff him. A female cop says it makes it worse when they have no clothes, can't hold anything.
A cop handles a guy against his car, then his woman comes over and slaps him
Cop talks to a black guy, he's crying and says the mofos tried to interrupt his relationship, his woman doesn't want to come out of the bar. He doesn't need the police. He cries like a girl, then a guy walks right up to him and punches him in the face.
They put a white drunk guy with a mullet in a cell, he says don't they want it on film, aren't they going to beat the sh-t out of him like every week. Then he starts kicking the door.
A young white guy is down, he got hit with a 12 gauge shotgun. He's all happy he survived that. He saw a Steven Segal movie where a guys leg got blown off by one.
They go into an old guy's room and find lots of women's underwear. The woman who owns the house says no woman wants him. They ask the guy what's up with that. He says it's not against the law, he's trying to build a plastic museum. #503
A fat Mexican guy is being searched. She says his pants her so tight she can't even search him. He says you gotta look good when you go out. She cracks up laughing. He asks why is she laughing, not realizing how ugly he is. He has a positive mental attitude.
A black guy is led out, tells them to get their f--king hands off me. Then two women he was with scream at each other.
The fat Mexican guy again says he was looking for a girl and sometimes he lets the little head control the big head, which isn't a good idea.
Milo, 5'6" 130 in cuffs and says to his dog Larry to go home, but he keeps coming back. He says the dog will make it home, he has good brass balls.
The fat guy again. He's in the police car and says why can't we talk, we're in the same car bitch. Why did she say not to talk when they put them in the same car. There is a drunk woman in the bar crying. He says they don't know their head from their ass. They don't know what they are talking about. He says that would make a good soap opera and yells.
A long haired guy with bad teeth says they are f--ked.
There is never a typical day at the office.
A cop says he loves his job, it's the greatest show on earth, you see everything.
A Mexican guy is dressed like a woman in a bra and is at the station. He says the cops had sex with him before they brought him in.
A black guy is whoring on church property and they ask what's wrong with him. He goes to the John who didn't know she was a man.
Broward County, FL 8/23/91 - a 65 year old stripper dances on her head and shakes her fat, flabby ass in surveillance footage. She bends over and shakes it.
Mardi Gras - people are pouring in, guys throw a bench through a window, guys punch each other, guys are arrested for fighting, one takes swing at the cop, it gets out of hand and a big struggle ensues, a cop on a horse grabs a guy and he tried to get away, a man in a clown face says they don't want to leave. A woman pulls her shirt up and guys grab her breasts, a small girl whips out a massive pair, a girl being carried on shoulders whips them out, guy guys show their butts in chaps, there's a naughty nun, a man is led along in a full leather bondage suit, a biker with his back half in women's clothes.
What is it like to be on the cops crew?
A cameraman films a cop getting in a car, a guy gives them the finger, a guy smashes a camera, a couple gives them the finger, a guy says he doesn't like the camera and hides, a drunk white guy yells at the camera to back up, a guy is put down and says you got this on tape you f--king punk, he says you going to put it on whatever they call it - Cops.
At a black street party people are dancing and the DJ says we got cops in the house - shake it.
A guy in a station says he's on candid camera
A woman asks if this is necessary, she doesn't want to be on TV.
A woman thinks it's Dynasty.
A woman in a bathroom says not to film her.
Kansas City - the potbelly pig oinks into the mic.
A dog bites the boom mic.
A dog in a trailer barks madly at the camera.
A guy says they are taking him to jail and what's this movie sh-t?
A guy wags his tongue at the camera
A guy says he doesn't want to be on camera, they might look good, but he doesn't.
A female cop pulls up and says no pictures, her hair doesn't look good.
A cop says not to get his bald spot on camera, he'll be mad.
A woman with a bloody face asks does she look good or what?
A black guy talks to the camera.
A woman pretends she'll flash the camera.
A cop in a convenience store is told they have donuts, he says no donuts.
A cop says drugs and inhalants ruin families, then the suspect farts in the back.
A female asks the cop if he's Don Johnson, he says no, they are related, it's comedy cops.
A family has loud music playing, they say it has to go down, it's karaoke, he says his parents love karaoke and the cops crew are noise monitors.
A woman says she's going to jail because her husband kicked her in the head and talks to the camera.
The bad teeth guy asks if the camera is on.
A woman won't come out and be on camera.
A woman hides her face from camera.
A woman comes over and waves to the camera.
A black woman asks if she's on crops?
A cop is searching a guy, he isn't done, guy says f--k you, then spits on the camera.
A drunk guy in jail asks what's this for? He says cops. Really? he's been around a lot of them. He'll be on TV, sure.
Langley thanks you for watching, see you next time.
The War on Drugs 1996 US or UK - 60 mins. Very rare
Intro with clips from the VHS, (Kansas City, KS - 10:51 PM Drug Warrant/11:35 PM Second Search Warrant Served) #408, (Memphis, TN - 7:37 AM Traffic Stop) #424, (Philadelphia, PA - 6:11 AM Narcotics Task Force) #519, (El Paso, TX - 5:12 PM Warrant Served) #620, (Denver, CO - 1:30 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) #508, (Portland, OR - 11:47 AM Warrant Served) #202, (Miami, FL - 10:57 PM Narcotics Unit Operation) #440, (Pittsburgh, PA - 11:26 PM Narcotics Task Force Team One/12:43 AM) #409, (8:22 AM - La Beni, Bolivia) #517, (Las Vegas, NV - 6:29 AM Warrant Served/1:53 PM Warrant Served) #717, (Tucson, AZ - 4:07 PM Warrant Briefing) #327, (Memphis, TN - 6:05 PM Disturbance Call) #426, (Boston, MA - 8:28 PM Buy/Bust Operation) #421, (New York City, NY - 9:47 PM Warrant Served) #734, (Key West, FL - Narcotics Unit Briefing) #431, (Miami, FL - Narcotics Unit Briefing) #429

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