Favorite Episodes

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Because I am one of the few people who has seen every episode of the show I am often asked what my favorite episodes are. This is a complicated question for many reasons. First - every few years Cops tells us what the best ones are first with 2 half hour shows at the end of Season 3 - Best of Cops 1&2, then 3-7 at the end of Season 7, five more at the end of Season 8, four more at the end of Season 13, plus a 2 hour Greatest Moments special, three more at the end of Season 14, then two big 2 hour specials at the end of Season 16 and finally the 1 hour 20th anniversary special. They also released many of the segments onto home video and DVD compilations and they are most of the good ones that I agree with. Second with over 750 episodes we are talking over 2250 segments to choose from which is daunting. Third unlike other shows there aren't any bad seasons or shows where you could say 'oh well that was when the show went really downhill' to eliminate. Finally that leaves everything else for me to choose from instead of just rehashing those best of shows. These are ones that should've been included as best ones, but weren't.

Episode Scans
1020 - Kansas City, MO - Hot water heater in hot water - Officer Tony White & Officer Jason Crump come upon a black man in a mask wheeling a cart down the road with a hot water heater inside at 2:30am. It still has the water pipes attached to it which have been sawed through and the steam is still coming off the water pouring out. There is a water trail from that spot right to the spot in the building where the heater was attached, but he claims at 2am someone just threw it out like that and he went and got his cart and scooped it up. He says he has no way to cut it, but is loaded with tools to do it. No matter how much evidence is stacked against him he thinks that repeating the same lies enough that they will buy it. Man & heater

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2001-09 Thrawn for Cops on Fox