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It looked like the show was done, there was only a handful of new episodes in the last half of 2008, they rarely air the show any more and the official site has always been useless hasn't been updated in a year saying it's on at 5 and 9pm and it has been on at 11pm most of 08. Then I just started recording at random August 09 because the online guide I use listed new ones, but it turned out they were regular Cops episodes listed as 2.0 ones as mistake. I tried some 2.0 ones for the hell of it and I needed them all. The site looks a little different and the chat is current with the episode that is airing, so it seems like it is back to life.

These are old episodes of Cops with rotating content on the bottom of the screen - Facts (on the city not really about the show), Trivia (to do with the subject of the call with A B C D choices), Expert (usually about the law from Detective Cliff Dow (Retired)), I-Witness (a question on what you just saw and a 10 second countdown to the answer) & Chat (answer a question linked from the G4 website). If you are looking for an episode guide of the original episodes start on my Cops page. 
The show was first mentioned at TCA onstage by G4’s president Neal Tiles on 1/11/07 that he was still trying to secure the rights and hoped it could be a franchise for the network like Star Trek 2.0. Note: The big difference is Star Trek has a finite amount of episodes, around 80 and Cops keeps going with around 800. Trek was poorly done with almost nothing new pertaining to the show an added up totals each show that had many problems that made it unwatchable. With so few episodes to keep interested, soon the show ceased airing.
 A small announcement on the official G4 site about it premiering after a Memorial Day Marathon of Cops was all that was out there. It aired Tuesday 5/29 at 6pm. Even on the digital cable guides it was still listed as Cops until 6/11. After the first week it ran Monday - Friday until July 4th 2007. The show went off the week for 7/6 for excessive coverage of E3 and the Comic Con. Then it came back 7/16 at 5pm sometimes with 2 new episodes, usually with the first one as a repeat.  It does not cover the entire run of the series, only seasons 9 and up that they have the rights to play normally. They started in Season 14, skipped 16 & 17 and after 18 went to season 9 and started going back up skipping many episodes along the way and filling in ones they skipped the first time. Season 2 added the first season 19 episodes mixed with season 4 and up episodes including ones rarely seen on any channel. Sometimes the quotes from the expert just end in the middle of a sentence or are missing words or have poor grammar which might be fixed on reruns.

“Cops 2.0 is truly arresting television. Adding interactive elements to a robust franchise such as Cops is the perfect recipe for keeping G4’s young male audience interested and involved. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to extend a similar level of interactivity to other programming throughout the G4 line-up.” Neal Tiles, President, G4

"G4's rendition of 'Cops 2.0’ is an exciting new addition to our franchise. The interactivity is particularly appropriate because it gives younger viewers a fresh opportunity to walk in the shoes of law enforcement personnel." John Langley

“As we close in on the 20th anniversary of this groundbreaking program, the innovative approach of Cops 2.0 on G4 further cements the show’s continued influence and evolution on television. The show’s remarkable strength, on both the Fox Network and G4, speaks to the strong, established fan base and to new viewers just discovering the excitement for themselves.” 20th Television’s MacDonald

These episodes had technical difficulties on their first airings and were fixed on the reruns - 502, 828, 1002, 1036, 1109, 1429, 1911. Other episodes have whole segments missing 2.0 content, it's totally sloppy, sometimes rerurns are even screwed up.
On 11/25/09 they aired 1813 Las Vegas Heat 2, but all the 2.0 content was from episode 1128.

Season 1 (2007)

# Original production #/Description of the new 2.0 content only
1 1429. Facts - The emergency response time for Tampa police averaged roughly 6 minutes in 2003. Trivia - What percent of dispatchers work toward emergencies? 36%. Expert - In FL is it a felony charge id you resist arrest with violence. And even if a suspect is found not guilty of the crime originally arrested for, that person may still be guilty of resisting arrest. If you find yourself under arrest it would probably best to just comply. I-Witness - Put your hands above your head was said how many times? 4. Chat - Why is it bad to resist arrest? Facts - Running on foot won't rack up a resisting arrest charge because it is usually classified as an assault and battery charge. Trivia - What percent of adults suffer from AD/HD? 4% Expert - Thinking about pranking the police? If they catch you, the penalty for falsely reporting an incident is usually a misdemeanor crime. If it gets past wasting their time and escalates to a serious level such as bomb threats that could become a felony. I-Witness - What is the relationship of the 2 suspects? Brothers. Facts - 'Woof' is the most common representation in the English language for the sound of a dog barking. Trivia - Which of these breeds are considered to bark the least? Rottweiler. Expert - If you don't have the dog whisperer's touch in controlling poochie's bark, bark control collars are available to the public for purchase that either use static shock, citrus spray or high pitch frequencies to regulate and eliminate the negative habit. Think about it as an alternative. I-Witness - How many dogs does he own? 2. Chat - Teach the bird to say something/Chat - Help them find some common ground. (Corrected on 2nd airing) Facts - Some communities have organized Barkers Anonymous programs to promote education in responsible dog ownership. Trivia - Which of these breeds are considered to bark the most? Yorkshire Terrier. Expert - Here are the facts: You're not going to move and neither are they, but there's got to be some kind of way that you can work things out. If you can't be nice at least be civil because the only way people can learn to get along is to show each other a little respect. I-Witness - Which one of the officer's hands did Merlin bite? Left. Facts - With a resident population of over half a million in 2006 Fort Worth, TX ranked the 9th safest city overall to live in the US. Trivia - How old is too old to join the Fort Worth PD? 45. Expert - MA was the first state to develop a statewide probation system. In 1925 President Calvin Coolidge signed the National Probation Act helping the US District Court for the community corrections section of the Federal Court System. I-Witness - What kind of car is the subject driving? Ford Probe. Chat - What have you been pulled over for? Facts - One gram of ecstasy in Texas is enough to land you a sentence of about 2 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Trivia - One gram of ecstasy is worth how many pills? 4. Expert - Ecstasy was actually once legal in the US up until 1985. The drug was then added to a list under the Controlled Substances Act after it was deemed to have more medical harm than medical purpose and its addictive nature had a large potential high risk for abuse and addiction. I-Witness - What color pin was used to hide the ecstasy? Pink 5/29/07 (Fixed 8/20/07)
2 1431. Facts - In the UK most cops don’t carry guns, but they can call upon specialist armed response units. 5/30/07
3 1504. Facts - in 2006 the federal government seized 11k of coke and 13k of pot in FL. 5/31/07
4 1506. Facts - Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 and 400,000 women do it. 6/1/07
5 1514. Facts - Lexington, NC calls itself the BBQ capitol of the world. It has over 20 BBQ restaurants, one per 1000 residents. 6/4/07
6 1801. Facts - FL state statutes categorize “fleeing a cop in a car” as reckless driving in itself. 6/5/07
7 1803. Facts - ICARE stands for Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect and Excellence, the core values of the LVPD. 6/6/07
8 1805. Facts - 311 is the phone number one should call to report any police non-emergency response. 6/7/07
9 1811. Facts - NY and LV are both known as cities that never sleep, however NY has Frank Sinatra as a personal reference 6/8/07
10 1817. Facts - Cold cases are homicide cases that have been in investigation for more than ten years. 6/11/07
11 906. Facts - Miami, FL is home to over 150 different ethnicities and over 60 different languages. 6/12/07
12 1002. Facts - Bicycle theft accounted for nearly 4% of all larceny thefts in the US in 2005. 6/13/07 (Fixed 9/5/07)
13 1023. Facts - There is no requirement by the state of KS making the registration of firearms mandatory. 6/14/07
14 1025. Facts - The highest risks of moped theft are actually in Denmark, England and Wales where 4% of mopeds are stolen. 6/15/07
15 1036. Facts - The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held annually the first week after the first full weekend in August. 6/18/07 (Fixed 9/5/07)
16 1102. Facts - Before settling on the name Atlanta the city had also been called Terminus and Marthasville. 6/19/07
17 1104. Facts - In 2002, three fugitive led the police in a chase 620 miles long through Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. 6/20/07
18 1106. Facts - 129 Atlanta PD officers found themselves serving their country during WWII. 6/21/07
19 1108. Facts - Fulton county takes it's name from Robert Fulton inventor of the first commercially successful steamboat. 6/22/07
20 1202. Facts - Firearm pioneer Richard Jordan Gatling patented his famous Gatling gun from the city of Indianapolis. 6/25/07
21 1204. Facts - The first ever major league baseball game was played in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1871. 6/26/07
22 1206. Facts - The convenience store was established in Dallas TX by the Southland Ice Co. Eventually it became today's 7-Eleven. 6/27/07
23 1212. Facts - Parts of the 1976 science fiction film Logan's Run were shot at Downtown Fort Worth's Water Gardens. 6/28/07
24 1214. Facts - Fort Worth was the first city in TX to use a helicopter in law enforcement in 1968. 6/29/07
25 1304. Facts - In 1910 Alice Stebbin Wells (LAPD) became the first female officer in the US with arresting powers. 7/1/07
26 1306. Facts - In 2005 US federal authorities seized over 2,427,937 pounds of pot, that was down from 2,460,937 on the year before. 7/2/07
27 1312. Facts - Pierce County WA is nestled between Puget Sound on the north and Mount Rainier on the south. 7/3/07
28 1314. Facts - The 2005 FBI Uniform Crime Reports stated that an auto theft occurred every 25.5 seconds. 7/5/07
29 1432. Facts – San Bernardino Co. CA is home of the very first McDonald’s restaurant ever opened. 7/16/07
30 1505. Facts - At the time of incorporation in 1945 North Las Vegas had 2,876 residents. The number by July 2005 was 178,166. 7/17/07
31 1507. Facts - North Las Vegas has the distinction of being the second fastest growing city in the country, topped only by Elk Grove, CA. 7/18/07
32 1508. Facts - Bicycles are one of the more commonly stolen items. In 2005 there were 184,722 bikes pilfered in the US. 7/19/07
33 1509. Facts - Failing to come to a complete stop is a traffic violation. A complete stop means there is no forward motion and speed is 0. 7/19/07
34 1510. Facts - Seen an email telling you to avoid flashing your lights at blacked out cars? This is one of the more widespread hoaxes out there. 7/20/07
35 1511. Facts - In many areas police officers are included under a category called first responders. Firs responders have first aid training. 7/20/07
36 1802. Facts - Money matters is usually the number one reason why many couple argue. 7/23/07
37 1804. Facts - LVPD policy usually requires the dispatch of at least 2 cops to each 911 domestic disturbance call. 7/24/07
38 1806. Facts - Glock pistols are preferred by many, including law enforcement, because of its light weight, safety features and durability. 7/25/07
39 1807. Facts - Gwinnett Co is named after Burton Gwinnett, a signatory of the Declaration of Independence representing Georgia. 7/26/07
40 1809. Facts - The Peacewalker’s original intention was to walk from San Bernardino, CA to the Statue of Liberty within 10 months. 7/27/07
41 1810. Facts - Persons with two or more felony convictions are considered career criminal offenders by the FMPD. 7/28/07
42 1103. Facts - Atlanta’s official city population stayed fairly constant over the last 20 years, but the metro area has nearly doubled to 4.1 million people. 7/30/07
43 1105. Facts - While the US supreme court has found safety or sobriety roadblocks to be constitutionally sound, several state constitutions prohibit them. 7/31/07
44 1107. Facts - While Denver might be the mile high city, Atlanta (at 1,000 feet above sea level) is the highest capital east of the Mississippi. 8/1/07
45 1109. The first public coin operated phone was installed by inventor William Gray in Hartford, CT in 1889. 8/2/07 repaired 9/12/07
46 1114. Facts - Virginia Beach has earned itself a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest pleasure beach in the world. 8/3/07
47 1115. Facts - The 2000 census puts Petersburg, VA’s population at 33,740 people residing in 15,955 housing units. 8/3/07
48 1205. Facts - An Australian sketch comedy show, The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, featured a parody of Cops on their show titled Popes. 8/6/07
49 1211. Facts - Windshield repair may only take a total of 15 to 20 minutes. 8/7/07
50 1213. Facts - Officers of Fort Worth are required to live within 30 minutes of their designated report-in station. 8/8/07
51 1215. Facts - A national total of 357 people died in 2005 as a result of vehicles pursuits. 8/9/07
52 1216. Facts - Turning your wheels to the side can make it harder for thieves that try to steal your vehicle by towing it. 8/10/07
53 1301. Facts - John Walsh turned to a life of fighting crime after the disappearance and murder of his son Adam in 1981. 8/10/07
54 1307. Facts - Mobile homes date back to the 1950s when they were called house trailers, giving us the name trailer for them today. 8/13/07
55 1313. Facts - With a name that means the road in Spanish, the El Camino was manufactured from 1959 to 1987. 8/14/07
56 1315. Facts - Depending on your definition, the first motorcycle (steam powered) was invented in 1867 by Sylvester Howard Roper. 8/15/07
57 1316. Facts - The 357 Magnum revolver cartridge was originally targeted at the law enforcement market. 8/16/07
58 1421. Facts - The actual fort for which Fort Worth, Texas is named was established in 1849 and named for General William Jenkins Worth. 8/16/07
59 1422. Facts - FLIR (pronounced fleer) is Forward Looking Infrared. It allows pilots to see heat patterns, helping them to pinpoint people at night. 8/17/07
60 1423. Facts - Roughly 15% of all vehicle thefts are cleared by an arrest. 8/17/07
61 1428. Facts - Judy Bradshaw became the first female police chief of the Des Moines PD in July 2007. 8/20/07
62 1430. Facts - MSN.com reports that six out of ten most stolen cars in 2005 were several models of the Acura Integra. 8/21/07
63 1513. Facts - The silver color found on the N Las Vegas PD patch represents the mineral mined from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 8/27/07
64 1515. Facts - The city of Lakewood, WA was not incorporated until 1996 with only 60% of the vote. 8/27/07
65 1302. Facts - In the US acute low back pain is the fifth most common reason for all physician visits. 9/3/07
66 1305. Facts - While not exclusive to the US, the US has more self-storage facilities than other countries - an estimated 40,000. 9/3/07
67 1303. Facts - Boxing first appeared as a formal sport in the 23rd Ancient Greek Olympics in 688 BC. 9/3/07
68 1001. Facts - Snotballs is a term used to describe when inhalant abusers roll up rubber cement into balls and burn them to get high. 9/4/07
69 1022. Facts - Nearly 50% of individuals who injure themselves also attempt suicide at some point in their lives. 9/5/07
70 1024. Facts - All drivers for hire in the state of Missouri must have a valid Class E license (e.g. delivery and taxis). 9/6/07
71 1026. Facts - TN officers are usually not liable for any injury caused to an actual or suspected violator of a law who is fleeing pursuit. 9/7/07
72 1101. Facts - Atlanta’s Red Dog Unit provides an aggressive police presence in high drug problem areas. 9/11/07
73 1203. Facts - There are roughly 2000 robberies that occur in Indianapolis every year. 9/18/07
74 1201. Facts - New Balance was the first company ever to charge $100 for a running shoe in 1983. 9/19/07
75 1425. Facts - There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the US in 2005. 10/1/07
76 1426. Facts - There are roughly 36,000 golf courses in the entire world. 10/2/07
77 1512. Facts - Detective Thompson is part of Davidson County’s TAC unit, an acronym meaning Traffic and Crime. 10/10/07
78 1027. Facts - In 1941 Nashville was granted the first FM license in the United States. 10/18/07
79 1028. Facts - According to the FBI there were 302,210 female police officers in the US in 2006, representing 27.1% of all officers. 10/19/07
80 1029. Facts - Galveston, TX is located on a 32 miles long, 2 and a half mile wide island two miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. 10/22/07
81 1035. Facts - While many think of boulevards of Paris, France, Kansas City, MO has more miles of them than that city does. 10/23/07
82 1116. Facts - During the Civil War Petersburg Virginia was the scene of the longest siege in US history - 9 ½ months. 10/29/07
83 1424. Facts - The Fort Worth narcotics section not only polices street drugs, but also the illegal distribution of prescription drugs. 11/19/07
84 1812. Facts - Dilgentia vis coleritas is the Latin motto of the Modern Technique of shooting, standing for accuracy, force, speed. 11/26/07

Season 2 (2008)

# Original Cops production #/Description of the opening 2.0 content.
85 1912. Facts - The Atanasoff-Berry-Computer (ABC) created in 1939 was the first electronic digital computer, setting the stage for more computers. 1/1/08
86 916. Facts - One of the 20th century’s most important fields of science, chaos theory seeks to find order in seemingly chaotic and random data. 1/1/08
87 927. Facts - Joseph Spinney held the position as the mayor of Fresno, CA for a total of ten minutes. 1/2/08
88 929. Facts - You might think of California for a lot of things, but 90% of all American wines are made from grapes grown in California. 1/3/08
89 931. Facts - Florida has more orange groves than any other place in world. 75% of all oranges grown in the US are from that state. 1/3/08
90 923. Facts - Recently the National Institute of Justice conducted a study which showed that 8% of women and 2% of men had been stalked. 1/4/08
91 1901. Facts - The 24 hour day was established by the ancient Babylonians and the Sumerians were the first to divide hours into 60 minutes. 1/4/08
92 1908. Facts - In 1784, two French men (Launey & Blenvenue) invented the first helicopter - a toy with rotary wings to give it lift. 1/7/08
93 1910. Facts - Fontana California has the dubious distinction of being the birthplace of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. 1/8/08
94 409. Facts - Pittsburgh is within 500 miles of more than half the United States population. 1/10/08
95 422. Facts - Memphis, Tennessee was named after the ancient capitol of Egypt. 1/11/08
96 534. Facts - As of the 2000 census there were close to 1.5 million people living in Tarrant County. 1/14/08
97 535. Facts - Epinephrine (adrenaline) is a fight or flight hormone that plays a central role in the short term stress reaction. 1/14/08
98 536. Facts - Illinois ranks #2 nationally in the export of agricultural commodities with nearly $4 billion worth of goods shipped to other countries each year. 1/14/08
99 537. Facts - Fort Worth was named one of the United States most livable cities by mostlivable.org. 1/15/08
100 538. Facts - More than half of the population of Arizona live in Maricopa County - the county which Phoenix belongs to. 1/15/08
101 540. Facts - The Phoenix Police Department employs roughly 2,800 sworn officers and more than 800 civilian support staff personnel. 1/15/08
102 603. Facts - The first manned flight took place when the Wright Brothers launched their first airplane in 1903. 1/16/08
103 904. Facts - American Machinery and Foundry though known for its bowling centers once owned Harley Davidson. 1/16/08
104 611. Facts - Immortalized as the title of a song by The Grateful Dead the real life Casey Jones was a resident of Tennessee.1/16/08
105 612. Facts - According to one 2005 report, 8.9 percent of all Americans (or 2.5 million) qualify as millionaires. 1/17/08
106 619. Facts - While it is most often called just Mexico, the real name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos or The United Mexican States. 1/17/08
107 621. Facts - The El Paso, Texas area is home to the world’s largest pecan orchard Stahman Farms. 1/17/08
108 628. Facts - America’s very first electric stop light was in Cleveland, Ohio. It first showed its colors on Aug. 5, 1914. 1/18/08
109 629. Facts - The squad car computer is now replacing paper hotsheets in many police departments as technology continues to advance. 1/18/08
110 639. Facts - Arkansas is not only the birthplace of Wal*Mart and Johnny Cash, but also contains the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. 1/18/08
111 806. Facts - According to nationmaster.com the United States ranks in the top ten countries with the highest total crimes per capita. 1/25/08
112 807. Facts - The first mechanically frozen ice skating rink, the Glacarium, opened in 1876 in London. 1/25/08
113 819. Facts - Dallas, Texas occupies 385 square miles and boasts a population of over 1.2 million. 1/25/08
114 908. Facts - The Lynn based Thomson-Houston Electric Company in 1892 was one of the two companies that merged together to form General Electric. 1/28/08
115 909. Facts - The smallest state, Rhode Island is only 48 miles North to South and 37 miles East to West for a total of 1,214 square miles. 1/28/08
116 913. Facts - As used in the Florida Keys, the word Key means a low island or reef and the word comes from Spanish. 1/28/08
117 914. Facts - Miami is ranked #2 in Morgan Quinto’s list of the 26 most dangerous metropolitan areas in the U.S. 1/29/08
118 915. Facts - Lowell, Massachusetts was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution as the first planned industrial city. 1/29/08
119 1902. Facts - Bandit Chaser was the first official police car. With a machine gun mounted on the hood, it debuted in 1922 in Denver, CO. 1/31/08
120 1903. Facts - While fast food is a big part of our modern culture, it’s an old concept. In ancient Rome street vendors sold ready to eat food. 2/1/08
121 1904. Facts - Smiling really does use far less muscles than frowning. It’s also the only facial expression recognized at 300 feet. 2/1/08
122 1905. Facts - The rank of corporal comes from military usage. In the army a corporal is the lowest non-commissioned officer ranking. 2/1/08
123 401. Facts - The T206 Honus Wagner baseball card is considered the Holy Grail of baseball cards by many. 2/4/08
124 501. Facts - Founded in 1846, the Associated Press is the largest news organization in the world, with 243 bureaus in 97 countries. 2/5/08
125 509. Facts - Denver is nicknamed the Mile-High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level. 2/6/08
126 511. Facts - A single showing of Fantasmic! at Disneyland Park costs $30,000 to put on. 2/6/08
127 531. Facts - Tarrant County Jail is comprised of four separate facilities located throughout the Fort Worth area. 2/7/08
128 642. Facts - The minimum age for possessing alcohol, with some exceptions, in the US is 21, but some states allow consumption at lower ages. 2/13/08
129 643. Facts - Called “The Brickyard”, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was once paved with 3.2 million bricks. 2/13/08
130 703. Facts - The 77th Street area has a population of approximately 175,000 people and covers approximately 11.9 square miles. 2/15/08
131 704. Facts - The television show The Shield was inspired by the L.A.P.D.’s Rampart CRASH squad and was originally to be called Rampart. 2/15/08
132 803. Facts - New Orleans, Louisiana is referred to as “the most unique city in America.” 2/18/08
133 805. Facts - Pugs have been bred to be indoor dogs. Due to their short noses, pugs have a more difficult time regulating body heat. 2/17/08
134 820. Facts - The Buffalo Police Department changed over from the 14 precinct system shown here to a system of 5 police districts in 1995. 2/20/08
135 828. Facts - Albuquerque, New Mexico is the site of the world’s largest hot air balloon festival, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. (filled with errors) 2/21/08
136 829. Facts - In 2006 Albuquerque, New Mexico had a 32% drop in homicides from 55 in 2005 to 37 in the year 2006. 2/21/08
137 836. Facts - California’s state motto is “Eureka!” That translates from Greek to “I have found it,” and is said to refer to the discovery of gold. 2/22/08
138 838. Facts - There are between 10,000 to 20,000 hairs located on a man’s face. 2/22/08
139 1427. Facts - Burglary is one of the crimes that may qualify as a strike under Florida’s three strikes law. 3/18/08
140 722. Facts - In general, a detective is a plain clothes officer responsible for more in-depth investigation than other officers. 4/3/08
141 415. Facts - The Boston Tea Party reenactment takes place in Boston Harbor every December 16th. 4/4/08
142 701. Facts - Los Angeles County was founded in 1850, it spans more than 4,084 square miles, and is home to over 10.3 million people. 4/24/08
143 1907. Facts - Laughter has been shown to boost parts of the immune system and lower levels of stress hormones in the body. 5/19/08
144 719. Facts - In the year 2006, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made almost thirty thousand domestic drug arrests. 5/19/08
145 720. Facts - Statistics show it can take up to 2 ½ minutes to find your telephone directory and another 30 seconds to locate the correct number. Dialing 911 takes seconds. 5/20/08
146 721. Facts - With 400 million in China alone, there are reported to be around one billion bicycles on the face of the planet. 5/21/08
147 1909. Facts - The famous 1930’s drought, often dubbed the “dust bowl years”, affected 50 million acres of land. 5/21/08
148 727. Facts - The most powerful earthquake ever to strike the US was centered in Missouri. Shaking over a million square miles, it hit in 1811. 6/5/08
149 728. Facts - The International Boxing Research Organization names Sugar Ray Robinson the greatest fighter of all-time. 6/6/08
150 640. Facts - While arguably the fastest highways in the world, Germany’s autobahns, despite the conceptions, do have some speed limits. 6/10/08
151 702. Facts - “To protect and serve” became the official motto of the LAPD on November 4, 1963. 6/11/08
152 705. Facts - There is a new meaning to the term “drive-by shooting.” It refers to a new type of security attack on web browsers on the internet. 6/12/08
153 706. Facts - Established in 1853, the Los Angeles Rangers was a volunteer group that was one of two precursors to the L.A.P.D. 6/13/08
154 821. Facts - Since its beginning Buffalo had always been the second largest city in New York, after New York City. 6/16/08
155 804. Facts - The HCSO operates with one of the lowest officer to citizen rations in the state with only 1.6 deputies per 1000 citizens. 6/17/08
156 1906. Facts - While the origins of wearing hats predate history, hats were worn as signs of ranks by early Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. 7/12/08
157 1911. Facts - FTO stands for “Field Training Officer.” As one would expect, this is an experienced officer who provides on the job training. (1/2 content) 8/29/08
158 526. Facts - da Vinci’s sketch of his “aerial screw” was never intended o be a real flying machine, but as a tool to study the “tractive efficiency” of the propeller. 9/2/08
159 502. Facts - In 2005, there were an estimated 5.7 murders per 100,000 United States inhabitants.1st segment had no content - fixed 9/29/08. 9/3/08

Season 3 (2009)

After a year they suddenly started airing new episodes out of the blue. On reruns they add quotes to some of them like 198 for example. 209 was the first to actually have an all COPS info segment.

# Original Cops production #/Description of the opening 2.0 content.
160 1818. Facts - One of the earliest stories to mention some type of hotel comes from the Bible when Mary and Joseph find no room at the inn. 8/20/09
161 1826. Facts - Pennsylvania has quite a distinction in that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were both written there. 8/20/09
162 1821. Facts - The term neighbor is derived from an old German word which was a conjugation of words for near and dweller. 8/21/09
163 1822. Facts - Cocaine is an alkaloid found in the leaves of a South American shrub. This coca leaf was once reserved for Inca Royalty. 8/21/09
164 1329. Facts - In 2005 the NFL banned the "horse-collar tackle", a type of tackle grabbing shoulder pads to pull a player down. 8/24/09
165 1330. Facts - New Jersey is quite strong in terms of education. In fact, they are ranked first in high school graduation rates at 82.1%. 8/24/09
166 1333. Facts - Although it probably had no relation to the fact that it was Valentine's Day, Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. 8/25/09 
167 1334. Facts - The word cemetery come (sic) from the German Kelmeterion which mean a resting place - rest in peace indeed. 8/25/09
168 1308. Facts - Jacksonville, Florida seems to be a hot bed of rock music with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet calling it home. 8/26/09 2nd time - Jacksonville, Florida's classic rock music scene is home to bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet. 11/17/09
169 1309. Facts - In terms of what it looks like, there is a wide variation within the realms of marijuana with green, brown and grey all represented. 8/26/09
170 1518. Facts - According the FBI, in 2007 there was on property crime every 3.2 seconds in the United Sates and one vehicle theft every 28.8 seconds 8/27/09
171 1501. Facts - While not precisely like the clowns we have today, some of the earliest clown-figures were used in ancient Greek theater. 8/27/09
172 1409. Facts - The American Civil War was the bloodiest was in United States history with over 620,000 soldiers killed before it was over. 8/27/09
173 1326. Facts - Washington King County sits on the Puget Sound and at 2,134 square miles is almost twice the size of the average US county. 8/27/09
174 1916. Facts - Traffic lights in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1913 were manually controlled and used words stop and go as signals. 8/31/09
175 1816. Facts - During the Civil War, General William T. Sherman burned Atlanta, Georgia down and also captured Savannah in 1864. 8/31/09
176 1310. Facts - According to polls conducted by National Opinion Research Center, US gun ownership peaked in 1977 and has fallen since. 9/1/09
177 1311. Facts - The show "America's Most Wanted" debuted on February 7th, 1988 on just seven stations across the United States. 9/1/09
178 1915. Facts - Fontana, California is probably best known for the California Speedway, which plays host to two NASCAR Nextel Cup races a year. 9/2/09
179 1815. Facts - According to a recent Harris poll fishing is the number one outdoor activity in America. One in six Americans fish. 9/2/09
180 1914. Facts - Wichita, Kansas might not be your first pick for a sunny getaway, but they had more sunny days in 2001 than Key West, Florida. 9/3/09
181 1317. Facts - A new device, The StarChase Pursuit Management System, allows officers to tag and pursuit vehicles and pursue remotely. 9/3/09
182 1528. Facts - Social Networking web sites are being used more these days by by police with many departments using MySpace, Facebook and tweeting. 9/9/09
183 1436. Facts - Houston, Texas is the fourth most populous city in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 9/10/09
184 1523. Facts - If you think electric cars are a modern development you are wrong. There are were electric cars in the late 1800s. 9/10/09
185 1531. Facts - According to the FBI, in 2007 there were a little over a million people employed in law enforcement in the United States. 9/11/09
186 1403. Facts - If you love water, Florida is for you, with over 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways not to mention the ocean. 9/11/09
187 1532. Facts - The tallest volcano in the contiguous United States, Mount Rainer, is considered to be episodically active. 9/14/09
188 1530. Facts - According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, in 2007 there were over 1.3 million reported larcenies from motor vehicles. 9/14/09
189 1319. Facts - Multiple sources say that the world's first speeding ticket was given to actor Harry Myers in Dayton, OH in the year 1904. 9/15/09
190 1324. Facts - Pierce County Washington's city of Tacoma was named for the Native American name for Mt. Rainier, Tacobet. 9/15/09
191 1531. Facts - Flat tires are the main cause of mechanical breakdowns. Tires can actually lose almost half their air before looking low. 9/16/09
192 1824. Facts - The city of Anchorage, Alaska covers 1,955 square miles. That's about the size of the entire state of Delaware. 9/16/09
193 1529. Facts - Ancient Egyptians used copper and lead ore as ingredients in the first recorded use of cosmetics. 9/18/09
194 1322. Facts - Motorcycles are classified by engine size. The most typical sizes range from 50-1200 cubic centimeters cylinder displacement. 9/21/09
195 1920. Facts - The first Harley Davidson was built in a 10 by 15 foot wooden shed with "Harley-Davidson Motor Company on the door." 9/24/09
196 1411. Facts - According to the FBI in 2007 (the latest year with available data), there were about 82,000 female police officer nationwide. 9/24/09
197 1921. Facts - In many ways two brothers, John and Henry Fielding are credited with the beginnings of modern police departments. 9/24/09
198 1410. Facts - The term "tire iron" is often mistakenly used to describe a lug wrench. A tire iron is used to remove the tire from the wheel. 9/24/09
199 1923. Facts - Many People think prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but that's not true. There are parts of Nevada where it is, but not Las Vegas. 9/25/09
200 1408. Facts - The original touch tone telephones had only ten buttons one for each number. The # and * were added to the phones in 1968. 9/25/09
201 1003. Facts - According to the FBI, in 2007 (the latest year with available data), there were almost 1.5 million burglaries in the Unites States. 9/28/09
202 1014. Facts - In 1840 Queen Victoria of England is credited with starting the tradition of women wearing white dresses at their wedding. 9/28/09
203 1006. Facts - When playing at a casino it is a given that the house has the best odds, but your odds are best at Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat. 9/28/09
204 1004. Facts - Water is the only substance that is found on Earth naturally existing in three different forms - solid, liquid and gaseous. 9/28/09
205 1522. Facts - Scientists are working to improve upon strides made towards cloaking technology which might someday hide large objects. 9/30/09
206 1519. Facts - Most experts credit the German inventor Gottlieb Daimler with building the first practical motorcycle in 1855. 9/30/09
207 1616. Facts - The New Jersey state flag is based on a standard used by George Washington to represent the Revolutionary troops from the state. 9/30/09
208 1615. Facts - Summer officially begins at Summer Solstice, the day with the most daylight hours. This takes place in June in the Northern Hemisphere. 9/30/09
209 1335. Facts - Each Cops ride along crew is made up of two people - a camera person (front passenger or back seat) and a sound mixer (back). 10/1/09
210 1227. Facts - Certainly in recent years it has taken on new meanings, but September 11th has also been National 911 Day since 1982. 10/1/09
211 1226. Facts - Visitors to Albuquerque might need a couple days to acclimate. The high altitude (over 5,000 feet) means the air is fairly thin. 10/1/09
212 1232. Facts - While the United States claimed New Mexico in 1848, it wasn't until 1912 it became the 47th state admitted to the union. 10/2/09
213 1325. Facts - While King County, Washington was originally named for William R. King. It was later designated for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 10/2/09
214 1239. Facts - If you go to Albuquerque, New Mexico, don't expect a lot of rain. Even in August (their wettest month) the rain is less than 2 inches. 10/2/09
215 1723. Facts - While stop stick is the most well known of their products, StopTech also produces a number of other tire deflation devices. 10/2/09
216 1336. Facts - In the case of an accident, motorcyclists are at a disadvantage. They have an 83% chance of being injured in any accident. 10/5/09
217 1015. Facts - The Kansas quarter features the state flower (Sunflower) and also the state animal (Buffalo), in a single image to reflect the state. 10/6/09
218 1527. Facts - The Indiana state quarter showcases the Indianapolis 500 race with a racecar and also features the words "Crossroads of America". 10/7/09
219 1614. Facts - Like Water? New Jersey has 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, over 800 lakes and pounds and 100 rivers and creeks. 10/7/09
220 1018. Facts - Robbery differs from burglary in the most simple terms in that it involves a threat of violence as the means of getting the loot. 10/8/09
221 1828. Facts - A creepy movie based on real life accounts, The Mothman Prophecies was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 10/8/09
222 1502. Facts - The word "photography" is a combination of the Greek worlds or both "light" and "writing" and is credited to Sir John Herschul. 10/9/09
223 1503. Facts - Although Mardi Gras originally only applied to one day, Fat Tuesday, over the years it has become a longer celebration. 10/9/09
224 1327. Facts - Among the benefits from physical exercise, it appears the incidence of Alzheimer's is reduced in people who exercise. 10/9/09
225 1819. Facts - Over the years many bands have claimed to be the loudest including The Who, Deep Purple, Kiss, Motorhead and AC/DC. 10/12/09
226 1820. Facts - Great Smoky Mountains National Park is between Tennessee and North Carolina and has 10,000 documented species of life. 10/13/09
227 1808. Facts - A lot of food references have popped up in the drug culture. For instance, "macaroni and cheese" refers to marijuana and cocaine. 10/15/09
228 1913. Facts - Wichita, Kansas is best known for it's aircraft companies like Boeing, Airbus and Cessna all call Wichita home. 10/15/09
229 1126. Facts - Located in Palm Beach County, Riviera Beach, Florida is a fairly small community with a population of 30,000 in the 2000 census. 10/15/09
230 1130. Facts - While Palm Beach, Florida's Palm Beach Airport might not be one of the world's busiest, in 2005 it saw 6.8 million travelers. 10/16/09
231 1831. Facts - Palm Beach County, Florida has 38 municipalities and unincorporated communities and boasts 47 miles of beaches. 10/16/09
232 1835. Facts - When people think of casinos Las Vegas comes to mind, probably followed by Atlantic City, but 12 states have commercial casinos. 10/16/09
233 1434. Facts - Atlanta, Georgia has the dubious distinction of being the only city in North America to have been destroyed by fire and war. 10/19/09
234 1435. Facts - Atlanta's Major League Baseball Team is the Braves, but the team started out as the Boston Red Stockings. 10/19/09
235 1402. Facts - The state of Florida boasts about 1,200 miles of sand beaches and around 1,800 miles of coastline for both tourists and residents. 10/21/09
236 1433. Facts - Fort Worth was name after Major General William Worth who was 2nd in command at the start of the Mexican-American War. 10/22/09
237 1533. Facts - The word "gymnasium" comes from the Greek word "gymnassion." The Greeks had the first recorded gyms. 10/22/09
238 1830. Facts - While not one of the original 13 colonies, Tennessee's colonists helped the colonials in the Revolutionary War. 10/22/09
239 1615. Facts - The state of New Jersey was given its name by James, Duke of York who was the brother of King Charles II of England. 10/23/09
240 1829. Facts - The first atomic bombs may have been tested in New Mexico, but the first one ever used in combat was actually built in Tennessee. 10/23/09
241 1721. Facts - Lakewood, Washington is an extremely new municipality. It was only officially established as a governmental entity in the 1990's 10/23/09
242 1711. Facts - A company called LifeGem takes the carbon in a deceased person and turns it unto a gem for the family to have as a remembrance. 10/23/09
243 1526. Facts - Washington State is home to more glacial ice than found in the other 47 contiguous states combined. 10/26/09
244 1827. Facts - While Ford didn't invent the car, when Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908 it became the dominant car. 10/29/09
245 1725. Facts - The FBI reports that nationally, losses from auto theft in 2000 were in excess of $6.4 billion with an average of $6,761 each. 10/29/09
246 1618. Facts - Raindrops vary in size from about .03 inches to .33 inches for a maximum. Virga is rain that evaporated before hitting the ground. 10/30/09
247 1728. Facts - One tool that's been introduced to help police officers in vehicle pursuits is an interactive high tech training simulation program. 10/30/09
248 1415. Facts - Tennessee is divide into three geographical regions: The Great Smoky Mountains, the highlands and the lowlands. 10/30/09
249 1416. Facts - Police department commonly issue BOLO alerts or BOLO sheets at various times. The term stands for Be On the Look Out. 10/30/09
250 1136. Facts - Mesa's Champlin Fighter Aircraft Museum has the World's largest private collection of flyable vintage fighter aircraft. 11/3/09
251 1225. Facts - The type of tight fitting clothing we call a leotard was name after Jules Leotard, an acrobat who wore such clothes in his act. 11/3/09
252 1332. Facts - Tucson, Arizona's coolest month is January when the maximum temperature is 63 and the minimum is temperature is 37 Fahrenheit. 11/3/09
253 1323. Facts - The standardization of the German Shepherd Breed was begun in Germany in 1889 by Captain Max Von Stephanitz. 11/4/09
254 1135. Facts - A recent development has been the rise of tent cities (mainly in California) of people who have fallen on tough economic times. 11/4/09
255 1917. Facts - According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report in 2007 there were 433,945 arrests made for aggravated assault in the United States. 11/5/09
256 1412. Facts - The Iowa state quarter features a one room schoolhouse with teacher an students planting a tree in homage to Grant Wood. 11/5/09
257 1413. Facts - Dr. Martin Luther King began his civil rights movement in Atlanta, Georgia, making it the birthplace of that movement. 11/5/09
258 1918. Facts - At the oldest Olympics for which there is a written record (776 BC), there was only one event - a 210 yard run called "the stade." 11/5/09
259 1919. Facts - The first glove box on a car dates back to 1900 when it was described as, "ample space for parcels, waterproofs, etc." 11/6/09
260 1720. Facts - The speed of the moon's rotation correlates to its revolution in such a way that only one side is ever visible to us on Earth. 11/6/09
261 1722. Facts - Washington's neighbor to south, California, seems to be a hotbed for car theft. Of the ten cities with the most auto thefts in 2008, six of them are locate in California. 11/6/09
262 1724. Facts - One van made the list of ten most stolen vehicles for 2008. That was the 2000 Doge Caravan landing six in the list. 11/6/09
263 1407. Facts - Sage International manufactures the Sage guns which shoot rubber projectiles, called "batons". 11/9/09
264 1520. Facts - The FBI reported that in 2008 there were 441,855 robberies reported in the United States for a monetary loss of $581 million. 11/9/09
265 1521. Facts - Riverside County was named for the city of Riverside. The river referenced in the name is the Santa Ana River than runs nearby. 11/9/09
266 1924. Facts - A swing shift is one that starts in the afternoon and runs into the evening, but it is also a film with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. 11/9/09
267 1231. Facts - In an embarrassing White House incident, President Teddy Roosevelt's dog once ripped the pants off of a French ambassador. 11/12/09
268 1624. Facts - It is said that Portland, Oregon was nearly Boston, Oregon. A coin toss by the two founding settlers ultimately determined it. 11/12/09
269 1623. Facts - The Oregon state quarter shows Crater Lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US an the seventh deepest in the world. 11/13/09
270 1718. Facts - According to the FBI there was one robbery every 1.2 minutes across the whole of the United States in the year 2007. 11/13/09
271 1228. Facts - Held the first week in October, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the world's largest ballooning event. 11/13/09
272 1229. Facts - New Mexico is fairly sparsely populated. At over 121,000 square miles it is the fifth largest state, but only the 36th most populous. 11/13/09
273 1017. Facts - The name "Kansas" comes from a Sioux word that means "people of the South Wind." The band Kansas has a song by that title. 11/19/09
274 1516. Facts - While we're use to hearing fist used as a noun, it can also be a verb meaning to hit with, or like with, a fist of with fists. 11/19/09

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