Season 20 (2007-08)

Brevard County FL/Cincinnati, OH/Fresno. CA/Indio, CA/Kansas City, MO/Hillsborough County FL/Lansing, MI/Las Vegas, NV/Lee County FL/Leon County FL/Martin Co FL/Pittsburgh, PA/Portland, OR/Rialto, CA/Riverside County CA/Sacramento, CA/Spokane, WA/Wichita, KS

713 Coast to Coast 130 (Rialto, CA - 8:32 PM Disturbance Call) Rialto PD - Officer Joe Maltese says a neighbor spotted several males fighting and the men appear to be heavily armed. Joe spots several men walking away from the area of the disturbance and orders them to the ground at gunpoint. One of the men protests that he was going home and doesn’t know what is happening, but a pat down reveals a sawed-off shotgun down his pants leg – exactly what a witness stated they saw. The suspect, a minor, is taken to the station where his stunned parents question him. His father is frustrated and disappointed in his son’s actions but tells him they will get through this together. Deputy Thomas Gunter of the Brevard County FL Sheriff’s Office patrols an area known for drug activity and spots a 'hand to hand' transaction in progress. The deputy spots a male pushing a bicycle away and makes contact. The male suspect quickly admits that he is busted and opens his hand to reveal a quantity of crack cocaine. The suspect is taken into custody for possession and complains that the deputy is picking on him and that he was set up. The suspect tells the deputy that several men flagged him down and he 'succumbed' to pressure to buy the drugs. He refuses to believe that he has not been a victim of a sting operation, although the deputies tell him that this arrest was not part of sting. The suspect tells the deputies that he was lured into purchasing the drugs and that he is not a drug user and only has a passing interest in crack cocaine. The drugs are tested and come back positive and the man is arrested for the felony. Deputy Jennifer Torres of the Lee County FL Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a verbal/physical fight at a local motel. A female with visible injuries explains that her boyfriend became jealous when she sang karaoke with another man at a birthday party earlier in the evening. When she tried to hug her boyfriend, he pushed her to the ground. She claims she ripped a necklace off of his neck but otherwise did not touch him. The boyfriend tells Deputy Torres that they had both been drinking earlier and she got angry with him and would not back down forcing him to flee the residence to avoid any further escalation of violence. Witnesses indicate that the woman was the aggressor and the deputies arrest the female. She is astonished that she is going to be arrested when she has injuries. The woman becomes more irate and yells at the deputies that she should not be arrested because of her obvious injury. The male ‘victim’ professes his love for his girlfriend and asks why she has to be ‘so mean’. #2001. 9/15/07
714  Coast to Coast 131 (Brevard County FL - 9:57 PM Deputy Assistance Call) Sheriff’s Office East Precinct - FTO Jason Drinkwater responds to backup a deputy on a disturbance call. En route, the deputy learns that a male suspect is fighting with the deputies on scene. When they arrive, the male suspect makes a break for it and a foot chase ensues. Shortly after it starts, the deputies catch the man and take him into custody. One of the deputies on scene tells the man that ironically he was about to be let go before he decided to run. The man claims that he ran so he could say goodbye to his wife, who was being arrested for outstanding warrants. The arresting deputy also found a pill bottle and a bag containing a straw with drug residue. The female tells the deputy that the couple has been having issues due to his father dying recently and the male’s mentally retarded mother. The male suspect is interviewed by FTO Drinkwater and tells him that he had no intention of resisting arrest. Drinkwater explains the suspect’s charges and allows the couple to say goodbye to each other. Deputy Chris Nebel of the Lee County FL Sheriff’s Office patrols an area of North District and spots a golf cart being driven by a young man. The golf cart is on a public road with no lights on. The young man explains that he was trying to get home and just received the cart from his friend. The young man is on probation for grand theft (of a go kart) and has a curfew, which he is breaking by being out after midnight. The young man pleads with the deputy to let him go home as he has school tomorrow. While the man attempts to receive favorable treatment from the deputy, his record comes back showing several arrests in the past year for burglary and battery. The young man’s mother shows up and tells the deputy a different story – that her son traded a bike for the golf cart today, not 4 months ago as he had stated. The irate mother yells at her son and tells him she isn’t going to deal with him right now as she has her own problems to deal with. The deputy takes the young man down to the detention center for breaking curfew and the golf cart is impounded. Officer Robert Morales of the Rialto, CA Police Department responds to an assault with a deadly weapon call that took place at a convenience store. Another officer has pulled over a vehicle matching the description of the ‘getaway’ truck. The officers remove the occupants during the felony traffic stop. Officer Morales questions one of the occupants of the vehicle about what transpired at the store. The man claims it was just a ‘beer run’ gone wrong. Several of the clerks at the store attempted to stop the young men from stealing the beer and the men attacked them with a bat and golf club in front of the store. The surveillance video is viewed by the officers that collaborates the story told by the clerks. One of the young men’s mothers comes to the station and tearfully confronts her son about the assault. #2002. 9/22/07
715  Coast to Coast 132 (Brevard County FL - 9:56 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Rick Lee patrols an apartment complex with a history of shots fired & drug calls. He quickly spots a vehicle driving across a grassy area that is not a designated road with his headlights off. The driver explains that he has a license, but the Sheriff has his license. The front seat passenger tells Deputy Lee that he was trying to get home and does not have any identification. The backseat passenger gives his name as well. A K-9 unit shows up and Deputy Lee decides to take the men out of the vehicle because he smelled marijuana in the car. The front seat passenger gets out of the car and immediately attempts to run from the deputy during the pat down. After a brief struggle with the man, the deputy takes him into custody and finds a small baggie of marijuana in his pants. The driver of the vehicle complains about the circumstances of his friend's arrest and tells the deputies his friend is a jitterbug. The driver is given a warning for the equipment violation and is cut loose. The passenger that tried to run tells deputies he feels dumb for trying to run. Riverside County CA Sheriff’s Department - Deputy Robert Wiggs responds to a domestic violence call. The male suspect has been arrested before and is a known runner. The deputies arrive on scene and begin to search the property in search of the man. He is eventually found hiding underneath of a boat. In addition to the DV call, the man has a warrant for child endangerment. The suspect tells deputies that if he had a gun he could have easily shot them during the hunt. Deputies find a meth pipe in the man’s sock during the arrest. The suspect explains that the reason he was at the property was that his ex-wife invited him over so that she could have him arrested. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Cesar Garcia is dispatched to an RV park for a domestic disturbance call. The female party is outside of the home and gladly shows off her bloodied lips to officers as they arrive. Her boyfriend and the father of their 3 year daughter steps from the RV with a bloody head wound and tells officers he received the wounds when the female hit him in the head with a glass object. The woman claims she was defending herself but her story in inconsistent. #2003. 10/6/07
716  Police Pullovers 3 Special Edition (Indio, CA - 11:36AM Possible Stolen Vehicle) Indio PD - Sgt. Jason Hapner spots a vehicle on the ‘hot sheet’ – a list of stolen vehicles in the area. The vehicle does not have license plates and starts to make erratic turns before taking off at a high rate of speed. The suspect bails out of the stolen vehicle on foot and Sgt. Hapner chases him through the apartment complex. When the suspect sees that Hapner has a taser trained on him, he immediately lies prone on the ground and is taken into custody. The apologetic and cooperative man thanks the sergeant for not shooting him. The man states that he bought the car from a friend before telling the sergeant that he is on probation for drug sales. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Justin Gauker pulls over an unregistered vehicle and learns from the driver that he has the tags, but failed to put them on the truck. The backseat passenger is taken out of the vehicle and Officer Gauker notices the man is trying to conceal several baggies of cocaine on the floorboard. After all three occupants are taken out of the car, the driver and front seat passenger claim they know nothing of the drugs. The homeless back passenger tells a different story and explains he was escorting the two younger men to score drugs. The men, knowing they are busted ask the officers to write them a ticket. The officers explain to the two men that there is no such thing as a ticket for felony narcotics and that they will be taken to jail and booked for possession. Rialto, CA Police Department - Corporal Christopher Hice spots a Volkswagen sitting at an intersection making erratic decisions at the light. He initiates a traffic stop and talks with the female driver. While investigating the reason for her behavior a large crash is heard and two vehicles are seen in the aftermath of a severe collision. The occupants of both vehicles both seem okay, but the one driver begins to complain he is dizzy and paramedics are called to the scene. At the same time, the mother of the driver that rear-ended the other vehicle shows up and exclaims that this is the 3rd or 4th vehicle he has totaled and how will he get to work, etc. The woman and her son argue playfully as the vehicles are towed and the other driver is attended to. #2004. 11/17/07
717  Stupid Criminals 2 Special Edition (Rialto, CA - 12:32 AM Stolen Vehicle) Rialto PD - Detective Carl Jones spots a stolen vehicle while on patrol in an apartment complex. As dispatch confirms the vehicle is stolen, the car takes off. Without warning, the driver slams on the breaks and Det. Jones slides into the stopped vehicle, sending the vehicle skyward as the driver and passenger bail out. After a brief foot chase, the driver is taken into custody. He explains that he ran because he was on parole, but tries to claim he didn’t know the car was stolen. While he is being processed a witness alerts police to the presence of another man in someone’s backyard. The officers detain the man and Det. Jones identifies him as the passenger. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information. Deputy Kelly Simpkins of the Brevard County FL Sheriff’s Office patrols an alleyway behind several businesses that has become a hangout for drug addicts. A male is seen walking in the area and Deputy Simpkins makes contact with the man. The male suspect tells the deputy he was headed home and submits to a search of his person after the deputy learns he has priors for drug arrests. When the man kicks off his shoe, a crack stem falls out and he tries to push it under the car before anyone sees it. Not being fooled for a minute, Deputy Simpkins recovers the stem and the man begins to make excuses as to why it is in his possession. The deputy takes the man into custody and the suspect begins to plead with Simpkins to let him go with a ticket. Pittsburgh, PA Bureau of Police - Detectives Gregory Woodhall and Michael Hoffman patrol a local area common for drug trafficking. A male is spotted and attempts to flee. Officers detained the suspects after tasing him. A stack of money and bags of Heroin are found in his pockets. The suspect is questioned and arrested. The officers counted 14 bags of Heroin and over $700 in cash. #2005. 11/24/07
718  Crimes in Progress Special Edition (Rialto, CA - 7:51 PM Pursuit in Progress) Police Department - Detective Aaron Vigil joins in the pursuit of a suspect that has committed multiple violations including almost crashing into another motorist. As Vigil catches up to the other units, the driver spins out and is temporarily blocked in by two vehicles. He backs up and drives away and rams a pickup truck head-on that is waiting at the intersection. The man attempts to flee and is tased by officers. He is taken into custody and medical assistance is requested. The driver of the pickup truck is examined and he will require several stitches. All other victims are treated and the suspect is questioned. He claims that he is intoxicated and that is his excuse for driving erratically. Hillsborough County FL - Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Jeffery Grant attempts to stop a vehicle after the occupants were spotted buying drugs in a nearby area known to have drug related problems. The vehicle doesn’t stop and after a short, low speed pursuit the driver pulls over and bails out of the vehicle into a densely forested area. The female passenger is extracted from the vehicle and tells deputies she doesn't know what is happening. Officer Joey Perez of the Fresno CA Police Department responds to a home invasion in progress. The female homeowner called 911 and told police two males are currently inside her residence in the process of burglarizing the home. She was about to leave the home and found them inside and raced across the street to contact authorities. After officers completely surround the residence, the two suspects exit the home and are taken into custody without incident. #2006. 11/3/07
719  Evidence...What Evidence? 1 Special Edition (Pittsburgh, PA - 6:02 PM Foot Pursuit) Bureau of Police Zone 1 - Officer Jason Moss and David Honick assist fellow officers in a pursuit on a known narcotics user who has been arrested in the past. The suspect is finally detained. Fellow officers saw the suspect throw a gun while running. Four bags of narcotics were found where the suspect was detained. He was arrested for attempting to sell and was taken to the hospital and then to county jail. FTO Mike Helms of the Brevard County FL Sheriff’s Office stops a vehicle he suspected was trying to evade him. Helms questions her. She admits to driving without a license. Her license was suspended ten years ago for a DUI. She finally admits to drinking prior to driving. While Helms is explaining the situation to a fellow officer, Kimberly throws something under the police car. She is detained. Crack was found under the FTO’s vehicle and a crack pipe was found in the suspect’s vehicle. She is taken to jail for possession and driving without a license. Sgt. Nicholas Borchard of the Rialto, CA Police Department responds to a robbery at a local burger joint in which the suspects fled toward a trailer park. One suspect was detained and questioned. A black backpack was found with the reported black ski mask and the money. The suspect repeatedly denied having the backpack. A fellow officer who was interviewing the victim, states the suspect’s shoe matches that of a print found on the counter at the scene of the crime. #2007. 9/8/07
720 700th Milestone Episode (Rialto, CA - 8:43 PM Pursuit in Progress) Police Department - Officer Rory Scalf assists in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. The chase ends abruptly when the two male occupants miss a turn and jump out of the vehicle. Both males are quickly caught and taken into custody. The driver states that he purchased the vehicle for $200 at a liquor store, but cannot recall the name of the store nor the name of the person he purchased it from. More officers arrive and explain that the vehicle was just carjacked and the victims gave descriptions of the male occupants as the perpetrators. Cpl Joe Petroske of the Brevard County FL Sheriff’s Office spots a truck that goes through an intersection at 70+ miles per hour and conducts a traffic stop. The driver claims he was only going 50 and mentions that his brother’s gun is in the truck. Petroske recovers the unloaded weapon from the vehicle and secures it until he can determine what is going on. The man tells Petroske that he just picked up the gun from a repair shop. Petroske tells the man that being a convicted felon; he cannot have the firearm in his possession. Petroske reads the man’s elaborate criminal history that includes burglary and possession charges. Sgt. Pete Hedrick of the Lee County FL Sheriff’s Office patrols a stretch of highway in Lee County as part of a drug interdiction team. He pulls over a vehicle for a window tint inspection and observes an object being tossed from the passenger window. He recovers a brown sock containing crack cocaine and marijuana. The match to the tossed out sock is found in the center console and both men point the finger at the other as the culprit. Has a special new intro. #2008. 11/10/07
721 Coast to Coast 133 (Kansas City, MO - 3:02 AM Shots Fired) KCPD East Patrol - Officer Caleb Lenz attempts to catch up to an officer that is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was spotted earlier in the evening. As he races to the scene, the officer radios shots fired and soon afterwards radios that he has been wounded in the gunfight. Officer Lenz arrives second on scene and finds another officer with the injured officer and a witness frantically pointing out the direction in which the shooter traveled on foot. A quick search of the area turns up the shooter’s shed clothing. A K-9 Unit tracks the shooter to a garage and when the man becomes confrontational the dog bites him as he is pulled from the shed. He is quickly detained and the semi-automatic weapon used in the gunfight is recovered. The young man is treated for his wounds as Officer Lenz talks to the K-9 Officer about the track. Lenz is given updated information that the wounded officer will be okay and is in good spirits. Sgt. Jeremiah Marcotte of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a domestic violence call in which it was reported that the male half was choking the female half. The suspect was briefly questioned and was obviously under the influence of drugs. The female half and the father of the suspect were questioned as well. Both stories were the same. The suspect was detained and taken to jail after putting up quite a fight. Cpl. John Black of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of several males fleeing the scene of a traffic accident. He spots two men matching the descriptions given by witnesses. The men also have obvious injuries from the crash. One of the men denies any knowledge of the events even though he has a large piece of windshield glass protruding from his forehead. The man has a history of felony convictions and is currently on parole. He also smells as though he has been drinking. The other male suspect cries and tearfully admits to officers on scene that he was in the car and then there was a crash and he was injured. At the scene, a witness gives officers a detailed report on what transpired. The 4 male occupants fled the scene after the vehicle they were traveling in ran a red light and collided with a truck and another vehicle. He gave a detailed description of the men as well. The man that claimed not to know anything about the collision is arrested and his parole is violated by the officers. The driver is arrested and taken to jail for felony drunk driving. #2009. 9/8/07
722 Coast to Coast 134 (Las Vegas, NV - 3:35 AM Suspicious Activity) Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Shawn Ford spots a male on foot that appears to be hassling a female sightseer. Ford stops to investigate the situation and the male places his hands in his pockets as the officer asks him to step over the wall. When the man makes it to the other side, he tries to run from the officer and a dangerous struggle on the busy street ensues. After rolling in front of a passing car that almost hits the officer and suspect, Officer Ford gets control and cuffs the young man. Ford explains to other officers arriving on scene that he stopped because it appeared the young man was trying to pick the pockets of a female tourist. Another officer learns he has a warrant and the young man will be arrested for obstruction and resisting. The young man claims he tried to run because he was scared and just got out of jail. While the young man proclaims his innocence, his record states otherwise as it includes pages of charges for larceny. Lee County FL Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Robert Rizzi stops by a local hangout and finds a house full of people. The homeowner claims he has cleaned up as of late. One of his guests is driving a blue truck and deputies decide to search the vehicle. Rizzi finds a straw which the man claims he uses to blow dirt out of crevasses in his seats. Soon thereafter, he finds a scale with cocaine residue on it and takes the man into custody for the paraphernalia. He goes back into the home and into bathroom he spotted the man exiting upon his arrival and finds a pack of cigarettes with a crack stem inside. The man tells Deputy Rizzi that although he has been clean for 9 months, he knows it looks bad and that whatever he says will not be enough to convince the deputies otherwise. Officer OJ Becnel of the Rialto, CA Police Department responds to the scene of a possible burglary in progress. Witnesses spotted a male break out a window and go into an apartment. On scene, officers learn that the man suspected of breaking in may have been entering his own apartment. The male suspect refuses to come to the door and claims he cannot open the door. When officers attempt to make entry he is found inside holding a female toddler. He sits the girl down and is taken into custody. The officers soothe the scared toddler. The suspect first claims he never went into the window, but when confronted with the eyewitness statements, he admits he went through the window to get ‘playdough’ for his daughter that he thought was in the abandoned apartment next door. The emotional man starts crying and tells officers he doesn’t want to go back to jail as he has gotten his life together in the last 3 years. Supposed to air 10/20 at 9pm, but baseball erased it. Reaired 12/1/07. #2010. 10/20/07
723 Coast to Coast 135 (Sacramento, CA - 7:27 PM Warrant Check) Police Department - Cpl. Shannon Whent and Officer David Lee go to a home where a parolee is currently living that has an outstanding warrant. Cpl. Whent makes contact with another resident who tells her the man is not in the home. On the outside perimeter, Officer David Lee spots the man jumping over a fence. The two officers surround the area and K-9 arrives to help track the man. The officers are lead to a trashcan near a home and command the suspect to come out of his hiding spot. The man complies and is taken into custody without further incident. The man tells Cpl. Whent that he hid when he heard the police dog. The apologetic man will be charged with being a parolee at large and for misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Kenneth McCaffery spots a vehicle driving the wrong way down a one way street. The male driver apologizes and claims the female passenger gave him the wrong directions. He states he is from Florida but appears nervous and defers to the female several times to answer questions during the traffic stop. He also claims that he has not being drinking and that he has never been arrested. When the officer runs the couple’s IDs, the female has outstanding traffic warrants and must be arrested. A search of the vehicle turns up several open containers. The officer does a more detailed NCIC search and an extraditable warrant from Florida returns on the male driver for Grand Theft. The man claims that he paid his fines and did his community service and gets upset at the female for giving him the wrong directions. When told he is accountable for the open container regardless of who was drinking, he becomes more upset and states that it is his wish to see the female go to jail, too. Brevard County FL Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Jimmy Adams responds to a call received of a vehicle that is driving erratically. When Deputy Adams attempts to make contact with the driver, he is non-compliant – talking on the cell phone, putting his coat on and reaching under the seat. The man eventually gets out of the car and the deputies take him to the ground. The man yells out to the deputies that they are going to ‘have to work harder’ because he is ‘army’ and he ‘don’t feel pain’. He continues to fight the deputies and keeps talking about being in the military. The man eventually calms down and tells Deputy Adams that he was upset because his ‘girl’ told him a lie. The suspect explains that he wasn’t trying to resist, he was just trying to get home. Deputy Adams tells the man that he did what he had to do to protect himself and ensure that he goes home to his family. #2011. 12/8/07
724 Caught in the Act 3 Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 3:01 AM Strong Arm Robbery Call) Metropolitan PD South Central Area Command - Officer Branden Clarkson is dispatched to a strong arm robbery call. The officer spots a male that fits the description of the suspect in the case and ‘prones out’ the man at gunpoint. Near where the man was spotted in the bushes is a pile of credit cards, a cell phone and an identification card belonging to the female victim. A security guard states that the female victim told him she was robbed at gunpoint by the male suspect and the guard attempted to stop and question the man, who fled on foot. During the foot chase, the suspect fired a single shot at close range towards the security guard. The female victim explains that the man pointed his gun at her and stole her purse. (Brevard County FL - 6:15 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff’s Office East Precinct - Deputy Juan Vargas, Jr. is dispatched to assist in the apprehension of a suspect wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident at a local store. The man is quickly located and is detained until a witness from the store can be brought to the scene to identify him. When the loss prevention worker positively IDs the male, he is arrested for shoplifting several DVDs. The man begs not to be taken to jail and offers to buy the DVDs. (Kansas City, MO - 2:20 PM Street Patrol) PD East Patrol Division - Officer Conrad Stumpenhaus & Officer Michael Sartain talk about some of the misconceptions of law enforcement officers and how they do their jobs. Sartain explains that they are going to swing by a known dope house to see if there is any new activity. The immediately spot a man that they know seated behind the wheel of a car talking to another male. The man gets out of the car and heads for the home but is detained. The other male drops a baggie of what is later determined to be meth. The suspect seen behind the wheel of the vehicle doesn’t have license and will be arrested for that charge. The vehicle and the plate don’t match up so the vehicle will be towed. The male suspect that dropped the meth is charged with possession. The other suspect becomes belligerent and complains loudly while being taken to the paddy wagon and starts yelling for a lawyer and a bondsman. #2012. 4/26/08
725 Coast to Coast 136 (Kansas City, MO - 3:15 PM Street Patrol) PD East Patrol - Officer Greg Williams patrols an area known for drug activity and spots a man standing in the middle of the road. The man and his friend speak to Williams briefly and begin to walk away. The friend is questioned about his drug activity after Williams notices his behavior is somewhat erratic. He pats the man down and questions the man about any criminal activity he may have pursued in the past and the man claims he only steals guns from people that ‘ain’t cops’. While the conversation is taking place the other male walks away to ‘get his ID’ and never comes back. A neighbor comes over and tells Officer Williams the men are a nuisance. Williams goes around the perimeter of the home in time to spot a male running into the woods. He pursues the man on foot and quickly detains the man. Cpl. John Black of the Rialto Police Department heads to a location to back up an officer that was in a foot pursuit with a suspect that tossed a baggie of narcotics. The officers search a residence where the man has been known to hang out and find the man in an upstairs bedroom closet. The man is taken into custody without incident. He denies that it he has any involvement in the foot pursuit and claims he was hiding in the closet because he is in a bad neighborhood. The man denies that he tossed the recovered narcotics. As the officers test the drugs, they notice that there is meth in the baggie. Officer Shawn Ford of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a call of a male walking around in the fountain at the Mirage. Ford explains that people jump the fence to grab change from the lagoon. He spots wet footprints leading away from the scene and gets a description from a witness. The witness spots the man walking down the street and the officer stops him. The man admits to grabbing the coins but explains that he refuses to beg for money and this is his only alternative. Because the man doesn’t have any warrants, Officer Ford gives him a break and after asking the man to toss the ill-gotten change back into the fountain, he cuts him loose. Another officer contacts Ford a short time later and states he has a suspect in custody that was caught stealing change from the same fountain. When Ford arrives it is the same man. The man claims that it was ‘too hard to leave’ and he hated to see his ‘hard work’ gone. #2013. 1/19/08
726 Strange Behavior 1 Special Edition (Kansas City, MO - 2:01 AM Pursuit in Progress) Police Department - Officer Richard Hulme assists Independence Police Department with a pursuit of a suspect that has been involved in several hit-and-runs that has been chased into KCMO territory. Apparently the suspect’s vehicle hit ‘stop sticks’ but has continued the pursuit. The suspect drives erratically, wheeling the car down the center turn lane of the highway. The male driver eventually pulls over when it becomes clear he cannot escape and he is taken into custody after a brief struggle. The 70 year old man is admonished for running from the officers and driving in a manner that may destroy property and harm citizens. The man is on probation and seems happy to be going back to jail. Officer Travis Crumrine of the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department responds to a local bar where several female impersonators are causing a disturbance and exposing themselves. Arriving on scene, the bartender and several independent witnesses point out three transvestites who are asked to come outside and speak with the officers. One of the girls claims the bartender is harassing her and that she didn’t do anything and swears on her dead mother’s grave. The bartender tells his side of the story and tells the officers that the girls said that they could do whatever they want, including expose themselves by wearing provocative clothing. The transvestite is arrested for disorderly conduct and she claims that she will be going back home. Sgt. Nicholas Borchard of the Rialto, CA Police Department responds to a traffic accident scene. The vehicle involved in the collision is unoccupied but was just reported stolen by the owner. When officers contact the owner, she states that she knows the likely whereabouts of the suspect – in her townhouse. When the officers locate an open door, they enter the home and find the suspect sleeping on a bed. After rousing the woman from her drunken slumber, they detain her for questioning. Initially, the woman vehemently denies taking the vehicle and calls her friend a ‘fool’ for putting her in this situation. Facing down her friend, she breaks down and admits to stealing the car, driving under the influence and wrecking the vehicle. #2014. 3/15/08
727 Stupid Criminals 3 Special Edition (Kansas City, MO - 3:05 PM Pursuit in Progress) Police Department East Precinct - Officers Michael Sartain and Pete Cutcliff assist another department that is chasing a homicide suspect in a neighboring city. The officers join the pursuit and watch as the suspect drives his vehicle through traffic and up into the parking lot of a gas station. The driver collides with a car at the pumps, knocking down a female and wrecking two other vehicles. Officer Sartain explains that the man has a warrant for his arrest for a homicide committed in another area. The man is taken to the hospital where several officers will wait for him to wake up and take him into custody. The officers explain that there are no major injuries despite the severe impact. Detective Aaron Vigil of the Rialto, CA Police Department rolls to back up patrol officers on a domestic violence call. The police have already visited the home once today. When they arrive, they are flagged down and told the female has fled the house and the male victim is bleeding from a knife cut in his abdomen. The woman is found hiding behind a house and is taken into custody. He also has bruises from a hammer attack. The man begs for the officers to not charge his assailant. He explains that the couple has been estranged and today they were having reconciliation when a neighbor walked in and enraged the woman. The woman tells the officer that her ‘old man’ is a drug user and has a stolen car. She also states that she was nude when the neighbor walked in on them having relations. She feels her ‘old man’ didn’t handle the situation which shows no respect for her. The couple argues with each other before the woman is eventually taken away. K-9 Officer Dennis Joy and K-9 Leo of the Sacramento, CA Police Department spot a vehicle that has swerved and hit the center divider, an indication that the driver may be DUI. The vehicle does not immediately pull over and leads the officer on a slow speed chase. Moments before the officers are going to PIT the car; the driver pulls over and is ordered from the vehicle. The male driver is taken into custody without further incident. When questioned regarding his reckless driving, the man doesn’t remember. The man freely admits he made a mistake by not stopping quicker and states he drank a little that evening. #2015. 2/23/08
728 Coast to Coast 137 (Rialto, CA - 10:06 PM Pursuit in Progress) PD - Detective Aaron Vigil runs the plate of a vehicle entering a gas station that matches a description of a vehicle involved in a carjacking incident and watches as the driver ‘blacks out’ and drives from the scene forcing the detective to give chase. The chase ends when the driver turns into a cul-de-sac and the suspect slams into a pursing patrol vehicle. The man jumps from the car and Detective Vigil deploys his Taser to stop them man from fighting. The man immediately complies and is taken into custody. The seemingly unfazed man is placed in the car and Vigil explains that the vehicle was carjacked earlier in the day and the owner was beaten by the person that carjacked him. Officer Michael Sartain and Officer Kenneth Sacaide of the Kansas City, MO Police Department respond to an assault call. The male complainant claims he was assaulted by his male roommate. Arriving on scene, the officers are greeted by the complainant and a female party that claims she was pushed down by the man. The suspect in the original call states that he and the other man share the home and the other man was upset because the suspect brought his girlfriend to live at the house. While he was gone, the complainant allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, leading to the assault that prompted the call to police. Even though the female initially states she has no injuries that ‘she can send him to jail on’, both the original complainant and the female victim sign forms and her boyfriend as well as the complainant are taken to jail for the assaults. Officer Michael Smith of the Sacramento, CA Police Department assists another unit in pulling over a stolen vehicle. When the suspect refuses to yield, a pursuit ensues and Smith explains that they have been given permission to PIT if necessary. The suspect overshoots a turn and crashes over a median, disabling the car and ending the pursuit. The man is taken into custody without incident. The officer that made initial contact details the call. The suspect explains that his friend gave him the car to use because he was down on his luck. The suspect asks what kind of jail time he is looking at – and seems happy when he is told he will be looking at a few years. He says he will study law in prison because he knows how to live in prison. #2016. 1/26/08
729 War on Drugs 3 Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 1:42 AM Street Patrol) Metropolitan PD Downtown Area Command - Officer David Schummer patrols an area known for a high rate of drug activity. He spots a male seated in a truck in the alley – suspicious behavior for 2 am. The man states that he is meeting a friend to discuss some work and that the man is up at odd hours because he works the graveyard shift. The officer asks him to exit the vehicle and asks to do a search of his person. The man agrees and is searched. His vehicle is search as well. The male seems to have something lodged in his upper inside lip and when the officer questions him about it, he ‘shows’ the officer that he has cottonmouth from a prescription. The eagle-eyed officer spots several crack rocks and the officers are forced to briefly wrestle with the man. Officer Conrad Stumpenhaus and Sgt. Darrel Bergquist of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department stop a green minivan that has a license plate that indicates the driver has a warrant. They initially spotted a sticker in the back window that indicated the vehicle’s plates were stolen. The driver explains the van belongs to his Uncle Gene. He is detained during the investigation. The passenger is also detained. A search of the vehicle turns up a baggie of drugs in a baby wipes box. The driver tells the officers the wipes belong to his sister. The man is upset because he claims he is trying to stay straight. While placing the men into the paddywagon, the officers locate a baggie of coke in the older man’s wallet. He denies that the drugs are his and the officers tell him he is living by the statement on his shirt – “I Don't Look For Trouble, It Finds Me” FTO Glen Anderson of the Rialto, CA Police Department assists SCAT after the team received information that a parolee has dope on his property. The officers move in and detain the male suspect. Soon after, they spot a baggie of dope just as the informant said. Detective Aaron Vigil admonishes the man for his behavior and talks to him about the length of time he has been making the same mistakes. The man’s wife comes outside and is shown the drugs and becomes emotional when the officers tell her that there is no future in what her husband is caught up in and that she needs to protect herself and her children. The woman appreciates the kind words and tells FTO Anderson he is the first officer to ever speak to her so frankly. Detective Vigil searches the property and finds a loaded handgun in a refrigerator. When confronted with the gun, the male suspect denies knowledge of it but is told he is looking at life as this is his ‘third strike’ under California law. #2017. 2/23/08
730 Takedowns Special Edition (Rialto, CA - 9:19PM Suspicious Activity) Police Department - Detective Carl Jones spots two men that appear to be fighting on a street corner. When he stops to question the men, one of the men attempts to run and Detective Jones has to take the man down. Another man and several women start screaming at the officer as he radios for help. When help arrives, both men are taken into custody. The wife of the man that was arrested is told that her husband is under arrest for resisting. Another woman claims that the fight that Detective Jones witnessed was her attempt to try to get her intoxicated husband to return to their friend’s house. Jones talks the intoxicated man and lets him know he is under arrest for public intoxication. The other suspect claims her ran because he ‘knows how cops are’. When questioned about his actions, the man claims he doesn’t remember doing anything aggressive. Officer Travis Crumrine of the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department responds to help catch the suspects involved in stealing a bait car – a car that is used to capture car thieves – it is equipped with a kill switch and a video camera to tape the suspect in action. One such car has been stolen and officers are converging o the scene. When Crumrine arrives several officers are already wrestling with the suspect. The man is taken into custody after the brief struggle. The suspect states that he was in the Escalade because his ‘friend’ told him to drive it. Officer Tommy Nikkel of the Wichita Police Department in Kansas was dispatched to a physical disturbance. A mother was hit by her 20 year old son, other young children were witnesses. The male suspect was questioned. He admitted to having warrants. He stated that the mother had been drinking and attempted to take his girlfriend’s car. He tried to stop her. The mother grabbed his face and held on. The son tried to calm her down. He claims he did not hit his mother. The mother was questioned and she couldn’t explain, so her very young son gave the Officer details. The son did, in fact, punch his mother and she scratched her son. #2018. 3/1/08
731 Stupid Criminals 4 Special Edition (Portland, OR - 7:14 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Police Bureau East Precinct CRU – Officer Mark DeLong & Officer Anthony Passadore stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. The occupants are asked for identification and the front seat passenger accidentally reveals a large ziplock bag of ecstasy pills. The three men are taken into custody and questioned about the drugs. The front seat passenger claims he bought the 700 pills for $100 at a store when a stranger approached him. The driver claims that the pills were delivered to their home and he pitched in $250. Both men are charged for the crime. (Las Vegas, NV - 1:35 AM Stabbing Call) Metropolitan P.D. Downtown Area Command - Sgt. Mark Perry responds to a stabbing call at a local apartment complex. Dispatch tells officers in route that the suspect is believed to be hiding in a laundry room. After Perry and several other officers arrive, they make their way to the small laundry room and make a cursory search and discover the young male suspect hiding in a dryer. The man is taken into custody without further incident. The emotional 18 year old suspect explains that tonight was the ‘worst night of his life’. (Sacramento, CA - 9:19 PM Officer Assistance) Police Department - K-9 Officer Ron Chesterman responds to a call of a car chase that has turned into a foot pursuit. The suspect apparently stole a vehicle earlier in the day. Chesterman hopes that he can assist with the apprehension of the suspect with his dog, Max. They arrive at the perimeter and talk to a female witness who states a white male came into her backyard and asked for help in eluding the cops. Her son told the man to leave and he did. Soon after, officers track the suspect to a rooftop where another K-9 has cornered the man. The suspect is cuffed so it takes several officers to get him off of the roof of the residence. As the man was bitten by the dog, medical is called to tend to the man’s injuries. Chesterman indicates the man stole two vehicles. The owner of the second car identifies the man as the suspect. #2019. 5/17/08
732 Coast to Coast 138 (Portland, OR - 5:50 PM Suspicious Activity) Police Bureau Central Precinct SCU - Officer Brian Hubbard and Officer Jim McMurray of the Portland, OR Police Bureau survey a bench that has a reputation for drug transactions. As if on cue, an older man arrives and a transaction is conducted. The older man is arrested and drugs are found on his person. The dealer is arrested and he pleads with officers to give his money to his pregnant girlfriend. The man explains that as bad as it sounds, he was only trying to provide for his family. The woman is told by the officers that Portland has many social programs and she should sign up if not for herself than for her unborn child. Deputy Adam Wilkinson of the Leon County FL Sheriff’s Office stops a vehicle that is seen driving erratically. The driver is taken out of the truck and the eagle eyed deputy notices that the driver seems to be intoxicated. He cuffs the man up and orders the passenger out of the truck. The driver tells the deputy he has a gun in the car and that he has been drinking. A search of the man’s pockets turns up a weed pipe and the man breaks down and cries when he realizes the gravity of his situation. A DUI enforcement officer is called to the scene and the man fails a sobriety test. Officer Chuck Fink of the Cincinnati, OH Police Department responds to a fight in progress in a parking lot. At the scene, officers have several men detained and have recovered a handgun. The first male explains that he was visiting the mother of his children to purchase milk for his sons when the woman’s current beau showed up and started a fight. His friend attempted to get him in the car to take him away, but several men jumped in and tried to pull him back out. The friend (who claims to have a CCW permit) pulled a gun. The current boyfriend tells Fink that the man is nothing but trouble. #2020. 3/8/08
733 What Were They Thinking 1 Special Edition (Portland, OR - 4:55 PM Hit and Run Call) Police Bureau East Precinct - Officer Jennifer Hertzler is dispatched to the scene of a hit and run. After locating the abandoned vehicle of the suspect, officers search the area and with the help of a K-9 Unit are able to find the suspect hiding in a shed. He is quickly detained and questioned about the incident. Witnesses are questioned and the suspect is taken to jail. (Las Vegas, NV - 1:34 AM Traffic Stop) Metropolitan P.D. South Central Area Command - Officer Matt Ginnow stops a bicyclist. As he begins to question the man and a loud noise is heard down the street. The officer rushes around the corner and spots a truck that has somehow driven up onto the curb and slammed into a fire hydrant and some vegetation. The officer rushes to his patrol car and follows the vehicle down the street. The officer temporarily loses the truck, but finds it parked in a covered parking spot at an apartment complex. There is damage indicative of the incident the officer witnessed but no one is in or around the truck. As the officer drives away, he sees a female headed towards the truck. He asks the woman if she knows anything about the vehicle and she’s claims she was not driving. She tells the officer her friend was behind the wheel and that her friend has left on foot. (Leon County FL - 11:59 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Mike Punausuia makes a traffic stop. The driver explains that he was looking for a friends house and was going to make a lane change when he spotted the deputy behind him. He questions the driver and asks if he may search the vehicle. The suspect reluctantly allows the search. A small amount of marijuana was found. After a further more in depth search of the trunk, a brick of marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy pills were found. He is arrested and taken to jail. #2021. 5/7/08
734 Family Feuds Special Edition (Portland, OR - 11:36 PM Officer Assistance Call) Officer Mark DeLong and Officer Anthony Passadore of the Portland Police Bureau assist another officer that had stopped a stolen vehicle and had the driver bail on foot. Two female occupants are in custody when the officers arrive and a K-9 unit is on scene to help with the track. The dog picks up the scent and the male driver is located hiding on the ground next to a several dumpsters. The man is taken in to custody and questioned. He initially states he was in the area to smoke weed but finally admits to bailing from the vehicle during the stop. The suspect is on parole and cooperates with the officers, but is told he will be charged with alluding and being in possession of a stolen vehicle along with whatever his PO violates him with. Officer Curtis Lawrance of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrives on scene to back up another officer involved in a foot chase with a DV suspect. The suspect is found by a K-9 hiding behind a wall and bushes and is taken into custody. The original responding officer tells other officers how he had to break the man's truck window to try and pull him out of the car during the call and the man squirmed out and ran away. Although the suspect was obviously attempting to elude officers, he claims he was not running and was trying to resolve the issue. Deputy Dan Roufa of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic violence call at an address that has been the subject of numerous prior visits by the authorities. A neighbor greets Roufa and explains that he called because the two combatants – brothers – were raising such a fuss he thought they were going to kill each other. Both brothers have visible injuries and are questioned. Neither brother wants to press charges and Doc, who has a bloody face tells Deputy Roufa that he is drunk and fell on the coffee table. (Aired at 8:30pm) #2022. 12/15/07
735 In Denial Special Edition - (Portland, OR - 7:20 PM Possible Drug Activity) Police Bureau East Precinct CRU - Officer Rob Brown & Officer Anthony Passadore stop a vehicle that is wanted in connection with a drug operation taking place. A confidential informant told officers that the vehicle makes deliveries and should be full of drugs. When the car is pulled over and contact is made with the driver, officers immediately detect the odor of cocaine in the vehicle and pull the driver out to be detained subject to arrest. A drug sniffing dog is brought to the scene and hits on the center console. Officers begin removing panels and find a large quantity of cocaine and money. The officers explain that the man must be a runner for the drugs, taking the cocaine to buyers in whatever quantity he is told. Several cell phones, money and powder and rock cocaine is seized from the vehicle. The driver is arrested and the vehicle is towed. Kansas City, MO Police Department - Officer Michael Sartain and Officer Conrad Stumpenhaus are dispatched to an alley in which a male is shooting off rounds from a firearm. A female witness tells the officers that the young man ran up the alley when they approached the area. The two officers spot a man matching the description standing in the alley. They detain the man and immediately spot the handgun as well locate marijuana on his person. The suspect tells the officers that a black male sold him the gun for twenty bucks just a few minutes ago and that he has never even fired the weapon. When questioned further about the seller, he has difficulty giving a description. The officers admonish the young man for his behavior and discuss their options for arrest. They have the female witness identify the man (which she does) and the officers explain that she will be subpoenaed to court to id the young man. The man is arrested for discharging the firearm as well as for drugs and paraphernalia. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Peter Connell assists another officer on a flag down call. A male with obvious injuries told the officer that three men beat him up over the ownership of a bed. The three male suspects tell the officers that they were attempting to retrieve the bed when the victim started a fight and it was only when he began to lose the fight that he decided to call officers to settle the dispute. When the victim is told that he started the fight, he climbs from the ambulance and attempts to walk away. Officer Connell tells the man that he will write down everyone's story and that detectives would sort things out. #2023. 4/19/08
736 Chases and Takedowns Special Edition (Portland, OR - 8:59 PM Suspicious Activity) Police Bureau Central Precinct - Officer Bill Shaw and Officer Matt Delenikos spot a ‘hand to hand’ drug transaction taking pace. When the dealer (a man known to the officers) sees the police, he drinks water in an attempt swallow dope in his mouth. The man is taken to the ground and two baggies are recovered. The man claims he just got out and was just trying to make rent. Talking frankly with the officers, he claims that he has given up on life and decided that selling drugs was as good as it gets for him. The officers’ council the man to get his life together and even go as far as giving the man their cards for further support. They encourage the man and tell him that life isn’t over for him yet. Officer Alan Edwards of the Spokane, WA Police Department is dispatched to a possible ‘prowler’ call. A caller spotted a man slinking around the area. Officer Edwards spots the man that matches the neighbor’s description and when he tries to stop the man, the male takes off on foot. Several neighbors assist the officer and take the suspect into custody. The man ran from another officer earlier. The suspect claims he went to the wrong address because he is intoxicated and that is why he was running from officers. Officer Edwards explains that the man has several warrants and questions why the man would run from the police. Edwards expresses his appreciation for the help he received in apprehending the suspect by the civilians in the area. Deputy Dan Roufa of the Leon County FL Sheriff’s Office runs a tag that come back stolen. He follows the vehicle at a distance and watches as the driver bails out and runs into a wooded area. With the help of a K-9, he apprehends the young man. A search of the vehicle turns up a drug scale. The suspect has a large amount of cash on his person and tells the deputies that he was given the car by a friend. He refuses to give up his friend and tells the deputies he gave up because he didn’t want to get bit by the dog. Deputies explain that by being vigilant and running tags, sometimes you find stolen cars. The suspect is arrested for grand theft auto. #2024. 2/16/08
737 Coast to Coast 139 (Las Vegas, NV - 1:36 AM Shooting Call) Metropolitan PD South Central Area Command - Officer Aaron Fink responds to a possible shooting at a local hotel’s parking garage. A perimeter is setup and the suspect’s white car is spotted, but he slips away and drives off with officers in pursuit. Several other officers further down the road block the vehicle and eventually the shooting suspect is taken into custody. The suspect tells officers he didn’t realize they were cops and was running because he thought he was going to get shot. A loaded clip is found on the suspect during the patdown. Officer Jeff McCullough and Officer Tony Meyer of the Spokane, WA Police Department are dispatched to an assault call involving a baseball bat. At the scene, the officers spot several men with injuries and separate the parties to conduct an investigation. The agitated men scream at each other and the officers have to further calm them down. One of the men with two large bumps on his head and a bloody face states that he was attacked by the younger man. The younger man states that he was only trying to defend himself. The young man explains that he was surrounded by several men and was hit several times by the older man when he fought back. When he ran down the street to call 911 he was struck in the head by a blunt object causing injury to his head. Officer Anthony Passadore and Officer Mark DeLong of the Portland Police Bureau stop a vehicle that has been flagged by a confidential informant as a delivery vehicle. The officers conduct a traffic stop and question the three occupants. After a brief interview, DeLong asks if a drug sniffing K-9 can check the truck for drugs and contraband to which the driver says yes. The officers find a large, fist-sized bag of cocaine under the passenger seat. #2025. 3/22/08
738 Coast to Coast 140 (Las Vegas, NV - 3:22 AM Stolen Vehicle Call) Metropolitan P.D. Northeast Area Command - Officer Josh Costello assists officers engaged in the pursuit of a stolen vehicle by deploying spike strips in the path of the suspect vehicle headed in his direction. The strips are designed to let the air out the tires slowly so that the driver does not lose control of the vehicle, but the vehicle will be more difficult to maneuver, allowing law enforcement officers to put an end to a dangerous chase. Officer Costello spots the vehicle that has been abandoned and sees the occupants running through yards. He climbs a fence and spots two females behind a shed. Several officers take the two women into custody and the women explain that the two male occupants continued east. K-9 tracks the suspects with the help of an air unit and the two men are taken into custody. Deputy Anthony Geraldi of the Leon County FL Sheriff’s Office patrols a neighborhood that has had a rash of burglaries in the past month. He spots an occupied vehicle stopped on the roadside and decide to question the occupants. The male and female occupants explain that they are just parked there and were not aware that the vehicle was parked incorrectly. The deputy notes a smell of marijuana and asks the couple if there are any drugs in the car. He spots a substance covering the man’s shorts that appears to be pot and asks both the driver and passenger to exit the vehicle. He asks both if there is any drugs in the car – the man says no, but the owner of the car – the female passenger – states there is a roach in the ashtray. The deputy finds the roach but also locates crack cocaine and takes both suspects into custody. Officer Walt Kim of the Lansing, MI Police Department responds for the second time to a home where a domestic disturbance has been reported. On scene, Kim interviews a woman who states that her minor children were assaulted by her sister’s deaf boyfriend. The man is taken into custody and eventually charged with the assault when a neighbor confirms that she saw the marks on the children’s necks. The man is upset and his girlfriend vows to bail him out of jail. The woman also tells cops that they were assaulted by the mother of the children when she attacked them with bat. #2026. 3/29/08
739 Stupid Behavior 1 Special Edition (Pomona, CA - 10:42 PM Pursuit in Progress) Pomona Police Department - Officer Shaun Diamond assists Chief Joe Romero in the pursuit of a ‘g ride’ (stolen vehicle) driven by a parolee at large. The pursuit winds through Pomona and ends abruptly when the van clips a taxi cab in an intersection, rolling the van on its side and literally wrapping the cab around a steel traffic pole. The suspect is taken into custody and the taxi driver is transported to a hospital for his injuries. The Chief explains that he picked up the pursuit after hearing of a neighboring agency losing the suspect in an early chase. Officer Wendy Osborn of the Lansing, MI Police Department patrols a park near several businesses that has a lot of foot traffic. She spots a vehicle parked in the area that is closed for business. There is a male and female in the truck that both claim not to know they aren’t supposed to be in the park after hours. The male passenger doesn’t have any ID and gives a strange spelling for his name and cannot remember his age. The female driver hands Osborn something with her name on it for verification. The passenger seems agitated at the inquiry and is taken into protective custody because he is unable to provide the officers any ID and gives several different birth dates. The driver claims she was headed to a chicken eatery and spotted her co-worker walking down the street and picked him up. The woman tells officers her husband would be very upset if he knew she was parked in the park. Officer Chris Kennedy of the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department spots a male walking down the street and decides to talk to him. The man tells Kennedy that he has felony convictions for “gaming”. He explains that he used a quarter on a string to fool slot machines and gamble on them. When Kennedy asks to pat the man down, he shows his wallet and a wallet he claims he just found at the bus stop. The man talks at length about karma and how he believes strongly in that concept. The man admits he took the money out of the wallet but was planning on giving it to the police. #2027. 2/2/08
740 Coast to Coast 141 (Portland, OR - 4:30 PM Narcotics Activity) Officer Matt Miller, Officer Mark Friedman and Officer Chris Lindsey of the Portland Police Bureau survey a corner known for drug activity. The officers see a female making a deal for what appears to be crack cocaine. The officers move in and detain the female. The woman makes an attempt to swallow the drugs and after a brief struggle with officers, spits the crack onto the ground. The officers explain that they don’t want her to swallow the drugs because it could make her sick or even die. The woman looses her contacts during the struggle. The woman explains that she is trying to make ends meet by selling drugs because she just broke up with her boyfriend. Deputy Travis Dykes of the Martin County FL Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic strop on vehicle with an improperly displayed tag. The owner comes back as being previously suspended and the Deputy questions her regarding her status. During the investigation, Sgt. Bill Dowdy spots materials that appear to be connected to a recent burglary of a business. The female driver quietly admits that her male passenger must have done the burglary as she witnessed him selling some of the goods the previous night. She, on the other hand, does not have any knowledge of the crime. The male suspect claims no knowledge of the burglary and another female passenger urges him to come clean about his accomplice in the heist. When the man continues to deny involvement, the deputies arrest him on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen goods. Officer Joe Patton of the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department is dispatched to a shooting call. On scene, the 24 year old victim exhibits a close range bullet wound. He states that he was at a tattoo parlor when he was approached by several Latin males wearing gang colors and apparel. After a scuffle, he claims one of the Latin males attempted to shoot him in the head. He deflected the gun and was wounded in the hand. Later, a witness claims the man was arguing with his brother and shot himself in the hand and then proceeded to make up the story in order to not get into trouble for his actions. The victim is told that he is in no danger of being arrested for his actions and confesses that he shot himself. His brother admits that this took place as well and claims his brother has a history of suicidal behavior. The officers tell the man’s brother that hopefully the victim will receive help for his illness. #2028. 5/31/08
741 Coast to Coast 142 (Martin County FL - 11:40 PM Street Patrol) Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Donovan Hepler patrols a flea market that has been burglarized multiple times in the preceding weeks. Deputy Hepler immediately spots two males running away from the flea market and calls for assistance. Other deputies surround the area and one of the two men is detained and taken into custody around the corner. The male in custody helps deputies by describing his friend’s clothing and giving them his name. A k-9 unit finds the other suspect and helps to detain him subject to arrest. Deputy Hepler explains what happened to his sergeant and asks the suspect why he was at the flea market. The suspect explains that he and his friend were trying to vandalize vending machines to make a little money. The K-9 Deputy explains that he let the dog loose when the suspect did not stop running. Sgt. Raymond Reyes of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department assists on a traffic stop initiated by Officer Evan Rosenthal on a vehicle that is being driven by an ex felon. The driver is patted down and a baggie of drugs is located in his crotch area. The baggie is taken out and the officers find a variety of drugs. Sgt. Reyes finds a 9MM Glock handgun under the front seat and the suspect is informed that he is looking at a federal case as he is a felon in possession of a loaded gun, drugs and lots of cash. Deputy Carlos Lisboa of the Palm Beach County FL Sheriff’s Office stops a vehicle for a moving violation. The driver tells the deputy he has never been arrested, but a driver’s license check returns that he was arrested for a drug violation a few months prior. The passenger doesn’t have ID and is not wearing a seatbelt. Everyone is asked to exit the vehicle for a search after Deputy Lisboa smells marijuana in the car. A marijuana pipe is found near the car and although the deputies did not witness anyone drop it, it matches another pipe found bundled under the passenger seat along with a felony amount of marijuana. No one admits to possession, but the passenger ‘takes the blame’. Eventually, he admits it is his and that he did drop the pipe as well. The driver is told that he should pick his friends a little better in the future. #2029. 7/12/08
742 What Were They Thinking 2 Special Edition (Palm Beach County FL - 9:52 PM Armed Robbery Call) Deputy Mark Lanier responds to assist on the capture of an armed robbery suspect that has bolted into the woods. A K-9 unit tracks the suspect into the woods and quickly finds the man hiding under some brush. The suspect is taken into custody with the assistance of the K-9 and is brought out to the highway to be identified by the victims in the crime. The suspect is taken to paramedics to be treated for his wounds and deputies explain his charges. The suspect continues to proclaim his innocence, but the deputies explain that they have enough evidence to arrest him for the armed robbery – his clothing matches the description given by the victims and he was identified on scene by the victims. Officer Aaron Fink of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a call of a home invasion. The suspect broke into a female’s house and called her up and told her he was waiting for her with a shotgun. When the officers converge on the scene, the female victim explains that the man has left the premises after spotting the officers en route. While the officers are interviewing the victim, she receives several calls from the suspect in the break-in. The officers clear the residence and head over to the suspect’s home to question the suspect. The man is home and is placed in custody for his warrant. The man admits to going inside his girlfriend’s house and calling her. He denies that he said he had a shotgun, but claims he was angry at the woman. The man claims that he was told to go to the house by his girlfriend, but the woman had already told officers she didn’t contact the man. While the man is not being charged for tonight’s incident, he is being taken in to deal with his warrant. Detective Aaron Vigil of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of a man selling drugs out of a truck in a residential neighborhood. The man identified by the called has priors for murder. Officer Vigil makes contact with the occupants of the truck and spots a weed pipe in the center console. The driver states that he is on parole for involuntary manslaughter. Because of the nature of his parole the officers search his vehicle and turn up meth and a scale along with the marijuana pipe. The suspect insists he was smoking the weed but knows nothing of the meth. #2030. 6/14/08
743 Stupid Behavior 2 Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 5:38 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Metropolitan P.D. Downtown Area Command – Officer Eric Solano is dispatched to a call of a stolen truck. The victim and his brother are following the stolen vehicle and as the officer catches up with the chase, he sees that the two trucks have wrecked and the suspect is leading the victims on a foot pursuit. Officer Solano drives ahead of the suspect and detains him. The man admits to driving the truck and admits that it isn’t his, but seems to think that the owner and his brother caused more problems by crashing into him. The owner explains that he watched the man steal his truck and had to get out of the way when the man almost ran him over. The officers tell the owner that he is lucky to have gotten his vehicle back, even though it is wrecked. The suspect states that he is sorry for causing problems but insists he was running from the victims not the cops. Deputy Sean McMichael of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spots a vehicle with dark tint puling into a parking lot. When the deputies approach the vehicle the immediately smell the distinct odor of marijuana. Both the driver and passenger deny that they have anything in the car, but a quick search of the passenger turns up several baggies of marijuana. The driver is found to be carrying a large amount of cash and after a search of the vehicle; the deputies locate several baggies of cocaine. The two men are arrested for distribution and intent to sell, even though they try to claim that the drugs found are for personal use. Officer Casey Clarkson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a call where the details are vague. The call comes out that a HMA is on foot running after taking a man’s vehicle. The officers arrive and are directed by witnesses towards the foot pursuit. They arrive as the owner of the vehicle has captured the suspect. The suspect tells the officers he was trying to play a ‘yoke’ on the car owner. The car owner states that he was walking his date to the door and turned around only to see his vehicle was gone. He called dispatch and as he was talking the suspect drives back up with his car. When he confronted the suspect, the man ran away and he gave chase. The officer tells the lucky owner that from now on he might think about locking his vehicle when he is away from it. #2031. 6/21/08
744 Police Pullovers 4 Special Edition (Palm Beach County FL - 12:48 AM Traffic Stop) Sheriff’s Office District 3 Street Team - Deputy Sean McMichael stops a vehicle for a vehicle code infraction. The driver gets upset when the deputy starts searching him. When the deputy asks him to slip his shoes off the man feints to the right and races away from the deputies. The deputies chase the man and eventually catch him. The suspect apologizes for running and states he made a mistake. The man tossed several baggies of crack cocaine during the chase. Officer Jennifer Hertzler of the Portland Police Bureau stops a vehicle that is not displaying a license plate. The friendly driver explains that the vehicle does not belong to him. He also states that his license is suspended. When asked to give the officer the keys, the driver explains that there are no keys for the vehicle. He also mentions he doesn’t know his friend’s name. When Hertzler attempts to gather the man’s personal information, the man becomes unable to understand her. Hertzler learns that the vehicle is on her ‘hot sheet’ – a list of stolen vehicles in the area. The officers decide to take the man’s fingerprints as he doesn’t have any identification on him. They use an electronic device to send the prints back to headquarters – and learn that the name he provided is correct. They explain the charges to the man, which include possession of a stolen vehicle and driving on a suspended license. Deputy Angel Artola of the Palm Beach County FL Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a vehicle where the passenger was observed possibly rolling up a marijuana cigarette. The deputy smells marijuana in the vehicle and decides to search the vehicle with that probable cause. The female driver does admit to smoking marijuana in the vehicle – but not tonight. The search turns up a package of syringes and an unmarked pill bottle containing what appears to be Oxycotin. The driver claims no knowledge of the pill or the syringes but points to the person seated in the area as the most likely owner. After speaking with the male suspect that was in that seat, the man produces a prescription bottle with his name on it that contains the exact same medication found in the unmarked bottle – which is a criminal charge. He also fails to notify the arresting deputy that he has a needle in his pocket. When the suspect realizes he is going to jail, he pleads with the other occupants of the vehicle to claim ownership of the pill bottle, but his friends tell him he needs to get help for his addiction. #2032. 8/2/08
745 Coast to Coast 143 (Pomona, CA - 12:22 AM Burglary Call) Pomona PD - Corporal Darryll Johnson investigates a possible burglary in progress. He arrives at the small taco stand and sees a broken service window. After spotting damage to a cash register in the back, he radios for a K-9 unit. The dog is put through the window to determine if anyone is still in the business. Almost immediately the dog finds the suspect and the suspect begins screaming. Several officers crawl through the window and take the man into custody. The suspect claims his friend works at the eatery and locked him in to go get beer. Further investigation determines that the name of the person that supposedly worked at the taco stand is not an employee. Officers survey the damage and discuss the K-9’s engagement with the suspect. Deputy Andrew Porcelli of the Martin County FL Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop a vehicle with a brake light out. The driver admits he doesn’t have a license and is detained. The driver also admits that he has prescription pills in the glove box. The female passenger is 8 months pregnant and is complaining of leg pain. Because the woman needs medical care, she is allowed to contact someone for a ride to the hospital. She admits that she has been arrested in the past for possession of paraphernalia. Deputy Porcelli finds the pill bottle – with no label. The driver claims the label has just ‘worn off’. He finds more pills and a hypodermic needle in the glove box. The driver claims that he doesn’t eat the pills and crushes the pills and snorts them. Deputy Porcelli also learns the man was arrested three days prior for having illegal prescription pills. The pregnant passenger is allowed to take the vehicle so that she can get medical attention. The deputies admonish the pregnant female for her involvement in drugs and hopes that she gets help before she gives birth. Sgt. Steven Strivelli and Sgt. Anthony Torella of the Palm Beach County FL Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit raid a suspected drug house, arresting several people in the home. The female homeowner is upset to learn that the woman she had tried to help out is selling crack out of her house and angrily tells her to leave. The deputies learn that the dealer is ‘dry’, meaning they are expecting more drugs to be coming to the house for sells. The deputies take over the house and wait until the couriers arrive with more drugs. Soon, two women and a young child arrive with a large amount of drugs in their possession. One of the women claims to not have any knowledge of the drugs and tells deputies she has no drug history. She then changes her story and tells the deputies she has been arrested for drugs in the past. The deputies admonish the mother for bringing her kid to the drug transaction and she will be charged with child abuse as well. Another courier arrives with more drugs and they too are arrested for possession with intent to distribute. #2033. 7/19/08
746 Wild Chases Special Edition (Spokane, WA - 1:43 PM Stolen Vehicle) Spokane Police Department - Officer Michael McNab explains that they are on patrol in an area where a full sized pickup truck was recently stolen. The owner left the keys in the ignition while unloading food for a charity food drive. Soon after, an unoccupied truck matching the description of the stolen vehicle is spotted along with another occupied vehicle, on the side of the road. One of the occupants of the second truck jumps out and hops behind the wheel of the stolen truck. A chase ensues and the suspect goes off the paved roads into a grassy field and finally into a wooded area. Officer McNab stays close behind and makes another attempt to break the glass when it appears the vehicle is stuck. The driver again speeds away and Officer McNab notices that his patrol vehicle is on fire. He tries to extinguish the fire himself, but the fire spreads rapidly and soon engulfs the vehicle. Detective Carl Jones of the Rialto, CA Police Department is dispatched to a burglary in progress. Dispatch states that two men have tripped security cameras and have been spotted loading copper wire into a vehicle. Detective Jones spots the vehicle and attempts to detain a man walking away when a second suspect jumps into the car and drives away in an attempt to elude the authorities. The man drives around a corner but quickly changes his mind and gives up without further incident. The other suspect is found by the air unit hiding in a ditch. Deputy Sean McMichael of the Palm Beach County FL Sheriff’s Office assist in the tracking of a vehicle that was seen leaving the area of a burglary. The car exits the freeway directly in front of Deputy McMichael’s patrol car. The driver veers off of the paved road to avoid the deputies and fails to stop. He leads the deputies on a short pursuit. The deputies deploy a spike strip and the vehicle’s tires deflate, causing him to lose control and crash into another vehicle. The man is taken into custody without incident. #2034. 2/2/08
747 Bad Girls! 11 Special Edition (Riverside County CA - 11:22 PM Suspicious Activity) Sheriff’s Department Jurupa Valley Station - Cpl Luke Torres patrols a high crime neighborhood. As he passes by a house that was recently served with a warrant for drug activity, he spots a female that he recognizes as having a felony warrant for drug trafficking. When the corporal attempts to contact the woman she denies that she is the suspect and gives a false name and makes an attempt to walk away. When the corporal tries to detain her, she begins struggling and eventually Cpl. Torres is forced to take her to the ground until backup arrives and she is taken into custody. A warrant ID sheet is pulled and she confirms that she is indeed the woman they are looking for. Officer Zachary Johnson of the Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department stops a truck that has been reported stolen. The female driver steps out of the vehicle and is questioned. She initially claims that “it was a fair exchange” and continues to explain that the owner allowed her to drive the truck in exchange for forty dollars worth of crack cocaine. She later adds that she is a prostitute and decided to prolong the use of her vehicle for services rendered. The owner shows up and admits he knows the woman and details the events leading up to her taking his truck. While both parties are admonished for the lifestyles choices they have made that has led them to this point, the victim takes his truck and the female suspect is issued an citation to appear in court to answer to the charges. Cpl Daryll Johnson of the Pomona, CA Police Department spots a vehicle parked in a motel parking lot that is listed on the hot sheet as stolen. He assigned an officer to survey the vehicle. Eventually, the officer radios that a woman has driven away in the vehicle and Cpl. Johnson catches up to assist with the traffic stop. The woman is removed from the car without incident and questioned about the ownership of the vehicle. Officers realize that the suspect is a transvestite and also learn that the man claims he bought the car in San Diego months prior. The suspect assumes that a friend called the car in stolen because of a miscommunication about ownership. Officers question the suspect further and learn the man has a warrant as well as priors for burglary. #2035. 2/16/08
748 Coast to Coast 144 (Palm Beach County FL - 6:14 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriff’s Office District 1 Street Team - Deputy Keith Stokes stops a vehicle for running a stop sign. The passenger steps out of the car and begins to run away from the traffic stop. The deputy chases the suspect through several yards before the suspect trips and falls and is taken into custody. A quick search of the area where the deputy spotted the man toss and object reveals crack and pills concealed in a cigarette box. The car is gone when the deputy walks back to the scene. When Deputy Stokes confronts the man about the drugs he found, but the man states that he was not in possession of the drugs. The man asks for his ringing phone, but the deputy explains that he cannot answer it. The suspect tells the deputy that he wants to go to court to fight the charges. Deputy Stokes explains the additional charges on the man in addition to the drug possession. The suspect is further interviewed and the man claims that the driver gave him the drugs and asked him to run because his friend is in a bad situation at home and didn’t want his good friend to suffer for the drugs. (Rialto, CA - 1:30 AM Suspicious Activity) Police Department - Sgt. Jim Kurkoske stops a vehicle that has been seen driving around a bad neighborhood at least four times. The driver states upon contact that he drank a beer at a bar earlier in the evening. Kurkoske decides to search the vehicle after it becomes obvious that the man has had a drink or two. Communications radios back that the man has a warrant for his arrest as well. The search reveals a backpack full of marijuana. Sgt. Kurkoske explains that because of the way the dope is packaged, he can conclude the man was selling. He also locates a notebook with weights denoted that are commonly used in weighing marijuana. The driver claims that a person he knows placed the backpack in his vehicle. The man quickly changes his story and admits that he is indeed the owner of the drugs and has been selling the dope to make ends meet. (Riverside County CA - 8:06 PM Attempted Suicide Call) Sheriff’s Department Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Heath Noyes responds to a attempted suicide call. The suspect is seated in a truck and is armed with a knife and has threatened to kill himself. The deputies give him commands to exit the truck and as he is being cuffed he turns away from the deputy at which time the deputies make him go to the ground. The man doesn’t resist and is eventually cuffed. The man states he wasn’t going to hurt himself and was just looking for attention. The witnesses on scene explain that the large man walked to the truck with the knife and began banging on the dashboard. The two men decided to contact authorities before the suspect could harm himself. The deputies thank the men for their quick thinking and tell the suspect that they will make sure he get help to deal with his depression. #2036. 7/26/08
749 20 Years Caught on Tape - Full intro with clips from all seasons. Chases: Fort Worth, TX - Officer Dave Moran chases a white van that t-bones a car in an intersection. #816. Broward County FL - Deputy Jerry Wurms has a guy run on him and says, "stop or I'll shoot you in the back" as he chases him. #100. Passaic, NJ - Detective Derrick Catli chases a Honda Civic that rams his car and crashes into a parked car. #1614. Pomona, CA - Sgt. Jay Stuart chases a hit & run that loses tire then hits a car under a bridge and jeeps going. #930. Palm Beach, FL - Deputy Shawn Boorman has one leg and is still able to catch a criminal in a foot chase. #1123. Cleveland, OH - Officer Gary Mullins chases a red car that crashes hard into a guardrail. #628. Portland, OR - Officer Lon Sweeney chases a motorcycle. #212. Bernalillo County NM - Deputy Casey Ireland executes a PIT maneuver. #1228. Cincinnati, OH - during a foot chase, a man jumps wall and is tased by Officer Michael Winslow. #1720 Under the Influence: Kansas City, KS - Officer Scott Caron goes to old man in red pickup truck who is so drunk he falls over. #402. Albuquerque, NM - Sgt. Jerry Ferner finds a male Mexican dressed as a woman with crack in his mouth. #1230. Harris County TX - Deputy Tracy Shipley pulls over a car then a drunk plows into her car. #1028. Passaic, NJ - Cpl Anthony Damiano catches a Mexican smoking pot in a stairwell who calls him papi. #1618. Pierce County WA - Officer Erik Clarkson chases a red truck that flips into a ditch. #1517. Fresno, CA - Deputy Keith Gray finds a joint behind a mans' ear at a traffic stop. #928. Portland, OR - Sgt. John Bunnell busts a pot house, takes the guys Corvette and leaves a message on his machine. #209. Resisting Arrest: Broward County FL - at the airport a man's bag is found loaded with drugs. #100. Riverside, CA - Deputy Roman Pluimer helps catch a prisoner who escaped from a police car and fights, bloodying a cops' nose. #1521. Buffalo, NY - Officer Phil Tisdale helps remove a boa from the attic of a house. #820. Broward County FL - a man is bit by K-9 Max. #109. Philadelphia, PA - a naked black man flips out in a barbershop and is tackled with Sgt. Raymond Convery. #521. New York City, NY - Officer John Politoski kills a rat in a woman's bathroom. #734. Fort Worth, TX - Officer Jerry Dalton catches 2 men stripping a car, one runs and hits a cop. #1213. Spokane, WA - Officer Rob Boothe tasers a man in a parking lot who says it hurt. #1620. Crimes of Passion: Pierce County WA - Deputy Bob Nielson gets hit by a van and tackles a suicidal woman who falls down on her knife. #916. Harris County TX - a woman slaps her man in front of Deputy Michael Sieck. #331. Kansas City, MO - Officer Scott Caron goes to a food fight on Food Lane. #402. Virginia Beach, VA - MPO Kevin Murphy goes to an assault call where the man's wife's boyfriend beat him. She wants them both since they love her. #1114. Broward County FL - Deputy Mike Hoffman arrests Danny and while he's in the back of the police car he bangs his head against the window 32 times in a row. #110. Palm Beach County FL - Deputy Aaron Vanyi talks to a guy with a bloody ear wants a man to leave since he's sleeping with his wife. #1904. Broward County FL - Deputy Linda Canada talks to a 7 year old girl who wants her mom's boyfriend to stay in jail first for 2 nights, then 4 nights, 10 nights. #101. Hazardous Duty: Lynn, MA - Officer Michael Hanlon and many cops follow a man carrying a knife and tell him to drop the knife 47 times. #908. Passaic, NJ - Officer Jason DeGroat helps rescue a man from a raging river. #1611. Denver, CO - Officer Mark Chuck's car is crashed into by another police car. #508. New Orleans, LA - at Mardi Gras Snoop Dogg comes out on a balcony, which causes a stampede. #1503. Palm Springs, CA - Officer Nelson Figueroa chases suspects involved in a home invasion, shots are fired and the suspect is hit by a cop. #1520. Fan Favorites: Fort Worth, TX - Officer Antonio Maldonaldo II is flagged down by a woman who says she was ripped off trying to buy crack. #1216. Riverside, CA - Deputy Jason Corey makes a traffic stop, then Tony who is riding a bike is hit by car. #1904. Norwood, OH - Officer Jeff Kilby arrests a man who was going to bring pot into the jail by hiding it in his rectum. #1713. Albuquerque, NM - Officer James Badway is flagged down by a trucker in a women's leopard print leotard and stockings. #1225. Portland, OR - Officer Jason Preston finds a naked man who committed an assault, but says he was trying to be fun. #1624. Las Vegas, NV - Officer Evan Rosenthal deals with a black dwarf who illegally performs on the streets for the second time. #1930. Las Vegas, NV - Officer Dennis Magill jumps into a car that goes in circles with no one driving it to stop it. #311. #2037/2038. 9/29/07

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