Season 19 (2006-07)

Atlanta, GA/Brevard County FL/Chattanooga, TN/Fontana, CA/Las Vegas, NV/Lowell, MA/Martin County FL/Okaloosa County FL/Palm Beach County FL/Palm Springs, CA/Riverside County CA/Wichita, KS
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677 Coast to Coast 109 (Palm Beach County FL – 9:35 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriff’s Office District 4 - A stop turns into a footrace through Palm Beach County, Fla.; officers pull a bicyclist over. Palm Springs, CA/Chattanooga, TN #1901. 9/9/06
678 Coast to Coast 110 (Palm Beach County FL - 12:38 AM Domestic Violence Call) Sheriff’s Dept Jurupa Valley Station - Domestic violence in Palm Springs, Calif.; possession of meth. Chattanooga, TN/Palm Springs, CA #1902. 9/16/06
679 Coast to Coast 111 (Palm Beach County FL - 12:03 AM Disturbance Call) Cameras capture the consequences when suspects resist arrest. Palm Springs, CA/Pittsburgh, PA trutv Sun 1/24/10 called it 'Lazy Sleepy Eye' #1903. 9/23/06
680 Coast to Coast 112 (Riverside County CA - 4:49 PM Traffic Stop) A routine traffic-stop turns into a major accident involving a bicyclist and another motorist; an embarrassing domestic-violence call. Palm Beach County FL/Martin County FL #1904. 9/9/06
681 Florida Heat 1 Special Edition (Brevard County FL - 3:09 AM Suspicious Activity) A Florida officer pursues a vehicle with three suspects inside, then the situation takes a turn for the worse when the suspects flee on foot. West Palm Beach/Palm Beach County #1905. 11/11/06
682 Drug Arrests 2 Special Edition (Palm Springs, CA - 1:41 PM Suspicious Activity) An officer tries to stop a suspicious man, who is riding a bicycle erratically; in Atlanta, police spot two men in a drug transaction. Atlanta, GA/Okaloosa County FL #1906. 11/4/06
683 Coast to Coast 113 (Riverside County CA - 10:30 PM Street Patrol) Officers pursue a suspect who appears to be on drugs; a man demands that police arrest his intoxicated daughter. Palm Beach County FL #1907. 9/30/06
684 Police Chases Special Edition (Brevard County FL - 4:36 PM Possible Stolen Vehicle) A suspect ditches a stolen vehicle, forcing officers to chase him on foot; several police units take part in a high-speed chase in California. Spokane, WA/Palm Springs, CA #1908. 11/18/06
685 Florida Heat 2 Special Edition (Brevard County - 10:21 PM Suspicious Activity) Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Jim Haman pulls over driver for a traffic violation. As he issues the man a traffic citation, he notices that the man appears to be concealing a crack rock in his mouth. The desperate driver is arrested and admonished by the deputy after a brief struggle to extract the cocaine. The deputy tells the man that he could have killed himself had he swallowed the drugs and that he should examine his lifestyle. Palm Beach County FL Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Dan Frend investigates a suspicious vehicle he spotted in an area known for drug activity. The driver, who has a long history of drug related crimes, is arrested when an officer finds 30 crack rocks in his vehicle. Palm Beach County - Sheriff’s Office - Deputy James Evans pulls over a vehicle he spotted driving erratically in traffic. Deputy Evans questions the nervous female driver who claims that she has no driver license or any form of identification. During the course of the investigation, the woman admits that she gave the officer her sister’s information. She’s arrested for giving a false name and driving under suspension. #1909. 2/3/07
686 Police Pullovers 1 Special Edition (Fontana, CA – 12:35 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Officer Brian Binks says has an uncle who is a cop there for 18 years. Officer confronts a suspect after a high-speed chase. Brevard County FL - driver attempts to eat pot after being stopped. Palm Springs, CA #1910. 4/28/07
687 Coast to Coast 114 (Brevard County FL - 1:46 AM Assistance Call) sheriffs pursue a suspect who is hiding in a pond, and a Palm Beach County sheriff questions an agitated customer at a restaurant. Palm Beach County FL/Palm Springs, CA #1911. 12/2/06
688 High Crimes 2 Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH - 12:01 AM Traffic Stop) District 4 - Officer Todd Ploehs stops a car with a stolen plate. A Brevard County, FL sheriff questions two females in possession of drugs; a Palm Springs, CA officer sniffs out a drug deal at a motel. 2.0 #1912. 5/19/07 
689 Coast to Coast 115 (Wichita, KS - 7:01 PM Assistance Call) officers assist a bondsman attempting to enter a home; a suspect tries to swallow a bag of marijuana while in the custody of a sheriff in Brevard County FL/West Palm Beach, FL #1913. 12/9/06
690 Family Ties Special Edition (Wichita, KS - 3:50 AM Shots Fired Call) Patrol North - Patrol North - While in route to a shots fired call, Officer Bill Wagner pursues a suspicious vehicle he saw leaving the area at a very high rate of speed. The dangerous chase ends when the driver arrives at his home. Three males are removed from the vehicle at gunpoint and are taken into custody without incident. The trio will face charges including felony possession of crack cocaine along with evading and additional traffic infractions. Lowell, MA Police Department - Officer Brian Kinney attempts to stop a motorcyclist for traffic violations. The suspect driving the bike flees from the scene and the officer gives chase. As the department is able to track the owner of the bike, the pursuit is terminated for safety reasons. The officer makes his way to the suspect's home and learns that several other officers have the man detained at the home. An officer tells Kinney that he witnessed the suspect roll up on the bike and drive it to the back of the house where it is still located. The female on the back of bike denies any knowledge of the event as does the owner/suspect. The man is arrested for evading and the bike is towed. The suspect tells officers he plans to sell the bike soon. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officers Dean Hennesy and Bert Hughes respond to a domestic violence call involving an intoxicated man who reportedly hit and choked a female victim. At the scene, the officers take an infuriated male suspect into custody after his female acquaintance accuses him of physically assaulting her during an argument. When the suspect finally calms down he admits to the assault and cheerfully informs the officers that the female has two warrants. The officers verify the suspect’s statement and eventually arrest the female for the outstanding warrants and the suspect for domestic battery. #1914. 7/21/07
691 Coast to Coast 116 (Fontana, CA - 12:02 AM Motorcycle Pursuit) a high-speed chase with a motorcyclist; a Brevard County, FL, sheriff detects marijuana use during a traffic stop. Hamilton County OH #1915. 12/23/06
692 Liar Liar Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH - 2:41 AM Traffic Stop) Officer Donny Meece of the Police Department, attempts to pull over a vehicle he observed leaving an area known for drug activity. When the driver stops, the passenger jumps out of the vehicle and a foot pursuit ensues. The brief chase ends when the officer uses a taser to restrain the suspect. During a routine investigation, Officer Meece retrieves a loaded handgun the suspect discarded during the pursuit. The suspect will face several weapons charges. The driver took off in the vehicle during the foot pursuit. He evaded arrest. Brevard County FL - Deputy Jason West of the Sheriff’s Office pulls over a vehicle occupied by a female driver and male passenger for playing loud music. During questioning the woman tells the officer that she never been arrested. Her clean record is quickly tarnished after the officer finds a large amount of pot in addition to prescription pills in the vehicle during a routine search. She’s arrested and charged with felony possession of cannabis. Palm Springs, CA - Officer Anthony Pilutik of the Police Department responds to a disturbance call in an active area of the city. The officer arrives at the scene, as a male individual is being questioned and searched by a fellow officer. Suspicious of his behavior, the officers decide to give the man a routine field sobriety test. When he fails the test, the officers search his bag and discover a large amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The man is arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and will face undisclosed drug charges. #1916. 2/24/07
693 Coast to Coast 117 (Wichita, KS - 2:37 AM Assault Call) Patrol North – Officer Tommy Nikkel engages in a high-speed pursuit, Brevard County FL (11:15 PM Possible Drug Activity) sheriffs think a suspect has hidden drugs in his body. Hamilton County OH  #1917. 1/7/07
694 Ohio Drug Arrests Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH – 1:12 AM Traffic Stop) District 4 – Officer Mike Harper follows engages in a vehicle pursuit of a vehicle he saw swerving on the road after leaving a bar parking lot. The male driver bails out of the car at a dead end and the pursuit proceeds on foot. Officer Harper tasers the suspect when he resists handcuffs. During the commotion, the suspect discards something from his shoe. Police retrieve the discarded material, a baggy containing individually sealed packets of crack cocaine. The suspect is charged for the pursuit, trafficking crack cocaine, possession and tampering with evidence. Corporal David Hill of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic disturbance call. Corporal Hill meets a female at the door, she informs him that she and her husband have been arguing and that she wants him to leave. Corporal Hill enters the dwelling and the couple proceeds to inform on one another as to illegal drug possession. The husband pulls marijuana from out of the entertainment center. Corporal Hill issues both parties a citation for possession of marijuana and suggests that the couple seek a divorce. Officer Brian Baker and Sergeant Tom Fallon of the Norwood Police Division respond to a call from the Drug Unit. While investigating a drug operation, authorities witness a male suspect purchase crack cocaine and depart in a black car. Police stop the suspect riding as a passenger of a black car being driven by a female. The police find crack cocaine in the passenger seat. The both driver and passenger deny ownership and knowledge of the drugs, however, surveillance video shows the male suspect making the purchase just moments earlier. The suspect is charged with possession of crack cocaine and the driver is charged with complicity to felony drug possession. #1918. 5/19/07
695 Coast to Coast 118 (Wichita, KS - 1:08 AM Traffic Stop) An officer notices a concealed weapon during a traffic stop; a Riverside County CA , sheriff handles a domestic-assault situation. Cincinnati, OH #1919. 1/20/07
696 Police Pullovers 2 Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH – 2:41 AM Suspicious Activity) District 4 – Officers Mike Harper and Mark Longworth of the Cincinnati Police Department pull up to a parked vehicle occupied by three males. The men are questioned about their activities in the vehicle and they all insist that they were just chillin’. However, when the front seat passenger appears to reach for something, an officer spots a gun and a brief struggle takes place. The suspect eventually agrees to cooperate and is taken into custody without incident. He’s charged with resisting and carrying a concealed weapon. Officer Chris Wessman of the Fontana Police Department questions the occupants of a vehicle that is parked on a desolate road. The couple claim that they were headed to a racetrack. The driver (the male occupant) is taken into custody after the officer learns that he has outstanding warrants. During a routine search of the vehicle the officer discovers methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. When the driver refuses to take the blame for the contraband found in the female passenger’s purse, she’s arrested as well. Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department pulls over a vehicle with a busted tail light. The female driver is questioned and claims that she was involved in a hit and run and did not have the financial resources to have the vehicle repaired. Officer Cook runs her identification and is forced to impound the vehicle after he learns that she’s driving on a suspended license. The driver and her girlfriend take a few personal items before walking away. 2.0 #1920. 4/28/07 
697 Coast to Coast 119 (Fontana, CA - 9:48 PM Pursuit in Progress) An officer finds stolen property in a car after a high-speed pursuit; a Covington, KY officer tries to settle a teen couple's dispute. Wichita, KS/Covington, KY #1921. 1/27/07
698 Coast to Coast 120 (Las Vegas, NV - 1:14 AM Suspicious Activity) An officer chases a suspect on foot; Boise, ID road rage, a Palm Springs, CA officer organizes a sting to snare an online predator. #1922. 3/3/07
699 Ho! Ho! Ho! 4 Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 4:25 AM Officer Assistance Call) South Central Area Command - Sgt. Raymond Reyes lends assistance on a traffic stop. The SUV was seen driving erratically on the famous Las Vegas Strip in the wee hours of the morning. Officer Evan Rosenthal quickly identifies the female driver as a known prostitute who has an extensive arrest history. Suspicious of her sobriety, the officers conduct a routine field test and place her under arrest for DUI after she fails. The woman asks the officers to not reveal her past to her male companion whom she claims does not know of her checkered history. Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detains a suspicious male and female in an area known for drug activity and prostitution. During questioning the female admits to being a former prostitute and a drug user. When the officer discovers drug paraphernalia in her purse, she’s placed under arrest. The male individual insists that after meeting the lady earlier in the evening, she asked for a ride home. He claims that he had no knowledge that she was a transsexual prostitute and thanks Officer Cook for his help. Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga Police Department questions a known prostitute he spotted in front of a known crack house. The 21-year-old mother of two is released after the officer warns her to leave the area. A short time later the officer assists another unit on a traffic stop. To his surprise, the same woman he had shown leniency to earlier is in the vehicle. Although the driver insists that she flagged him down and asked for a ride to the store, Officer Pendergrass does not buy his explanation. When the officers learn that the driver has a revoked license for a DUI, he’s placed under arrest. The desperate female is given another stern warning and is released once more. #1923. 12/16/06
700 Coast to Coast 121 (Las Vegas, NV - 3:38 AM Suspicious Activity) officer confronts a midget exhibiting bizarre behavior. Fontana, CA - stolen rims, Boise, ID officer discovers a lost boy lying in the road. 2.0 #1924. 3/10/07
701 High Crimes 3 Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 2:01 AM Possible Intoxicated Driver) Metro PD South Central Area Command - Officer Evan Rosenthal says he’s going to a traffic unit on a motorcycle trying to pull over a DWI who won’t stop. A Covington, KY officer makes a traffic stop and questions the driver about a suspicious smell coming from the vehicle. Boise, ID - Traffic Stop #1925. 7/7/07
702 Coast to Coast 122 (Boston, MA - 10:38 PM Street Patrol) Youth Violence Strike Force officers pursue a suspect attempting to flee on a bicycle; Las Vegas, NV officers question a couple after a domestic disturbance is reported. Boise, ID officer spots a suspicious car at Hardy and Edward. #1926. 3/17/07
703 Coast to Coast 123 (Las Vegas, NV - 4:31 PM Burglary in Progress) Metro PD Downtown Area Command – Sgt. John Faulis catches a man breaking into a car for cigarettes. A Boise, ID officer discovers a suspect in a park who has been beaten. Las Vegas, NV domestic violence call. #1927. 3/24/07
704 Coast to Coast 124 (Boston, MA - 8:36 PM Street Patrol) Youth Violence Strike Force - drug bust, Lowell, MA officer deals with a disturbance call. Palm Springs, CA officers arrest a suspect attempting to meet an underage girl. #1928. 4/7/07
705 Street Crimes Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH – 11:43 PM Traffic Stop) District 4 - Officer Mark Longworth of the Cincinnati Police Department stops a car for cutting over the double yellow lines and for having tinted windows, which is illegal in the state of Ohio. The vehicle rolls to a stop and the passenger jumps form the vehicle and bolts into the night. The officer gives chase and eventually catches up to the suspect who falls several times during the pursuit. The officer gives the man several warnings before deploying his Taser to end the foot chase. The annoyed suspect complains loudly that there was no reason to tase him while the officer attempts to explain that had he complied with commands none of this would have been necessary. Sgt. Davis arrives and learns that bullets were recovered from the suspect but no gun was found. Las Vegas, NV - Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Police Department assists on a fight call on the Las Vegas Strip. A melee broke out when several pedestrians began catcalling to a vehicle driving by and threw objects at the victim's car. The driver jumped out and punched one of the guys while a male and female passenger attacked another suspect. The two suspects are taken into custody after the investigation along with eyewitness testimony from a LVMPD officer determines that the occupants in the car did not start the fight. The two men become belligerent with officers and one of the men tries to flee while being cuffed. Both men are physically restrained and placed into a waiting paddy wagon. The suspects are taken to jail for participation in a fray and resisting arrest. Hillsborough County FL - Deputy J.T. Stahlschmidt of the Sheriff’s Office pulls over a vehicle for speeding and running stop signs. The driver tells the deputy that he was trying to get to his apartment. The deputy becomes suspicious of the man's story because of the man's jittery and erratic behavior. When asked to get out of the truck the man begins sticking his hands into his pockets and pulls out a wadded tissue. The man tells the deputy it is for blowing his nose, and then mimes doing just that before shaking out crack cocaine rocks onto the ground. He is arrested and taken to jail for possession, possibly with intent to sell. #1929. 7/14/07
706 Tough Takedowns Special Edition (Las Vegas, NV - 11:32 PM Suspicious Person) the midget from #1924 returns. A Boise, ID, officer handles a domestic-violence call; a Chattanooga, TN officer deals with a suspect who swallowed crack in an attempt to hide it. #1930. 2/17/07
707 Bad Girls! 10 Special Edition (Brevard County FL - 9:17 PM Traffic Stop) Deputy Todd Holland pulls over a speeding vehicle in an area known for drug activity. The young female driver is questioned and is subsequently arrested after the officer finds cocaine and marijuana in her car and on her person during a routine search. The female’s mother arrives at the scene a short time later and chastises her daughter after learning about her illegal dealings. The female is taken to jail and will face felony drug charges. The mother is told that this is her wake up call to and that hopefully she can help her daughter change her life for the better. Deputy Andrea Eagon of the Hillsborough County FL Sheriff’s Office joins fellow Deputy James Ennis in a traffic stop. The individual behind the wheel tells deputies he is meeting a friend and yells "Pocahontas!" towards a person walking away. Deputy Eagon stops the person and learns that it is male cross dresser who met the suspect on a phone chat line and was meeting with the man for a date. The respectful deputy runs Pocahontas’ info and learns that he has an outstanding warrant. The male suspect in the original traffic stop is also arrested after the vehicle he is driving is determined to be stolen. The deputies also inform him that his date is a man, a fact he did not know. The concerned deputies warn him to be careful of whom he meets on chat lines. Officer Norman Jahn assists Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department during a traffic stop on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Officer Rosenthal informs Officer Jahn that the reason for the initial stop is for several flashing blue lights attached to parts of the vehicle – an automotive decoration that is illegal in Nevada. Officer Jahn questions the female driver and learns that she was out to pick up her friend near a casino on the Strip. The officer informs her that her passenger is only 18 and has priors for prostitution; a fact the driver claims to have no knowledge of. The 18 year old passenger is told that she has been ordered off the Strip for prostitution activities by the Vice Unit. While neither woman admits that they are currently engaged in prostitution activities, the 18 year old tells Officer Rosenthal that her pimp has beaten and tased her in the past and she does not know how to get out of the lifestyle. She is taken to jail while the driver is released and admonished for potentially maintaining a vehicle for prostitution. #1931. 11/25/06
708 Coast to Coast 125 (Las Vegas, NV - 12:59AM Suspicious Activity) Metro PD Downtown Area Command - Officer Justin Gauker spots two men seated in running vehicles outside of an apartment complex. He questions both men; neither of whom live in the area. Both men claim to be waiting for females and the officer decides to question the men further. When both men are out of the vehicle the officer attempts to cuff and detain the first male who jerks away and runs into the complex. After a brief foot pursuit, the man is located hiding under a van and arrested. A quantity of drugs is found in the area that he discarded and the vehicle he was seated in is found to be stolen. The other man is let go after being admonished for being in an area known for drugs and prostitution. FTO John Mathis of the Boise Police Department is dispatched to an apartment complex to investigate a charge of stalking. A divorced woman tells Officer Mathis that her ex-husband has been threatening her life, the life of their children and the life of her new boyfriend and has been lurking about despite a restraining order. He makes contact with the ex-husband who claims that he has done nothing wrong and only wants to be allowed to see his children. The officers take him in to custody after questioning the suspect further and determining that his actions do constitute stalking. Corporal Brian Adams of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office assists FTO Brad Bellflower on a traffic stop after observing a vehicle leaving a known drug area. The driver tells the deputies that he was visiting a friend and was on his way home. The deputies do a pat down of the man a find a capped needle and dope in his pocket. The female passenger denies any knowledge of illegal activities but a search of the vehicle turns up a scale and a pipe in her purse. She then changes her story and tells the deputies that the driver asked her to place the items in her purse as they were being pulled over. The deputies admonish the young lady and tell her she should pick her friends more wisely. #1932. 6/2/07
709 Coast to Coast 126 (Hillsborough County FL - 1:08 AM Burglary in Progress) Sheriff’s Office District 1 Deputy Andrea Eagon  assists two fellow deputies in a burglary that resulted in a foot pursuit. The suspect is in possession of several pieces of jewelry that are correctly identified by the kiosk owner at the scene. The victims, owners of a jewelry kiosk, were questioned and the kiosk searched for damage. The suspect was taken to jail for further questioning. Officer Damon Barringer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a local motel after receiving a call of a male complaining of chest pains after a drunken domestic squabble with his new bride. The two lovebirds had visited a dance club and the irate husband had become jealous after watching his younger bride dance provocatively. After arriving at home the two proceeded to argue, culminating in the woman attacking her husband in a fit of rage. The woman is taken into custody after admitting to the attack and the officers suggest that the two either get counseling or a divorce. Officer Marc Sullivan of the Boston Police Department and Massachusetts State Trooper Jesse Sweet stop a vehicle for failure to have a valid inspection sticker. The passenger was found to have an outstanding warrant and is arrested. The vehicle is searched to find a bag of marijuana and a BB gun. During questioning the driver, a minor car accident occurs. Officer Sullivan questions the man who hit the van to find that he is on probation and doesn’t have a driver’s license. He is held until he is finished handling the first incident. Sullivan returns to questioning the driver in the initial incident, gives him a ticket and releases him. #1933. 6/9/07
710 Coast to Coast 127 (Las Vegas - 3:04 AM Robbery Call) an officer investigates a stolen-vehicle report; a Hillsborough County, FL., deputy chases a suspect on foot. Okaloosa County FL - a car stop with 3 women who have drugs #1934. 6/16/07
711 Coast to Coast 128 (Hillsborough County FL - 10:22 PM Deputy Assistance Call) Street Crimes unit Sheriff’s Office District 1 - Deputy Bryan Schmick joins in the pursuit of a vehicle that refused to stop for deputies. The slow speed pursuit ends when the driver of the suspect drives his car into a ditch in a vain attempt to flee from deputies. The suspect bails on foot and is taken into custody after a brief struggle with deputies. The tag on the vehicle is not the tag that belongs on the vehicle and the suspect tells deputies that he has no driver's license. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Peter Connell responds to a domestic violence call. The caller explains that she was kicked in the stomach by her boyfriend. She has a 5 week old baby and the hit was directly above her c-section. The boyfriend refuses to give the mother the infant because she is intoxicated. After observing claw marks on the calm, rational father Officer Connell interviews the mother who admits she attacked her boyfriend. The officers take her to jail for the assault while the father is allowed to continue taking care of the infant. Las Vegas, NV Metropolitan Police Department - Officer Chris Kennedy responds to a domestic violence call in which the male half was reported chocking the female half. When the officer arrived security informed him of the outstanding warrant the male had. The inebriated female becomes belligerent after the male suspect is taken into custody. When she is placed into custody because of her boisterous behavior, she begins to bang her head against the door and her boyfriend must calm her down. #1935. 6/23/07
712  Coast to Coast 129 (Pittsburgh, PA - 7:50 PM Pursuit in Progress) Bureau of Police Street Response Unit officers make a traffic stop and detect suspicious behavior; Hillsborough County, FL, deputies answer a domestic-dispute call. Las Vegas, NV - 2:17 AM Stolen Vehicle #1936. 7/28/07

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