Season 18 (2005-06)

Anchorage, AK/Atlanta, GA/Chattanooga, TN/Fort Myers, FL/Fort Worth, TX/Fresno, CA/Gwinnett County GA/Las Vegas, NV/Lee County FL/Maricopa County AZ/Martin County FL/Palm Beach County, FL/Palm Springs, CA/Pierce County WA/Pittsburgh, PA/Santa Ana, CA/Spokane, WA/Travis County TX
A 2.0 link near the end of an episode summary means there is a Cops 2.0 episode for it.

641 Coast to Coast 82 (Lee County FL - 1:15 AM Car Pursuit) When officers respond to a home invasion robbery, they question the victims, who describe how an unknown suspect kicked in their front door and then demanded to see his wife. Las Vegas, NV/Pierce County WA 2.0 #1801. 10/1/05
642 Coast to Coast 83 (Lee County FL - 8:53 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Police respond to a domestic disturbance call and find a man who says he fears for his life because his wife is a belligerent, violent drunk. Las Vegas, NV/Fort Myers, FL 2.0 #1802. 12/3/05
643 Coast to Coast 84 (Las Vegas, NV - 10:01 PM Suspicious Vehicle) An officer stops a vehicle for a missing tail light and quickly discovers the driver is hiding a jar of methamphetamine. Lee County FL/Fort Worth, TX 2.0 #1803. 12/10/05
644 Coast to Coast 85 (Las Vegas, NV - 1:06 AM Suspicious Activity) A suspect pulled over for a traffic violation has felony warrants and tries to flee. Maricopa County AZ 2.0 #1804. 11/5/05
645 Coast to Coast 86 (Las Vegas, NV - 9:41 PM Assistance Call) When an officer investigates a distress call from a nearby apartment complex, he attempts to detain an uncooperative male. Lee County FL 2.0 #1805. 1/7/06
646 Coast to Coast 87 (Fort Myers, FL - 1:38 PM Man with a Gun/Should be AM) An officer responds to a call involving a concerned citizen who says he was approached by an armed man claiming to have used his gun in an bank robbery. Las Vegas, NV/Lee County FL 2.0 #1806. 1/14/06
647 Coast to Coast 88 (Gwinnett County GA - 6:05 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Officers respond to a domestic disturbance call from a motel and find a woman irate with her boyfriend, whom she found in a truck with another woman. Las Vegas, NV/Maricopa County AZ 2.0 #1807. 9/17/05
648 Coast to Coast 89 (Pittsburgh, PA - 12:22 AM Narcotics Surveillance) Narcotics Impact Squad - Sgt. Jason Snyder says his unit is a Vice task force doing street level narcotics intervention, looking for open air transactions. Travis Co, TX - a robbery call turns out to be a disturbance with a bunch of drunks. Gwinnett County GA - A man riding a bike is hit by a car and knocked into the woods. #1808. 9/10/05
649 Coast to Coast 90 (Las Vegas, NV - 9:20 PM Disturbance Call) Police are dispatched to a fast-food restaurant where a disturbed man has reportedly threatened a customer. Lee County FL/Las Vegas, NV 2.0 #1809. 9/24/05
650 Coast to Coast 91 (Fort Myers, FL - 2:32 PM Briefing) Officers utilize a taxi in a sting designed to apprehend street-level drug dealers. Las Vegas, NV/Fresno, CA 2.0 #1810. 1/21/06
651 Coast to Coast 92 (Las Vegas, NV - 8:31 PM Suspicious Vehicle Call) When an officer responds to a vandalism call, he assists a man who has physically detained a young man who was involved in the incident. Travis County TX/Atlanta, GA 2.0 #1811. 1/28/06
652 Coast to Coast 93 (Santa Ana, CA - 11:09 PM Street Patrol) Officer goes to a gun range to qualify. Officers encounter a young male in a bad neighborhood and upon searching his person they find a cocked gun and bullets. Gwinnett County GA/Las Vegas, NV 2.0 #1812. 3/4/06
653 Las Vegas Heat 2 Special Edition (8:59 PM Fight Call) Two male college students try to steal a flamingo from a hotel; a routine traffic stop turns into a prostitution arrest. #1813. 11/26/05
654 Las Vegas Heat 3 Special Edition (1:02 AM Suspicious Activity) While on routine patrol, officers observe a female pedestrian allowing a male stranger to kiss and fondle her in public. #1814. 2/11/06
655 Coast to Coast 94 (Gwinnett County GA - 9:38 PM Possible Drug Activity) When officers see a driver fail to signal a lane change, they attempt to pull him over and a high-speed chase ensues. Las Vegas, NV/Travis County TX #1815. 2/25/06
656 Coast to Coast 95 (Gwinnett County GA - 10:01 PM Fight Call) When an officer arrives at a residence, blood-curdling screams are heard. Las Vegas, NV/Travis County TX #1816. 2/4/06
657 Coast to Coast 96 (Las Vegas, NV - 1:38 PM Homicide Investigation) Homicide Division - Detective Dean O'Kelley says they got a call on Lone Mountain & Riley, someone found a human skull there. Santa Ana, CA - cops spot a drug deal going down in a jeep. Las Vegas, NV - a woman called 911 that her boyfriend was kicking the door in and the line went dead. 2.0 #1817. 9/10/05
658 Coast to Coast 97 (Atlanta, GA - 2:29 AM Disturbance Call) When officers apprehend suspects in an area known for heroin dealing, the officers locate a bundle of drugs in a backpack. Pittsburgh, PA/Travis Co, TX #1818. 2/4/06
659 Coast to Coast 98 (Pittsburgh, PA - 10:37 PM Traffic Stop) A suspect speeds away from police, and a high-speed chase ensues. Chattanooga, TN/Travis County TX #1819. 3/11/06
660 650th Milestone Episode Special Edition (Chattanooga, TN - 6:37 PM Stolen Vehicle) Officers chase a vehicle reported stolen in Tennessee; police in Pennsylvania find three young males hiding illegal substances; police respond to a burglary and find the suspect in a bubble bath. Pittsburgh, PA/Spokane, WA #1820. 5/20/06
661 Coast to Coast 99 (Pittsburgh, PA - 8:29 PM Suspicious Activity) Officers respond to a call about a male burglar and find the suspect hiding on the roof of the home. Spokane, WA/Chattanooga, TN #1821. 3/25/06
662 Coast to Coast 100 (Pittsburgh, PA - 12:07 AM Street Patrol) Officers respond to a call about a man trying to sell or trade a juvenile female in exchange for crack cocaine. Spokane, WA/Anchorage, AK #1822. 4/8/06
663 Bad Girls! 8 Special Edition (Chattanooga, TN - 11:31 PM Street Patrol) When officers respond to a call about a switchblade wielding woman, they find a crack pipe and a male suspect who claims the woman was prostituting. Anchorage, AK/Las Vegas, NV #1823. 11/12/05
664 In Harms Way Special Edition (Anchorage, AK - 7:21 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Pennsylvania officers find a driver with heroin; a drunken and possibly suicidal man begs officers in Alaska to shoot him. Pittsburgh, PA/Spokane, WA #1824. 11/19/05
665 Coast to Coast 101 (Spokane, WA - 6:20 PM Man with a Weapon Call) A male suspect, apparently on drugs, forces police officers into a physical altercation. Pittsburgh, PA/Anchorage, AK #1825. 4/15/06
666 Coast to Coast 102 (Pittsburgh, PA - 1:22 AM Street Patrol) police chase an armed suspect on foot; Florida police respond to a disturbance call involving an inebriated, incoherent woman. Martin County FL/Anchorage, AK #1826. 6/3/06
667 Coast to Coast 103 (Pittsburgh, PA - 11:55 PM Traffic Stop) A car chase in Pittsburgh ends badly; a nude female victim in Spokane. Palm Springs, CA/Spokane, WA #1827. 6/10/06
668 Ho! Ho! Ho! Special Edition 3 (Pittsburgh, PA - 10:19 PM Suspicious Activity) Police respond to suspicious activity in a parking lot frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes, and find a concerned mother looking for her estranged daughter. Las Vegas, NV/Spokane, WA #1828. 12/17/05
669 Coast to Coast 104 (Chattanooga, TN - 5:47 PM Traffic Stop) A drug transaction behind a high school in Pittsburgh, PA; burglary in Spokane, WA. #1829. 6/17/06
670 Bad Girls! 9 Special Edition (Chattanooga, TN - 7:55 PM Injured Person Call) An intoxicated woman tries to bite an officer; a woman gets creative concealing a crack pipe. Spokane, WA/Martin County FL #1830. 5/6/06
671 Coast to Coast 105 (Palm Beach County, FL - 8:43 PM Suspicious Person) Florida police locate a truck that has been reported stolen; officers deal with an erratic driver. West Palm Beach, FL/Palm Springs, CA #1831. 3/18/06
672 Coast to Coast 106 (Spokane, WA - 9:21 AM Stolen Vehicle Pursuit) Traffic stops lead to drug busts. Palm Springs, CA/Palm Beach County, FL #1832. 7/8/06
673 Palm Springs Weekend Special (9:28 PM Vehicle Pursuit) A nude driver engages the cops in a high-speed chase; a suspicious kind of smoke comes out of a parked car. #1833. 5/20/06
674 Coast to Coast 107 (Palm Springs, CA - 9:45 PM Burglary in Progress) An extremely drunk driver in Palm Springs; a routine stop reveals much in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA/Palm Beach County FL #1834. 7/15/06
675 Drug Arrests Special Edition (Palm Springs, CA - 11:34 PM Suspicious Person) A California police officer detains an uncooperative man who has outstanding arrest warrants; a Florida sheriff's deputy pulls over a suspicious vehicle after the driver makes an illegal turn. Martin County FL/Palm Beach County FL #1835. 4/29/06
676 Coast to Coast 108 (Palm Beach County, FL - 7:09 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Palm Springs, CA/Martin County FL #1836. 7/22/06

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