Season 16 (2003-04)

Forsyth County NC/Indio, CA/Mardi Gras 2003/New Orleans, LA/New York City, NY/Palm Beach County FL/Palm Springs, CA/Passaic, NJ/Pierce County WA/Portland, OR/San Bernardino, CA/Wichita, KS
A 2.0 link near the end of an episode summary means there is a Cops 2.0 episode for it.

567 Bad Girls! 3 Mardi Gras Special Edition (8:15 PM Briefing) Women misbehave during New Orleans festivities; officers arrest female suspects involved in a physical altercation. #1601. 5/10/03
568 Mardi Gras 2003 Pt 2 (11:31 PM Fight in Progress) 8th District #1602. 4/26/03
569 Coast to Coast 49 (New Orleans, LA - 1:11 AM Officer Assistance Call) 8th District - Officer Patrick Dees has been there 3 years, 2 years in the 2nd District uptown and 1 year on the task force. His partner Officer John Nelson says task force is a specialized unit that gives support to officers and target certain areas. An argument leads to a man crashing his SUV into a pole/Wichita, KS - Smell of pot leads to a brawl/Indio, CA - Domestic violence call about lesbians fighting over the bills.  #1603. 12/6/03
570 Bad Girls! 4 Special Edition (Palm Springs, CA - 8:54 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Steve Woodward was born in Binghamton NY, got a degree in criminal justice, was a cop in Los Angeles for 2 years and has been there 8 years now. It's a great city to work in, always something going on. A man runs a stop sign to get back to the drive thru/Officer fighting in parking garage/Traffic stop with angry frog faced lady/Traffic stop with woman on heroin. Wichita, KS/San Bernardino, CA - Deputy Osvaldo Pelayes #1604. 11/22/03
571 Coast to Coast 50 (Passaic County NJ - 6:03 PM Traffic Stop) Cpl Anthony Damiano - No turn signal leads to a drug bust/Palm Beach County FL - Domestic violence call for a man who punched a woman at a convenience store/Forsyth County NC - Shots fired call from a previous domestic call by a shirtless man. #1605. 12/13/03
572 Coast to Coast 51 (Indio, CA - 10:24 PM Suspicious Activity Call) Mexican prowler looking in windows is caught and beat up after returning/Palm Beach County FL - Suspicious vehicle with 2 black guys in a Lincoln Town Car that have thousands of dollars and drugs/Palm Springs, CA - Traffic stop - bicycle rider who came from a burglary has drugs and bad friends. #1606. 1/3/04
573 Coast to Coast 52 (Palm Springs, CA - 2:38 AM Pursuit in Progress) Officer Frank Browning says his dad has been incarcerated most of his life, he has seen both sides of the law and decided he likes this side better. When he was young cops where seen as heroes, how he looked at it. A man speeds on a motorcycle with a woman on the back who tries to get him to stop. He crashes and has warrants. Palm Beach County FL (12:06 AM Domestic Disturbance Call) Kevin is drunk in a dirty vile trailer and he hits his girlfriend and pulls the phone out of the wall when she calls 911. He just wants his beer and leaves, but she won't press charges. Indio CA (11:04 PM Suspicious Vehicle) A man comes out of an abandoned building so the cops stop him. He says he has a 22 rifle in the backseat and gets arrested because the gun is loaded and unregistered. #1607. 1/10/04
574 Coast to Coast 53 (Palm Beach County FL - 9:24 PM Fight in Progress) District 1 - Deputy James Tacktikos does his best not to take his job home with him, though there are times he brings paperwork home, he doesn't want the stress of his job getting into his personal life. If people ask him about his work he'll gladly tell them. He takes the call of a fight at a gas station, doesn't know anything yet, just lots of noise. He finds a drunk white guy who assaulted an Indian worker/Wichita KS - Fight in progress over grass on a driveway with a fat shirtless tattooed man and old hippies/Indio CA - Officer assistance call with an ugly ex-con lesbian fighting with her ex-lover at a liquor store. #1608. 1/17/04
575 Resisting Arrest Special Edition (Indio, CA - 12:08 AM Suspicious Person Call) Corporal Lisa Corton takes the call of a man refuses to leave a recovery center and tries to get into the woman's side. Also a drunk Mexican man who prompts an intense struggle after admitting he was looking into windows of a local recovery center. (Spokane, WA - 9:26 PM Street Patrol) Spokane PD, (Harris County TX - 8:03 PM Domestic Disturbance) Sheriff’s Dept. District 3 #1609. 11/3/03
576 Foolish Criminals Special Edition (Palm Beach County FL - 8:42 PM Burglary in Progress) District 3 Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Nick Camene takes the call of a man seen jumping a fence into a problem area where many thefts occur. A black guy is caught stealing copper wire from a business/(Cathedral City, CA – 8:51 PM Public Disturbance Call) PD - Public disturbance call to a drunk/high teen at a Blockbuster Video who knocked over a display looking for a job/(Indio, CA - 9:08 PM Suspicious Activity Call) Indio PD - Suspicious activity call to a man driving with expired tags trying to sell stolen lawn equipment. A witness helps apprehend a burglar; at a traffic stop, a man says his ailing wife put illegal tags on his car. #1610. 1/24/04
577 Rescues 1 Special Edition (Passaic County NJ - 4:54 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Dept - Officer Jason DeGroat went to Lakeland Regional High School, then got a job working security at Passaic County Community College. Lots of Passaic County police officers worked there as security and he met a lot of them. They would tell him how interesting their job was and he should take the test and come aboard. His partner Officer Karl Shucai always wanted to be a cop. He started out in the jail division for a few years, then the courthouse and finally his dream came true - out to the streets of Passaic. They take the call of a man who fell into the river. Rescue a man who has fallen into a rushing river. (New York City, NY - 6:15 PM Car Accident) from #734. (Pierce County WA - 11:21 PM Noise Complaint) from #1313. #1611. 9/13/03
578 Coast to Coast 54 (Passaic County NJ - 9:38 PM Suspicious Activity) County Sheriff’s Dept. - A white guy in an orange shirt goes back to get his stash and gets caught. He runs and the cop goes back to get his car and catches him. A K9 is brought in to find the tossed drugs. (Wichita KS - 4:24 PM Suspicious Vehicle) A gross white woman and a gay black guy are in a car in front of a house where they shouldn't be with no ID, no clue, she has 6 warrants and he is an alcoholic and on parole. (Palm Beach Co FL - 9:27 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Office District 1 Martin and his wife are drunk and fight over the keys to the truck. She rips his shirt and he cuts her arm. #1612. 3/6/04
579 Rescues 2 Special Edition (Portland, OR - 7:06 PM Assistance Call) Police Bureau Central Precinct - Officer Matt Stimmel and partner Officer Cathy Kent. (Maricopa County AZ - 2:18 AM Flagged Down) Sheriff's Office District 1, (San Bernardino County CA - 7:11 PM Search & Rescue Call) from #543.#1613. 9/13/03
580 Coast to Coast 55 (Passaic County NJ - 5:52 PM Stolen Vehicle) Detective Derrick Catli says he's a rookie at heart. He spots a stolen car and follows. Three black men in a Honda Civic ram police, try to flee and crash into a parked car and we see they are drunk and injured. Palm Beach County FL (1:34AM Stolen Vehicle) Single white male says it is his mom's car and he is an undercover narcotics officer. Jacksonville FL (8:15 PM Prostitution Sting) Debbie flashes the officer in the car/Black woman says she was molested/Antoine Shemale struggles. #1614. 1/31/04
581 Stupid Criminals Special Edition (Passaic County NJ 8:56 PM Traffic Stop) Two guys get caught buying drugs and they got busted last week in the same spot. The driver claims he wanted to see where he was busted and was just selling stuff. Albuquerque NM (1:28 PM Trespassing Call) Kevin hides under a mattress after getting caught stealing tries and returning to trespass. Wichita KS (9:40 PM Officer Assistance Call) A man steals a bike and takes off and gets caught hiding in a shed after riding past the bike owners house. #1615. 2/21/04
582 War on Drugs 1 Special Edition (Passaic County NJ - 5:14 PM Officer Assistance Call) Sheriff's Department - Officer Jason DeGroat says it is a great place to live and goes on a call looking for a car. The white punk driver runs from a blue car with two passengers and is caught after dumping his bundle of 50 heroin bags. Maui HI (1:25 PM Traffic Stop) No license plate leads to a man fleeing through a condo and the cop loses him and checks his car. Other cops catch him and take him back to jail. Passaic NJ (4:58 PM Suspicious Activity) White guy in a Rangers shirt buys heroin and is sweating buckets, then taken to jail. AKA Drug Busts 1. #1616. 2/7/04
583 Drug Busts 2 Special Edition (Passaic County NJ - 8:55 PM Traffic Stop) Brent leaves the drug ridden projects in his car and blows a stop sign. His girlfriend Elise is in the car and thinks Brent bought drugs, but says she doesn't know anything. Brent pulls heroin packs out of his checkbook and Elise says they are hers, but doesn't want to take the fall alone so both get arrested. (Riverside County CA - 6:15 PM Suspicious Vehicle Call) A car is stopped on the side of the road with three Mexicans inside and no tail lights outside. One of the guys smells like weed and they find a big bag of pot and a roach. The girl who was driving is 8 months pregnant and is crying because the father is going to let her take the fall. Ryan, the father, finally takes credit for it. (Wichita KS - 4:30 PM Suspicious Activity) A car leaving a crack house is stopped for a cracked windshield. The driver says the car belongs to Shirley, but he doesn't know his last name or phone number. He has a box of razor blades in his pocket and was smoking crack and the cop sees he is hiding crack in his mouth and the cop pulls it out. He then goes back in the car and finds the crack pipe. #1617. 5/1/04
584 Jersey Cop Special Edition (Passaic County NJ - 10:06 PM Suspicious Activity) Cpl Anthony Damiano says the weather has broken up, supposed to be BBQ time, hopefully it break as now it is just pouring rain. Hopefully we'll get a good summer. Guy smoking a joint in a hallway (Passaic County NJ - 8:44 PM Suspicious Activity) Suspicious vehicle trading DVD player for drugs  (Passaic County NJ - 5:04 PM Traffic Stop) man with 50 bags of dope (9:49 PM Suspicious Vehicle) man with do rag drug stop. AKA Riding With Corporal Damiano. 2.0 #1618. 11/3/03
585 Coast to Coast 56 (Philadelphia, PA - 5:20 PM Officer Assistance Call) 24th District - Officer Neil Carr says the best thing about catching dealers is making the neighborhood happy. His partner Officer John Ciarlante says it is a great district and it is great taking dealers off the streets and giving it back to the kids. A black guy on a bicycle has drugs and they cut him off and he runs. He swallowed some crack and they also caught Denise who he was selling the crack to. Spokane WA (7:23 PM Animal Disturbance Call) A man sits on a loose rottweiler from his neighbors yard who tried to bite him. Animal control is brought in and captures it. Then they go confront the dopey owner. Des Moines IA (1:10 AM Street Patrol) Larry is seen in an alley with hands on his girlfriend. The find he has meth and a butterfly knife and then dumps more meth in the backseat of the police car. #1619. 3/13/04
586 Coast to Coast 57 (Spokane, WA - 11:58 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Rob Boothe says he's been with the department for nine years and his job is to find the bad guys and make the streets safe. The best thing would be for them to stay home at night. A 340 pound bald white man is clocked doing 85 in a 35 zone and after a pursuit he fights and gets shot with a taser gun and a K9 is brought in so then he behaves. He keeps saying that he hates the world. Portland OR (9:12 PM Suspicious Activity) Cops see a prostitute and a John and when they approach he runs and they catch him. He says he has a warrant and he has meth. He is sweating like a pig and starts crying and wants a cigarette from his mom. His mom gives him the what for. Wichita KS (8:16 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Chris hits his sister in the face with a box of baby wipes because he called them on the phone and they hung up. Everyone in the family gets crazy, but in the end there is nothing the police can do. #1620. 3/20/04
587 Coast to Coast 58 (Portland, OR - 10:41 PM Fight in Progress) Central Precinct - Officer Matt Stimmel says they are in the bar district and people come downtown to have a good time on Friday and Saturday nights. It's taxing at times but they want the kids to have a good clean time. His partner Officer Cathy Kent says people go down to the park or the river and come up to a nearby bar. They head there and see a fight in the street. Two girls and a guy are fighting in the street. A guy jumps on a policewoman's back to try to stop her and gets tasered. The fight was over them trying to use a fake ID to get into a club. Cathedral City CA (7:16 PM Traffic Stop) A car runs a stop sign and the inside of the car smells of pot. The 19 year old white and black guy inside have a roach and a bunch of blunts. Wichita KS (9:55 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) A man in an orange flees the scene and hides behind a dumpster. He is drunk and hit his girl and punched the closet. #1621. 4/3/04
588 Coast to Coast 59 (Palm Beach County FL - 11:43 Sting Operation) Sheriff's Office Organized Crime Bureau - An undercover cop tells two uniformed officers they need there help backing them up. They are delivering dope to a gas station and needs them to block the suspects in and they'll do the rest. A black guy gets arrested at a Hess station with cocaine and a stolen car after a K9 is brought in. A whit guy gets busted selling crack at a gas station. Spokane WA (1:54 AM Officer Assistance Call) Cops kick in a door to arrest Russell for domestic violence for attacking his wife. Des Moines IA (6:33 PM Pursuit in Progress) Cops chase a motorcycle down a railroad track and the cop blows a tire and gets struck while trains are coming from both directions. #1622. 4/10/04
589 Coast to Coast 60 (Portland, OR - 10:16 PM Officer Assistance Call) Transit Division - Officer Craig Mendenhall talks about the prostitution problem on buses and trains. A call comes in for a foot pursuit where an officer on a horse is chasing a fat Chinese guy. He kicked a girl in the face on a train and took off by trying to escape onto a bus. The other cop hits him with a taser. Palm Springs, CA (10:38 PM Officer Assistance Call) Officer Sam talks about loving his job. Scott was spotted during a traffic stop as the man who robbed vending machines the week before. He was identified by the cop who saw him in a surveillance video. They find a big drill and quarter wraps in the toolbox in his truck. He says he is innocent. (11:21 PM Officer Assistance Call) A man's truck stalled out and his plates expired three years ago. He has a warrant and they arrest him. he is with his girlfriend who is crying because she forced him to give her a ride. He has two felony warrants from anger management violations. Wichita, KS (7:34 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Aaron Gillespie talks about spending time with his wife. A father calls police that his son is trying to get into his house where he isn't allowed. The house is a disaster and the hippy biker dad can't take him any more because he's been drunk for three days. Dad thinks he is 59 or 60 years old and his son has been busting up the place. They try to get the son to go somewhere else, but no one wants him. It turns out he has a warrant, so he goes to jail. #1623. 4/17/04
590 Naked Cops 2 Special Edition (Portland, OR - 10:21 PM Disturbance Call) Transit Division - Officer Jason Preston When officers respond to a report of a naked man prowling the neighborhood, they find their suspect wearing pink underwear. (Des Moines, IA - 12:48 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Police Dept (Des Moines, IA - 6:35 PM Violent Person Call) from #1411 AKA Naked Perps or Naked Perpetrators. #1624. 11/1/03
591 Bad Girls! 5 Special Edition (Spokane WA - 5:42 PM Shoplifting Call) Officer Daniel Waters says Spokane is fantastic, not large, great people, proud to be there because everyone works together. Cops go to a 7-11 where a woman is caught stealing and started fighting. She even fights with the two cops and the cries and wails that they are hurting her and she hates cops. She loses a show and cries some more. She even bit the cop all over trying to steal a 12 pack of Keystone Beer. She tried to steal stuff from them the week before and bit the cashier Chris. In the end she said her boyfriend told her to do it. Jacksonville, FL (1:58 AM Suspicious Activity) Officer James Easson stops a van with two young girls inside. Rachel says she drank, but didn't smoke crack. Candy says she won't go down for her friend. They find coke on Rachel's side and she gets arrested. Candy doesn't know what to say because she doesn't want to get in trouble. Philadelphia, PA (10:12 PM Disturbance in Progress) An ignorant black woman is waiting outside and says she was attacked by her friend who robbed a Laundromat. The other woman says the first woman's son is the problem. He is a drug addict and was shot 14 times and she can't get rid of them. She says she cut herself breaking the table. The second one broke the first one's TV and dishes. The first one says it was from her dad's funeral. The second woman is arrested for domestic and possibly cut the first one with a knife. #1625. 5/22/04
592 Coast to Coast 61 (Spokane, WA - 10:23 AM Pursuit in Progress) Cpl Jim Muzatko enjoys playing the game with criminals. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Cops chase a stolen black car into a park and pin it. The ignition was punched and he has a pot pipe. They take him to jail for a meth test. Jacksonville FL (8:45 PM Officer Assistance Call) A black guy in a silver car runs from cops and crashes into a tree. The air bag deploys and he gets knocked out. He comes to and says he was shot at. He hit an overpierced woman's car in the chase. Philadelphia PA (9:15 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Cops go to an apartment where a white girl and black guy are fighting. Jacquelyn is packing up to leave and is on heroin. Her mom is coming to pick her up. #1626. 4/24/04
593 War on Drugs 2 Special Edition (Jacksonville, FL - 3:24 PM Narcotics Sting) Narcotics Unit - Sgt. Valentino Demps talks about setting up a mini reverse drug sting operation. The task force enters a drug house and takes it over then sells out of it from the window to three different black men. Passaic NJ (5:06 PM Suspicious Activity) A cop sees a green Ford make a drug buy and chases him down and finds the passenger has drugs. Portland OR (11:12 Disturbance Call) Randy gets busted again for heroin and says he'll let them get poked with an AIDS filled needle if they search him. #1627. 2/7/04
594 Coast to Coast 62 (Jacksonville, FL - 3:02 PM Sting Briefing) Sgt. Valentino Demps explains about the buy/bust they are going to do in Zone 3 then 5. If anyone has any suggestions of other areas they are to let him know. Undercover cops in a car buy from a dealer on the street and the backup unit gives chase through the projects. The man ditches the bag of drugs before he is caught and says it isn't his. The second buyer doesn't run and says the cops were just loaning him the money. The third buyer doesn't have the drugs, but calls his supplier and they deal out of his car when the backup unit boxes them in. The girl in the car has pot on her and prescription drugs that aren't hers. Portland, OR (10:03 PM Disturbance Call) A man is getting towed for parking a car in a no parking zone. His girlfriend works in a strip club and has to finish a lap dance to get the money. She almost has the $60 needed, but the tow truck driver says the fee went up $50 for the boyfriend having a bad attitude. Then he raises the price $20 since he already started lifting the car. The girl comes back with the $60 and learns of the new price, but doesn't have the money so they tow the car anyway. Spokane, WA (11:03 PM Traffic Stop) Joseph is in a Toyota Camry and is loudly honking his horn going down the street. He has no license or registration because he just bought the car. He is pulled out and smells of pot. He says there is pot and a pipe in the center console. They find a massive pipe that cost him and his two friends $400. The cop calls Joe's mom Lorraine to pick the car up so he won't have to get impounded and ticketed. #1628. 7/10/04
595 Armed & Dangerous Special Edition (Jacksonville FL 8:47 PM Shots Fired Call) Zone 3 - Officer Tom Hemsley has been there seven years. From Sept to Dec they have a beard growing contest for charity and it's good not to have to shave. Hollis comes to a trailer and starts shooting and asking for money. The owner grabs the gun and shoots the intruder and kills him. Spokane WA (11:58 PM Officer Assistance Call) A K9 unit searches for a Stanley in the basement who has a shotgun and warrants. He gets bitten because he wanted a lawyer. Pierce County WA (3:02 AM Traffic Stop) A green El Camino runs and shoots back at the cop and then tosses the gun. The lead unit tries a pit, but wrecks his car. The suspect goes into a trailer park and crashes into a fence and runs. A K9 unit catches him. AKA Weapons Drawn Special Edition. #1629. 2/28/04
596 Coast to Coast 63 (Spokane, WA - 2:03 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer James Erickson says it is a great place to work, lots of variety. He works swing shift on the south side of town and really enjoys it. He goes to a call of a father fighting with his 20 year old mentally ill son. An Asian man says his son wants to kill himself so cops go in to talk to him. The son curses, goes crazy and a cop tasers him on the porch and only then does he start to listen. They turn him over and cuff him. He then tries to get out of the cuffs and spits on them and they have to take him down again. The ambulance crew is called in and takes him away. Jacksonville FL (1:32 AM Suspicious Person) A woman is spotted at a closed business sitting in a car that isn't hers without a license waiting for a friend. She says she has a pipe on her and the cop searches and finds two rocks that test positive for coke. She says the coke is Darryl's and she doesn't know whose car it is. She is arrested for possession. Philadelphia PA (11:47 PM Burglary in Progress) Cops stop three black guys walking down the road. One guy is carrying a box of sneakers, a screwdriver and Nyquil. He says the sneakers are his sisters and he got them from his aunt. Tito the owner of the house they robbed show up after they were called and goes with the cops to check his house and to see what is missing. He then goes and ID's the shoes and stuff as his. Then cops talk to the neighbors who called it in. #1630. 7/17/04
597 Coast to Coast 64 (Jacksonville, FL - 10:04 PM Robbery Investigation) Officer Dan Perotti talks about his off time. He sees a guy on a bike that matches a robbers description, pulls over and jumps out after him. He and another cop with a K9 catch him and the dog tears at him as the cops cuff him. The dog bit his arm and he bleeds all over his clothes. They find a huge wad of money in his pocket that he says was his. He came up to a couple on his bike and demanded money and they fought him. The woman then decides to give him money so he'd go away. He fought her fiancé John and kicked him. The robber said he didn't do it, but he did have a bag of weed. Palm Beach County FL - a cop stops a van at a crack house and pulls out two guys. In the van he finds a crack pipe under the seat and a pipe in the girls purse who drove to the house. He is 21 and the girl is 36. The guy with the pipe is on probation. He just got out of jail last week and now will go to jail for five years. He says it is the drivers. The girl is a dealer. Albuquerque NM (9:45 AM Suspicious Activity) Cops go to a park where people sit in their cars and do drugs. They pull up on a couple in their car. This guy hands the cop his ID and there is heroin sticking out of his wallet. He is cuffed immediately, but says it isn't his. They aren't his pants either. They belong to his friend and he might've stuck the heroin in there without him knowing it. The female driver says it is her mom's car and she was just hanging out since she works nearby. #1631. 7/24/04
598 Coast to Coast 65 (Jacksonville, FL - 7:51 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer Tom Helmsey talks about the weather. He then sees a car with an expired tag and goes to pull it over. Two passengers bail out and the driver speeds up and takes off going 90mph over a bridge and down a freeway until he wipes out into the side wall. He jumps over the wall 30 feet to the ground. The cop follows, but hits his head on the ground and knocks himself out. The suspect hops a fence and takes off. The car was stolen and the two passengers were caught and brought to the scene, but say they didn't know the driver as he was just giving them a ride. Whittier, CA (8:41 PM Suspicious Person) Lead Officer Michael Hinson talks about his son playing hockey. Mike has been seen climbing trees in other people's yards. He goes to a house and the woman who lives there says he climbed a tree to get into her house and her dogs chased him away. She takes the cop to his house on the next block because she is scared and shaken. Mike is a Mexican who is wasted, though he says he only had two beers. He said he went on her patio and into her living room because he didn't want his cats to be torn up by her dog. A search turns up weed on him. Maui, HI (10:21 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer Jonathan Acosta talks about why he became a cop. He then sees a couple sitting in a truck across from a drug dealers' house. The woman has a rap sheet she lied about and does not want them to search her bag. He lets them search his van and they find a crystal meth pipe. A drug sniffing K-9 is brought in and sniffs her backpack and it comes up positive so she is arrested. #1632. 7/31/04
599 Hide ‘N Seek Special Edition (Jacksonville FL - 1:23 AM Suspicious Activity) Zone 5 - Officer Lance Whitaker became interested when he did a ride along with a buddy who was a cop. The first call was a burglary in progress with a couple units kicking in door - it was fun excitement. Two black men are sitting in a parked car. When asked what is going on the driver says they were smoking cigarettes because his mom won't let them smoke in the house. He also says there is nothing illegal in the car that he knows of. He gives consent to search his girlfriends car then runs. He hides in a shed, but the K9 unit finds him. They then find cocaine in his car. He says he didn't have any coke and forget they had his ID when he ran and heard it was a felony to get a traffic ticket. Maui HI (11:24 PM Officer Assistance Call) A car refuses to stop and leads to a pursuit. The guy bails and is hiding in the weeds somewhere and they run through a field and find him under a branch. He ran because he had $200 in warrants. His wife hit him with a toaster and he went to jail and she moved her boyfriend in and he started taking ice so he wouldn't kill himself. Then they find stolen credit cards on him from a burglary the night before. He says he found them on the beach. Maricopa County AZ (1:28 AM Traffic Stop) Officer Gilchrist chases a speeding motorcycle down some roads and into the desert. The bike spins out in the sand and crashes. The man runs off as the cop hits the Kawasaki and loses sight of the guy, but finds him in a bush a few minutes later. A K9 is on standby and they find a crack pipe on him and that the bike was stolen. AKA Resisting Arrest 2. #1633. 5/8/04
600 Ho! Ho! Ho! 1 Special Edition (Wichita KS - 2:40 PM Prostitution Sting Briefing) Sgt picks up a girl for a $20 BJ and an ugly drugged whore for $15 for sex + Black woman who discounts sex for $20/Black man tries to pick up a cop at a gas station + a Mexican man does the same in a red car/Palm Beach County FL - Johns pick up female undercover cops/North Las Vegas NV - Suspicious activity - man in a pickup truck picks up a whore that turns out to be a man. #1634. 12/20/03
601 Coast to Coast 66 (Jacksonville, FL - 3:42 PM Narcotics Sting Briefing) Buy Bust Zone 145 – Sgt. Valentino Emps is in charge, all the others are masked. Two undercover cops are in a car buying. They stop two guys who say the can get $60 worth of crack if they aren’t cops. They run to a house and back and says he can get them $60 more of rock. He runs and is caught and tells them the truth. He is much older and has been busted before. 7:02 PM – Another buy for $60 at a hotel. They guy goes and gets it and comes back. He runs like mad around the hotel and says he is hurt and that is why he has a cane. He says he didn’t sell any drugs, but was caught before on 8/9. It is getting dark so they call it a night. Des Moines, IA – Officer Mike Moody has spent 15 years on the job. To relieve stress he stays with his family and rides motorcycles. He stops a woman driving who says she is looking for her loose dog and an 80 year old man called Hillbilly Elvin kicked her 12 year old son in the face. He lives in his car and thought the kid was breaking in when he knocked on his door. He isn’t home when they go back and they find him in a nearby bar. He was sleeping in his car and when the kid knocked on his door he woke up suddenly, kicked the door open and it hit the kid who was trying to ask him if he’d seen his dog. The bartender is friends with Elvin and says the kid shouldn’t be in Racing Corner Tap parking lot at 10pm in the first place and the dog is loose all the time. Jacksonville, FL Zone 4 (10:03 PM Shooting Call) Officer Joe Crotty takes the call of a black man named Cedric who was shot in the head. Renee called Cedric for a ride because she was fighting with Richard, throwing her shoes at him. He sees all this and goes back in his car and the guy came out and shot through the windshield and the bullet hit him and lodged in his skull. Richard is caught and says he didn’t shoot him and was just drinking. Renee says it was all over crack. Richard gave her $7 to buy crack and she didn’t want to do it and is freaking out over all this. Richard thinks Cedric took the $7 and shot him and a second shot went into the woods. She is talky, nutty and thought the gun was fake. #1635. 10/2/04
602 Guns & Drugs Special Edition (Jacksonville, FL - 12:41 AM Suspicious Activity) Zone 4 - Officer Frank Canaday says a good day is a little traffic enforcement and a good arrest a night. He goes home feeling good doing a little bit. He's not trying to save the world, just do his best - an honest days work for an honest days pay. Cops pick up a called off pursuit on 95 south. The 16 year old girl driving hit stops sticks and fights them and they find drugs in the car. Whittier CA (7:03 PM Officer Assistance Call) Two Spanish guys run from cops and they set up a perimeter looking for them. One guy goes in a backyard and lifts weights after he dumps a fake gun and drugs. Maui HI (3:42 PM Traffic Stop) Cop pulls over a van for no seatbelt and then the cop goes running to the next house to stop a guy from attacking a man with a shovel who came to his house looking for drugs. #1636. 2/28/04
603 Resisting Arrest 2 Special Edition (Cincinnati, OH - 12:23 AM Accident call) Cincinnati Police Department 3rd district - Officer Chris Manson, Officer Jeff Wieczorkowski (Spokane, WA - 9:26 PM Street Patrol) Spokane PD - Sgt. Jason Hartman (Harris County TX - 8:03 PM Domestic Disturbance) District 3 - Deputy C.J. Meaux is a psychologist and father, sometimes you have to give people a spanking and they need it. He heads to a trailer park known for domestics. Brandy comes out with a black eye that Timothy gave her while holding her kid. They’ve been together a year. Deputy Jim Malinowski backs him up. Three cops go in the trailer to get Tim out and he fights like a demon and flies through the air in a rage. She keeps calling him baby and says for cops not to hurt him. Tim screams at her and a fourth man jumps on him. She wants him to talk and says he fought because he’s scared, they shouldn’t have gotten so rough with him and shouldn’t arrest him. C.J. says he hit her, then the police and had to be stopped. They have a new baby inside. They go to put him in the car and he flips out again and he has to be forced in. They weren’t going to arrest him and told him that. She says he didn’t know and she’ll use the rent money to get him out of jail. from #1032. #1637. 3/6/04
604 Love Hurts 2 Hour Special (Albuquerque, NM 5:46 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Woman in a backseat of a car is strangling the hairy man in front with a sock. Fort Worth (9:08 PM Officer Assistance Call) A woman in a trailer is beat up with two bad black eyes. Harris County TX (11:40 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Wife slaps her husband in front of the cop after fighting in the street. Jacksonville, FL (10:10 PM Assault in Progress) A man is trying to use the phone and his girlfriend keeps trying to stop him and flips out when he is taken to jail. Virginia Beach, VA (12:48 AM Assault Call) A man gets punched in the face by his wife's boyfriend. Pierce County WA (9:25 PM Barricaded Suspects) A man and woman won't come out of their house after a fight. (12:33 AM Stabbing Call) A woman is hit while cutting onions and she stabs him after he just got out of the Army. Miami, FL (9:55 PM Domestic Violence Call) A woman's false teeth fall out of the window and onto the roof after her husband pushed cheese into her mouth. Virginia Beach, VA (12:31 AM Domestic Disturbance Call) A man comes home to find his wife locked in the bedroom and he breaks in to find out what is going on. Sarasota County FL (12:15 AM Officer Assistance Call) A man comes home from drinking and his woman smacks him and they find pot out back. Lee County, FL (6:39 PM Disturbance Call) A man knocks a woman's teeth out and gives her a big black eye then he runs off to another trailer. Kansas City, KS (5:12 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) A man wants to get his clothes and leave, but his wife won't let him. Mesa, AZ (11:13 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) A man visits his kids and beats his ex and there is blood all over the walls and the woman says she is to blame. Los Angeles, CA (4:33 PM Assault Call) A man and woman fight in the street and both get bloody and Tami turns blue. Providence RI (10:03 Possible Stabbing Call) A man's wife is having sex with his mom and the mom stabs her son for trying to break it up. AKA Crimes of Passion. #1638/39. 2/14/04
605 Caught Red Handed – 15 Greatest Takedowns (Sacramento, CA - 10:42 PM Disturbance Call) #606, (Indianapolis, IN - 5:17 PM Traffic Stop) A cop pulls over a dirtbag biker whose license is conditional because of a DWI. He smells of pot, just came from the Burger King and doesn't really want to be searched. The cops find a box of pot and the biker throws it hoping his woman on the other bike would grab it and take off. New Orleans (Mardi Gras 12:20 AM) A fight on a balcony turns into a near riot with drunks smashing windows of a bar. Cops try to break it up and a bottle is thrown at him. Horses are brought in to clear the area and some idiots are arrested. NYC (2:33 PM Briefing) After a quick WTC shot Freddy goes undercover as a drunk tourist in the subway to catch pick pockets. A black man in camouflage is a good Samaritan and tires to help. An illegal 19 year old Spanish guy steals his watch, chain and beeper and takes off. He is caught below. Albuquerque, NM (11:33 PM Suspicious Activity) Two guys are arguing and Mark punches the other guy in the face in front of a cop who jumps out of his car and cuffs him. The victim says Mark is his brother and roommate and won't press charges. A 17 year old girl comes over and says Mark raped her. He pushed her in a closet and felt her up. Fort Worth, TX (12:11 AM Suspicious Car) A woman is giving her ex, Eric, a blowjob in the backseat of his car with her baby on her lap in a park. Eric's wife is home and they had a fight so he went back with his ex and admits he doesn't know who he loves. Fort Worth (12:02 AM Suspicious Activity) A cop pulls up behind two cars and they drag race even with him behind them. He gets them both to pull over even though the Camero in second place looks like it U turned. Alvin the winner is 39 and the guy in the Camero is 25. King County WA (6:05 PM Officer Assistance) A girl may have been abducted and they are going to where they think she is. They've been there before - it looks like a trailer park that was hit by a nuclear bomb. They find a guy there and he resists them. A woman who owns the place says the guy is a burglar. Another guy there is also arrested and they have 10 warrants between them. Philadelphia PA (5:43 PM Assistance Call) A guy driving a stolen smashed blue Monte Carlo crashes into a car in front of police. He is high and hits three other guys cars. The owner left the keys inside and he took it. Albuquerque, NM (11:07 AM John Sting) Undercover female cops bring Johns back to a hotel room and bust them. An old guy wants some hokie pokie for $10. Mexican Mike wants a BJ for $20. They cuff him and take him out to the car, but he runs away. Kansas City MO (9:07 PM Shoplifting Call) Two guys stole four cartons of cigarettes. One guy puts them in a cart and brings them over to a second guy who shoves them down his pants. The first guy watches while pushing his cart up and down the aisle. The cops watch it all on the store security tape and laugh. The first guy says he just put the cigarettes on the shelf because he couldn't afford them. Fort Worth (10:03 PM Suspicious Activity) A black guy was buying crack and when the cops show up he drives off and turns the corner and crashes into one of the tenement houses. They catch him and the dealer runs into a house that isn't his and dumps crack in the woman's spaghetti. Albuquerque, NM (2:21 PM A Mexican guy is seen smoking crack on a bicycle and selling some. John picks him up in his truck and he throws his bike in the back. He takes him to his mom's house to score some rocks. They bust him and mom comes out all upset. Harris County TX (10:50 PM Traffic Stop) A female cops stops a red truck and a drunk crashes into her police car. He says he wasn't drinking though. The police car was pushed into the truck. They give the drunk a sobriety test and he fails. Lee County, FL (10:21 PM Robbery Call) Cops go through a yard looking for the guy and find a bunch of pot plants in the yard and a room full of pot plants in the shed. They come back with a search warrant and raid the house and it is full of growing pit and there are tons of guns. #1640/41. 5/1/04

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