Season 15 (2002-03)

Albuquerque, NM/Bernalillo County NM/Broward County FL/Chattanooga, TN/Davidson County NC/Forsyth County NC/Fort Worth, TX/Hillsborough County FL/Homestead, FL/Indianapolis, IN/Las Vegas, NV/Mardi Gras 2002/Maricopa County AZ/Mesa, AZ/Miami, FL/Multnomah County OR/Nashville, TN/New Orleans, LA/North Las Vegas, NV/Palm Springs, CA/Pierce County WA/Pomona, CA/Riverside County CA/San Bernardino, CA/Tampa, FL
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531 Coco the Clown (Tampa, FL - 1:45 PM Sting Briefing) Sgt. Marc Hamlin explains that it is harder to make prostitution arrests in the daytime and the need to take the edge off. So an officer gets into the spirit by dressing himself up as Coco the Clown. Chattanooga, TN/Tampa FL  #1501. 5/4/02
532 Mardi Gras 2002 Pt 1 (6:14 PM Roll Call) 8th District - Sgt. Al Miller tells the troops that people have come from all over the world to be here and never saw cops before and will want pictures with them - just take the 10 seconds and take the pictures. If a woman exposes her breasts give her only one warning. The second time is automatic jail. Anyone exposing themselves from the waist down is automatic jail. After passing some of the weirdos on the streets officers spot a girl on the balcony showing her breasts. When she drops her pants to flash her vagina, cops go up and arrest her. #1502. 5/18/02
533 Mardi Gras 2002 Pt 2 (12:43 AM) 8th District - Officer Scott Monaco says it's the French quarter and continues for 3 blocks. It's 2 weekends, not 1 day. #1503. 5/18/02
534 Coast to Coast 25 (Tampa, FL - 2:12 PM Narcotics Sting) Explains about a citywide buy bust operation. The visual signal is the tapping of the brakes. If they can't get them, move on there are plenty of others. Officers nab reputed drug dealers in a citywide sting; suspects steal car stereos at a dealership. Hillsborough County FL/Fort Worth, TX 2.0 #1504. 12/14/02
535 Coast to Coast 26 (North Las Vegas, NV - 11:40 PM Traffic Accident) Has been an officer there for six years. There are good people there, but with the population explosion brings the criminal element. He hopes working graveyard can cure that. He goes to the call of a man who ran his truck through a brick wall. an officer finds a substance during a routine traffic stop. New Orleans/San Bernardino CA 2.0 #1505. 12/7/02
536 Coast to Coast 27 (Palm Springs, CA - 6:45 PM Sting Briefing) Officer Matt Beard discusses a John sting and uses a board to diagram it. An officer coordinates a sting in a neighborhood where residents complain about prostitution; an officer catches someone snorting cocaine in the men's room of a Las Vegas bar. Broward County FL/Las Vegas NV 2.0 #1506. 1/18/03
537 Coast to Coast 28 (North Las Vegas, NV - 9:18 PM Traffic Stop) Special Operations Division - Police officers find a loaded weapon in a suspect's pants; officers investigate a complaint about loud music in the street. Palm Springs, CA/Broward County FL 2.0 #1507. 1/25/03
538 Coast to Coast 29 (Albuquerque, NM - 11:15 PM Bike Sting Briefing) Community Resources Team - Sgt. Jeff Ferner explains about the $3000 Mercedes mountain bicycle they'll put out on Pennsylvania and Central to see who takes it. They even let the air out of the front tire so they can't ride away. Traditionally they jump off the bike and run, so expect a foot pursuit. Officer Nick Carter is in on the sting. Broward County FL - An officer questions three suspects about an attempted bicycle theft, but one says he is innocent because he has a wooden leg. An officer is forced to shoot a suspect in the leg; a suspect unknowingly picks up a transvestite in Las Vegas, NV. 2.0 #1508. 1/25/03
539 Coast to Coast 30 (North Las Vegas, NV - 11:21 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Matt Fay says his sister, father and uncle were in the LV police, it runs in the family. He goes to pull over a car that ran a stop sign on Stoker & Webb. An officer unsuccessfully uses mace to stop a suspect; birds invade a woman's home; Tampa police impound the new car of a suspected drug dealer. Palm Springs/Tampa FL 2.0 #1509. 11/16/02
540 Coast to Coast 31 (Palm Springs, CA - 10:05 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Frank Guarino has been on night shift for 2 1/2 years from 6:30 pm - 6:30am. He works four days straight and gets three days off. His work is proactive, lots of camaraderie, enjoys working with his team. Spots a car driving with no headlights and pulls him over. A suspect is apprehended for buying drugs and paraphernalia in his mother's backyard; an officer suspects a driver is intoxicated and follows him to his home. Broward County FL/Indianapolis IN 2.0 #1510. 10/1/03
541 Coast to Coast 32 (North Las Vegas, NV - 10:28 PM Stolen Vehicle) Officer Donald Collins says the most exciting thing that ever happened to him on the job was delivering a baby. He then spots a stolen car and goes to pull it over. Officers find a suspect at his grandmother's house. Broward County FL 2.0 #1511. 11/23/02
542 Coast to Coast 33 (Davidson County NC - 8:03 PM Vehicle Pursuit) Sheriff's Dept. TAC Unit - Detective Michael A. Thompson started in the rural mountains of NC and always dreamed of working in the big city. He loves it, like no other job in the world. An officer breaks up a fight in an apartment complex. N Las Vegas NV/Albuquerque NM 2.0 #1512. 3/8/03
543 Coast to Coast 34 (North Las Vegas, NV - 1:02 AM Domestic Dispute) Officer Sean Sprague takes a call of a domestic dispute where the male half has already left and backup is right in front of him. Officers respond to calls regarding a stolen cell phone, shoplifting and marijuana use. Riverside County/Davidson County NC 2.0 #1513. 3/15/03
544 Coast to Coast 35 (Davidson County NC - 2:46 PM Sting Briefing) Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Gerald K. Hege explains how a prostitution sting will work. The female officer will work a corner near a church and tell the Johns to pull around back where they'll bust them. Capt. Jody Shoa explains the problems of prostitution. A deputy stops a man having trouble walking down a crowded street; a deputy pulls over a driver who does not possess car keys. Riverside County CA/Pierce County WA 2.0 #1514. 3/22/03
545 Domestic Disturbance Special Edition (Pierce County WA - 9:25 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Lakewood - Deputy John Delgado says he likes the job because it is different every night. He thinks people have the right not to be harassed, doesn't like people being afraid to sleep at night and he gets to be the big brother to help everyone. His partner is Deputy Kory Shaffer and they go to the call of a man who hit his girlfriend and he thinks they can't come in without a search warrant. Sgt. John Stonack tells them they can come in. The woman sticks her head out a window and says she's fine and the independent witness overreacted. John says they need to see them face to face and are determined to do that. She says they just argued, didn't hit each other and she won't open the door unless they guarantee no one will go to jail. John says he can't to that, so she won't open it. It's Wednesday, so they don't have anywhere to go. An officer goes back to the station for a battering ram and returns and they break the door in. The place is a disaster with food and junk all over the floor. Both are cuffed and arrested and the girl keeps saying nothing was wrong and there was no reason for them to come in. John explains they are obligated by law to investigate and if they left and she got hurt later it would be the police's fault. The guy says they went to the lake and came back home, then had to go back because she forgot her pants with her money inside after she flipped out. She started hitting him and he kicked her. He read somewhere he didn't have to open the door for the police. He's moving to San Diego after he gets out. (Mesa, AZ - 10:08 PM Disturbance Call) Dobson Division - F.T.O. Gina Nesbit goes to a house where a fight occurred. Tiffany is there with blood dripping down her face. Mike wanted her to leave and they are married, but separated. Her mouth is bloody and she spit the blood in her husband's face and bit his ear. Officer Kevin Mattocks talks to him. Tiffany claims she bit his ear during sex as she was enjoying him. He knocked a tooth out of her mouth, but he claims he didn't touch her and that her face hit the door. Mike's knuckles are bloody where he hit her though. The manager of the apartment comes over and says Tiffany is the trouble. She finds her tooth and wants them to put it back in. Cops find a pot pipe in Mike's pocket. (Riverside County CA - 1:15 AM Domestic Dispute Call) Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Jason Horton says he was at this house at 6AM for a fight and now he is returning. The older man Jim can barely speak and says his ex, Navida, came after him with a metal pipe. He says she caused a compound fracture in his ribcage while he was sleeping. He has a calcium deficiency and had 5 cartilage operations. Navida calls while they are there and Jason asks her to come over. He was supposed to get a restraining order against her but didn't. She is at a payphone around the corner and they go get her. Navida claims she didn't have a pipe over there, she just found it now at a gas station. Then how did her husband know she had it? He cuffs her, searches her and uncuffs her. She didn't use drugs before today and wants to make up with Jim, but he doesn't want her. Jason tells her to clean up and get walking. 2.0 #1515. 2/15/03
546 Coast to Coast 36 (Albuquerque, NM - 10:35 PM Fight in Progress) Southeast Area Command - Officer Paul Duran responds to a call of the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl; a motorcyclist boasts he has ducked 27 traffic tickets; a deputy serves a warrant to a hotel guest. Pierce County WA/Forsyth County NC #1516. 4/12/03
547 Coast to Coast 37 (Pierce County WA - 11:23 PM Officer Assistance Call) South Hill Precinct - Officer Erik Clarkson rushes to join a pursuit of a suspect who tried to force an off-duty deputy off the road it a bout of road rage. someone tries to enter a man's home; a security guard restrains an inebriated man. Forsythe County NC/Riverside County CA #1517. 4/19/03
548 Grand Theft Auto 1 Special Edition (Pierce County WA - 3:12 AM Stolen Vehicle Pursuit) South Hill Precinct Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Eric Carlson goes to pull over a car and the guy runs. The car fishtails, heads the other way, then crashes on a turn and he gives up. He's a fat with red hair. The female passenger says her head hurts from hitting the windshield and he saw the cops so he took off. Eric asks if that is normal. He won't stay anything, but he didn't know the car was stolen. She thinks he's a convicted felon for drugs and ran because he was scared, he's a friend, reported the car stolen and ran because he had warrants. She hyperventilates. The tire is gone, car is wrecked and she didn't know it was stolen either because he had the key. She was very scared and isn't happy about this. Deputy Elizabeth Linot chased him last night and the girl was there. She waved and toyed with them. She is 23, only knew him a couple of days and the airbags hit her. (12:28 AM Stolen Vehicle) Deputy Theron Hardesty always wanted to be a cop. He tries to stop a car that runs down dirt and gravel roads, south on Meridian, hits stop sticks doing 70mph, takes a couple of turns then suddenly stops and gives up. There is a knife and 2 kids in the car. His girlfriend says she knew he wasn't going to stop and knew the police didn't know her kids were there and was afraid they would get PITed and hurt the kids. Sgt. Paul Schneider lets her sit with the kids. He ran because he has warrants and didn't want to go to jail. The truck is his friends and the key is in the ignition, except there is no key. He thought it was stolen, but wanted to go to his parents. (12:57 AM Stolen Vehicle) Deputy Kris Nordstrom takes the call of a car taken at gunpoint from a junkyard and follows them. Stephanie is the white driver. Deputy Frank Brown leads her back and cuffs her. The fat female passenger is called out with MP's as backup. Steph says she bought the car from New York Dave whom she dates, two days ago for $200. It broke down, had no gas and just got it back today. They find a bag of meth under the front console and a drug kit with a pipe. The car has no ignition and the passenger met Steph in jail and she swore it wasn't stolen, but she thought it might be. Steph was going to take chicken to a sick friend. The car is towed away. #1518. 9/14/02
549 Coast to Coast 38 (Pierce County WA - 3:38 AM Motorcycle Pursuit) Lakewood PD - Deputy Russ Martin joins county pursuing a motorcycle right ahead of him. Motorcyclist drives across a lawn during pursuit; deputy finds loaded gun in car's passenger seat. Multnomah County OR/Davidson Co, NC #1519. 11/9/02
550 Shots Fired Special Edition (Palm Springs, CA - 10:25 PM Home Invasion Call) 911 Communications Center - A man calls in that a Mexican man pulled a gun on a him, tied him up and stole his car. Officer Nelson Figueroa takes the call. An officer chases an armed suspect; a man in a wheelchair fires on officers; a suspect refuses to drop his weapon. Albuquerque, NM/Lynn, MA #1520. 11/2/02
551 Kids in Peril Special Edition (Riverside County CA - 6:13 PM Officer Assistance Call) Sheriff's Dept - Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Roman Pluimer says he takes a lot of things for granted when kissing his family goodbye. You don't think about it until things go sideways and you might not come home. He makes sure he means it when he says goodbye. His main goal is to get home safe. He goes to a backup call of a man who broke the back window of the police car and escaped out of it. A suspect was seen fondling juveniles and trying to lure them into his hotel. They catch up to him and he fights like crazy smashing a cop in the nose. He bleeds all over and he also bites the cop on the arm and gets urine on another officer. When backup arrives there are at least 7 cops on him including Deputy Richard Birmingham and Sgt. Arthur Turnier. Paramedics come in. Because he urinated and defecated himself they hose him off in a Taco Bell parking lot. Deputy Nathan Padilla gets the hose and Deputy Phil Mather holds him. Sheriff's Dept - Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Roman Pluimer talks about his dad who is a preacher. (Riverside County CA - 5:55 PM Assault with a Weapon Call) Oscar was at a restaurant when he was stabbed in the head. Deputy Michael Judes backs him up. He is on the curb bleeding everywhere and says his three year old son was taken by the attackers - three men he doesn't know. His faces and hands are covered with blood an a guy from the restaurant holds his head up while some hippy guy holds his legs up. Deputy Richard Birmingham arrives. Kevin saw what happened and says Oscar was also stabbed in the gut. They find the kid soon after across the street and hive him to his mother. (Sacramento, CA - 4:38 PM Missing Child Call) Sacramento Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Wally Smith takes the call of a four year old Dominique ran away after kicking a girl because he didn't want to get in trouble. His mom freaks out and has many people looking for him. A pack of kids surrounds Wally and one little girl says what she saw. Wally drives around, helicopter is overhead and eventually he turns up hiding behind a dumpster around the corner. Wally puts him in his car and brings him to the crying mother. AKA Kids in Danger. 2.0 #1521. 9/28/02 
552 Coast to Coast 39 (Albuquerque, NM - 10:02 PM Assistance Call) Community Resources Team - Sgt. Jeff Ferner says he has 4-6 officers assigned to his team at any given time. The goal has always been to take care of a problem in 48 hours, like cleaning out a crack house. Another officer has a car he's pulled over taking a while to stop - an indication he is hiding something. Officers trail someone leaving a crack house; two women accuse someone of vomiting on their vehicle; residents say dogs killed two cats. Forsyth County NC/Pierce County WA #1522. 4/19/03
553 Coast to Coast 40 (Pierce County WA - 1:15 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Sheriff's Dept. South Hill Precinct - Deputy Kristi Estes says it's a state initiated pursuit, a guy sped through a construction zone and have a K-9 in case he runs. Lakewood - They switch to Deputy Russ Martin who sets up stop sticks. The car is slowing down from 60 to 50mph. They are 5 exits up doing 95mph. He tosses the sticks and he slams into them. Back to Kristi who sees his front tires are flat. The car goes into the dirt and kicks up a dust cloud. Over a dozen cars surround him. They tell him to put his hands out, but he doesn't listen, he's on the phone. Three guys go up, one breaks the window and another tases him. A K-9 barks madly over him. He is pulled out and cuffed. He has hair like Larry from the Three Stooges and is dragged away. Deputy John Usery says Russ did a good job. Russ cut his hand on the glass while tasing him. It started on Dick Harbor, he was doing over 100, probably drunk. Russ thinks a trooper hit the sticks and shows the front tires that have the spikes in them. He lost both front tires and maneuverability, it's one of their tools. He ran because he has 3 warrants and his license was suspended in the 1st degree - the highest there is which takes a lot to achieve. Albuquerque, NM - Southeast Area Command - Officer Heather Hindi says there is a history of cops and military in her family. Her grandfather worked on the B&O Railroad, but unfortunately was killed while investigating. (5:37 PM Larceny in Progress) A man stole money from a woman's purse and took off. The witness is wearing Hong Kong Phooey shirt. Officer Robert Middleton backs her up. The thief took $50 from her and recovered $12. He ran across to the alley and hid. They search him and find needles. The victim says she went into a store and bought water and stuck the money in her purse. A man saw him grab something out of her purse and she looked and saw the money was gone. The thief says he didn't see him take the money. Officer Ted Otero-Madrid backs him up. He says he didn't take the money. He is in front of a bizarre apartment with tire planters and all sorts of gaudy trinkets. The woman says she won't prosecute if she gets the money back. Heather can't understand it, he needs to be prosecuted to be taught a lesson. She says she has kids his age and jail doesn't work. Rob finds a cup in a dumpster with $41 in it. She says $38 is hers and the rest is his. Heather then spots a pigeon in the road hit by a car and helps shoo it off the road. She came out to help a person and only rescued a bird. Indianapolis, IN - North District - Officer Leon Benjamin says people should realize cops are normal human beings like everyone else, have families, children and hobbies. They enjoy from the heart the work they do. (7:15 PM 911 Hang-Up) The dispatcher tried to call back several times, but couldn't get through. A man has called saying an elderly woman is being threatened. Leon wants to sneak up on them, but the Fire Dept is there. An old black woman is outside who says a crazy man ran into her house and is tearing the place up and she doesn't know who he is. He is supposed to have a gun, but the lady says she didn't see one. He broke the door down and he's inside on the phone screaming about calling 911 and is still on the phone when they get there. He says he has no weapon. Leon asks about K-9, then the guy opens the door and they run in and grab him. The guy is cuffed and carries on incoherently. He is Terry, a black, skinny guy with cornrows, is drooling and is sorry. He was getting chased and ran home, then ran here so the guys wouldn't catch him. There is garbage and stuff all over the place. The son shows up. Terry says he was scared, seems gay, ask the neighbors, didn't know why there were chasing him or who they are. He doesn't care what they do to him, so they won't get him now. He has a drug that's new to the streets, he didn't know they were police. Leon says he couldn't look out the window and see 15 police cars out there? He doesn't care what they say, he'll look good riding in a wagon. Leon says he'll get his wish. Terry says there's some kind of psycho, mentally disturbed. They ask what Terry's middle name is and he says it don't make a difference, lock him up. They put him in the wagon and he'll entertain them as he's quite loud. Special Thanks to Sheriff Paul A. Taylor & Detective Ed Troyer, Pierce County; Chief Gilbert G. Gallegos Albuquerque, Chief Jerry L. Barker Indianapolis. #1523. 4/26/03
554 Coast to Coast 41 (Pierce County WA - 1:20 AM Home Invasion Call) Lakewood - Deputy Matt Brown talks about watching Cops in high school and wanting to work in Pierce County, Lakewood on graveyard. His partner Deputy Win Sargent likes the corny stuff about the job like helping people on a day to day basis, not many jobs do that and inconveniencing bad guys. An officer questions three suspects about an attempted bicycle theft, but one says he is innocent because he has a wooden leg. Albuquerque, NM/Davidson County, NC #1524. 5/3/03
555 Coast to Coast 42 (Pierce County WA - 1:24 AM Possible Stolen Vehicle) Lakewood - Officer Mark Eakes like working graveyard. It's challenging and what you accomplish in one night is fun and very rewarding. His partner is Officer Mark Rickerson who also loves graveyard. It's a great time to work and they can use darkness to their advantage like the criminals do. It makes their job easier. Deputies pursue a suspicious vehicle; officers question male suspects who are soliciting sex while wearing makeup and women's clothing. Albuquerque NM #1525. 7/12/03
556 Coast to Coast 43 (Pierce County WA - 12:36 AM Car Pursuit) Lakewood - Deputy Kory Shaffer works graveyard. He has a family, likes working nights, loves the atmosphere and it allows time in the afternoon and evenings with his family. He coaches softball and t-ball, so it works out good. Deputy John Delgado is his partner. A call of the state police alone in a hit & run chase comes in and they go back him up. The car hits stop sticks, gets PITed, the white guy bails out on foot, goes through the woods, over barb wire and is caught. He is cuffed under a tree and led back out. Trooper Gerald Ames is the WA State Trooper who started chasing him. The suspect says he didnít have too much to drink, has a suspended license, no registration, title wasnít transferred, didnít want to get caught and has handcuffs on his rearview mirror and a Jack Daniels shirt. Indianapolis, IN (8:06 PM Domestic Disturbance Call). When they arrive the door is open, the 28 year old son Christopher is drunk on the floor, the place is trashed and his mom is trying to find his false leg. Chris asks if heís going to jail, he flips out and is cuffed. He says his mom is a bitch. She says he had to buy $5 rotgut vodka, didnít know he had money, is usually a good person, but canít candle drinking and cops were there 15 minutes earlier. Chris says he hates his mom and is going to beat her. They take him outside and he wonít stand up, so they put him in a chair. Mom brings his leg out and it has duct tape on it and he spits at her. They put him on the ground and charge him with battery by bodily waste. He is put on a stretched and EMT takes him away. Officer Paul Humphrey assists. Pierce County WA (3:39 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Gavin Foster tries to pull over a red Chevy pickup truck with expired tags. The guy keeps going, then pulls into his driveway. Gavin asks him what the address is of his house and the suspect says, ďthatís a good question. I have a PO box, my girlfriend lives there and I know the red and blue lights mean stop, but I didnít.Ē He has no license, the female passenger Rene Lucille has no license either. The plates are stolen, the truck is stolen, but he has a bill of sale in the house. He has $9, a bag of MSA and bullets on him. Deputy Theron Hardesty checks Rene who says he hid a gun under the seat and they locate it. He says he traded for the truck 6-7 months ago, not sure where the paperwork is as heís in the middle of moving. He got it from a Mexican guy in Tacoma somewhere, doesnít remember where, a bowling alley maybe. They find a second gun and both are loaded. #1526. 5/3/03
557 Bad Girls! 1 Special Edition (Indianapolis, IN - 6:21 PM Prostitution Sting) Vice unit targets prostitutes; an officer finds drug paraphernalia and a loaded pistol in female suspect's car. Bernalillo County NM/Fort Worth, TX/Pierce County, WA #1527. 11/23/02
558 Coast to Coast 44 (Pierce County WA - 3:59 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Sheriff's Dept South Hill Precinct - Deputy Eric Carlson is trying to catch up to other units who have been pursuing a vehicle for 10 minutes. They are going to PIT him if the speeds are right. The suspectsí Honda tires are shredding as he takes an exit ramp, he goes over the grass, back onto the road, plays chicken with a car on 54th, then drives through a park and out the back into a residential area. He takes a couple of turns then goes on sidewalk and back into the park. Eric can't follow as they bail out of the car. A K-9 catches Richard the driver. Sgt. Paul Schneider says he was so stupid and almost killed his friends who were throwing stereo equipment out the windows. Richard says they have the wrong guy since he was just sitting on his porch. They ask him why he's sweating so hard then. He says the cops scratched him up and dragged him over there. Officer Tim Mallon of the Puyallup PD saw them unloading stereo equipment out of a store. They threw stereos at him while he chased him and took out his lightbar. They've been in the pursuit since it started and know it was him. Richard keeps interrupting them and won't listen and says he's having an asthma attack and needs an ambulance. Paul says they have a hospital at the jail and asks where his inhaler is. He says it's in the car which isn't his, he has his own car, not this one. They say the story is getting old and they are done. It wasn't hard to catch him since no one else was on the road. (Albuquerque, NM - 10:35 PM Officer Assistance Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Heather Hindi has been working there for three years, before that she met her husband who wasn't fond of female officers which was their first argument. Now that they are married he won't start that and she'll always win. There is a traffic stop at a hotel. The driver is Scott who is very manly, but is dressed as a woman in a blond wig and a glove missing fingers. Officer Chris George questions him. She pulls out Adam the Mexican passenger who says she was going to take him home, but he didn't know her. Scott drops stuff and is taken out for a drunk test, standing on one foot then goes back in the car. Adam says he's known her for three months, but doesn't know her name. He doesn't know Scott is a man. They don't believe his story and know they just met. They show him Scott's license listing him as a male. He says, ďOh wow!" They ask if he wants a cab because he could've gotten robbed or worse, but he wants to ride with Scott. Scott gets a failure to yield ticket for $53. He lives out of state and they will pick him up because of the way he's dressed. They've seen it before where a guy pretending to be a woman takes someone home and there are fights and stabbings. (Miami, FL - 9:35 PM Street Patrol) North District - Officer Rick Martinez started going to college to be a lawyer then decided he wanted to be on the other side catching the guys. He applied and that was 12 years ago. An area called Edison is a high drug area and it's hard to catch dealers because of the narrow alleys they run in and hide. He spots a big black guy, Jerome, in an American flag doorag and gives chase. They corner him so he gives up. They cuff him, arrest him. And find crack cocaine nearby. He's got a Jamaican accent and says he ran because he was scared and the drugs aren't his. A guy was fighting with his girlfriend and she put his clothes in the garbage can. He says the drugs aren't his, but he's been arrested for possession before. Rick asks what's up with him tossing the drugs like a football right in front of him. Jerome wants to know what he's being charged with. His story doesn't make sense, if he's in a fight why is he running toward her. He says he ran because he thought his girlfriend called the cops. If you have more than three bags on you it's possession with intent to sell and he has 15 bags on him. He keeps saying it's not his. He knows the game and will probably be back on the streets tomorrow doing the same thing. #1528. 7/19/03
559 Coast to Coast 45 (Davidson County NC - 3:05 PM Sting Briefing) Deputy Geanine Pregel puts on her makeup. She has been with the department for two years and this is her first undercover prostitution sting, not that she is afraid. It's not something she is used to having no badge, gun or patrol vehicle. Even though she knows the guys around her and knows they are listening she is really nervous. Lt. Todd Kates says they are going to the city of Lexin on Ralley Rd because they have a prostitution problem. They need to be safe and have a good time. A routine search uncovers narcotics and a weapon. Miami, FL/Albuquerque NM #1529. 7/26/03
560 Coast to Coast 46 (Albuquerque, NM - 11:45 PM Sting Operation) Southeast Area Command - Sgt. Jeff Ferner says the Community Resources Team goes around in uniform and plain clothes tackling whatever problem. There are lots of people breaking into cars, especially unlocked ones so they are going to dump a car with items in plain view and hopefully people will steal them. a deputy is dispatched to assist a woman who fell inside her mobile home. Pierce County WA/Maricopa County AZ #1530. 8/2/03
561 Stun Gun Special Edition (Pierce County WA - 10:02 PM Street Patrol) Lakewood - Deputy Andrew Geurrero has been a county employee since 1992, worked at the county jail for 10 years, it's the best education he had, really prepared him for the streets. That was a great job, knew it's time had come, but he took the tests and was hired, really likes this, hopes to make it a career and retire. (Miami, FL - 9:03 PM Roll Call) South District, (Pomona, CA - 10:16 PM Man with a Gun Call) #1531. 2/22/03 
562 Coast to Coast 47 (Pierce County WA - 2:07 AM Street Patrol) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Gavin Foster works eastside graveyard in Ragatta. The majority of the jurisdiction is south of Tacoma and on any given night he could go from one side of the city all the way up to Mt. Rainer. He spots a car driving fast down the center turn lane and then he hits a curb and flips over. Possible DUI. (Palm Beach County, FL - 3:42 PM Sting Briefing) Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit - Sgt. John Kazanjian briefs (Albuquerque, NM - 7:50 PM Shoplifting Call) Police dept. Southeast Area Command - Officer Charles Hedrick. #1532. 9/20/03
563 Coast to Coast 48 (Albuquerque, NM - 1:31 PM Domestic Violence) Southeast Area Command - Officer John Guilmette says they start the day at 4pm and get to the gym at 4:30pm and by the time work is done it is a long day. His partner Officer John Corvino says sometimes when they start a shift it is slow all the way then it gets crazy - you never know. A deputy finds drugs hidden inside a deodorant can; a deputy pulls over a vehicle with a stolen license plate. Riverside County CA/Pierce County WA #1533. 9/27/03
564 Guns Special Edition (Riverside County CA - 9:30 PM Fight in Progress) Sheriff's Dept Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Richard Birmingham says his family is very supportive. His dad was a sheriff and his mom was a nurse so they understand the emergency field 100% and enjoy hearing his stories. He takes the call of backup needed at a fight where one person has a gun. Homestead, FL #1534. 5/17/03
565 Drug Enforcement Special Edition (Tampa, FL - 1:41 PM Drug Sting) Special Operations Unit - Officer Matt Zalansky explains about the reverse drug sting. They are selling weed, coke and crack on 22nd and 29th streets. The three black undercover cops get ready to be the dealers. Officer Eric Houston is in the van on the corner watching the undercover officers. Albuquerque, NM/Palm Beach County FL #1535. 5/17/03
566 Bad Girls! 2 Special Edition (Albuquerque, NM - 1:31 PM Suspicious Activity) Southeast Area Command - Officer John Guilmette says his partner talked him into going back to school and they are two months into it. They took the exam last night, the pressures off, rough 11 weeks doing work, family and college. Officer John Corvino says they are finally going to get a degree after so many years and should've done it a while ago. They spot a red car stopped with two people inside who seem out of it and have drugs and money that aren't theirs. An officer advises a 17-year-old Mexican boy who is dressed as a girl driver not to pick up strangers; a truck driver says two women broke into his truck and stole his wallet. Nashville, TN #1536. 2/1/03

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