Season 14 (2001-02)

West Palm Beach, FL/Atlanta, GA/Des Moines, IA/Chattanooga, TN/Fort Worth, TX/Palm Beach County FL/Tampa, FL/San Bernardino, CA/Best of
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495 Palm Beach County FL 12 (8:09 PM Traffic Stop) Tactical Unit - Deputy Keith Burns says he's been with tactical for five years and being in an unmarked car you get to see more and assist other agencies. His partner Deputy Kevin Marks says they patrol all areas and there are 60 divisions they could work in so they'll never get bored. They go to pull over a car with it's hi-beams on. Deputies Burns and Marks terminate a pursuit when it becomes too dangerous, and moments later, the driver loses control of his vehicle and crashes. Deputy Tapia helps a woman who was battered by her husband. A drug dealer tries to give undercover officers the slip by running through a busy intersection. #1401. 12/1/01
496 Palm Beach County FL 13 (12:23 AM Domestic Disturbance) Deputy Lower responds to a report of a suspect kicking in the front door of a house, and when he arrives at the scene, Lower discovers the suspect holding a knife to another man's throat. Deputy Smith assists other officers pursuing a suspect who fled while being served a warrant. Deputy Lower helps apprehend a suspect who pulled off a robbery and fled with a multitude of construction tools. #1402. 12/15/01
497 Palm Beach County FL 14 (1:11 PM Briefing) Narcotics Unit - Sgt. Marios Martinez says they bought from a guy the night before and if he is there tonight they'll bust him. They want to keep the CI out of it while buying 7oz of coke. The verbal sign is "It's party time" the signal is the hat out the window. Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit uses a vehicle furnished with advanced surveillance equipment to assist with the apprehension of drug dealers. Officer Villiers assists a woman who claims her child's father threatened her with a knife when he discovered that they lost custody of their child. Deputy Villiers assists a victim who claims an estranged friend hit him with a shovel because he owed him twenty dollars. #1403. 1/5/02
498 Palm Beach County FL 15 (10:02 PM Street Patrol) Tactical Unit - Deputy Kevin Marks says he has been on the force seven years and three years with another unit. His partner is Deputy Keith Burns and he says they are both on the same page. Keith wanted to be a cop since he was a kid. The pay is bad, but the satisfaction outweighs that. #1404 3/6/02
499 Palm Beach County FL 16 (11:27 PM Man with a Knife Call) District 1 - Deputy David Sims went up to New York expecting to get real NY pizza and his friend went and ordered Dominos so he was disappointed. Police chase a suspicious man who was loitering in a parking lot; domestic dispute at a mobile-home park. #1405. 3/23/02
500 Palm Beach County FL 17 (9:57 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Tactical Unit - Deputy Keith Burns and Deputy Kevin Marks drive in an unmarked car and say it is better for catching criminals unaware. The windows are darkened and there is no lightbar. They are like ninjas and samurai in stealth mode. They attempt to stop a suspicious vehicle after determining that the owner has an extensive arrest record which includes assaulting a police officer. Deputy Lower stops a car when it is determined the occupants might be linked to a recent robbery. Deputy Fresneda questions a man who claims to have gotten into a fight with a second man after he threw a brick at his car.#1406. 4/13/02
501 Palm Beach County FL 18 (8:47 PM Man with a Knife) District 1 - Corporal John Cogburn says with the Marine division they have a wide environment to cover from the city to the cane fields. A disturbance at a traffic stop. A suspect hides in foliage; prostitution sting; stolen vehicle. #1407. 4/20/02
502 Palm Beach County FL 19 (4:53 AM Burglary in Progress) District 1 - 911 Communications Center - A black woman calls saying she is watching two men breaking into cars and stealing the stereos at her apartment complex. Deputy Gerard Morency takes the call. An officer responds to a burglary in progress; a suspect refuses to present identification. #1408. 9/1/01
503 Atlanta, GA 12 (7:17 PM Man with a Gun Call) Zone 3 - Officer Mike Griffin talks about the history of the city through the civil war to Martin Luther King, Jr. He questions a mother who claims she confronted an armed man who attempted to pick up her daughter. While patrolling a restaurant where there have been several complaints of prostitution and drug activity, Officer Stegner spots a man and woman emerging suspiciously from behind a dirt hill. Officers Watson and Cooper pursue an armed and dangerous robbery suspect who collides with another vehicle in the middle of a busy intersection and flees on foot. #1409. 9/1/01
504 Coast to Coast 1 (Des Moines, IA - 9:22 PM Fight Call) Atlanta, GA/Chattanooga TN #1410. 9/8/01
505 Coast to Coast 2 (Des Moines, IA - 6:35 PM Violent Person Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Lori Wilson has been there four years and meets a lot of nice people along with the bad. She gets a lot of good feedback too. A naked bloody black man on PCP goes crazy in a park. He tries to punch through a wooden fence and gets maced. A dozen cops jump him and a female cop gets covered in blood and has to be cleansed in the ambulance. Chattanooga, TN (2:12 AM Suspicious Person Call) Fox Station - Officer Brian Russell says he never discussed with his wife about being a cop. He then goes a gas station where a U Haul is parked and they open it to find a dirty old hippie couple sleeping naked inside with their dog. The guy has no ID because it got burned in a fire, but later says he had permission to be there. They just got back from Arkansas and had nowhere to stay. Atlanta, GA (5:30 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff stops a car for having no license plate lights. He stops and when the cop gets out he drives off across town. He pulls off into a neighborhood and runs into the woods and is caught. He crashed into three cars along the way and had no license. #1411. 11/10/01
506 Coast to Coast 3 (Des Moines, IA - 8:18 PM Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Joe Morgan has been there eleven years and likes the city because it is small, but not too small, there is still lots to do. An off duty cop is in a foot pursuit. Pursuit; domestic disturbance; car chase. Chattanooga TN/Atlanta, GA  #1412. 9/15/01
507 Coast to Coast 4 (Atlanta, GA - 5:01 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff says his family has gotten used to his role as a police officer. You can't ever take for granted the risks one takes being a cop on the street. His family is more at ease with his job and loves the fact he is a cop. Dangerous pursuit; domestic dispute; suspicious vehicle. Chattanooga TN/Des Moines IA #1413. 9/22/01
508 Coast to Coast 5 (Chattanooga, TN - 2:01 AM Man with a Gun) Fox Station - Officer Jonathan Chambers says whatever happens at work stays at work. He talks to his wife briefly and gives her the highlights because she's interested in what happens and leaves it at that, otherwise it'll drive him crazy. He responds to a man-with-a-gun call, and later apprehends a suspect who attempted to sell stolen property. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Morgan and Helle question two brothers who were involved in a fistfight. In Atlanta, GA, Officer Cotter interviews a woman who claims that her boyfriend allegedly punched her in the mouth while she was walking down the street. #1414. 9/29/01
509 Coast to Coast 6 (Chattanooga, TN - 7:13 PM Traffic Stop) Alpha Team - Sgt. Edwin McPherson says they work street level stopping minor dope deals. His partner Officer Curtis Green says it is never a dull moment with Edwin. They stop a car for having a loose license plate and question several people after detecting the odor of marijuana emanating from their vehicle. In Des Moines, IA - Officers Wilson and Matalone are called to a residence to investigate a domestic dispute and after finding broken glass and drops of blood at the front door, their attention shifts to the unsanitary conditions of the kitchen area. In Atlanta, GA, Officers Huff and Strickland assist an undercover unit after a suspicious vehicle is discovered. #1415. 10/6/01
510 Coast to Coast 7 (Chattanooga, TN - 6:40 PM Stolen Vehicle) Fox Station - Officer Christopher Smith says his uncle was a police chief which inspired him. His partner Officer David Holloway wanted to be a cop since he was age five. He wants to be the best cop he can be, help people and catch bad guys. They observe as the driver of a stolen vehicle crashes into the side of a house. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Eddleman happens upon a fire at a local motel, a blaze later determined to be the work of an arsonist. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Cornwell gives chase when a speeding motorcyclist ditches his vehicle and flees on foot. #1416. 11/17/01
511 Coast to Coast 8 (Atlanta, GA - 5:05 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff says police are like regular people just doing their jobs. He then pursues a white Dodge Durango seen in a known drug area. Officer Huff pursues a driver who eventually loses control of his vehicle and slams into a wall. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Willoughby questions a woman with a large plug of hair missing from the back of her head, which she she claims was the result of being assaulted by a man she met at an AA meeting. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Curtis loses sight of a fleeing suspect, and with the help of a witness, discovers the man relieving himself in a public port-a-potty. #1417. 11/24/01
512 Coast to Coast 9 (Fort Worth, TX - 10:48 PM Traffic Stop) East Division - Officer Michael Martinez has worked in four departments in the zero tolerance units with good people. He questions two male suspects and a prostitute riding in the same car, and when the driver suddenly pulls away, Martinez gives chase and observes as the male suspects abandon the woman on a dangerous stretch of the interstate. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Pendygraft stops and questions a suspect who claims he was on his way to a friend's house, but during a routine search, the officer uncovers a large quantity of marijuana crammed into the suspect's pants. #1418. 11/31/01
513 Coast to Coast 10 (Chattanooga, TN - 9:28 PM Robbery Call) Fox Station - Officer Phillip McClain was born and raised there and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Like most cities they have their problems. The biggest thing that keeps him there is that he wants to factor himself in the equation of ridding the city of some of its' criminal element. McClain responds to a robbery report at a local motel, and upon entering the nervous suspect's room discovers bags of crack cocaine stuffed in the bathroom ceiling vent. In Fort Worth, TX, Officer Maldonaldo orders a a driver to pull off the road after the man was observed leaving a known drug house. In Des Moines, IA - Officer Morgan assists a father whose five-year-old son suddenly ran out of the house and disappeared into the neighborhood. #1419. 1/19/02
514 Coast to Coast 11 (Fort Worth, TX - 2:03 AM Traffic Stop) North Division - Officer David Tate says everyone in Baker district has a nickname, his is Tater because of his last name. There are lots of crimes, but the ones he likes best are catching car thieves and burglars - it's rewarding. He sees a vehicle on 28th with a head light out. It turns south on McHenry and runs a stop sign. He instructs them pull off the road, but the suspect speeds off into a neighborhood and eventually attempts a getaway on foot. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Chambers tracks down an intoxicated suspect who was ejected from a local bar for causing trouble, but after giving the man a warning and calling a cab, Chambers later discovers that the suspect jumped out of the cab a block away. In Des Moines, IA #1420. 2/2/02
515 Coast to Coast 12 (Fort Worth, TX - 9:26 PM Stolen Vehicle) East Division - Officer Chris Leary says the most common misconception about police is they're not human beings and have no feelings and no respect for people. They might have had bad dealings with the police and don't realize they are just like them and put their pants on one leg at a time. He instructs the driver of a stolen vehicle to pull off the road, but when the suspect complies, he and a passenger flee into a residential area. In Des Moines, IA, Officer Frentess stops the driver of a speeding vehicle and although the suspect first claims he had not been drinking, he later admits having consumed two beers and claims he did not know how fast he had been driving. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Miller responds to an attempted robbery at a local residence. 2.0 #1421. 1/12/02
516 Coast to Coast 13 (Fort Worth, TX - 11:04 PM Stolen Vehicle) East Division - Officer Brian Clark says one of the useful tools they have are K-9 unit and a helicopter called Air One. It's piloted by a civilian and an officer observer. They get involved in pursuits and missing persons. It has a several million candle power light called 'Night Sun' and a Fleer system that can see heat sources on the ground and can tell a dog from a person, pretty efficient. He follows a car involved in a robbery with 3 people going east on Ave I, North on South Caller. He gives chase when a gang member driving a stolen vehicle refuses to pull off the road and later he gives chase when the suspect and his passenger bail out of the car and flee on foot. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Moody and Gallardo are called to a local bar where they learn that a suspect threw a drink at a woman when she refused to dance with him, which triggered a fight between the suspect and the woman's boyfriend. Officers answer a call at a Chattanooga, TN bar. 2.0 #1422. 1/26/02
517 Coast to Coast 14 (Fort Worth, TX - 11:02 PM Roll Call) East Division - Sgt. Phillip South talks about a string of home invasion where 4-5 black males hit Vietnamese residences between 10p - 1am, no description of people or vehicles. There MO is to kick in the front door, 4 go in and 1 looks out. They take TVs, VCRs and cash. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Jacoby helps apprehend the driver of a stolen vehicle and, upon searching the suspect, recovers several distinct tools associated with professional car thieves. In Des Moines, IA, Officer Cornwell stops a suspect for a routine traffic violation and finds a biohazard container filled with syringes and methampehtamine inside his van. In Chattanooga, TN, the Street Crimes Unit arrests several suspected drug dealers during a buy-bust operation. 2.0 #1423. 2/9/02
518 Coast to Coast 15 (Fort Worth, TX - 9:08 PM Suspicious Activity) East Division - Officer J.R. Mendoza is very proud of being a cop, it's a family tradition with sever members including his father, a few uncles, younger cousin and brother are cops. He loves the city, gotten a lot in return. His partner Officer Antonio Maldonaldo II says they are going to a known drug house and they are going to watch it and see if they can catch any deals. He goes out with binoculars to watch. They draw their weapons and order a suspect to exit his vehicle after they observe him participate in an drug transaction. In Des Moines, IA Officer Wilson is dispatched to investigate a domestic dispute and receives a report that two suspects are armed with a knife and a pair of scissors. In Fort Worth, TX Officers Mendoza and Nolan search a driver's vehicle after observing the occupants leaving a house used for drug dealing. 2.0 #1424. 2/16/02
519 Coast to Coast 16 (Fort Worth, TX - 4:16 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) North Division - Officer W.E. Spakes has been there 3 years in NPD2 Baker District. It's primarily a Hispanic community, a barrio. The biggest problem is communication since he doesn't speak Spanish well. He is Baker 14 and goes to a stolen car pursuit that lead to a crash on 28th and Angle in a residential area. The car is the wrong way in the bushes, the front tire is gone, the hood and front end is wrecked and there is smoke coming from the engine. Officer Ernesto Flores caught the black passenger in a red shirt soon after. The Mexican driver in the yellow shirt and blue jeans is missing. They find him in a fetal position next to the car in the bushes. W.E. gives him a sternum rub which makes him move. He is OK. They brief Sgt. William Hernandez on the scene afterwards. Des Moines, AI (8:55 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer John Poplawski is Polish & Spanish and people wonder where he got his name. It works out because he is able to communicate with the community. Officer Kenneth Brown is his partner. They speak with a woman who claims her daughter's intoxicated boyfriend damaged a mailbox and then fled the scene. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Willoughby apprehends a driver who ignored instructions to pull over. 2.0 #1425. 2/23/02
520 Coast to Coast 17 (Tampa, FL - 12:02 AM Traffic Stop) Hillsborough County, FL - Officer White arrests a suspect operating a vehicle with a suspended license who admits to having consumed a few drinks earlier that day. Fort Worth, TX - Officer Genualdo questions a victim who claims that a suspect put a knife to her neck, robbed her of money and fled the scene. Later, a police helicopter is dispatched to investigate when a man fitting the suspect's description is spotted running across a nearby river. Tampa, FL - Officer Dennison searches. 2.0 #1426. 3/2/02
521 Coast to Coast 18 (Tampa, FL - 1:55 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - Officer David Dennison says his dad was a cop for 29 years, still is and he worked graveyard too and he always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He is dispatched to investigate a burglary-in-progress at a local warehouse filled with expensive merchandise. In San Bernardino, CA, Officers Alcala and Arca search for a 77-year-old suspect who kicked in the door of a residence and threatened the occupants with a large knife. In Fort Worth, TX, Officers Tate and Eddleman stop a driver operating a car with an expired registration and, upon searching the vehicle discover a shotgun, drugs and more. #1427. 2/23/02
522 Coast to Coast 19 (Des Moines, IA - 3:05 AM Officer Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Chris Wellman always wanted to be a cop, but had to get his foot in the door, so he went in the Marines and came back to be a cop where he was born and raised. Cops tried to pull a guy over which led to a chase in the loop area. He is in a truck and not going very fast with many cops behind him. They would do a PIT, but they are not allowed to on high up vehicles. The driver holds up a cross when they pull up to him as they get permission to box him in. He is surrounded and won't come out so they break the window. The man is Mexican and says, "You are all going to be sorry, god bless you. God is here with me." He has Q-tip crosses taped on the windows and a cross taped on the back. Officer Michael McBride tried to pull him over. He was laying on the horn the whole time as he told him to stop. He drove away and started laying on the horn again so he went to pull him over again. The guy says he's allowed to honk all night in this country. No one got hurt, so it's all good. Fort Worth, TX (9:05 PM) East Division - Officer Sean Blaydes says being a cop is a pretty fun job, lots of leeway, can do as little or as much as you want with no boss breathing down your neck. Some days have nothing, some are constant. Officer Tegan Broadwater tries to take nothing home and tell no stories, but his wife keeps hitting him up for information though he likes to keep it on the street. They pull a woman over and she digs through a pile of papers. They ask what she is doing. She was visiting her friend Cassandra on Rosedale and Hemphill, hasn't been anywhere else. She hasn't stopped anywhere even though they saw her. They pull her out and she keeps pulling her lip up showing her teeth. They search her pockets and all she has is a phone number. Then she says she stopped at another friends house since she is a stripper and has a lot of friends and thinks they are messing with her. She says she has a point and a spoon in the car and is willing to get naked if they want since she does it for a living. She pulled a muscle in her leg and needs help to sit. They find a bag of needles and a spoon. She says she gets high after work, only spends $20 a day and used to spend $300 a day. She rambles on and on about her mom and going to court for not having headlights. She got off at 7:30pm, went to a house and shot up at Cassandra's. They find some unused drugs. She just got out of jail for heroin, now she's going back. Fort Worth, TX (12:02 AM) North Division - Officer Ernesto Tamayo II works with the CCRT unit, Crime Response Team, whatever tasks they give them they deal with. He grew up on the east side, joined the Air Force, didn't think about being a cop, just ended up there. He pulls up behind two guys about to drag race. He thinks they are going to call it off and they race anyway. He turns on the lights as they speed off and he gets the first guy to pull over and the second guy soon after. He thinks the Camero is going to u-turn and run on him, but he stays put. Ernesto tells them he was right behind him and they didn't see him. Alvin in the Ford is 39 and says the guy in the Camero was teasing him the whole way. Ernesto admits he saw him taunting him and he fell for it. The guy in the Camero is 25 and says he wasn't breaking the speed limit and he wasn't racing. Ernesto laughs. First guy and says he was having fun, but this isn't the place, someone could get killed. The Camero guy didn't mean no harm. Ernesto says if these lose control they could wipe someone out. Alvin says he was playing catch up, he would've caught him. He gives them tickets and says they have raceways they can take it to. They should've looked in their rearview at least before they do something stupid. 2.0 #1428. 3/9/02
523 Coast to Coast 20 (Tampa, FL - 11:14 PM Man with a gun call) 911 Communication Center - A call comes in to 911 by a black woman screaming that a man is after her with a gun and hangs up. District 2 - Officer Jason Tkach takes the call to the 1600 block at River Cove. Before she can say where she is the phone goes dead. Tire thieves; a car contains crack cocaine; liquor-store incident. Ft. Worth TX/Tampa FL 2.0 #1429. 3/16/02
524 Coast to Coast 21 (Tampa, FL - 3:41 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - MPO Robert Newberry decided to get into law enforcement when he was five. He was working at a racetrack that his dad was part owner of and one day his dad saved him from a wild race car making all this noise and he took off running and he grabbed him and he always looked up to him for that. Two black men were seen trying to steal tires off a car in a dealership on the main road. They find one hiding under a red car as the K9 looks for the second one. They all run down the road and catch him in a parking lot. The guy screams, wails and cried to god he didn't do it and only ran because he was scared. He said he needed the money or else they would kill him, but he doesn't know them and was just holding the tools. Ft. Worth, TX (4:07 PM Suspicious Activity) Officer J.R. Mendoza talks about how he is still going to college. He sees a car sitting alone under a bridge alone in a known drug area. He goes above it on the overpass and looks down and sees a woman in a blue pickup truck using a needle. He and Maldanado go down and bust her and her husband Barnet of three years is the driver. She says her shoulder is injured, she is scared and hasn't ever been cuffed before. They find crack and he is getting arrested and she cries, pleads and says it is hers. San Bernardino - Two men drive a stolen car to a liquor store. The fat guy wants a discount on half a pint of Vodka because it is his birthday. He says he knows the owner Charlie, but he isn't there. The cashier won't do it and he gets belligerent. The cops talk to him and find out he is on parole and now he can go back to jail for Christmas. 2.0 #1430. 4/6/02
525 Coast to Coast 22 (Palm Beach County FL - 1:42 AM Suspicious Activity) District 3 - Officer Phyllis Kearney wanted to get into law enforcement in Ireland, but the economy was pretty bad so she had to do it here. There is such a difference between Irish cops. They call them gardy. They don't carry guns unless they are in a special branch So when she came here and carried a gun her mother freaked out. She isn't used to it. When she visited she was pretty worried, but saw the people she worked with and was content. She comes upon two women, a blonde helping a brunette who is on the ground. She is bruised on the head and says her husband hit her with a bat during an argument. She swears she will kill him when she gets a hold of him; officers spot a car being driven backward down a one-way street. San Bernardino CA/Fort Worth TX. 500th Episode. 2.0 #1431. 4/27/02
526 Coast to Coast 23 (San Bernardino, CA - 8:25 PM Traffic Stop) Victorville Station - Deputy Osvaldo Pelayes says he gets a lot of hot calls, especially in the summertime. A suspect flies into a rage in the back of a squad car; a suspect drives a car backward down a one-way street. Hillsborough County FL/Fort Worth TX. 2.0 #1432. 4/27/02
527 Coast to Coast 24 (Fort Worth, TX - 12:59 AM Car Pursuit) East Division - Officer Brian Clark enjoys working the midnight shift. When the call load goes down he can be more proactive and it looks for things. The shift works out because when he's going home his 2 and 4 year old are waking up so he can play with them. Fortunately for his son and daughter they got his wife's good looks and not his chiseled features. A car runs a stop sign at Ave K and he chases him until he bails at Ave L. They get out, but don't go far and he holds two Mexican men at gunpoint and tells them to get on the ground. The passenger has trouble listening, the driver doesn't come out and another passenger ran away. A woman comes out of the house they pulled into and wants to know what's going on. Brian tells them they ran from the police. The driver says he ran because he didn't want his father's car to get towed and he doesn't have a license. Brian says it will get towed now and all he would've gotten was a ticket. The guy in the orange pants lives there, the driver doesn't. He's been to jail before and says the car isn't stolen and he almost wiped out on the last turn. The new law in Texas is that if you run from the police it's a felony. They find a Coke can filled with paint in the car and the driver says he knows the paint is bad, he's not in a gang and knew better than to run. San Bernardino, CA (5:57 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Phil Dupper works in the unincorporated part of town where there are no lights, two people on horses and lots of yards on the streets. He pulls over a bashes up, dirty truck for not having a license plate light. He says he lives right there and has no license. Phil wants him to take it easy. Fred is a white guy with a purple doorag who gets all wiry when he gets out. He cuffs him and searches him. He asks him why he's doing this, his son is probably watching him. He says he did nothing wrong, has nothing, but he finds speed on him. He says he's working on getting his license and he hasn't had a license for 10 years. His truck is dirty from working. He finds a bit of weed in the truck. Phil finds it interesting that Fred has a D.A.R.E. shirt on since hes sending the wrong message. The Sgt. backs him up. Fred can't believe he is getting arrested, he did nothing wrong. Phil asks about the shirt, he says it's a hand me down shirt he uses for work, he's a bricklayer, he doesn't know. He's been using for a few years, trying to quit. Tampa, FL (11:55 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 2 - Cpl Todd Lunge talks about a call he once took for a domestic with several brothers having a party. One had a bat and he screamed, threw the bat down, it hit the ground, bounced back up and hit him in the head knocking him out, so he was easy to arrest. He spots a red pick up truck parked in a known drug area. He pulls up and there is a woman in a designer bowler hat sleeping on the front seat. A window is open and a door is unlocked so he opens it and shakes her. She says let go, asks what he's doing and says she's fine. He asks if she knows who he is. She says an officer of the law and she was sleeping and doesn't know if there are drugs in there. A guy was giving her a ride home and she fell asleep. Todd spots a Brillo pad and she says nothing in the truck is hers even though there's a pocketbook with woman's clothes and gold shoes. She says it's not hers. Backup arrives and he says it's Signal 10 and puts her in the back of his car. The guy she was with is a black guy with a mustache and no name. In the bag he finds a prescription bottle with her name on it and cocaine inside. He also finds a crack pipe. Todd goes back and reads her rights. The truck is stolen and she says the prescription is not hers and she doesn't have a crack pipe. He says right, he has it now and he'll dump her clothes since they aren't hers. They can't prove she stole the truck, so she'll get trespassing. #1433. 9/21/02
528 Naked Cops 1 Special Edition (Atlanta, GA - 3:37 AM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Greg Dabny spots a car with no tail light and goes to pull him over and he runs. Turns out the black male driver with no pants on abducted a young black woman in a short silver dress off the street at gunpoint and forced her into his car to give him a blow job. Cops chase him and he flips the car over a fence and she falls out and has bloody knees. An officer chases a half-naked driver; a nude man breaks into a school; a nude runs through a residential neighborhood; officers order nude sunbathers to cover up; nudity at a Mardi Gras party. Cleveland, OH/Las Vegas, NV/Kansas City, KS/Jackson Co #1434. 4/27/02
529 Too Hot for Fox Special Edition (Atlanta, GA - 4:07 PM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Michel Centola responds to an unmarked car that needs his marked car in a pursuit and the suspect almost hit him. An unmarked unit chases a dangerous driver; a biting woman says she is a vampire; a woman removes her clothing and jumps into a public fountain; an officer questions a transvestite. Las Vegas, NV from #340/Clark County/Sacramento, CA/Fort Worth, TX/Kodiak, AK/San Bernardino, CA. Reruns as Too Hot for Television on other channels or Outrageous Calls. #1435. 4/27/02
530 Extreme Cops (Houston, TX - 12:32 AM Car Pursuit) Police officers face life-threatening situations; dangerous car chases; officers detonate grenades during a drug raid. #1436. 9/14/02

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