Season 13 (2000-01)

Jacksonville, FL/Pierce County WA/New Jersey/Mesa, AZ/Best of
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454 Jacksonville: Cops/AMW Crossover (12:49 AM Searching for a Robbery Suspect) Zone 1 - Officer Russell Johnson takes the call of a man sighted at a closed business. This special has John Walsh travel with officers throughout the episode. 2.0 #1301. 5/20/00
455 Jacksonville, FL 2 (10:23 PM Assistance Call) Zone 4 - Officer Shawn Pringle says when he was a kid he was fascinated by the police. When he heard a cop car coming he'd run out of his house to watch them go by. He gets great enjoyment helping people. He gets a call to back up a fight between a male and a female and the female is the suspect for a change. A man threatens woman a with voodoo curse; marijuana sale leads to foot chase; elderly woman falls asleep in bank restroom. 2.0 #1302. 9/2/00
456 Jacksonville, FL 3 (9:48 PM Assistance Call) Officer George Daunhauer says he wife is also a cop which is good. He sees two men fighting and goes over. One man hits his cousins car with a brick three times before the cop can stop him. It turns out he owes him $5 and is holding his cell phone for ransom until he pays up. The man jumps out and they both fight. Police arrest a suspect after they observe him pushing his girlfriend and, later, the victim begs officers not to take her beloved to jail. Officers interview a taxicab driver who was shot in the neck and back several times during an armed robbery, yet miraculously survived. 2.0 #1303. 8/26/00
457 Jacksonville, FL 4 (11:58 PM Robbery in Progress) Officer Linda Morgan talks about meeting her husband who was a bike cop on the force and how great it is to be married to another cop. She aids in the arrest of a robber who attacked his intended victim with a pipe and tried to choke him. Officer Dobscha responds to a report of a six-foot alligator discovered on a homeowner's back porch. While participating in an undercover sting operation targeting car thieves, Officer McNeil observes a group of individuals attempting to burglarize a decoy vehicle. 2.0 #1304. 8/19/00
458 Jacksonville, FL 5 (1:49 AM Burglary in Progress) Officer Robert Adams races to the scene where an officer responded to a burglar alarm and found three men on the scene and has one at gunpoint. Officer Adams questions a witness whose vehicle was rammed by two robbery suspects whom police believe may be responsible for a string of storage unit break-ins. Officer McNeil aids in the pursuit of a suspect linked to a series of armed robberies who is apprehended after a witness says that she saw the man change his clothes in the lobby of her apartment building. Officer McNeil investigates a report of a disabled man selling counterfeit jewelry to unsuspecting customers. 2.0 #1305. 9/9/00
459 Jacksonville, FL 6 (3:31 PM Sting Operation Briefing) Sgt. Charles Wall reads a list of which officers will be in which vehicles for the busts. The Vice Unit targets drug activity in a problem area of the city, leading to the arrest of several suspects, one of whom possesses marked currency given to him by an undercover officer. Officers Mitaly and Cullen assist a homeowner who reported finding hissing raccoons in her chimney and, later, volunteers to help remove a mother raccoon and her three adorable babies from the residence. Officer Johnson investigates after he witnesses a driver pick up a female. 2.0 #1306. 10/14/00
460 Jacksonville, FL 7 (7:52 PM Drug Sting) Organized Crime Unit - Sgt. Robert Phelps talks about taking over a female drug dealer's trailer and selling out of it on a Friday night. The Vice Unit arrests a drug dealer inside her trailer, and later, undercover officers posing as dealers use the trailer to attract several unwitting buyers. Sheriff Lederman arrests a driver and his two female passengers after it is determined they are riding in a vehicle that had been reported stolen earlier that day. Sheriff Meyer aids in the arrest of three suspects who burglarized a change machine at a coin-operated car wash. 2.0 #1307. 12/2/00
461 Jacksonville, FL 8 (3:27 PM John Sting Briefing) Sheriff's Office Vice Unit - Sgt. John Britt discusses with officers about doing a prostitution decoy sting and not jeopardizing the officer's safety. A neighborhood resident complains of male prostitution; officers remove a snake from a woman's home. #1308. 12/16/00
462 Jacksonville, FL 9 (1:45 PM Drug Sting) Organized Crime Unit - Sgt. Tony R. Davis says sometimes by doing this reverse stings they catch people wanted for different crimes. Officers search for missing marijuana; a man says his girlfriend's father damaged his belongings; a man denies assaulting a woman. #1309. 1/6/01
463 Jacksonville, FL 10 (6:04 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Zone 1 - Officer Russell Johnson says they took a call of a woman shot on the corner and when they got their they never her because she was in trouble with the law before. She thought they wouldn't help her because of that and was surprised that they did, not realizing she was a victim and they haven't seen her since. They spot a car trying to avoid them and go after it. Police try to link a gun to a suspect; a man says his uncle stabbed him; a man says his daughter skipped school and smoked marijuana. #1310. 1/13/01
464 Jacksonville: AMW Crossover Follow-Up (10:09 PM Possible Murder Suspect) 911 Communications Center - A man who works at a homeless shelter calls in that he saw one of the guys there on America's Most Wanted wanted on attempted murder and armed robbery charges. Zone 1 - Sgt. Michelle Cook takes the call. Officer Johnson gets some unexpected cooperation from a suspect who admits he has a gun in his car, but when police search the vehicle, they also turn up crack cocaine. As members of the Organized Crime Unit serve a drug warrant inside an apartment, they discover signs of drug manufacturing and the remnants of crack cocaine. #1311. 1/20/01
465 Pierce County WA 21 (11:33 PM Traffic Stop) Deputy Joe Kolp says they have less officers than most large cities. His partner is Deputy Karin Lofing-Newman who lied to her dad once and got caught. No one is perfect and cops are no different. A guy is speeding, acting suspicious and pulls over slowly. Then he speeds off. The passenger tosses something near Charlie’s Car Spot on the 145 block, then crashes near a TexaCounty Joe yanks the driver out, they fight and he’s pulled down and cuffed. Lot of backup and a K-9 arrive. One of the suspects has handcuffs. Deputy Les Bunton finds a large knife, lots of beer and a bunch of CD players. The driver has 5 warrants. Deputy Mark Gosling found the gun he tossed. K-9 Deputy John Munson was right behind them. Lakewood PD – Deputy Dan Wulick is on the way to a treat call and he’s been there before. (1:03 AM Traffic Stop) He spots car with a broken windshield and pulls the woman over. The male passenger Ryan and her 5 year old daughter are in the back. She has no license, the passenger has no ID and just got out of jail on the 29th for heroin. He uses his booking sheet as ID where he has a beard which he has since shaved off. He has warrants, but says he didn’t know. The kid cries and Deputy Dave Butts back him up. The woman says she has no drugs they know of. The car has a layer of garbage on the floor and in it they find a meth kit belonging to her husband. He just bought it today, but won’t say where. The kid wants to know why. Lakewood PD - Deputy Joe Kolp says there are lots of mom and pop ships for soldiers in the area. (10:42 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) When he arrives a window is broken out, the woman says he called her a liar, drove 50 miles in his truck, he denied it and punched her, kicked her stuff and ran out. K-9 Deputy Greg Premo is brought in to look for him and they go down the train tracks north on the 4400 block, down in the woods and find him there. He’s cuffed, has a $200 warrant and a police scanner. Deputy John Delgado frisks him. 2.0 #1312. 1/27/01
466 Pierce County WA 22 (3:02 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Erik Clarkson spots a green El Camino making fast turns without signaling and running a stop sign at 106th. He refuses to stop and sticks a gun out the window and Erik shoots back at him. He drives recklessly, shoots again, runs more lights and stop sign, then holds the gun to his head. He tosses the gun out the window, plays chicken and Erik hits hit on a turn, rams him, then his car died. Deputy Jerry Tiffany joins the pursuit through a trailer park with 8-9 other cops. The car hits a fence, he bails out and tells everyone to stay inside their trailers. A K-9 is brought in and goes through the woods. He keeps screaming and asked why he tossed the gun. The car was stolen and he’s been pulled over before. Lakewood PD – Deputy Dan Wulick likes to stop in a convenience store to see Radar. He asks him if he has any new tricks and he shows him one with 2 clown noses and that there’s been no problems lately. (11:21 PM Noise Complaint) He goes to a juvenile’s party, but spots a fire on the way. People are trying to put out this huge fire with small fire extinguishers. He tries to get them to stop, then tries to clear out all the apartments, but people keep running back inside to grab stuff. One man thinks his daughter is still inside, but turns out she isn’t. A woman runs back inside looking for her cat. She leaves and goes back in. Firefighters arriver and Officer John Giron from Dupont says the woman ran back inside again. Dan goes in the smoke filled apartment, grabs the car and throws him out, but gets a bad scratch in the process and bleeds down his hand. Lakewood PD – Deputy Joe Kolp likes hockey, plays all the time, works out, goes to movies, anything to get away from work. (2:23 AM Fight in Progress) Someone was hit by a 1989 Dodge Caravan. Deputy Monti Minion asks the victim for a description of the van and the driver. The man came barreling through a yard, the victim came out and told him to stop. The guy says to get his dog away, backed up and hit him, his fence and his furniture which are destroyed. Deputy Karin Lofling finds the van’s license plate in the rubble – 218 - ? The catch the driver and go to ID him. Deputy Heath Page reads Anthony his rights. Deputy Les Bunton backs them up. Anthony is a loud mouth wise ass who doesn’t understand his rights. The victims ID him and he doesn’t know why he’s being arrested, says to prove it since they are wrong. He admits he was there, but wasn’t driving. 2.0 #1313. 11/4/00
467 Pierce County WA 23 (3:21 AM Vehicle Pursuit) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Eric Carlson spots a white Chevy truck with two occupants on the hot sheet. He chases the stolen vehicle which takes out a telephone pole, goes east on 52nd, north on I, crosses 51st, goes on a lawn, north on Portland. He gets a flat, starts smoking, drives on the rim at 25 mph and sparks fly. They throw a paper bag out the window on an overpass and get off at the rest area A exit, gets boxed in and the woman passenger is cuffed, then the male driver. Eric was going to PIT him. Deputy Jerry Tiffany says they caught him last week stealing a car at a Chevron. She says he wouldn’t stop and didn’t know why. He wanted to jump out, but hit a tree, fence and a pole. He has a warrant and there was meth in the bag they threw out. Lakewood (11:05 PM Disturbance Call) Deputy Russ Martin goes to an apartment. Anna answers the door and says there’s nothing going on. Alice wanted pork chops and she wanted cheeseburgers, so they fought. Anna’s hand and face are bloody, but she says she ran into the bathroom wall, Alice stole $1000 from her and if Anna leaves she’ll kill her outside. They go inside and talk to Alice and she says she didn’t hit her or take the money. Alice then goes and gets the money, which she says is in her purse. Deputy Bill Pebley asks what’s going to happen when they leave. Anna says she’ll bury her and wants the cops to call her a cab so she doesn’t run into another wall though there isn’t any blood on the wall now. Deputy Eric Carlson says his wife does a great job running the house to allow him to work graveyard, which he loves. (10:34 PM Traffic Stop) He spots a speeding white truck that might be stolen. When he catches up to the truck it is abandoned. Witnesses saw a short, stubby white guy in a t-shirt running through a yard. K-9 Deputy Greg Premo and Max are brought in. The woman at 1407 says he tried to get into her house. He took the keys to the truck and ran out of his shoes. The K-9 tracks him 2 blocks away by a chain link fence. He is an older guy and says he wasn’t running, just sleeping in the weeds. He is covered in sweat, has no shoes and says he left them at the bar. His name is Dave, but he has no ID and was lying there 2 hours. He is asked if he knows what obstruction is. He admits he has 2 DWI’s. An old black guy comes over to ID him. He wears a size 9 shoe and the sandals they found fit him perfectly. Eric wears a size 12 and says to Dave “liar, liar pants on fire.” 2.0 #1314. 11/11/00
468 Pierce County WA 24 (3:25 AM Assistance Call) Lakewood - Deputy Dan Wulick says a man left his motorcycle buddy behind. There's only 2 ways out and he spots him and gives chase. He fled from officer 405 earlier and gets up to 120-30 mph for a few miles down the interstate past exit 114, then suddenly signals and pulls over. Officer Russ Mathison cuffs him and says he was losing it. They take his helmet off and ask him why he ran. He had no reason, no license and did nothing for them to pull him over. He burned his brakes up so he had to stop. South Hill Precinct (5:49 PM Suspicious Person Call) Officer Matt Goulds goes to the 2200 block and stops a man, John, walking down the street. He admits he doesn't live there, is homeless and used to stay with his parents. He lives on 46 near the trees. His DOB is 10/16/66 and he lost his license for not paying his tickets. He is searched for weapons and finds his pockets full of junk. He has needles in a case so Matt stops and put gloves on. He has a warrant for a suspended license and unpaid tickets since 1988. His knapsack is full of rocks because he collects them since he has nothing else to do and some are pretty cool. He's trying to quit meth, but didn't want to toss the needles, he has no dope, he's the only dope here. He's inspiring to be a professional rock collector someday. Matt cuts him loose, but has to leave the area. Lakewood - Deputy Dan Wulick runs into a lot of people he used to go to school with. (1:51 AM Theft Call) Lakewood – Deputy Dan Wulick says he grew up in the Tacoma area and runs into a lot of people he grew up with. He rode his bike there and went to the movies, it’s good to protect your neighborhood. A gray mini van with thee women in it fled from the scene and he goes to look for them. He spots a van on West Thorn and Union behind the Yellow restaurant. They are parked with the door open. He has the driver who is wearing a long stocking cap get out. She has no weapons, no ID. She asks what she did. He says she’s being detained for theft. She says she didn’t do anything. They said it was the girl with the green hair, she has green hair and not many people have green hair. She says the truth is she didn’t do it; it was Kristen, the girl with the burgundy hair. She told Melissa to wait and she jumped out and grabbed a CD case. Kris gets out and CDs fall on the ground. He tells her not to pick them up. She asks what she’s being arrested for. She has a pierced nose and lip and 5 or more in each ear. She says they weren’t in his truck, they were next to his truck and she picked them up. He went to use the phone and he left the CDs behind and she grabbed them. The victim arrives and says all the ones in the case are his. Officer Mike Yamada says there is no way they fell out. There is Kiss, Metallica and Kid Rock. He went back to the truck and a woman saw them take them. Kris cries when she’s charged with second degree burglary, since the value is over $250, it’s a felony. The other girls are let loose for being honest. She wants to go get her cigarettes. 450th Episode. 2.0 #1315. 11/18/00
469 Pierce County WA 25 (11:25 PM Car Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood - Deputy Joe Kolp says when he was 12 he walked into a convenience store in the middle of a robbery and had a .357 Magnum held to his head. He hopes to catch people like that so they can't do those things to others so they don't have to live in fear. They try to get a driver to stop using stop sticks, but he misses them. He is the third unit as they go into a parking lot by a movie theater he bails out and is tackled on the sidewalk. He says he's not moving, is cuffed and has no warrants. Officer Robin Smith of Pacific says it was all over expired tags and a suspended license. Deputy Lynelle Kern backed them up. The guy tossed something on 512, the car was stolen out of King Co and he hit a guy in a Camero who explains what happened. (10:21 PM Narcotics Sting) Deputy Russ Martin talks to undercover cops about a white van that comes to sell drugs. Russ races off to catch the van and pulls it over in a Chevron gas station. The white female driver is called out and cuffed, then a black male passenger. Detective Chris Grant finds a bag of coke she dropped and $300 in rocks in a Tylenol container. Detective Curt Beaupree counts $362 in cash, but they don't sell any dope. Curt says they have him on video. He is on probation and she didn't know what was going on, the guy threw drugs at her. (2:02 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Dan Wulick says summer is extremely busy, winter is cold so it's quieter, more domestics. He pulls over a car for a cracked windshield and it takes a while for them to stop. The black driver's license is expired, suspended in the third degree, but he's working on it. He has to climb through the window to get out because the door is stuck. When he hops out they see a loaded gun in his waistband. The white passenger is smoking out the window. The driver has no gun permit, was repairing the car and found a meth pipe and put it in his pocket. It's not his and the gun was given to him by a kid, so he was trying to figure out what to do with it. He has 3 charges, but is cooperative. He didn't want to reach for the gun or hide it. The passenger's license is suspended, so the car is towed. 2.0 #1316. 11/25/00
470 Pierce County WA 26 (10:31 PM Car Pursuit in Progress) Sheriff's Department - South Hill Precinct - Deputy Dan Hibben says East Side Graveyard is a family, the department is like the army and ever member is like an extended member of his family. He can always count on his family to be there when he needs them. He joins a chase and is going to do a PIT. The guy rams the police and then they stop him by surrounding him with 7 cars. He has a Shit Happens! T-shirt and speaks a mile a minute. Sgt. Paul Scheider says he’s going to jail. He was trying to kill himself, has 3 warrants, damaged a police car, hates himself and hates his life. He was hoping to crash and break his neck. Deputy Lynelle Kern says that’s not a good plan. He only dropped his tapes under the gas pedal and had to pick them up. He wasn’t going for a knife. The stop sticks took out his tire. It starts raining and he says he didn’t pull a knife out. EMS is brought in to check him out. He doesn’t use drugs, but has been awake for 4 days. Lakewood PD – Deputy Steve Parr doesn’t get to deal with people who want to see him, they seem him because they have to. (12:03 AM Robbery Call) at a motel. Deputy William Melhoff meets him there. They go to a room and talk to a guy. He says it was room 4 and has a half-inch ash on his cigarette. He says a woman ripped him off for the $20 he paid her to get groceries, even though he’s never seen her before. He has $1,750 dollars cash on him, but won’t say how he got it. He pulled the money out of his pocket and she grabbed it all and took off. He says she came to the door to get him groceries. Then she was walking by and it was a nice, sunny day, but it took him 13 hours to call the police. There are no stores around. Steve says there are some 5 minutes away. He finally admits he was trying to buy $25 worth of crack. Steve explains he’s not going to get his money back since it was a drug deal gone bad. (12:54 AM Hit & Run) Deputy Lincoln Hales gets a call that neighbors are chasing a guy in a Lincoln Continental who crashed into some cars. He hit a bunch of cars and people ran outside and jumped him when he came back. He’s drunk, had more than he needed and wants a cigarette. Lincoln asks him if he has a license. He says he does, just lost his marbles. A witness says he heard him doing doughnuts, drove up a yard, through a fence, into a van, reversed, hit a white car, slammed into a pickup, came back, hits a car, then a pickup. They give chase and the guy jumps into his truck and they block him in. He took out 40 feet of his own fence, knocked out his window and still has a 6 pack of Busch on the seat. Deputy Ryan Larson questions other witnesses. #1317. 3/3/01
471 Pierce County WA 27 (12:56 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct Sheriff’s Dept - Deputy Robert Fishe got out of the army and worked at the Pierce County jail for 8 years. He's been on the streets for 2 years now and it’s exciting ever since. He runs an Oklahoma plate on a blue car that comes back expired and goes to pull the car over with 3 males inside. They drive west on 92nd into the apartments and drive around and around and bail out. They run to the Southhampton Apts and the K-9 is brought in. One gives up to Deputy Dan Wulick, the second one is caught by Deputy Jeff Reigle who says he caught one of these guys last week. Deputy Lincoln Hales turned him over to his mom last week. She was mad, said it was his first time stealing. They caught the driver and the passenger had warrants. Deputy Jason LaLiberte goes to a domestic dispute where the man, Donald, says the woman got mad because she wants a cigarette. He goes upstairs to talk to her and there is a sign that reads ‘No visitors – go away’ on the door. She says she gets no respect and hit her with a lampshade. He goes back down and Don took off. Don is later caught and says he didn’t do anything, won’t talk to nobody, he didn’t run, he just walked away and had nothing to do with anything. She bumped the lamp and it shattered. He was asleep and she woke him up, she’s on the rag, cheats on him, yells and screams at him. He went to jail in January for DWLS & Malicious mischief. (10:42 PM Traffic Stop) Deputy Eric Carlson says it’s a lot of fun to help out the community. He goes to pull over a car that won’t stop and rolls along at 10mph, then speeds off, then stops and bails out. The Mexican is caught, resists and is cuffed. He is taken back to the car and Deputy Jerry Tiffany checks him. The guy says he doesn’t speak English. They go back to find a bag of coke he tossed. #1318. 3/10/01
472 Pierce County WA 28 (1:29 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Eric Carlson likes to use humor whenever possible to deflect so he doesn't have to bring it home, even in the worst situations. He spots a white Ford pickup with a taillight out and stops him to see if he knows it. He runs and after 2 blocks spins out and bails, but gives up right away in the light rain. Tim is cuffed and has a Miller beer in his coat, no ID and says someone gave him the truck. He ran because he had a beer and freaked out. K-9 Deputy John Munson had caught him before. Tim says Vern gave him the truck a month ago as payment for working for him. He doesn’t know his last name. He drank 5 beers, blew a tire, hit a fence, has 4 needles in the truck, has no license, had one in Texas 5 years ago, but he didn’t run. (8:31 PM Hit and Run) South Hill Precinct – Deputy Jeff Galloway says someone called it in on a cellphone. He chases the older lady after she hit a car and two cars followed her. She hit a ditch and has no headlights. Deputy Michael Hilden busts her for DUI, but she refused the test, has a warrant and no license. They go back to the victims, 2 girls in a Suzuki Samurai Sidekick. Deputy Carmela Buchannon comes up to the disabled car. (1:51 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Lakewood PD – Deputy Kevin Roberts finds lots of stolen cars. Three people are working on a car in the street with the hood up. Deter says he just bought the car and keeps working on it after he’s told to stop. He walks by Kevin and gets in the car. Deputy Karin Lofing-Newman backs him up. Mike is calm, but Peter has a warrant he didn’t know about. There is a crack pipe in the other car. Deputy William Melhloff busts Mike because he has dope in a pack of Marlboros and meth that is tested and comes up blue. Abigail says the pipe isn’t hers, doesn’t know about the drugs, but has a warrant. #1319. 3/17/01
473 Pierce County WA 29 (1:45 AM Vehicle Pursuit) AMW Special with John Walsh. He says there is lots of water, great seafood, but a big meth problem. South Hill Precinct Sheriff’s Dept - Deputy Eric Carlson chases a known meth cooker through a residential area. He has a shaved head and a ponytail, bails out, throws a bag of meth under a car and is caught and cuffed. Deputy Jason LaLiberte and Sgt. James Heishman caught him. Deputy Chad Reinbo explains to Walsh with rolling meth labs like this one. The store it and a toxicologist comes and disposes of it since it’s very dangerous and the smell is overwhelming. They strip the suspect naked and hose him down in the street because he is contaminated. He has full containers of meth in the car. (2:45 AM Street Patrol) Sgt. Paul Schnieder rides with Walsh. They go to a property owned by a restaurant owner who is looking for his son Duane who drives a BronCounty They find the Bronco, but it is empty. K-9 Deputy Greg is there and they find Duane who has warrant. Duane says he doesn’t have any and went to court with his attorney and he’s out on bail. He doesn’t know what the foil is in the back of the truck and the girl he’s with is a friend. His license is suspended and so is the girl’s. He bought it to sell it and the guy in the back was smoking crack. He says it’s hard not to be around drug user since they are everywhere. They have to cut him loose and can’t believe he’s clean, but there is crack in the car. (3:21 AM Pursuit in Progress) South Hill Precinct - Sgt. Paul Schnieder chases a motorcycle and when K-9 arrives the suspect Robert is caught. Robert is wired, has been arrested several times, the bike has no ignition, it’s painted black, but the wheels are still purple. There’s no plates, he’s wearing sunglasses, his helmet has 100s of little holes in it. Rob says he just did 5 months of probation. Deputy Chad Carr asks him about the bike. Rob says it belongs to a friend who is in jail and doesn’t know his name. Walsh used to race motorcross and can’t believe this guy. (4:12 AM Assistance Call) He stops a car with a lab. Deputy Les Bunton and Deputy Chris Larson caught him. The guy cooked it in the woods, loaded the car with a mask, tubes, funnel, pitchers and jars. It smells powerful and the guy says he learned how to cook it on the Internet. #1320. 11/4/00
474 Pierce County WA 30 (2:26 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Robert Fishe prefers graveyard, it's a great shift. It starts busy, slows down and you get to be proactive trying to stop crimes. He spots a motorcycle with expired tags and it slowly runs away, then floors it going north on 173rd, goes down an alley, crashes and bails while the bike is still running. K-9 Deputy Greg Premo goes after him and catches him hiding in a lake. James is an older white guy who is out of breath and cuffed. James ran because he was scared and asks him if he’s high since he seems wasted. (1:28 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct – Deputy Jeff Reigle says graveyard is his favorite shift, it’s busy and he works west side, lots of fun, great guys. He spots a body shop with their garage door open. He goes to investigate, then calls a K-9 in. No alarm went off and James is sitting in the back of a black Corvette and comes out. He works there for Tony doing brakes. K-9 Deputy John Munson arrives. He fell asleep in the car because he’s meeting Tony there at 6am. He has keys for the place and goes to get them to show he can unlock the front door. Sonya is Tony’s wife and laughs about how he will explain it. James was drinking and smoking weed there, has no place to stay, has a warrant, but they don’t arrest him. (10:49 PM Pursuit in Progress) South Hill Precinct – Deputy Jeff Regle joins and the guy crashes his SUV and bails out. Deputy Jeff Galloway chased him and lost him. K-9 is brought in and he is caught. The dog bites him. Sgt. Paul Schneider comes in and the suspect says he was in a brown Toyota Seleca that belongs to a friend. K-9 says he took out a fence. EMT looks at him and the 2000 model car was stolen off a lot two days ago. #1321. 3/24/01
475 Pierce County WA 31 (11:31 PM Pursuit in Progress) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Robert Fishe only tested in Pierce County because that was the only place he wanted to work. He works graveyard which is action packed. When it calms down he is proactive and gets to meet great people which makes the job really fun. He joins a motorcycle pursuit and after 20 minutes the driver runs out of gas and bails. He is caught in a field by K-9 and screams when the dog bites him and is led away with grass stuck to him. Deputy Pete Turner frisks him and finds a gun in his coat. Deputy Andrew Finley says the guy flew right by them and it took a while to catch him along with Deputy Jeff Riegle and Sgt. Paul Scheider. The bike was stolen and he wanted to get rid of a gun in a shoulder holster. He didn’t realize he was going that fast, over 120 mph and a bypass switch on the bike and many felonies. (12:32 AM Stabbing Call) Sgt. John Solheim went to get a new ID because they forced him to and that’s why he looks so unhappy on it. He arrives on the scene and the fat, white woman says she was cutting onions and didn’t mean to stab him, cries and slapped him while Deputy Joe Kolp was there. The knife is in the sink and he left to apartment 24. Deputy Monti Minion talked to the black victim who just got back from serving in the military overseas. She hit him 15 times and gave him a bloody lip. He slapped her and she went and grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the side and now his shirt is all bloody. He stopped her by blocking her blows which made her mad. He couldn’t ID the butcher knife and says it was in the sink. (12:47 AM Suspicious Activity) Deputy Dan Wulick played drums in an alternative band for 2 years, but made no money, got old and lived in a small apartment only eating mac & cheese. He needed a real job. He goes to a meth lab at a hotel, room 18. He knocks and the guy yells “who is it?” He is told, says no problem, won’t fight. There are 2 shirtless guys on a bed and a girl there. One has a briefcase, the other is drinking and wants to put his shoes on. The guy with the case is cuffed and backup arrives, cuffs the others and leads them outside. The case holds a drug lab, there is a bong under the bed, paraphernalia on the dresser, a cooler full of chemicals and acetone. The bathroom has mason jars inside. Deputy Jason Harms talks to them. Rob is out on bail for firearms and a plea bargain for drugs. The special lab unit is then brought in. #1322. 4/7/01
476 Pierce County WA 32 (3:15 AM Pursuit in Progress) South Hill Precinct - K-9 Deputy John Reding is training other dogs. A police officer attempting to stop a fleeing driver employs a dangerous maneuver with his cruiser and deliberately collides with the suspect's truck. While investigating a claim that a husband choked his wife, Deputy Kolp determines that the squalid condition of the couple's residence poses a threat to the health of the woman's newborn child. Deputies Hibben and Bunton investigate when the body of an armed robber is discovered in a yard. #1323. 4/14/00
477 Pierce County WA 33 (12:02 AM Pursuit in Progress) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Robert Fishe backs up the pursuit of a vehicle who tried to ram police went down a dead end, through a field and crashed through the fence into Fort Lewis military base. He goes down dirt roads, gets lost on the trails and hides because they know their way around. He finds an abandoned green vehicle on a tank trail. K-9 Officer Stephen Shepherd from Tacoma is brought in and head through 7 foot reeds and finds Jay buried in a hole under logs. The dog bites his arm and it's all bloody. He says he can't move his arm now and whines and moans. They find a bag of meth and he says not to grab his arm, but they do. Sgt. Paul Scheider arrives and says he has a felony warrant from a stabbing. (12:31 AM Suspicious Person) Deputy John Delgado says the population was just over 3000 where he used to work and he never heard of meth, it's a real eye opener working here. He spots a guy walking with a backpack. He says he was just telling a man his brake lights were on and he has a pocket knife. His ID is in his pouch and he's on probation for vehicle theft. He's sweating, but claims it's from walking so long. He has a wallet belonging to Bruce in his bag and says he didn't know it was there. He just got the bag and a CD player tonight as payment for helping people move. John also finds a meth kit which he also didn't know was in there. He's going on a downward spiral. (12:15 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Erik Clarkson's motto is "By your own accord." He follows a blue GMC pickup truck with no taillights. He pulls him over for speeding and not signaling. The driver says he just got the truck and was going to see his friend Wendy. The truck is registered to Erin whim he just bought it from. He has a $1500 warrant and when backup arrives they say he had a rolling meth lab and got away last week. His license is second degree suspended, license plate is stolen, there's a shotgun on the seat. He says he doesn't really know Erin, just met him. Deputy Eric Carlson checks the 12 gauge shotgun and fins the serial number is scraped off. They also find bags of Sudafed and other meth lab equipment. The truck is stolen and he is arrested on 3-4 felonies. #1324. 4/28/01
478 Pierce County WA 34 (6:06 PM Assistance Call) King County - Deputy Robert Nix says King County is half rural and half urban. A girl who might've been abducted yesterday and they are going to her place to see if she is OK. He knows her boyfriend because he's been arrested before. His trailer is in a lot that is full of garbage, cars and who knows what for acres. They find Joe shirtless and tattooed and he runs until cornered by the cop and the camera crew. Amy shows up, says her grandparents own the place and this guy is a robber. Sgt. Noel Fryberger comes in to sort it all out. They go back to find Jerry who was hiding under the kitchen sink of a trailer. They have 10 warrants between them. Deputy Paul Mulligan says it is a team effort (4:07 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) They stop Richard, a dirty, hairy man in a blue pickup truck and have him come out. He says he is fixing the truck no keys. That's why the ignition is pulled. He has a pile of checks he washed to get names off and cash them. He has crack pipes on him, but doesn't know why and the checks aren't his. Deputy George Alvarez likes the city, but not the rain. (2:02 AM Assistance Call) He catches up with a chase, but the car has knocked a woman off the road and crashed behind a Taco Bell and ran into the woods. They wait for a K9 which finds him behind the dumpster wedged in. He has to be pulled out after the dog bit him. He has no license and warrants. #1325. 5/5/01
479 Pierce County WA 35 (10:49 PM Traffic Stop) King County Precinct 4 - Officer George Alverez was a corman in the navy for 4 1/2 years, immigration on the Canadian boarder for 2 years and has been a cop for 3 years. He pulls over a car that didn't stop completely and grows suspicious when he recognizes a suspect from a previous arrest, and later turns up a large quantity of illicit drugs inside the driver's vehicle. Deputy Reding and his K-9 dog assist a fellow officer searching for a car thief, and eventually find the man hiding in a tree. Deputy Pugh questions an admitted drug addict spotted leaving a known crack house and receives some unexpected help when the woman claims her boyfriend has crack cocaine. #1326. 5/12/01
480 New Jersey 5 (6:16 PM Street Patrol) Officer Tony Silver says there are ups and downs. He's held a dying person in his hands and delivered a baby with his hands. His partner is Officer T.J. O'Conner and they arrest a drug dealer who attempted to dispose of a bundle of heroin during a chase. Officers Garrison and Gonzalez help rescue a warehouse security guard who was forced into the back of a truck and stripped down to his underwear after encountering five intruders. Officers McCormick and Ramos help an injured little girl who was struck by a car after her brother chased her out into the street. #1327. 2/3/01
481 New Jersey 6 (9:04 PM Street Patrol) Jersey City - Officer Mike McKerry plays bagpipes sometimes at cops weddings, sometimes at their funerals and it is a great way to honor them. His partner is Officer Keith Keoghan who has been there a year. They chase, tackle and arrest a suspect and later recover a small quantity of cocaine that he attempted to dispose of during the pursuit. With the help of a Lojack anti-theft tracking device, Sergeant Cruz and Detective Kearns pinpoint an expensive piece of stolen construction equipment in a man's garage. Officers Scanlon and Santiago apprehend a suspected purse snatcher. #1328. 2/10/01
482 New Jersey 7 (9:52 PM Suspicious Activity) Officer Kevin Kot says it is a fun job, not the same. Can be slow one minute, then call after call comes in. You can ride around all day doing basic patrol then within seconds it could be busy the entire night. His partner Officer Rich Romanski enjoys making peoples lives a little bit better, getting bad people off the street, even though they don't stay off long. He enjoys the people he works with. They arrest a young suspect who attempted to dispose of some drugs during a foot chase. Then they question a suspect whom the officers believe was using drugs inside her vehicle. Officers Mike and Ron Babiak help rescue a woman being held at knifepoint inside a suspect's apartment. #1329. 2/17/01
483 New Jersey 8 (12:01 AM Prostitution Sting) Vice Unit - Lt. Walter Barrett says in response to complaints they are going to get rid of the prostitutes working the Grant PCP Area. Then they'll put their officers undercover - Brenda, Doris & Mary Gail Novrit. There will be surveillance at all times as well as the PCP cover unit. Once they get the commitment from the Johns, give the take down signal. Officers sort out a dispute involving the mother of a young girl who claims that a neighbor arranged to have her daughter assaulted following an earlier dispute between the two families. Officers Santana and Ferrari arrest a man who broke into a building in an attempt to steal copper. #1330. 2/24/01
484 Arizona 7 (1:28 AM Traffic Stop) Maricopa County Squad 5 - Deputy J. Gilchrist says you need a hobby to relieve the tension of fighting crime. His unit has a softball team that plays on Friday nights and they relax and have a good time. An officer pursues a stolen motorcycle; a man assaults his family. #1331. 4/28/01
485 Arizona 8 (12:37 AM Traffic Stop) South Division – Officer Tom Hoffman says it is the best place to work and the best time to work is midnight shift on the weekend from 9pm-7am. At I19 and Irvington he and Officer Josh Cheek try to stop a white Dodge Intrepid possibly involved in a Kmart robbery. A slow speed pursuit begins until he misses a turn and hits a pylon. The woman driver is hiding a man in the back. Both are told to walk back and are cuffed. They find a holster and a gun in the back. Their trunk is full of stolen merchandise. He was caught shoplifting and pulled a gun on security. Mesa (5:15 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer Paul Sipe has been a cop for 6 ˝ years. His dad was a cop and did a ride along with him and had a felony stop.  In a trailer park Patrick is naked, sweating and has an electric cord wrapped around his arm still attached to a lamp. He is bloody all over, had OD’ed on speed/crystal meth. Officer Nathan Boulter finds all his drug equipment in the bathroom. Rescue gives him oxygen and ambulance him off. When he wrapped the lamp to stop the meth from getting to far into his system he broke the bulb in the lamp and it cut him up. Tucson (10:21 PM Fight Call) West Division – Officer Jim Kneup likes the graveyard shift. His kids are grown and his wife and daughter are cops. At a Circle K parking lot two guys are still fighting when he pulls up. Samantha the security guard says they were arguing loudly and the black guy says he car was stolen four hours ago. The white guy says he wasn’t hitting him, but the black guy says he was beating him with a belt and trying to defend himself. The white guy applied there for a job and because he didn’t get it he came back and robbed them. #1332. 5/5/01
486 Arizona 9 (2:25 AM Carjacking) Maricopa County - Sheriff's Office District 1 - Deputy R. Walker says how a traffic stop goes is up to the driver. If they treat the cop with respect they get it back. If they are rude they'll be rude back to them. Carjacking; burglary; stolen vehicle. #1333. 5/12/01
487 Arizona 10 (12:34 AM Car Pursuit) Maricopa County - Sheriff's Office District 1 - Deputy R. Walker says they have great camaraderie on the force and it is one of his favorite aspects of the job. A fleeing motorist crashes into a ditch; officers question a man who says his girlfriend was destroying his house; a woman says her ex-boyfriend beat her. #1334. 5/19/01
488 Mesa, AZ 1 (1:07 AM Assistance Call) Central Division - Officer Walter Knox says when he was 19 he started watching the Cops TV show religiously every Saturday night. He watched what the officers did, how they reacted with people and it held his interest until he was old enough. When he was 21 he tested for Glendale where he worked for 2 1/2 years, then he went to Mesa and has been there 5 years. He takes a call to back up a vehicle pursuit into an apartment complex that will be a foot pursuit. Officer Knox searches for two suspects who abandoned their stolen vehicle in an apartment complex after another patrol unit attempted to pull them over. Officer Kowalski assists with the capture of a brown bear clinging to a palm tree. Officer Hoffman helps several victims who were wounded when an unknown assailant opened fire on their car and then fled the scene. #1335. 5/19/01
489 Mesa, AZ 2 (9:26 PM Hit and Run) Central Division - Officer Mike Doherty says he has worked for the department for 14 years in different capacities and it is a good job. A white Chevy pickup hit a motorcycle and fled the scene. Mike pursues a hit-and-run suspect who slammed into an elderly motorcyclist and then fled. Officer Snipe aids a stabbing victim attacked by a driver whom witnesses are unable to identify. While performing a routine vehicle stop, Officer Walker discovers a concealed weapon and drug paraphernalia. #1336. 7/7/01
490 Caught in the Act (Albuquerque, NM - 12:31 PM Vice Sting) #1236, (Pierce County WA - 9:04 PM Shoplifting Call) #919,  (Las Vegas, NV - 8:03 PM Briefing) #1002. #1337. 2/21/01
491 Stupid Criminals (Pierce County WA - 9:03 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) #917, (Kansas City, KS - 8:03 PM Street Patrol) #407, (Fresno, CA - 9:37 PM Car Stop) #928, (Fort Worth, TX - 3:31 PM Street Patrol) #1216. AKA Dumbest Suspects #1338. 2/24/01
492 Hot Pursuits (Indianapolis - 2:17 AM Vehicle Pursuit) #627, (Sacramento, CA - 6:23 PM Traffic Stop) #608, (Atlanta, GA - 3:37 AM Traffic Stop) #1101. AKA Intense Chases/Wildest Chases #1339. 2/25/01
493 Animals in Danger (Kansas City, MO - 8:45 PM Felony Warrant) #1015, (Albuquerque, NM - 9:18 PM 911 Hang-Up Call) #1227, (Martin County FL - 4:27 PM Assistance Call) #1127, (Las Vegas, NV - 8:56 PM Street Patrol/Now Assistance Call) #716 AKA Ferocious Animals or Animal Encounters #1340. 2/26/01
494 Greatest Moments 2 hours - 15. Cleveland, OH - 2:07 AM Stolen Car Call - #628. #003. 5/01

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