Season 12 (1999-00)

Indianapolis, IN/Fort Worth, TX/Albuquerque, NM
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418 Indianapolis, IN 8 (5:21 PM Assistance Call) East District - Officer Genae Gehring says when she worked the Indy 500 speedway the first time she had to direct it three times in because of rain and it is a lot of fun, you get to walk around the track and meet a lot of people. She backs up an officer involved in a foot pursuit in an area past the train tracks on North Drive. She asks a witness where he went. He's a black guy, gray shirt, blue jeans. She backs up and goes on Dearborn. A group of people there says he ran into their house and out the back door. She knows the guy, it's Dave. She runs on foot through yards and they tackle him on a lawn. He says he's down after three cops are sitting on him including Officer Richard Wilkerson. Then he says he can't breathe and they don't believe him. They find a bag of powder in his pocket and he claims it's just Kool Aid. They tell him it doesn't matter, he'll still get busted for selling drugs. He's under house arrest and has an ankle bracelet on. His mom shows up and they tell him he was driving a stolen car. She wants to know if he stole the truck too. Officer Frederick Hamer Jr. explains it to him. Mom asks him what the bags are and he says a variety store next to them sells the Kool Aid like that. Genae says that's not true. He keeps talking and mom tells him to shut up. They sprayed him with mace and he has to go to the hospital. He wants to know what he's charged with and says his eyes are suddenly clean. Marion County (4:02 PM Traffic Accident) Sheriff's Dept - West District Deputy Mark Myler has been there long enough to arrest the children of criminals and now even their grandchildren He goes to an accident where a girl was hit by a truck and is stuck underneath it. He says you never get used to seeing children hurt. He talks to the driver who says he was going around the corner and the girl came out in front of him on a bike and he panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake, hit her and dragged her into a yard. The bike is stuck under the truck and the driver cries. The girl, Sam, doesn't want to go to the hospital, but Mark says she has to. EMS works on her. A witness saw it, but doesn't know if the guy did anything wrong. He says another guy saw it too and Mark says to go get him. Mark has the driver show him what happened in the street and then has him sit in his car. A maintenance man lifts the truck and pulled her out. EMS says her pressure is dropping and they need to get her to the hospital. Being dragged on the lawn probably saved her. She got a bump on the head and lots of scrapes. She is stable. Indianapolis - East District - Officer Richard Wilkerson says you don't hear thank you a lot out here, when you do it's really nice. He goes to a house for a domestic and knocks on the door. A scroungy guy comes up and says someone called, but it's OK now. The guy who called doesn't live there. He sounds drunk and then says they guy who called is in the bathroom. He picks up some booze in the back and Rich tells him to put it down. He says he will after he drinks a sip. If anyone did anything wrong it was him, but he didn't do anything. Rich goes into the bathroom and there is a guy there with a bloody face. He says the drunk punched him twice. They go out and cuff the drunk and he says the guy punched himself in the eye. Officer Robert Hipple Jr. backs him up. The drunk says he fell, then he says it was self-defense. Rob questions the victim who says he told him to leave because his girlfriend left. Then he got mad, called 911 and then he punched him 3 times. He doesn't need an ambulance, but if it gets bad he'll go to the hospital. The drunk guy says he likes him and would die for any of them. Then he says he doesn't like the victim that much. They take him out and the victim tells them to take his Wild Irish Rose too. They pour it out. The drunk says to just take him home and Rich says he can't do that. He says he didn't hit the guy, but if he did hit him, he deserved it. Then he says he could overpower them all with a kung fu jujitsu flip. They ask what that is and he says not to worry about it. 2.0 #1201. 9/11/99
419 Indianapolis, IN 9 (2:32 AM Shooting Call) North District - Officer Andrew Stradling likes the state and the city. It's not a big city, so there isn't as many problems like New York. He takes a call, drives down an alley and a woman points to where the shooter is. There are four people down there including a big black man named Thomas who has been shot in the chest. He has his shirt off and is covering the bloody wound. Andrew tries to get him to sit down which he does, then he gets up. He says if he sits down it'll bleed less and keeps telling him to sit, he does again, then gets up again screaming about how much it hurts. He kicks a garbage can and keeps screaming. EMS is on the way and his girl keeps telling him to sit. He wants to go over to the fire department. He keeps saying it hurt and exhales sharply. He leans all over the police car and says he can't feel his heart. They wheel a cot over and he walks right by it because he wants to get in the ambulance. They bring him back and he says his back is burning and wants to know if there is a hole. He gets on the gurney, then tries to get up. The girl says they were drinking, having a good time and his brother Tyrone accused her of stealing from him and went and got his gun and he shot him. He does this every time he drinks. The bullet missed all the organs. Marion County, IN (5:32 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept West District - Deputy David Whitesell has been about there 3 years, used to be a park ranger and likes working there. Two couples are arguing and their kids are fighting. A shirtless white man says the neighbors daughter Amy slapped his daughter Ashley and was beating on her back. The mom just sat and watched drinking a beer then threw it at him and hit him in the head. Deputy Brian Swinford backs him up. The mom says they threw coffee on her before. Amy says Ashley got on her lawn and mouthed off and she smacked her. Mom says Ashley hits her kid all the time, so she told her to hit her back and the neighbor's wife thinks she wants her husband, but she doesn't. This is the way of the trailer park - mom wanted to fight the other mom. Sgt. David Heilwagen comes and asks what Brian wants to do. Amy has a shirt that says, "Just between us girls I'm gonna kick butt!" They go back and tell them not to fight and to stay away from each other. They don't want anything to do with each other and they don't drink, she's the one that drinks. He doesn't want to get involved, he just wants to fish. They tell him not to confront her anymore. He say she does it in the park all the time and he won’t. Next time just call the police. (5:52 PM Assistance Call) Marion County Sheriff's Dept West District - Deputy Mark Myler says he's enjoyed being a deputy sheriff for 29 years and he tried to be a detective, but didn't like it. He wants to be on the street, on the front lines where the action is, trying to help people. Jeremy, a 7 year old boy, locked his mom out of the house. Mark tries to get to him to open the door and he makes faces through the window with the broken blinds. Mom says this doesn't happen on a regular basis. She'll give a key to Phyllis the neighbor now. Mark says he can break a window on the door. Deputy David Whitesell says the kid is making faces at him. Mark gives Dave a credit card to try to get the door open, but it doesn't work. The kid comes up and makes faces while they do then goes to an open window, smiles at them, says no and closes the window. David goes around front to distract the kid while Mark strikes the window multiple times with a flashlight. The kid runs and hides and they have to search for him. He is under the bed and won't come out. Mark pulls the bed out and grabs the kid. He's in his underwear and screams and cries. They bring him to the living room and ask him why he did that. He growls and kicks at his mom. She admits having lots of problems with him. She called the cops two weeks ago to get him in the car at Kroger and Mark took that call. She says she's going to make his dad fix the window. Mark says Friday night in Indianapolis, all he's got to say. 2.0 #1202. 1/15/00
420 Indianapolis, IN 10 (9:34 PM Attempted Robbery) (9:34 PM Attempted Robbery) East District - Officer Robert Cook says this district has all kind of weird activities. Once he was on the way to a call and spotted a naked man carrying a TV set, but wasn't able to find out why. He investigates an attempted robbery where the victim used martial arts on his assailants. Officers respond to a domestic dispute involving a woman who defended herself with a large knife when her ex-husband attempted to strangle her. The Department organizes a reverse sting operation targeting Johns out to pick up prostitutes. 2.0 #1203. 9/25/99
421 Indianapolis, IN 11 (3:21 PM Assistance Call) East District - Officer Frederick Hamer talks about going to Cubs games because that is real baseball - in the day time, on grass in the open air. Plus there are 162 games a year, not like football. He helps other officers block a fleeing suspect's pick-up truck inside an alleyway, only to give chase yet again when the man places the vehicle in gear and makes another getaway attempt. Speedway Police Officers stop a motorist traveling at speeds over 100 mph and are later stunned by the suspect's honesty when they discover a bag of marijuana inside his vehicle. Speedway Police Officers come to the aid of two very young children who were locked out. 2.0 #1204. 10/9/99
422 Indianapolis, IN 12 (4:36 PM Traffic Stop) West District - Officer John Reichle was born and raised on the west side. The only other job he could do was he got accepted to seminary school to be a priest, but turned it down. It is a similar line of work - helping people. He summons the K-9 unit when a fleeing suspect hides in some brush, and later he watches as a police dog applies a hold on the suspect's arm until officers are able to cuff him. Officer Travis assists animal control officers who claim they were assaulted when they attempted to take custody of a suspect's dog. Speedway Police Officers assist a department store security guard who observed two female suspects shoplifting clothing from the store. 2.0 #1205. 10/30/99
423 Indianapolis, IN 13 (11:09 PM Robbery in Progress) West District - Officer Jeff Viewegh - Officers respond to a robbery; a teen overdoses on pain medication; a drug raid yields cocaine. 2.0 #1206. 12/11/99
424 Indianapolis, IN 14 (9:26 PM Assistance Call) East District - Officer Frederick Hamer says he thought the job would be all fun and games at first just catching bad guy. In reality the streets are blah, not a lot of excitement, lots of paperwork with hot calls only once in a while. Fleeing suspect leaves marijuana in the car; driver crashes into a telephone pole; foul-mouthed suspect quarrels with landlord and harasses his tenant. #1207. 12/18/99
425 Indianapolis, IN 15 (5:07 PM Prostitution Sting Briefing) East District - Sgt. Ron Hicks says safety first, no arrest is worth getting hurt over. prostitution sting; man leaves a 3-year-old unattended; reckless motorcyclist; irate woman assaults an officer. #1208. 1/15/00
426 Indianapolis, IN 16 (5:27 PM Assistance Call) West District - Officer John Reichle has been with the department eight years. He says there is no routine run. He keeps a pin on the roof of an officer who didn't wear his vest one night and was shot and killed to remind him to always wear his vest. He assists undercover narcotics officers with the arrest of a suspect who crashed his car and then dropped a packet of rock cocaine as he attempted to flee the scene on foot. Officer Faulk questions a motorist who accidentally drove her SUV through the wall of an apartment tenant's living room as she was attending to her crying child. Indianapolis police officers respond to a report about a man brandishing a gun, only to observe a scale and a small bag of marijuana in his possession. #1209. 10/2/99
427 Indianapolis, IN 17 (2:45 PM Assistance Call) South District - Officer Tobi Cobian lived there his whole live and grew up in the south side, almost the same area he patrols. He is very familiar with a lot of the people in the neighborhood, the type of people and has a good relationship with the majority of people he works with. He takes the call to assist a homicide detective making a felony stop of a wanted Hispanic man for two counts of homicide in Boston; car sale goes awry; woman claims her husband assaulted her, and she fears retribution. #1210. 11/6/99
428 Fort Worth, TX 16 (7:36 PM Traffic Stop) South Sector - Officer John Ost says when he is off duty he enjoys spending time with his wife and kid. He just got back into camping and fishing and tries to get far away without having to worry about work. He stops a car with a broken windshield, a missing rear view mirror and expired registration. He encounters an uncooperative driver who refuses to answer simple questions, demands a lawyer and attempts to run away. Fort Worth Police Officers utilize the services of a snake handler when a slithering serpent is discovered inside a broom closet. Officer Watkins spots a partially-clad female dancing in a provocative manner on the hood of a parked car. 2.0 #1211. 11/6/99
429 Fort Worth, TX 17 (10:03 PM Suspicious Activity) East Sector - Officer Jim Grow says one second everything can be honky dory and the next is madness and it is hard to believe that some people will try to kill you, but they will. They get caught up in their own thing and don't care who's in the way. Never let your guard down, when you do it could be your last time. He tries to sneak up on a man peddling narcotics. Suspect endangers officers while fleeing; woman facing multiple warrants begs not to be sent to jail; suspect tries hiding pot in a Bible. 2.0 #1212. 11/20/99
430 Fort Worth, TX 18 (10:44 PM Assistance Call) South Sector - Officer Jerry Dalton likes the job since there are lots of opportunities to patrol the area he grew up in. It's real exciting and he wouldn't trade it for anything. If he became rich tomorrow he would still do it. He would do it for free if he had to. Two guys are caught stripping a stolen vehicle on the 3200 block of Todd. They are searched and one takes off over a fence, is caught, fights and Jerry pounds him. Another cop helps cuff him. He gets maced, screams and coughs. Officer Jose Alfardo gut cut in the eye. They go back and get disinfected. Jerry's knee is cut in 3 places. The other guy took off in the commotion and a helicopter tracks him. The first guy gets water poured on his face by paramedics. (10:32 PM Stabbing Call) Officer Phillip Whitehead was teaching special ed in a co-op school and wanted a change and his wife finally agreed. He goes to a country bar and cuffs Steve. Officer Kent Mouton mirandizes him. He says he got hit with a bottle first, then hit the guy back, it wasn't a fight. His front teeth are missing, they put him in a car to have the victim ID him. They go to a house where Clarence is all bloody on his face, shoulder and legs. He says Steve is his best friend and he hit him over a head with a bottle while he was sleeping too close to his old lady. He ID's him, presses charges and is loaded on an ambulance. His wife Ladonna heard it while she was sleeping and didn't see it because it was dark, but a friend saw it. (10:03 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Frederick Furgeson works the streets on a daily basis, learned about narcotics - how to get it, how to do it. He wants to get home safe, that's the main thing. He sees a car leave a known drug house and stops them. Michael gets out, says he didn't bring his license, has no weapons, cleaned up his act and his nephew is in the car and it's his car. Fred asks the nephew if he can search his car and he says they can't for no reason and he wasn't driving. Mike gets cuffed, the nephew gets pulled out and searched. Fred finds wads of money and a bag of drugs on the seat and the guy reaches in, grabs the bag, fights and tosses it. Fred takes him down and cuffs him. Officer Kenneth Judd arrives and they find the bag of coke and heroin or "Boy & Girl" - $1000 worth. Fred tells him the drugs have got to stop. 2.0 #1213. 11/27/99
431 Fort Worth, TX 19 (12:41 AM Traffic Stop) East Sector - Officer Brian Clark says being a cop can be dangerous, not by getting shot, but the potential for being attacked. The biggest chance of getting injured is from driving a car 8 hours a day. He searches for a suspect who is believed to be armed with a high-powered assault rifle. Officers question a married couple about a domestic dispute in which the wife allegedly hurled objects at her husband's car. Officers arrest a profane young woman who manages to slip out of her handcuffs after being placed in the back of a patrol car. 2.0 #1214. 12/4/99
432 Fort Worth: Chases Special Edition (5:02 PM Traffic Stop) East Sector - Officer Antonio Maldonaldo II talks about his department being a great team, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Officers pursue drivers who refuse to stop. #1215. 11/13/99
433 Fort Worth, TX 21 (8:45 PM Street Patrol) East Sector - Officer Jim Grow talks about making a difference. The problem is that you can't always see it. You can stop a drunk driver and not know that what would've happened two minutes later, they could've killed 5 people if you didn't come along. You have to have faith that you are making a difference. He helps arrest two female suspects who made off with a man's car after he entered a convenience store to do some shopping. Officer Maldonado is flagged down by a female victim who claims to have given another woman money to buy her some crack…and received two pieces of plaster in return. Officer Hernandez receives some unusual help when a suspect detained during a routine traffic stop reveals that his companion is in possession of marijuana. 2.0 #1216. 1/8/00
434 Fort Worth, TX 22 (9:31 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) South Sector - Officer Frederick Ferguson has been a cop for eight years and one of the calls that stands out in his mind was two brothers who shot each other over onions on a hamburger. He questions a male suspect who attacked his mother and brother after they turned off the TV show he was watching. Officer Cedillo stops a driver who openly admits that he was cruising a neighborhood in search of heroin to feed his daily habit. Fort Worth Police Officers hunt down two male suspects with some help from a helicopter equipped with infrared technology. #1217. 1/22/00
435 Fort Worth, TX 23 (10:36 PM Street Patrol) East Sector - Officer Steve Myers says they deal with a lot of people with nothing to lose and who will do anything to get away. The major goal is to go home at the end of the night. He then chases a black man in a white shirt hanging out in an area known for drug activity through a park and catches him near a chain link fence. Officer Farah, Jr. questions a man who was arrested for narcotics on a previous occasion, and during the conversation, the officer notices that the suspect's cargo pants are stuffed with plastic baggies. Officer Maldonado questions a driver and his female passenger after they drive away from a house known for narcotics activity. #1218. 1/29/00
436 Fort Worth, TX 24 (2:04 PM Assistance Call) South Sector - Officer Joseph Farah, Jr. has a wife and three kids including a new baby. It’s not an hour job which is kind of rough on his family. Sometimes he can’t go home right away and his wife asks when he’ll be home and he doesn’t know. He could be booking a crazy suspect. He gets a call to back up an undercover auto theft detective in a hospital parking lot. He was following two guys and they ran in a black pickup truck, blew stop signs, crashed and bail. Joe goes after the passenger, an older white guy with red hair, and catchers him after jumping a chain link fence. He says he has bad legs and can’t run. Officer Ismael Espinoza asks him to tell where his partner is and they’ll go easy on him. He wants his hat that he lost in the chase. Detective Reginald Whitehead comes in to wrap it up. (11:30 PM Street Patrol) North Sector – Officer Kenneth Pierce sees a dope deal going down on a corner with a black guy leaning in a car. He pulls him over, cuffs him and the older man who has one leg. When Ken was getting out of his car the dealer threw a canister of crack and Ken saw it and retrieves it. He also finds a pipe and he says it isn’t his. Cpl. Randy Whisenhunt backs him up. The dealer has an eyeglass arm in his pocket for no reason, not for loading a crack pipe, a huge hole cut out of his license and no money. While the crack pipe isn’t his, the keys right next to it are. South Sector – Officer Joseph Farah, Jr. has been on South Side since he graduated in September 1995. (9:13 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer Jorjana Wanzor backs him up. An old mother says her 35 year old son brought a no good crack woman over and then attacked her husband. His hand is cut and her husband John is 75 years old and can’t read or write and went to the store to get away. He says the son tore the house up, beat on him and chunked things at him. Officer Ismael Espinoza talks to a neighbor who says the son threw a chair and beat the old man. The son says he swing a stick at him because he was only defending himself. He tried to stop him with a frying pan and spilled grease all over the floor then grabbed pliers. They put an EPO on him so he can’t come back. #1219. 2/19/00
437 Fort Worth, TX 25 (3:12 PM Traffic Stop) East Sector - Officer Antonio Maldonado II says there was just an aggravated robbery, and he spots a vehicle matching the description, a blue truck with a dent on the side door. He waits for backup before trying to pull them over going north on I35. There are 2 black males and a woman in the middle. He goes up with his gun drawn as Cpl. Silas Smith pulls the passenger out. Officer Allen Speed grabs the girl and finds a .32 gauge shotgun inside. The driver claims the truck was rented to him for $50 and the owner pulled a gun on him and wanted $100. He's been knowing the guy for years and the woman is his girlfriend. They both have warrants and are arresting. (12:11 AM Street Patrol) North Sector - Officer Royce Hearne is getting older, but the criminals stay young. He works 5-6 days a week, bikes 6 days a week and is getting ready for a 100 mile race, his first one. He goes to a park that is closed and finds a fat Mexican woman with a baby on her lap giving a Hispanic man a BJ in the back seat of his car. Eric gets out with his pants down and says he had a fight with his wife so he went back with his ex. Royce tells the woman he has a problem with the woman giving him sexual favors with a child in the car. He's lucky he didn't see them in the act or they would be going to jail. Eric gets a citation for trespassing in the park. He says he's living with his woman for a year, not married, common law and is having trouble with the step-daughter. He ex is mad at him for living with the new girl, he pays child support, cries and admits he doesn't know whom he loves. He is 24, she is 37, he loves the baby…the baby comes first. East Sector - Officer Antonio Maldonado II competes in bike races, did 120 miles in one day once. He follows a van leaving a known drug house and pulls him over. The old white guy gets out and is told to get back in. He claims he was looking for a van and is giving the young black woman with him a ride. He doesn't know if she's a whore, but he was going to ask for a BJ from her. The girl says she needed a ride to her uncle's house. She's not a ho, but all she has is a busted radio with money and a lingerie top stuffed inside, no ID and is going to Ramsey. Officer Sean Kenjura takes her info and both are cited for prostitution. #1220. 3/4/00
438 Fort Worth, TX 26 (3:24 PM Traffic Stop) East Sector - Officer Ruben Hernandez says people think they are always having fun because they laugh during bad situations to relieve stress since they don't want to cry. Crying makes you look weak, but they're not. He chases a stolen vehicle and, when the occupants bail out on foot, continues the pursuit with assistance from a police helicopter and numerous other officers. Officer Maldonado II questions a prostitute, spotted walking in and out of a roadway, who admits to having smoked crack cocaine earlier in the day. Officers Paine and Smith respond to a domestic violence call, only to encounter a female victim with visible signs of injury who does not want to press charges. #1221. 3/18/00
439 Fort Worth, TX 27 (6:17 PM Assistance Call) South Sector - Officer Jorjana Wanzor wanted to become a cop because her mother was one. She went to court reporter school but decided she'd rather be in the field. An officer in a foot pursuit calls for help. A suspect bails out of car; runaway teen; driver stopped multiple times. #1222. 3/25/00
440 Fort Worth, TX 28 (3:12 PM Traffic Stop) South Sector - Officer John Ost says there are lots of gang members, drug dealers, a little bit of everything in the area. A driver owes $2000 tickets; father and son fight older man; marijuana found in cereal box. #1223. 4/8/00
441 Fort Worth, TX 29 (12:48 AM Traffic Stop) East Sector - Officer Sean Harris like dealing with kids. They look up to cops and hopefully they can shed light on their lives and help them onto the right path. driver speeds away from traffic stop; woman claims a man tried to rape her; suspect's cell phone rings during questioning. #1224. 4/22/00
442 Albuquerque, NM 10 (10:47 PM Street Patrol) Southeast Area Command - Officer James Badway says he's been a cop for 5 years, has gotten to know a lot of people in the area, they know his name and say, "Hey Badway!" and he'll wave back. Officer Michael Riley says there is a lot of prostitution and drugs in the area, it's cleaned up, but still there. They are waved down by what they think is a lady, but it's a guy. Joe has lipstick on, is holding a wig, wearing a leopard print leotard and has on stockings. They ask him what's going on and he says, “There was a damn cop that didn't help him." What happened to his knee? He fell chasing him. He was in his truck, a man came over to him and he opened the window. He says everything he has in his wallet is gone. He wants to secure his semi-truck so the rest doesn't get stolen. He's parked next block over. All of his paperwork is in the wallet. He's a tall guy, dark hair, black pants, he doesn't have time for this, every document he's got is in his wallet. He doesn't know his name. He took off and he chased him to the light. What’s he look like? White guy, black hair, his height, his age. He wasn't in the truck with him, how many times does he have to say that? He pulled over to get some rest. He has tears in his stocking and bloody scrapes. Officer Charles Gravis backs them up. He saw a cop when he was chasing him and he wouldn't help. It's not right. He gets back in his cab and says if he finds him he'll kill him. He won't give his info so they say if they find his wallet they can't contact him. His toes are painted red, and he has on blue eyeshadow. The guy grabbed his wallet and took off, pulled it out the window, didn't get in. Joe wants to get dressed, he puts on a tank top, pink shorts and flip flops. They say based on the outfit he had on he was looking for something. He was there a while, lots of cigarette butts with lipstick on it outside the truck. They find his wallet with his license, cards and cash, but two checks are missing, which is what he's most worried about. The thing is that son of a bitch stole his wallet, who's he gonna do it to next? He doesn't understand the law and drives away in his 18 wheeler. The other cop he saw had a prisoner and couldn't leave. They hope he feels better about the police than he did before. He's going to a different part of town, won't be back here. (2:02 AM Street Patrol) Southeast Area Command - Officer Charles Gravis works graveyard and is not dealing with the general public like on day shift, these people are usually out looking for something like drugs or are drunk. Those are the people you deal with and try to keep them in line and keep it sane, but it gets pretty crazy. He spots two women screaming at each other in the street. He goes over and one woman walks away from him and won't listen. The second woman comes over to him and says the other woman scratched her. She keeps pushing her hair back and says he doesn't understand. She was outside and got pulled over. They both sit down and yell at each other. The white girl came back from the store and tried to get back in her room, but the black girl was there, but wasn’t supposed to be. She lives by herself and is totally wired. He calls a female officer to search her. She admits she has a pipe on her. Officer Debbie Hesley arrives to search her. She says the pipe is inside her pants and she's wearing boxer shorts. She says she's the one who gets all the blame and has to pay for the crime. She keeps squirming around and fidgeting with her hair. Says the pipe is all she has and is being honest with her. She takes her shoe off and drugs fall out of it. She says that wasn't in her shoe. If it was there, she would've felt it when she was walking. She says, “please officer - tonight's not my night.” She checks her socks and says it couldn't have been in her shoe, if you walk on it then it would crunch. It was a crack rock in the shoe. She didn't know it was there. The black girl has two pipes on her, but is just given citations. Crack takes over your life out here. (3:26 PM Stabbing Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Gary Barboa says a man has been stabbed in the stomach multiple times by a white man who fled the scene in a teal Thunderbird. A witness says they both left, but the guy who got stabbed is walking toward them. He's a big black guy with a huge bloodstain on his shirt dripping down. Deputy Leif Arvidson backs him up. He says he's all right and they have him sit down. He was talking to his sister's fiancé and was drunk. He went in his room and then he started swinging the knife at him. He had it on him, just freaked. His sister left with the guy. They live at the apartments right behind him. They go over there and a nasty looking white woman is freaking out, hyperventilating. She goes down, can't speak, says she saw the stabbing, please, I'm going back home, can't stand it anymore. They catch the shirtless suspect around the corner and a woman with him. They are cuffed and mirandized. The husband comes over to comfort his wife Rhonda who can't breathe. The suspect says he hit him, he didn't do nothing. He was hit three times in the last month, who hit him today? He doesn't know. Who stopped him? He doesn't know what happened at the apartment. He didn't do anything with Charles. He keeps repeating everything. The Sgt. arrives and his car has two flat tires. #1225. 2/5/00 Truck Driver collage
443 Albuquerque, NM 11 (7:19 PM Assistance Call) Officers attempt to stop a driver for a routine traffic violation, but the suspect ignores their instructions to pull over and leads police on a chase through the city's back alleys. Police officers detain a young mother-of-five for trespassing, discover heroin concealed in her shoe and then listen to her assertion that her husband is out to kill her. Police question a female suspect who brandished a knife during an altercation with a motel security guard. #1226. 2/12/00
444 Albuquerque, NM 12 (9:18 PM 911 Hang-Up Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer James Badway has worked there long enough that people who call know him by name and are glad to see him. It is a good place and a good job. His partner Officer Michael Riley likes to help people. That's why they are there and it is rewarding. A bird attacks an officer; man found with drugs; woman contemplates prostitution. #1227. 2/19/00
445 Albuquerque, NM 13 (1:34 AM Assistance Call) North Valley Area Command - Deputy Leonard Armijo drives by the balloon festival and says the town is a neat place to work and is one hour from the desert. His is bi-lingual so he can talk to anyone. All different people come there because the climate is good. Ruben Barela is in the car that stops the suspect, he is the sergeant who speaks at the very end to the deputies about what happened. A dangerous high-speed pursuit; officer deals with a depressed woman; domestic dispute. #1228. 2/26/00
446 Albuquerque, NM 14 (12:04 AM Assistance Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Charles Gravis says every once in a while you get someone who thanks you and it makes it all worthwhile and realize that you are doing good. An officer calls for backup after pulling over a car with three suspicious people inside. The suspects claim was simply their attempt to repair mechanical problems. Officer Goral assists a male cross-dresser who says that a female suspect came into his room and stole his purse. Officer Badway responds to a disturbance call in which a fight between neighbors led to a birthday cake being shoved into a woman's face. #1229. 4/15/00
447 Albuquerque, NM 15 (11:56 PM Assistance Call) Southeast Area Command - Sgt. Jeffrey Ferner has been there since 1983, supervisor since 1993 and now it is his 6th year as a patrol sergeant. He is going to back up a pursuit of a truck that just left a drug house. Police officers attempt to extract what is believed to be rock cocaine from a transvestite's mouth. Officers question a male suspect about the empty gun holster on his person after he was observed trespassing on private property. Officer Gonterman responds to a call involving three young males who attempted to pass a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill at a convenience store. #1230. 4/29/00
448 Albuquerque, NM 16 (12:13 AM Man with Knife Call) K-9 Unit - Officer Rick Garcia is heading to a hotel on the 1700 block where a man is chasing a family member with a knife. They called the police. Suspects possess a gun and marijuana; prostitution sting. #1231. 5/6/00
449 Albuquerque, NM 17 (11:07 AM John Sting Briefing) Vice Unit - Detective Tod Babcock says they are going to do a John Op. The girls will walk up and down Central soliciting Johns for sex for money. They'll get them to park at a nearby hotel, lead them to a room where they will be waiting. Officer Nicole Boone and Officer Mariann Wallace are the girls. Tod says the Johns are hard up by the lack of prostitutes and are so hard up they're even picking up Isabelle. prostitution sting; officers find narcotics; grandmother's car stolen. #1232. 5/13/00
450 Albuquerque, NM 18 (12:31 PM Prostitution Sting) Vice Unit Detective Clarence G. Davis says they are going after prostitutes and people with warrants. He spots a ho by the HoJo. Detective John McKenna who is undercover in a white Toyota pick up truck looking for prostitutes. First he gets an Indian bum that asks him for a quarter. Then Barbara gets in and is glad he picked her up because she was worried the Indians on the corner might grab her purse. drug dealer; road rage; uncooperative suspect. #1233. 5/20/00
451 Albuquerque, NM 19 (10:36 PM Assistance Call) Police arrest four suspects connected with drug activity inside a hotel room, and get a lucky break when one of the suspects is named by the others as the main supplier. A woman riding in a suspicious vehicle informs sheriff's deputies that her companion hid crack cocaine in a soda cup inside the car. An undercover detective posing as an interested john helps the Albuquerque Vice Unit snare a prostitute. #1234. 7/15/00
452 Albuquerque, NM 20 (10:31 PM Prostitution Sting Briefing) Sgt. Clarence G. Davis wants to hit the track since there are more Johns than girls and tells Detective Tom Hernandez to make sure they have buy money. An undercover sting operation targeting ladies of the evening arrests a john who picked up a male prostitute. Police officers catch two burglars red-handed as they attempt to make off with valuables stolen from a residence. While on patrol, Officer Garcia encounters two male suspects involved in an argument, one of whom punches the other in the nose. #1235. 7/22/00
453 Albuquerque, NM 21 (12:31 PM Prostitution Sting Briefing) Vice Unit - Sgt. Clarence G. Davis backs up Detective Tod Babcock who is undercover driving in a truck picking up whores. The first is Kelly who even recognizes him, but he convinces her he isn't who she thinks he is and she will give him a BJ for $20. stolen video tapes; heroin possession; false report. #1236. 7/29/00

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