Season 11 (1998-99)

Atlanta, GA/Virginia Beach, VA/Palm Beach, FL/Arizona
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382 Atlanta, GA 1 (3:37 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 3 - Officer Greg Dabney says it's a good city overall and has been good to him. He feels safe walking down the street. Other people feel the same because the city is growing - welcome to Atlanta. He spots a car turning around in the middle of the street and pulls it over. Officer Dabney gives chase when a man naked from the waist down flees a routine traffic stop. Officer Guzley questions a man wearing women's clothing. Officer Woody arrests two transvestites who attempted to make a purchase purchase using a stolen credit card. 2.0 #1101. 10/24/98
383 Atlanta, GA 2 (7:02 PM Assistance Call) Zone 5 - Officer R.D. Woody says midtown is the most versatile neighborhood in the city as far as crime and people go. He does most of the driving and his partner Officer Ryan Thomas likes to look a lot, sees a lot and is the chase man. He’s a lot quicker and can bail out fast. Ryan says he knows R.D. well and they can tell what each other will do in a situation. A man is waving a sign and is surrounded by police. He has a shotgun and is parked in a blue pickup with a white cap on the grass of a church. The lt. can’t read his sign and tells him so. The man drives around on the lawn and steps out with a shotgun taped around his neck. Major John Woodward says the man wants to talk to Art Bell on the radio, but he isn’t on right now. He tapes the word “help” on his door and runs over a sprinkler so he can drink the water. Sgt. Lance Alforn might go in with a taser. The man wants a bullhorn, but they make him yell to wear himself out. Then he tapes the word “coup” on the windshield. They toss in a flash grenade, taser him and break out the passenger window to pull him out. The ambulance will treat him and then take him to jail. The guy was paranoid and kept ranting about a right wing conspiracy. Fulton County GA (8:58 PM 911 Hang Up Call) North Precinct – Officer Debbie Banker has been there 3 years, has her own beat for 2 years, works alone, but her partner is female that covers the area. The call is at an apartment that’s hard to find because there are no numbers. The woman says her man threw her around and gets in her in trouble. They were at a restaurant and he wouldn’t talk and went off on her. He got out of jail the day before and didn’t feel like conversation. He was busted for pot and suspended. Debbie says he should leave, but the woman says she’ll leave since he won’t come back and doesn’t want him to go. He says she’s broke, she says whatever. He says she keeps questioning him over and over and he hates fighting and yelling so he leaves to give her time to simmer down. Atlanta Zone 3 (12:08 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer Jeff Glazier always wanted to be a cop and just wanted to be hired. He has an economics degree from Notre Dame. People ask him why he isn’t on Wall Street and he says he’s doing what he loves, likes helping people. His partner is Officer Jacquie Deitrich. A white car is in the grass with it’s door open and the headlights on. The man inside is shot in the head, covered with blood and DOA. The window is shot out and they close the road as a crime scene. There are two 9mm casings on the floor and brain matter all over the car. Officer Eric Minter says the bullet went right through the head and they’ll turn it over to homicide. 2.0 #1102. 9/12/98
384 Atlanta, GA 3 (4:12 PM Search Warrant) Zone 1 - Sgt. Carrie Mills is #2198 rolling on a paper 25, search warrant for marijuana. She talks about the drug house the are going to and no weapons are involved and will have to take the door off. They supply a lot kids in the area because it is near a high school and a university. Community complaints lead them to stake it out and learn if it was true. She assists in the arrest of a man who claims the marijuana found in his possession is actually an herb used for healing the soul. Officers Woody and Thomas arrest a suspect who pointed a gun at passersby. Officers Woody and Thomas arrest a suspect who  pointed a gun at passersby. Officer Carstaffin, Jr. apprehends a suspect who was badly injured after he leapt over the side of a bridge. 2.0 #1103. 10/3/98
385 Atlanta, GA 4 (4:07 PM Assistance Call) Zone 3 - Officer Michael Centola says it can be humorous or dangerous. An incident can start dangerous, but then you can have a good time with it. Some things people do are off the wall, crazy. It is a good time. Sgt. Bennie Martin Jr. is in an unmarked vehicle and needs a marked one to pull over a woman blowing stop signs. They arrest her when she pulls into a Shell Station. She is an old, ugly, heavy, crazy white lady wearing a thick wool hat and heavy black eye make-up. She says she hasn't been drinking, just eating a Snickers bar. She ran because 10,000 sons of bitches chasing her tried to make 15,000 auto parts out of her. She claims it is her sons' car and she was in a bad neighborhood because her boyfriend is an addict, has a busted spleen and is half dead. She then starts screaming at everyone that their children are dead and you can't resurrect them. When they put her in the wagon she says they took her life and might as well put a bullet in her. She has a warrant and two children. Zone 5 - Officer R.D. Woody says he has a partner he can count on - Officer Ryan Thomas. (7:23 PM Street Patrol) Ryan gets dropped off and watches a drug deal from the woods with binoculars. He radios the info back to catch them. Ryan comes around and catches a woman smoking a blunt right on the sidewalk. She says she didn't mean no disrespect. R.D. has caught two women behind a fast food place with coke. One says they were never in jail before. The other is on probation. Chief Beverly Harvard gives a briefing at city hall about black spring break 98. (5:32 PM Street Patrol) Sr. Officer Maury Escher says it is about camaraderie from major black college trying to get away with things. His partner is Officer Eugene Johnson. They get out to catch a female pickpocket. They grab her and she says the girl dropped her bag even though they saw her take it. She says she was handing her the makeup bag when the cops grabbed her. The drug paraphernalia they find on her is because she is a diabetic. The crack pipe was in her purse when she got it. They drive down the road and see a drug deal on Edgewood Ave and run after the dealer and catch him a block away. He has nothing on him anymore and only ran because he was scared. He has a pile of money because he was scared. He ran because he thought they were going to beat him up and cries crocodile tears and then changes to defiance two seconds later. 2.0 #1104. 9/19/98
386 Atlanta, GA 5 (8:23 PM Assistance Call) Zone 6 - Officer Kevin Otts goes to where officers are setting up a roadblock to catch people driving without a license, insurance or in a stolen car. They do it often and get a number of people driving illegally. He is the backup car in case someone decides to avoid the road block. He gives chase when a driver makes a U-turn to avoid the roadblock. Officers Lewis and Crenshaw question a burglary suspect who claims he entered a vacant dwelling to protect the contents from intruders. Officer Price chases down two men riding in a stolen vehicle. 2.0 #1105. 9/26/98
387 Atlanta, GA 6 (2:03 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer O'Connor pursues a suspect who attempted to make a getaway during a routine traffic stop. Officer Clements questions a man driving with a broken taillight and a suspended license. Officers Cooper and Blakely arrest three men who had who attempted to elude police in a speeding car. 2.0 #1106. 10/24/98
388 Atlanta, GA 7 (10:26 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Zone 1 - Sr. Officer J.C. Clemens wants the cleanest day possible, you give respect to get respect. He spots a car driven by Michael, who tossed a gun on him 2 months ago, going east on ML King. The car won't stop, does a u-turn, heads to an apartment complex at 3084. He fakes bailing out, keeps going around, then back on ML King. He has an expired license, no tag, is a known drug dealer and has been locked up for coke and pot possession. He keeps running across town and finally bails while his car keeps rolling into a phone pole. J.C.'s car hits him and he keeps going, runs into the woods and is caught. He keeps mumbling, "What I do?" They lead him out and he says, "I was scared for my life and why are you always messing with me?" He just got the car out of impound and J.C. lost his badge in the woods and Mick finds it. The chase took so long that he had a ton of backup with him. Zone 3 (11:47 PM Assistance Call) Officer Rick Lewis says it's the most active zone and most active beat with lots of people. Officer Jeff Crenshaw says people get out of jail and thank them for helping them out so they do make a difference. Cops need help to catch suspects who ran. They spot an old black guy and give chase through a field, apartments and through a neighborhood. They lose him in the high grass and eventually find him. The guy is panting and raving that "I didn't do anything, sir, what I did sir? I didn't steal anything". They saw him toss a white bag and find it behind a house with a CD player and CDs that spilled out. He stole them from a car 4 blocks away, which they find with a smashed window. Turns out he is homeless. Zone 3 (12:54 AM Home Invasion Call) Officer Jeff Glazier says most people he deals with are criminals. The call is about 8-12 black men with shotguns who came to a woman's door and said they were police so the fat woman let them in. They robbed her, her son and pistol-whipped the grandmother. They held her son hostage and said to give them all of her stuff or they would kill them. The kid is cold so they take him back inside to get his shoes and a jacket. There is a cockatoo named Jake making noise inside. They are scared the men will come back, but they have nowhere to go. Grandma is bleeding, but says she's not in pain and the ambulance takes her away. 2.0 #1107. 10/10/98
389 Atlanta, GA 8 (8:54 AM Briefing) Fulton County - Sergeant Hull organizes a raid on a motel frequented by drug dealers. Officer Centola assists a security officer and his wife at a local trailer park. Officers Lewis and Crenshaw uncover guns, drugs and handcuffs during a routine traffic stop. 2.0 #1108. 12/5/98
390 Atlanta, GA 9 (7:42 PM Suspicious Person) Zone 5 - Officer R.D. Woody talks about getting dope off the street. His partner Officer Ryan Thomas talks about finding $200-300 worth of dope in a car and they are going to get the supplier. They politely allow a drug dealer to finish a phone conversation before questioning him about narcotics observed inside his vehicle. Officers Lewis and Griffin sort out a dispute between two transients. Officer Dakin discovers a car thief sleeping inside the vehicle he is suspected of having stolen. 2.0 #1109. 12/19/98
391 Atlanta, GA 10 (1:03 AM Possible Stolen Vehicle) Zone 3 - Officer Rick Lewis works 10:30pm - 6:30pm, some people call it graveyard shift. The majority of people they meet are street people who stay our 24 hours a day or perpetrators. His partner Jeff Crenshaw says they are en route to assist an officer who had three males bail out of a car he was chasing. car-jacking suspect; minivan catches fire; robber poses as parking-lot attendant. #1110. 1/9/99
392 Atlanta, GA 11 (1:28 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Rick Lewis used to be in the rodeo and thought that was the ultimate rush until he became a cop. His partner is Officer Andrew T. Griffin. Chase through a park; stolen vehicle; ditched loaded weapon. #1111. 1/16/99
393 Atlanta, GA 12 (1:46 AM Street Patrol) Zone 1 - Officer Christopher Hutcheson says it's never a dull moment and a lot of times it is an adrenaline rush. Sometime it is bad like when children are involved. Officer is hurt in scuffle; assault case; arsonist; drug seizure. #1112. 1/23/99
394 Atlanta, GA 13 (1:46 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Rick Lewis says people don't want to see cops unless they need them. When someone says they appreciate the police it makes him feel good. His partner Officer Jeff Crenshaw says people don't appreciate them until they need them. Even if they make a difference to one person then one person is changed. They spot a car driving fast with high beams on which means it is probably stolen. They chase them at a high rate of speed on an Atlanta highway. Deputies Cohen and Smith stop a driver operating a van with its headlights turned off. A suspect who vandalized and destroyed property in a property in a residential neighborhood is discovered perched on a rooftop. #1113. 3/6/99
395 Virginia Beach, VA 1 (2:14 AM Street Patrol) Precinct 2 - Officer Adam Bracey has been there six years. When he was hired he was told you aren't fully developed until you are there at least five years. His wife is a deputy sheriff and it's kinda nice when she can relate to what he does and the job. He breaks up a fight between two woman and has to subdue one of them with a chemical spray. Officer Schilke assists a terrified woman who discovered a huge snake slithering on her front porch. Officer Murphy attempts to sort out a domestic dispute involving a woman, her husband and her lover. 2.0 #1114. 10/31/98
396 Virginia Beach, VA 2 (11:19 PM Vehicle Pursuit) Petersburg - Roll Call - Sgt. B.R. Crowder says human remains were found and they are treating it as a homicide. They are trying to get a positive ID as soon as possible so they won't have to stay all night. Officer Keith Schilke pursues a driver who plows his car through a backyard and into a ditch. Officer Bracey observes a suspicious vehicle parked in a remote area and discovers a partially clad male and female in the back seat. Officer Miller assists an off-duty police officer who discovered an intruder breaking into his mother's home. 2.0 #1115. 11/7/98
397 Virginia Beach, VA 3 (5:32 PM 911 Call) Petersburg - Officer 1st Class Garrett Robinson and Reilly are dispatched to investigate when a man dials 911 repeatedly, and later, Robinson assists with the capture of a fleeing suspect. Officer Watson discovers drug paraphernalia inside a vehicle occupied by two women who claim they had been Jello wrestling earlier that evening. Officers Bracey and McGuire sort out a domestic dispute at an apartment complex. 2.0 #1116. 3/13/99
398 Virginia Beach, VA 4 (1:44 AM Disturbance Call) Precinct 2 - Officer Kelvin Bailey takes the suspicious call of a young lady screaming for help and they don't know why. On arrival she says she had been knowin' a man for a month who tried to rape her. She went on a destructive rampage inside a nearby apartment. Officer Bracey assists with a rescue operation after an intoxicated man decides to take a midnight swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Officers arrest a suspect who entered a trailer with a loaded pistol and informed the occupants that it was time to die. #1117. 11/14/98
399 Virginia Beach, VA 5 (11:43 PM Search Warrant Served) Chesapeake Precinct 2 - Narcotics Briefing - Detective Lt. Mark Solesky says the bust signal is 'Police Search Warrant', the distress signal is 'Help' and the visual distress signal is hands up. The nearest hospital and trauma center is Norfolk General. Hammy knocks on the door, gives signal, back to the van, Tommy calls on and has a drawing on a board. Lenny is on the inside. Last time the perps threw the dope out the windows and no one saw who did it. This time they will be watching for it. They suit up and hit it. The drug task force raids an apartment used for growing marijuana. A woman tells officers she was inadvertently struck on the lip as she tried to break up a fight. Virginia Beach police officers question a man who claims a female suspect attacked and bit him as he attempted to remove some sausage from a refrigerator. #1118. 11/21/98
400 Virginia Beach, VA 6 (12:31 AM Domestic Dispute Call) Police question a husband who assaulted his go-go dancer wife after discovering she was having an affair with one of her female friends. A man says he was assaulted while visiting his ex-wife's home. Officer Cooke assists several distressed residents as a hurricane bears down on the Virginia coast. #1119. 4/3/99
401 Palm Beach, FL 1 (1:14 AM Traffic Stop) District 1 - Deputy P. Johnson says you run into different types of people all day from homeless to lawyers and he treats them all the same. He pulls over a car for not signaling. He gives chase when a driver suddenly flees the scene of a routine traffic stop. Deputy Howard sneaks up on two suspects as they prepare to light up a crack pipe. Officer Hoffman lectures a married man and a prostitute about the health risks associated with sex-for-hire. #1120. 1/30/99
402 Palm Beach, FL 2 (12:01 AM Street Patrol) Riviera Beach - Officer H. Elmore lives and works in the city and does his best to handle calls. If he can't handle it he calls his supervisor. He tackles a suspect who was involved in nearby criminal activity. A SWAT team raids an apartment that is the headquarters for a drug and prostitution ring that uses the Internet to solicit clients. Sgt. Ragali joins other officers in the investigation of an apparent suicide. #1121. 2/6/99
403 Palm Beach, FL 3 (Prostitution Sting Briefing) District 1 - At 6:32 PM Sgt. Dennis St. Cyr says 2 undercover deputies will try to pick up Johns which is a misdemeanor. Make sure no one gets hurt as the girls aren't armed so everyone needs to watch out for them, no chases get the next one. Deputies Danielle Myers & Sherry Johnson walk the streets and wait for cars to approach them in a prostitution sting operation. Officer Hoffman sorts out a domestic dispute involving a mother, her daughter, a male suspect and some stolen bologna. Riviera Beach police officers investigate when two men throw a Molotov cocktail into a woman's bedroom window. #1122. 6/12/99
404 Palm Beach, FL 4 (10:33 PM Street Patrol) Martin County - Deputy Boorman explains how he lost his leg due to a shooting accident when he was a kid. He now wears an artificial leg. A black man riding a bike at night with no headlights is chased and caught and he mocks him for not being able to outrun a man with one leg. Deputy Sandt talks with a prostitute and drug user and urges her to straighten her life out. Deputy Murray stops a self-professed sex addict addict who says he is looking for a prostitute. #1123. 6/26/99
405 Palm Beach, FL 5 (1:56 AM Traffic Stop) District 1 - Deputy P. Johnson says to his son he is Superman. He always wants to know if he caught the bad guys. Expired tag in window leads to a traffic stop and he pursues a suspect who ran from police after appearing to conceal a suspicious substance in his mouth. Deputy Lower questions an individual who stole produce from a roadside stand. With some help from a police dog named Joker, Deputy Yingling tracks down a suspect hiding in the bushes after fleeing the scene of a routine traffic stop. #1124. 9/4/99
406 Palm Beach, FL 6 (3:02 PM Sting Operation Briefing) Riviera Beach Vice Unit - undercover officers posing as drug dealers participate in a reverse sting operation targeting suspected buyers. Deputy Voiret questions a man who entered a stranger's home and began moving the furniture around. Officer Hoffman investigates a claim that a landlord is attempting to extort sexual favors from a female tenant in exchange for her late rent payments. #1125. 2/20/99
407 Palm Beach, FL 7 (10:26 PM Assistance Call) Riviera Beach - Officer Jerry Smith backs up officers chasing a stolen vehicle. He helps apprehend two car thieves who claim there is nothing wrong with driving a vehicle that was already stolen. Deputy Voiret questions a suspect who claims he tried to pay his bar tab with a $100 bill, but was only given change for $20. Deputy Boorman encounters a man relieving himself in a residential neighborhood and discovers bags of marijuana in his possession. #1126. 6/19/99
408 Palm Beach, FL 8 (12:14 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Riviera Beach - Officer John Lewis and O'Hare assist other officers pursuing an automobile reported as stolen-until the driver collides with a van and is thrown from the vehicle. Officers Pierce and Murphy grapple with a baby alligator that wandered into a residential neighborhood. Deputy Lower questions a man who is suspected of flashing a mother and daughter as they waited in line at a fast food drive-thru window. #1127. 2/13/99
409 Palm Beach, FL 9 (6:04 PM Search Warrant Served) Riviera Beach Search Warrant Briefing - Major David L. Harris talks about how they went to they same house 12 years ago and pulled out 6 AR-15s, he had a .357 Magnum in his hand and fired at them. He also had a sawed off and how the door was barricaded. The door team can't mess around, got to get in and secure as quick as possible, watch your step, put everybody down and take no chances and stay on Channel H. When the team heads out it is pouring rain and they grab a sledgehammer as they crowd into a white van. The task force uses a stun device to raid a home suspected of being a center of drug and weapons trafficking. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies Kula and Lower respond to a burglary in progres progress at a pawn shop and question a suspect who claims he stumbled upon the scene. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies Voiret and Glogowski question a woman who claims she threw a knife at her husband in an attempt to kill him. #1128. 3/27/99
410 Palm Beach, FL 10 (9:02 PM Assault Call) Sheriff's Office District 3 - Deputy Kenneth Voiret was born and raised in PBC, enjoys working and living there, lots of changes - some better, some worse. It feels good to help people in his area. He takes a report from a convenience store clerk who says that a man in a wheelchair punched her in the nose when she attempted to stop him from stealing cigarettes. Sheriff's Deputies encounter a trespasser standing atop the roof of a mobile home. Deputy Voiret finds himself the target of a profanity-laced tirade when he attempts to arrest a suspect. #1129. 4/10/99
411 Palm Beach, FL 11 (9:43 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Office District 3 - Deputy Sean Baraniak says you can go to a house for a simple complaint against a neighbor and they open the door and attack you. You always have to be prepared and keep your eyes open. Corporal Kevin O'Brien says the biggest thing is dealing with people and attitudes and it's hard to maintain your composure. They give chase when a man suspected of engaging in narcotics activity jumps from his car and tosses drugs to the ground as he flees. Sheriff's Deputy Lower questions two female suspects after receiving a report that the vehicle they are riding in is stolen. Deputies praise a young girl for calling 911 to report an altercation between her mother and her knife-wielding boyfriend. #1130. 4/24/99
412 Arizona 1 (11:21 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Office District 1 - Deputy David Parra gets in a stolen sports utility vehicle pursuit -a chase that reaches speeds in excess of 100 mph. Mesa Officer Nesbit questions a husband and wife who were involved in a domestic dispute, and whose injuries include a bloody mouth, a missing tooth and a bitten ear. Sheriff's deputies in Maricopa County become suspicious when a suspect has trouble spelling his own last name. #1131. 5/8/99
413 Arizona 2 (9:29 PM Vehicle Pursuit) Maricopa County, Deputy David Parra chases a car. They take a corner too fast and crash. James is the driver, runs on foot and is caught, but says he wasn't driving. Mesa Police Officer Adams responds to a report of two transients walking dangerously in and out of traffic. Mesa Police Officers pursue a stolen vehicle and observe the occupants tossing credit cards out the window. #1132. 7/31/99
414 Arizona 3 (12:03 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Maricopa County - District I - Deputy David Parra spots a red car going very fast and tries to stop it, but they take off because it is stolen. He chases the driver of the stolen car who runs numerous stop signs and ends up driving down the wrong side of the road. Mesa Police Officers Adams and Sandoval question a man who threw his sister's belongings out onto the street. Mesa Police Department Officers swarm a young woman who attempted to steal a bicycle during a sting operation. 400th episode. #1133. 5/1/99
415 Arizona 4 (11:23 PM Street Patrol) Dobson Division - F.T.O. Tim Hines says the hardest thing about the job is seeing children abused. Officers respond to an officer in need of assistance distress call involving a policeman who, while on bicycle patrol, was struck by a car. Mesa Police Officers question a man who claims his wife's two brothers invited him outside to have a beer and then proceeded to attack him with a baseball bat. Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy Robertson assists a mini-mart clerk who says two suspects stole a case of beer from the store. #1134. 5/15/99
416 Arizona 5 (10:14 AM Tent City) Maricopa County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran for office in 1992 went to Saudi Arabia and saw the troops in tents and when he ran he said he would put prisoners in tents if it is good enough for the troops, they don't commit crimes. On 8/3/93 they opened the city at the cost of $100,000 which saved taxpayers millions since a jail costs $66 million to build. Tents hold 1400 inmates and it can get to 120 degrees in the summer, but too bad. He goes in one tent to see the mayor of the tent who is an old black guy. He says it could be better and is upset they have to pay for their meals. Joe says it's no big deal, only $1 a day. Heated argument ends in a fired weapon; automobile accident; woman is injured during an argument. #1135. 5/22/99
417 Arizona 6 (12:04 AM Robbery in Progress) Central Division - F.T.O. Richard Encinas was born and raised in Phoenix, the next town over, grew up in Mesa, went to college at the University of Arizona and always thought about becoming a cop. He applied and luckily he made it He's been there three years and has been an F.T.O. for 8 months. It's the best job in the world and he wouldn't trade it for anything. Surveillance footage at a gas station shows a cop firing at a pickup truck. Suspects nearly hit an officer during a getaway; officers arrest a man throwing things off a balcony; a man says his girlfriend ran into a field intending to commit suicide. #1136. 9/18/99

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