Season 10 (1997-98)

Las Vegas, NV/Kansas City, MO & KS/Nashville, TN/Texas/Sturgis Biker Rally 1997
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346 Las Vegas, NV 16 (7:36 PM Assistance Call) Officer Al Gibson says a shotgun can hold four shots. He then loads and locks his into the car at the start of the shift. He says every year they put up a new casino. He doesn't know where, but tons of people always show up so he keeps his job. He's been there for five years. He gets a call for backup. Stolen van; methamphetamine bust; suspicious suspects questioned. 2.0 #1001. 10/25/97
347 Las Vegas, NV 17 (8:03 PM Briefing) bike sting; shoplifters; stolen license plates; accidental shooting. 2.0 #1002. 9/13/97
348 Las Vegas, NV 18 (5:23 PM Burglary Call) North West Area Command - Officer Alan Klein says most of the citizens he deals with are great people and come from all over the world. When he got there the population was only 50-60,000 and now it is around 1.2 million. The have big city problems when it grows and expands like that so rapidly. His partner Officer Joede Vanek takes a call of someone who came home to find three juveniles burglarizing their house. In Las Vegas; burglary call; marijuana possession; impounded bikes stolen from police; stolen-vehicle call. #1003. 10/4/97
349 Las Vegas, NV 19 (6:56 PM Battery Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Al Gibson says there are lots of transients, especially from South America and he loves the diversity. He responds to a reported battery at a convenience store. Drug abuser refuses to come down from a roof; stolen vehicle. #1004. 9/27/97
350 Las Vegas, NV 20 (10:26 PM Communications Center) A call comes in from a woman that says a man hit her mom over the head with a bat. (10:29 PM Battery Call) South East Area Command - Officer Leonard Marshall #1005. 9/20/97
351 Las Vegas, NV 21 (Gold Coast Casino) Mr. Mike Growley, General Manager, says he was in the FBI then transferred to Vegas 25 years ago when all the casinos were mob controlled, but since then it has all been cleaned up. He shows how they catch cheating gamblers. casino security systems; shooting incident; domestic dispute involves elderly couple. #1006. 9/6/97
352 Las Vegas, NV 22 (9:21 PM Street Patrol) South East Area Command – Officer Scott Martine has been there a year, used to drag race. The job is great, loves what he’s doing. A 16 year-old boy waves him down saying Cheryl is freaking out, she’s in her 40’s and he’s watching her kids. He told her to calm down and she hit him. They go to the door with Sgt. Randy Sutton and a kid answers. It’s dark and mom is naked in bed with 6 kids, but only 4 are hers. She reaches across to turn on the light and hits Randy in the mouth, but claims she didn’t hit him. Scott calls to get someone to watch the kids and she freaks out and attacks him. She says she has no man and isn’t laying up in bed, then gets belligerent toward Randy. Grandma comes over and has custody of 2 of the kids and says Cheryl has AIDS. Randy says it’s the saddest call he’s had in a long time. North Las Vegas (4:57 PM Street Patrol) Officer Irene Booth says some days are dead, could be the weather, who knows? On other days you can’t catch up. Her partner is Officer Sue Schaaf and they stop where a mother is fighting with her 15 year-old daughter Stephanie. She says her mom hit her for no reason. Mom says Steph is trying to run away and won’t come home with her. She didn’t come home last night and would rather go to jail. Sue tries to negotiate, but Steph won’t try to get along and closes her mind. They cuff Steph who doesn’t go to school, is mad and doesn’t care. Eventually they uncuff her and give her back to mom. (3:12 PM Street Patrol) Officer Randy Carter has been there 10 years. He’s been working out, trying to stay in shape. Sue is with him and they take a call to a house where Victor is naked in only a towel in the yard. He says he’s there to take a shower. They get the daughter’s shorts for him to wear as underwear. He lives on Packard and is high. He claims he was being chased and jumped in a window to get by the 5 dogs in the back and hid in these people’s shower. The owner came home to find him there. Officer Dan Ewing takes him away charging him with burglary. #1007. 10/11/97
353 Las Vegas, NV 23 (9:27 PM Prostitution Sting) Vice Station - Officer Christine Payson makes herself skanky by adding heroin needle marks to her arm and a missing tooth so she can play a prostitute. Lt. Carlos Cordero says she played the part before and did really well and not all females can do it. She has to be an actor and think quickly on her feet. They snare johns during the undercover prostitution sting operation. Officers Smith and Middlebrook assist a driver who escaped serious injury after his Jeep was rear-ended by another vehicle. Officers Kinch and Sutton arrest a suspect for driving a car with a stolen license plate. 350th Episode. #1008. 11/1/97
354 Las Vegas, NV 24 (12:42 AM Fight Call) Metro Downtown Area Command - Officer Kirk Hooten says he was born there, moved to Florida when he was five, then California, Colorado and back there three years ago. He was a blue collar worker and heard being a cop was the only really fun job and now he wouldn't trade it for anything. He questions a man who claims to have acted in self-defense when he beat another man during a robbery attempt. Officer Moniot sorts out a dispute between two neighbors that arose after a dog did his business in a yard. Lieutenant Larotonda investigates an apparent suicide in the desert. #1009. 11/15/97
355 Las Vegas, NV 25 (12:36 AM Stabbing Call) Metro PD South East Area Command - Officer Robert Kegley says there is no secret, he likes the excitement of the job, being the cavalry that goes over the hill and says the day. 1:11 AM Street Patrol) Downtown Area Command - Officer Doug Ericsson wanted to be a cop since he was four and has relatives who are cops. He pulls behind a topless bar to catch whores with Johns. He finds a truck with an old man a known whore - Tamara. She says he wanted sex for $20. He said he just got into town and was lost. He didn't have sex with the girl and has no idea why she's been arrested for prostitution before. There is a .357 under the seat as Eric reluctantly looks for the condom used. Tamara has been arrested 3 or 4 times in 11 years and loves her work. The cop says it is a deadly trade with 225 girls with AIDS on the street. (5:21 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Tom Jenkins was from Miami and saw lots of people who needed help, but wouldn't get it. He was in the military 10 years and always thought about being a cop and is glad to help people. It's great when they say thanks, instead of the bad things they usually do. A woman called 911 for help and hung up and then they called back and a man answered and she was screaming in the background. They get to the apartment and Officer Trish Spensor goes in to get the woman. Steve, her boyfriend, took off in a green van and they soon catch him. She is battered, bloody and all kings of stuff is broken. They bring Steve back and lies about hitting her and says he didn't run. They saw him run and he calls them fibbers. He says she came in and he didn't want her there. He threw her head into the wall and it made a huge hole and there is blood on the walls. 
2nd version has this segment instead of the stabbing call. Southeast Area Command - Cheerleaders do a chant for two cops in the Party City parking lot. Officer Al Gibson says they were having lunch in a restaurant with the girls High School summer cheerleading camp inside. (6:52 PM Disturbance Call) A group of four vagrants hanging out in front of a store are scaring customers away. Officer Jason Barber helps out. Matthew is a black guy dressed like a girl and has a bag full of Asian ceramics priced at $90 each, a bottle of Saki, a cup set and $30 urns. Matthew says the blonde haired guy gave him the stuff. The owner of a nearby Japanese store comes over and says the items are his. They recognize two of the people as thieves and have to go to the station to make a statement. Dedicated to Officer Russell Peterson. #1010. 12/6/97
356 Las Vegas, NV 26 (6:34 PM Assistance Call) Sgt. Randy Sutton talks about why people become cops. He then assists in the arrest of a burglar whose getaway attempt was cut short when he inadvertently entered a detective's yard. Officer Walton goes undercover in a sting operation targeting Johns. Officers Rodrigues and Myers respond to a report of drug use in a North Las Vegas park. #1011. 12/13/97
357 Las Vegas, NV 27 (3:12 PM Street Patrol) Officer Dwayne Eamon and Wayne Blackard talk about being partners. They arrest a suspect for drug possession, and in the second story, the officers respond to a report of shots fired in a residential neighborhood. Sergeant Sutton investigates a report about a man. Officer Oettinger joins the search for a suspect who fled a traffic stop.#1012. 1/24/98
358 Las Vegas, NV 28 (10:36 PM Domestic Dispute) Officer Dave Acosta takes a call of a fight at a 7-11 between two females. When he and his partner arrive another pair of cops arrive. Domestic dispute; security guard possesses drug paraphernalia; vehicle search yields loaded gun. #1013. 3/14/98
359 Las Vegas Prostitution Special (9:38 PM Escort Service Sting) Vice Station - Lt. Carlos Cardeiro says they are targeting the outgoing entertainment services. Undercover Detectives Scott Kavon and Christine Payson pose as a husband and wife in a hotel room and call a service in the phone book. She doesn't know what kind of woman to pick, says she is for her husband and the blonde in the ad looks nice. They say it's $150 and tips are appreciated. AKA Vice Squad Special Edition #1014. 2/14/98
360 Kansas City 17 (KS - 6:08 PM Car Stop) Central Patrol - Officer Mike Bowman says catching criminals makes him feel real good. Altered temporary tags leads to foot pursuit gives chase when one of three suspects detained attempts to escape from a stolen car full of guns. While attempting to serve a felony warrant, Officers Hockemeier and White encounter a free-roaming, pot-bellied pig that has terrorized a neighborhood. Deer sighting. Street Patrol - Deputy McNichols happens upon a silver Camero in a park vehicle containing three sleeping occupants. #1015. 11/8/97
361 Kansas City 18 (MO - 10:24 PM Shooting Call) East Patrol Division - Officer Jason Crump has been there 2 years. He’s part of the rapid response specialized unit that handles priority calls – shootings and cuttings. He joined 8 months ago, really enjoys the work, it’s exciting at times. Sometimes you see things that aren’t so good, but it’s nice to help people. His partner is Officer Tony White. The are going to a shooting on 13th street, the victim is in a blue car and the sgt., fire and ambulance are coming. They find a woman waving them down and her 12 year old kid is in the back and is shot. She doesn’t know who did it, his 18 year old sister says they were 2 white guys in a Monte Carlo just out of prison. They drove there to see someone they knew and use the phone. Both had guns and she starts crying. They need her to ID them if they catch them. Sgt. Eric Winebrenner arrives and says the bullet is sticking out of the kids arm, it went through the license plate, trunk, seat and then his arm. There’s an ongoing feud between gang members there. Jackson County MO Sheriff’s Dept (11:17 PM Assistance Call) Deputy Sidney Anderson says there is lots of commotion and back up is needed. Kenneth is naked in the street. Officer Kathy Ballman gives him a foil blanket to put around his waist. They ask if he’s on meds and he just keeps saying “You can do it now!” They put the blanket on the seat of the police car and put him on it. It was a fight in progress call. Now the man yells “Cut it off!” and claims he lives with Deputy Anderson. They find an open door at the house across the street and find the place is a mess and there’s no one home. They find his clothes in the yard. Turns out he is a mental patient not taking his meds. They don’t know who he is, just that he assaulted himself. MO (9:33 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Brent Parsons always wanted to be a cop, it’s everything you want and more. He goes to #5019 where two old, gay, black men had a fight over the young boyfriend smoking crack and tearing up the place including ripping up the couch. Officer Selock assists. The old guy wants him out and is gonna call his aunt to get him fixed. He says his pants are wet because it’s hot. The old guy doesn’t want his friends coming around either. He is cuffed, yells and stamps his feet that he has to press charges. It’s the 10th time they’ve been there because the old guy won’t evict him. They let the young guy go and tells him to go to his mom’s house and not to come back. #1016. 11/22/97
362 Kansas City 19 (KS - 5:32 PM Street Patrol) Central Patrol Division - Officer Mike Bowman says he comes from a large law enforcement family. His dad and his dad's five brothers and two cousins were all Kansas City officers - 4 on the KS side and 3 on the MO side. He knew as a toddler what he was going to be when he saw his dad coming home in uniform. He was fortunate enough to have been hired, like his job and his family supports him. He instructs a man driving without license plate to pull over which leads to a chase, crash and foot pursuit. Officers Hockemeier and White take a disturbance call of a man who tried to beat another man's ass with a chain, gets beat, gets caught after he banged on the front door of a home and demanded to see his ex-girlfriend. Officer Akins investigates a suspicious activity when he notices a van parked in a remote area of town and finds an old man having sex with a whore in his van. He was supposed to be doing the banking for his business and is forced to call his wife to come and pick up the money. She hangs up on him. #1017. 1/10/98
363 Kansas City 20 (MO - 11:03 PM Assistance Call) East Patrol Division - Officer Jim Dickerson says they don't have a district to patrol, they are a rapid response unit who cover the whole east. There are areas that are poor & wealthy, it's a large area which can get small disturbances to homicide - it runs the gamut. His partner Officer Bryan Jones is driving and says on a summer night they can get 25 calls in an 8 hour shift, 1 after the other. They chase with a car armed robbery suspects in red car that crashes/Officer Walles takes a Disturbance call father says his daughter is threatening to beat up his wife over checks/Officers Dickerson and White take an Assistance call to foot chase of a black man who bailed out of a car and hides in a stack of tires with his pants down. #1018. 1/17/98
364 Kansas City 21 (KS - 9:36 PM Disturbance Call) Central Patrol Division - Officer Dick Atkins says there are frustrating things about law enforcement like dealing with the same people, repeat offenders, seeing the same faces constantly. You think you do a good job, put the bad guy in jail and 2 days later he's walking down the street. Return to a scene man tries to rape a blind girl and the mom comes after him with a pipe which leads to a foot pursuit/Domestic disturbance call with a man from TN who has warrants hitting a woman and is passed out when they arrive/Disturbance call is a fight between a drunk man and a woman with no pants in the street. Suspect accused of forcing sex; domestic disputes. #1019. 1/31/98
365 Kansas City 22 (MO - 9:12 PM Car Pursuit) Metro Patrol Division - Officer Jeff Wiever and Cress get in a pursuit. A long haired guy in a white Chevy was speeding, caught and taken back to the station for a drunk test/2 AM Street patrol Officers White and Crump question a black guy who just stole a hot water heater, but says he found it. It was thrown out, he saw it, went back for his cart and picked it up. Even though the pipes are cut and it is leaking hot water right back to the spot in the building he took it from/Domestic disturbance call with Officers Koberlein and Hylton and a Spanish man locked in the attic after beating a woman. #1020. 2/28/98
366 Kansas City 23 (MO -10:55 PM Shooting Call) East Patrol - Officer Jason Crump talks about treating people with respect. A black man shot in the back in an apartment passed out on the floor/Disturbance call by a woman who says a kid stole a lighter from her purse/Domestic violence call with a white woman who has been cut on her leg by a black man. #1021. 3/7/98
367 Kansas City 24 (KS - 5:50 PM Disturbance Call) Central Patrol Division - Officer Dustin Dungan says it's a brotherhood. When they hang out it is always with other cops. Only someone in blue can be counted on in the streets. His partner is Officer Burgtorg. Cops return to a man who cut his wrists and is causing a disturbance, threatened his family, is wearing a blue Tasmanian Devil shirt and EMT takes him away/Officer Wilt goes to a Traffic accident with Officer Mike who was on a motorcycle and is down in the middle of the street/911 Hang-up call by a black woman who wants to go to her mom's house and the guy won't let her and then she passes out in the bathroom. Officer Martin finds out a domestic dispute that erupted when a man tried to prevent a crack addict from leaving their house to obtain more drugs. 2.0 #1022. 5/2/98
368 Kansas City 25 (KS - 1:52 AM Street Patrol) Central Patrol Division - Officer Robert Angell says the best thing about the job is the radio. He spots a suspicious man in a car who runs when he pulls up and tosses a gun out the window. A few blocks later he stops and runs. Robert pulls out the passenger and arrests him as others catch the driver. A man says the driver hit him with a chain and is brought to the scene to ID him. The driver took off his shirt when he ran to disguise himself. (2:36 AM Car Pursuit) Maurice is driving his carjacked vehicle slowly because he has a flat tire. He bails out and runs and is caught. He fell over a wall and cut his face open and yells he is going to be in the river in the morning and the cops are going to steal his money. South Patrol - Officer J.J. Wilt says all kinds of ethnic groups live in the area. (3:02 PM Domestic Disturbance) A man says his son JR is in the house next door and has missed six days of school and stole $90 from him. Cops go over and find a young girl downstairs who says the boys are upstairs. They find three boys hiding in a closet in the attic and pull them out. The two other kids were hiding JR, one is JVC and the other skips school too. They bring JR back home and he has no answers for anything and doesn't have all the money. The dad wants the police to take him away and they do. KS MO (9:00 PM Roll Call) One cop is goofed on for having an ugly red car. (1:48 AM Assistance Call) Officer Rita Olson and her partner come up on a car and take the female driver out and cuff her because the car was reported stolen. The victim is also there because the thief was sitting in her driveway and she followed her there. The suspect says she bought the car for $200 and just left a bar and thought the people from the bar and her boyfriend were following her. She is drunk and is taken to the station. 2.0 #1023. 5/16/98
369 Kansas City 26 (MO - 4:02 AM Assistance Call) East Patrol Division - Officer Mark Huckemeier says their division covers Northeast a wide range of the population - different levels and lifestyles, the whole gamut. His partner Officer Tony White says a chase has been going on for 20 minutes. He is a drunk driver in a pickup truck who has a warrant and destroys a truck winding chase through the streets/Domestic disturbance call to fist fight between a married couple when the man returned for his clothes/Suspicious Person Call - Officers Bowman and Martin question Leo walking up and down the street, an estranged husband who claims his wife Robin assaulted him when he returned home to retrieve some of his possessions. Officer Lee responds to a disturbance in a parking lot and a Shooting call with a gay in a van shot in the back twice. 2.0 #1024. 8/1/98
370 Nashville, TN 11 (5:59 PM Stolen Moped Call) East Sector - Officer Robert Butler says most people are nice, but 5% are the ones causing all the problems and that who he is regular dealing with. They commit crimes against their friends - today's friend is tomorrows enemy. Skirt-clad flasher; suspected crack house. 2.0 #1025. 4/4/98
371 Nashville, TN 12 (8:54 PM Car Pursuit) East Sector - Officer Robert Butler witnessed a 45. A car hit another and ran after leaving a bar which means it is probably a DUI. Hit-and-run chase; stolen vehicle; cat ownership; traffic dispute. 2.0 #1026. 6/20/98
372 Nashville, TN 13 (7:34 PM Street Patrol) Metro Central Sector - Officer Eric Maasikas says he enjoys police work because every day is different, beats doing the same thing day after day never boring, challenging and you get to make split second decisions. He investigates a report of someone breaking into vehicles; and sort out a domestic dispute. A prostitute is found hiding beneath a bed in a motel room. A domestic dispute is settled. 2.0 #1027. 6/27/98
373 Texas 1 (Street Patrol) Harris County - District 3 - Deputy Tracy Shipley says a lot of the guys wanted to be cops, but she never did. It never came up, probably because she was a female and wasn't approached and it wasn't an issue. Her family was shocked when she became a deputy and she really enjoys it and wouldn't want to do anything else. A major drug bust happens at a Stop N Go. A car is load with every kind of drug, paraphernalia and guns. Shipley narrowly escapes injury when an intoxicated driver loses control of his automobile. Deputy Bowdoin catches two suspects with some help from a passing train. Deputy Palacios stops a car whose occupants claim they were on the way to the police station to turn over some bags of marijuana they had just found. 2.0 #1028. 2/7/98
374 Texas 2 (8:36 PM Suspicious Person Call) Galveston - Officer Mark Miller talks about teamwork and hitting target areas when there are no calls. He goes to an area known for drugs and stops a 21 year old black man named Fred in the lot of a gas station. He says he lives on 27th and K and when Mark gets out Fred runs away. Deputy Palacios questions two men in an area known for drug activity. Officer Jaramillo stops a suspect who aimed a realistic-looking toy gun at another youth. 2.0 #1029. 4/18/98
375 Texas 3 (6:32 PM Shots Fired) Harris County District 3 - Deputy James Romine says he's been on the force for six years and the best thing is the kids who wave to him when he drives by. He is just finished having dinner at a restaurant when he hears shots outside. He happens upon a liquor-store robbery in progress. A woman embroiled in a domestic dispute hands Officer Fehl her identification and, inadvertently, a marijuana cigarette. Officer Day sorts out a domestic dispute involving twin sisters. #1030. 7/25/98
376 Texas 4 (7:32 PM Shooting Call) Roll Call - Lt. David Kureska reads from a paper by Lt. Tomez dated 11/6. Delta 110 Shelton was assisting the ATF and was scratched by a car. The cat escaped and was found days later passed out under a house. He would have had to get shots in three days if the cat wasn't found and John could relate. Sr. Officer Jaime Silva says not ever domestic call is bad, sometimes people just have a bad day. Sr. Officer Melvyn Goce says if people treat him with respect he gives it back. If they have an attitude he takes control of the situation. Shooting incident; stabbing victim won't identify his attacker; suicidal suspect. #1031. 3/21/98
377 Texas 5 (8:03 PM Domestic Disturbance) Harris County District 3 - Deputy C.J. Meaux is a psychologist and father, sometimes you have to give people a spanking and they need it. He heads to a trailer park known for domestics. Brandy comes out with a black eye that Timothy gave her while holding her kid. They’ve been together a year. Deputy Jim Malinowski backs him up. Three cops go in the trailer to get Tim out and he fights like a demon and flies through the air in a rage. She keeps calling him baby and says for cops not to hurt him. Tim screams at her and a fourth man jumps on him. She wants him to talk and says he fought because he’s scared, they shouldn’t have gotten so rough with him and shouldn’t arrest him. C.J. says he hit her, then the police and had to be stopped. They have a new baby inside. They go to put him in the car and he flips out again and he has to be forced in. They weren’t going to arrest him and told him that. She says he didn’t know and she’ll use the rent money to get him out of jail. Corpus Christi – Downtown District – Sr. Officer David Blackmon says he’s a cop 10 hours a day and when he goes home that’s it - it goes off. Officer Sergio Delgado spots Jose, a Mexican criminal he knows, and he runs so he chases him on foot and catches him. He says ‘I’m not doing nothing’ and ran because he was doing spray, but he doesn’t know where. He’s a known paint huffer who’s been arrested 6 times. They retrieve a paint can he threw over a fence since he was too slow to get away. He is Jose, but says his identical twin brother Juan got away. He brags he can run, but never could. He’s been huffing paint since he was 11, he’s 33 now. Silver and gold are his favorites. They’ve been arresting him for 9 years. (Weapons Inspection) Sr. Officer Weldon Weber says maintaining their equipment, face and uniform is a priority. (1:34 AM Fight Call) It’s between a male and 2 females. The man says his dad hit him in the mouth, head butted him and ran out the back. They go around and find the drunk dad who struggles and if cuffed. Officer Rodney Barnes helps. Lt. David Cook arrives. Dad was too drunk to hop a second fence. He lives with his son who takes care of him. He was upset he had to walk home from the bar to apartment 2. #1032. 2/14/98
378 Texas 6 (8:42 PM Traffic Stop) Downtown District - Officer Steven "Ricky" Day has been there 4 years and 2 months. He likes the town since he can go fishing, likes the outdoors, close to the best deer hunting, nice place. A suspect flees after a traffic stop; a man accuses his wife of threatening him with a knife; a woman claims her boyfriend beat her while she was holding her young child. #1033. 4/25/98
379 Texas 7 (11:26 PM Street Patrol) Corona District - Sr. Officer Michael Wertanen talks about the weather and getting used to it. Pit-bull attack; domestic dispute; fleeing suspects. #1034. 5/9/98
380 Kansas City 27 (7:46 PM Car Pursuit) MO Metro Patrol Division - Officer Cameron Arthur talks about the Community Action Team and his partner and Mike Miller talk about not having to answer 911 calls and working in the same area which allows them to get to know the community. A driver pulls out of a parking lot at a high rate of speed. The unlegal white Trans-Am wipes out with two guys inside with one in an Offspring shirt who went for a test drive that gets cuffed in the grass/Wanted person at a hotel who may be armed in room 159 with a gun/Officers James and Crump subdue and handcuff a man wanted on outstanding warrants/Suspicious activity. Officers Olsen-Stawicki and Johnson respond when a police helicopter spots two men attempting to extricate their truck from a small ravine. Two drunks who went four wheeling in the woods and crashed their van over a cliff and cops get stuck on the way out. 2.0 #1035. 7/18/98
381 Sturgis Biker Rally 1997 Special (Briefing) Chief Jim Bush says a large numbers of crowds come from all over the country and the world. Lots of the bikers may not be familiar with their laws and they need to be patient in explaining them first instead of just arresting them. Get them to uphold the laws and make it as safe as possible for them and the locals. Cpl. Jay Evenson Pennington County Sheriff's Office - One of the most fun times for the officers dealing with a variety of things. The only problem is for that week and a half there is no days off. Most of the officers are having a good time and there to have fun. Cpt. Doug Feltman - Mitchell PD - They only get to see these people once a year. 2.0 #1036. 2/7/98

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