Season 9 (1996-97)

Miami, FL/Boston & New City, MA/Providence, RI/Miami, FL/Pierce County WA/Fresno, CA/Fort Myers, FL
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310 Miami, FL 11 (11:10 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Central District - Officer Jorge Castello grew up in some of the neighborhoods he patrols and it is interesting to see how people he knew have grown up. Some are good. He pursues a driver who ignored instructions to pull off the road. With some help from an anti-theft tracking device, Miami Police Sergeant Casiano aids in the arrest of a car thief. Miami Police Officer Grant questions a woman whose boyfriend shot himself in the head. #901. 8/31/96
311 Miami, FL 12 (6:27 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer Frank Fernandez says it's hard to find a good partner, but he appreciates Jorge and hopes he feels the same and he taught him a lot. Officer Jorge Castello says he learned a lot from Frank and from every incident you learn something new. When you think you know it all, that's when you get hurt. They arrest several men suspected of stealing cassette tapes from a video store. With the aid of a K-9 unit, Metro-Dade Police Officer Sullivan helps apprehend a suspect who hid in dense foliage in an attempt to avoid capture. Pompano Beach Police Officer India joins the search for a man who assaulted a police officer, then responds to a call involving an alleged automobile break-in. #902. 9/7/96
312 Miami, FL 13 (3:35 AM Officer Down Call) Central District - Officer Frank Alonso talks about how police get together once a year to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty and the ceremony is shown. He knows sometimes you might not come home, but that's the risk you take on the job. His partner is Officer Ken McIllwain and they take the call to aid a fellow policeman who was injured when his patrol vehicle collided with a second squad car. Officer Stanley detains an unidentified burglary suspect who attempt to mislead police by providing several aliases. Metro Dade Police Officer Sullivan investigates a call involving juvenile drug dealers. #903. 9/21/96
313 Miami, FL 14 (8:28 PM Hostage Situation) Homestead - Officer Lizanne Deegan says the things that are the hardest to take involve children or the elderly. She talks to her husband about her day when she gets home then calls it a night. She responds to a call involving an armed suspect who douses himself with gasoline and threatens to set himself on fire using a cigarette lighter. Officer Castello question the occupants of a sports utility vehicle and discovers two rocks of cocaine in the possession of a female suspect. Homestead Police Officer Grant questions a group of inebriated residents, then shuts down a gambling house. #904. 9/28/96
314 Miami, FL 15 (9:28 PM Burglary in Progress) Officer Gregory Bavonese waits in the street for his partner who is chasing a suspect. He then gets in the car and goes to the scene and joins the rooftop hunt for two burglary suspects, then responds to a knife assault. Metro-Dade Police Officer Schmidlinger stops a woman after she ran a stop sign, then arrest a suicidal man who tossed bricks at a fast food restaurant. #905. 10/5/96
315 Miami, FL 16 (6:02 PM Assistance Call) Central District - Sgt. Juan Casiano says most of his crew has only been there 1-2 years and he gives advice on how to use their heads instead of getting physical. He rushes to a call where Officer Giovani Nunez spotted a store owner struggling with a shoplifter and assisted. The woman ran into the bathroom and locked herself in with $60 worth of pants and socks. He got her out and her husband tried to fight him, the woman also fought. They are both arrested, charges with theft, obstructing, resisting and more. (10:43 PM Assistance Call) Juan goes to the call of a car refusing to stop who was impersonating a police officer driving with a blue light and crashed. Miami Police Officer Bilberry participates in a reverse sting operation targeting suspects attempting to buy sex from prostitutes. Metro-Dade Police Officer Sullivan responds to an automobile accident in which a young woman has been seriously injured. 2.0 #906. 10/12/96
316 Miami, FL 17 (10:35 PM Disturbance Call) Homestead - Police Officer Coward responds to a call involving a man armed with a gun. Homestead Police Sergeant Kennedy executes a narcotics search warrant on a group of drug dealers. Miami Police Officer Ruiz joins other officers chasing a fleeing vehicle, then discovers an automobile engulfed in flames. #907. 11/2/96
317 Boston/New City, MA (11:21 AM Assault Call) Lynn Police Department - Officer Michael Hanlon says the best part of the day is giving back a kids' bike that was stolen. It is more satisfying than a felony arrest. His partner is Officer Gregory McCarthy. They go to a call of a man who assaulted another man with a knife. 50 cops follow guy with knife/kids steal car and drive by sitting on phone book/two people go in water. #908. 11/2/96
318 Providence, RI 1 (10:12 PM Street Patrol) Officer Fabio Zuena says there is lots of freedom, not locked up in an office, every call is different. The level of danger goes from a car blocked to a shooting - it changes from minute to minute. He aids a car stuck on curb then chases a carjacking suspect through yards. Officers Garneau and Moroney sort out a domestic dispute with a fat white 12 year old boy who calls his mom a fag. Lynn Police Officers Kelter and White apprehend a black guy who broke into a house under construction. #909. 11/9/96
319 Providence, RI 2 (10:32 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer Fabio Zuena says when your guard isn't up is when things happen. When you think everything is quiet and nothing else to do is when the next thing pops up right in front of you, react quickly, use common sense and good judgment. #910. 11/16/96
320 Providence, RI/Boston 1 (6:13 PM Street Patrol) Officer Fabio Zuena has been doing patrol for six years. He goes to town meetings and is in the same neighborhood all the time so the people know and call him. He and Mellor use an abandoned apartment as a lookout post to survey an area frequented by drug dealers. Boston - Fontanez assists two women whose lawn furniture was stolen by a neighborhood teenager. Boston - Officer Parker arrests a car burglar, then investigates a report about a stolen automobile involving the same teenager who was earlier accused of stealing lawn furniture. #911. 9/23/96
321 Providence, RI/Boston 2  (10:47 PM Stabbing Call) Sgt. Walter Chin takes the call of a stabbing at a residence off Elmwood at Lake. stabbing incident; suicidal man; feuding neighbors; disturbance call. #912. 12/21/96
322 Miami, FL 18 (7:50 PM Narcotics Sting Briefing) Key West - Special Operations Unit - Sgt. James Daniels compares how they plan to catch drug dealers to throwing out chum to catch fish. He organizes a sting operation targeting alleged drug buyers. Officer Ruiz arrests a suspect who threatened the life of his ex-lover, then stops several juveniles riding in a stolen automobile. Deputy Fox investigates a possible suicide on the shore of a lake. #913. 11/30/96
323 Miami, FL 19 (5:37 PM Warrant Served) Street Narcotics Unit - Lt. Antonio Rodriguez says the people want them there, it's the drug dealers and criminals who don't want them on the streets. People always say they hear "You're just busting me because I'm black, I'm Latino, I'm Haitian", but they don't get that too much since they serves warrants and make sure they are getting the right people. airline crash rescue operation; bicyclist's pipe; auto accident. #914. 12/7/96
324 Boston, MA 8 (4:32 PM Stolen Bike Call) Lowell - Officer Chris Finneral's lifelong dream was to be a police officer. At one time he was involved in construction for 8-10 years with his own company. The opportunity came up so he jumped at the chance and took the tests because he'd never get another chance and here he is. Bike found in neighbor's driveway/Mexicans crash a van over a fence and flee/cops buy food/man steals bag full of food/missing child found at pool/Asian domestic dispute.  be a cop. He could die tomorrow and be happy since he accomplished his goal. #915. 1/4/97
325 Pierce County WA 10 (6:16 PM Suicidal Person Call) Sheriff's Dept. South Hill Precinct - Deputy Bob Nilson says you never know what to expect. One minute it is calm, then the next it is complete chaos and you can barely keep up. Suicidal woman struggles with police; robbers flee; suspects' children. #916. 2/1/97
326 Pierce County WA 11 (6:53 PM Assistance Call) King County South West Area - Officer Thomas "Tad" Davis talks about how he likes to outsmart the criminals. Hit-and-run accident; domestic disputes. #917. 2/8/97
327 Pierce County WA 12 (4:39 PM Assistance Call) Lakewood District Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Jeff Alwine says they can always count on other officers to help even if it isn't their district. Officer chases fugitive; bottle assault; stolen vehicle. #918. 1/11/97
328 Pierce County WA 13 (1:43 AM Traffic Stop) Roy PD - Police Camera footage. Driver ignores order to pull over; mother/daughter dispute; restraining order is violated; lottery-ticket theft. #919. 2/22/97
329 Pierce County WA 14 (10:31 PM Traffic Stop) Deputy Jeff Alwine says family is very important. He has a beautiful wife of 2 years and a 7 month old daughter, just waiting for her to start walking and talking. Stops a car with no taillights that has three passengers, 2 men. He pulls them out and checks the filthy car. A crack pipe is found on the driver and a bag with crack residue on the floor so a K-9 is called in. The dog arrives with K-9 Deputy Gary Wescott and jumps in the car. Then the white man with the yellow bicycle shorts runs away. He goes a couple blocks, through a Texaco and hides in a garbage pile and is caught. He gave a fake name as was OK, but realized they were about to find out who he really was. He had 4 warrants. He is mirandized and asked if he thought about being bitten by a large German Shepherd. He says he didn't, though he has been bit before and it wasn't worth it. He was in jail in 1992 for vehicular homicide. His pants were in the back seat with his real ID and with court papers that he violated. Deputy Win Sargent assisted. (7:03 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Deputy Mark Eakes says the worst thing is seeing the same people over and over. He tries to do his job right, fill out the paperwork and let the system handle it so he can sleep at night. He goes to a return domestic call at a problem Motel. The woman says she has no peripheral vision and that Timothy assaulted her from behind. #920. 2/15/97
330 Pierce County WA 15 (12:43 AM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Dept Mountain Detachment - Deputy John Heacock says the weather can be really unpredictable, even in one shift. It can start clear, then the next minute be pouring rain. Flares stop a fleeing suspect; neighbors fight over a boat; an ex-wife claims assault. #921. 1/25/97
331 Pierce County WA 16 (5:05 PM Disturbance Call) King County South West Precinct - Officer Patrick McCury was failing out of high school until a San Diego County cop came to his school to teach a course on Officer Survival. It turned his life around, he knew he wanted to be a cop, got better grades and went to college. He could die tomorrow and be happy since he accomplished his goal. #922. 3/8/97
332 Pierce County WA 17 (8:25 PM Shots Fired Call) Sheriff's Dept South Hill Precinct - Deputy Mark Baird says he grew up around teachers, his parents and grandparents were teachers and he saw cops in the same light - authority. A man off his medication started firing shots outside, went in and back out and his wife locked him out so he couldn't get back in. Domestic disputes. #923. 5/3/97
333 Pierce County WA 18 (9:57 PM Robbery in Progress) King County South West Precinct - Officer Thomas "Tad" Davis takes the call of a woman robbed at a 7-11. Drug sale; handgun possession; medical marijuana. #924. 3/22/97
334 Pierce County WA 19 (10:59 PM Street Patrol) Sheriff's Dept South Hill Precinct HQ - Sgt. Terry Ruille talks about a woman with firearm they had to handle since SWAT wouldn't take it. Everything has to be handled differently. A woman flags down Deputy Bob Nilson. She says he husband is chasing he 14 year old daughter down the street who ran away. They find him and he says he wants their help. Missing teen; child bites mother; child-abuse complaint. #925. 5/17/97
335 Pierce County WA 20 (4:32 PM Suspicious Vehicle Call) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Ken Board takes a call of a suspicious vehicle in the middle of a field where they may have shot something. It always makes him nervous when people are armed and there are lots of shootings in the area. You don't want to be downwind of that because you never know what you are going to get. He questions two men who used a firearm to slaughter a cow, and later, he arrests a woman who vandalized a neighbor's property. Deputy Nilsen attempts to settle a domestic dispute between neighbors, then searches for a woman who was thrown on a floor during a domestic dispute. Officer Masters investigates a robbery, and afterward, Masters is dispatched to investigate a car accident. #926. 3/97
336 Fresno, CA 1 (7:41 PM Assistance Call) Operation Goldstar Briefing - Sgt. David Huera explains what Goldstar is and when using K9's not to get bit. K9 Deputy Jim Newley says to give him and the dog six feet of room and they should be safe. Lt. Don Burk says to be proactive and officer safety is most important. Sheriff's Dept - Detective Jay Stuart takes the call of an assault and the man fled. A K-9 unit him as they track down a fleeing suspect wanted on an outstanding warrant. While on street patrol, Deputy Hathaway encounters a man who says that a man threatened him with a him with a shotgun after his dog was struck by a car. Deputy Davis is dispatched to an accident scene where a truck collided with a utility pole, and later, Davis removes trespassers from private property. #927. 3/29/97
337 Fresno, CA 2 (8:21 PM Assistance Call) Area 3 - Deputy Keith Gray says the Carruters Fair is the one place you can drop your kids at the gate, tell them you'll be back at eight and expect them to be there. He is then off to an assist call in the arrest of a young motorist in possession of a firearm and drugs, and in the second story, Gray makes a drug bust after noticing a marijuana cigarette tucked behind a suspect's ear. Deputy Kenneth Gray encounters a domestic violence suspect who giggles like a child as he is being frisked for weapons. Deputy Rien stops a driver operating a vehicle at night with its lights turned off, then discovers a syringe near the driver's seat. #928. 4/12/97
338 Fresno, CA 3 (5:45 PM Assistance Call) Area 1 - A woman calls that her son is naked in the garage and on drugs and has a knife. Deputy Richard Coningsby heads there. Sergeant Hollis and his team destroy several million dollars worth of marijuana plants being cultivated in a remote area outside Fresno. A drug-sniffing canine named Cowboy helps deputies locate hidden narcotics. #929. 4/19/97
339 Fresno, CA 4 (10:15 PM Car Stop) Area 2 - Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Colleen Mestas says she doesn't want people to think they are bothering the police when they ask for help. Deputy Mestas detains a suspect after he is observed weaving erratically through traffic. Sergeants Stuart and Huerta search a vehicle driven by a suspect who fled from police, and in the second story, the Sergeants witness a hit-and-run accident. Deputy Bradshaw responds to a homicide in a rural vineyard. #930. 7/26/97
340 Fort Myers, FL 1 (10:32 PM Shooting Call) North District - Officer Brian Phillips talks about how he directed traffic in Michigan in 40 below weather and decided to go to some place warm. Gun discharged; robbery call may involve solicitation; stranded vandals. #931. 6/14/97
341 Fort Myers, FL 2 (9:58 PM Aggravated Stalking Warrant) Lee County North District - Deputy Felix Romano is told by another officer about the guy they are going to get who has a stalking warrant. They are five miles outside of town. Felon living in a bus is captured; pregnant attacker. #932. 4/26/97
342 Fort Myers, FL 3 (10:21 PM Robbery Call) Lee County Sheriff's Office West District - Deputy Mike Miller moved to the area in 1972 with his family. He’s married, has 2 kids and doesn't plan on going anywhere. It’s a great community and is growing. A black man robbed a convenience store and fled behind the building and they are setting up a perimeter. Deputy Dave Murphy is on the scene and says it happened 10-15 minutes ago. Deputy Kurt Willenbacher has a K-9 and leads him behind the building into a wooden area. They go to a house with a brown Camero in the driveway with the back door is open and a large amount of marijuana plants growing in the backyard. They yell into the house again and again to come out or they'll release the dog. There is a dog inside and a room full of pot growing under florescent lights. The bad guy got out, so they call a drug task force unit to the house. They go back when the detectives arrive with a search warrant. The fridge has bags of plants and seeds. In the bathroom there are plants drying and 10 bags ready to go. They also find cocaine and a scale. The owner says it belongs to Doug and he forgot it was there. They also find 3 assault rifles and 6 rifles and ask him why he has so many guns. The owner says it isn't that many guns and all this pot is for his own use. Mike says it's nice to nip it in the bud. Sarasota County, FL (12:15 AM Domestic Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept District 1 - Sgt. Steve Burns has been a Sgt for 8 years, has 5-10 deputies under him, does less hands on work, but does more paperwork. He goes to a house and a shirtless man named Damon is outside with a Pepsi. He says he went to work, had some drinks, came home and his girlfriend asked him who he was sleeping with. He said some blonde so she punched him in the face. Deputy John Helme arrives and talks to the guy outside. The woman says the guy came home at 11:30pm and was supposed to be home at 6pm. He was drunk, wouldn't say where he was and he was sleeping around. She slapped him and he bodyslammed her. He threw her stuff out of the house and John says he isn't allowed to do that. He says he didn't know that, he just wanted her out. He has her eyeglasses and keys and won't give them back to her because her paid $400 for them and will sell them to get some money. They says she needs them to see and it would be a good gesture to give them to her. He wants to know the legality of the issue. She says Damon has marijuana in the house. He denies it again and again. She says he put it in the shed. Damon says to go look so they bring in a K9 and find a tin of pot out there. Damon says it is hers and she said it was in the shed, but it was behind the shed and he gave permission to search the shed only. He has to sign an affidavit and apologizes for sounding indifferent. They say no problem. Fort Myers, FL (10:54 PM Traffic Stop) North District - Officer Greg Hemberger moved down there from New York 7 years ago. When you think you've seen it all, something different occurs, it's fun and busy. He spots a light green Buick parked in a drug area. He drives off and Greg pulls him over. He is stuffing something as he pulls over, but is all jovial when questioned. He produces a license, registration and insurance as 4 cops surround him. They pull him out and cuff him. Deputy Brian Phillips finds a bag of crack in the car. The driver says he asked a black guy directions to Martin Luther and he threw it in the car. His license is suspended and he is only supposed to drive to work. He says he was dropping off paperwork at his home office. He doesn't come down there at all, doesn't know where he's at and lives in Cape Coral. He gets off work at 5pm, shouldn't be there, he will get charged for narcotics, they’ll impound his car, seize it and sell it. They find roach clips in his ashtray and ashes that test positive for pot. He says the roaches are wire connectors and has 1000s of them at work. Brain says there's no way the black guy threw drugs in his ashtray so he's going to jail. #933. 6/21/97
343 Fort Myers, FL 4 (11:18 PM Street Patrol) Lee County East District - Deputy James Creghan needs an out from police work so he races stock cars across Florida and in Georgia too. When he races he forgets everything. He takes the call of a suffocating infant on a breathing tube who is experiencing breathing difficulties./Shoplifting call at a clothing with two black girls. Deputy Miller arrests them since they were videotaped/Disturbance Call - Deputy Caivano questions a man and a woman at a restaurant who ordered an all-you-can-eat meal then refused to pay their bill because the manager denied them doggie bags. It doesn't matter that they are shown the sign that reads no doggie bags and that they've tried to pull the same stunt there before. #934. 5/10/97
344 Fort Myers, FL 5 (5:58 PM Disturbance Call) South District - Officer Jen Gayton takes a call of a man who broke a window with his hand and escaped from a mental home. She arrives and they are outside having spotted him. Deputy Miller and an animal control officer help free an owl trapped inside a fireplace, and later, Miller arrests a woman who assaulted her ex-boyfriend. #935. 7/12/97
345 Fort Myers, FL 6 (7:03 PM Assistance Call) Lee County Sheriff's Dept West District - Deputy Pete Hendrick assists another officer who pulled over a car with stolen plates. He also has a suspended license, causing his young daughter to break into tears. Deputy Miller questions a man who claims the marijuana in his possession is used for medicinal purposes. Deputy Short arrests a man for beating his girlfriend. #936. 7/12/97

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