Season 8 (1995-96)

Mardi Gras 1995/New Orleans, LA/Tampa, FL/Dallas, TX/Fort Worth, TX/Buffalo, NY/Albuquerque, NM/Orange County, CA/Best of
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267 Mardi Gras 1995 Pt 1 (Agitation Training) New Orleans PD Mounted Patrol - Sgt. Tommy Smegal helps train horses to get used to all kinds of things they might encounter on the streets such as sirens, guns, smoke and fireworks. Officer Jeannie Cruz is one of the Mounties (9:20 PM 8th District) Special Thanks to Richard Pennington - Superintendent. #801. 2/24/96
268 Mardi Gras 1995 Pt 2 (6:51 PM Street Patrol) 8th District - Officer Arthur Calhoun says for the next 2 weeks they work 7 days a week 12 hours a day. A man tells another man to butt out of an argument with his wife and they fight. He gets hit in the face and calls the cops then doesn't want to press charges. (8:04 PM) A man is caught urinating on the someone's front door. When they go to arrest him he runs and they tackle him. (8:37 PM) A man brings his underage daughter into a bar and is belligerent when asked to leave. When cops arrive he pushes them. It takes four cops to subdue and cuff him. New Orleans (3:45 PM Car Chase) A silver car won't stop until it goes into a gas station. When cops get out they take off again and head onto the freeway and more cops join the pursuit. He spins out and his car falls into the canal, lands sideways and fills up with water. After this he won't even open the door so they break the window and pull him out. He won't listen and says he is on sleeping pills and is taken away in the ambulance. (12:03 AM) Officer Jeanine Cruz is on horse patrol. A man plays buckets in the street. They ride off to a fight on St. Louis & Bourbon. A man pulled a box cutter on a girl and is taken down and arrested. (12:47 AM) A bartender stops the cops because a patron used a fake $50 bill to buy drinks, but he just got it at another bar. A woman was assaulted for her beads and they go and find the man who did it. He is drunk and says she is lying, but they arrest him and his two friends. #802. 2/17/96
269 New Orleans, LA (4:08 PM Suspicious Person) 7th District - Cops look for a black man in a black shirt who was knocking on windows casing the area. They find him and chase him through and apartment complex and converge on him in the back after he ran through a wooden fence. He says he is on medication and needs fresh air before he can be put in the back of the police car. He burglarized a house and stole jewelry and watches which he tossed along the way. Then they go to a nearby burglary call that turns out to be the thief's victims. He smashed in their door and stole their jewelry and a Starter jacket which he was wearing when they caught him. (5:42 PM Stolen Vehicle) In the Garden District a stolen 1982 black Chevrolet Celebrity is found and the cops don't want to get into a chase and they follow the thieves to a nearby Wendy's and wait for them to emerge before they can get back into the car. They set up all around and capture both black guys by the car. The driver claims he got the car from a friend. (8:56 PM) Officers stops two black guys at a store that they arrested only days ago and can't believe they are out of jail already. One guy has crack in his mouth and they fight with him for a while to spit it out. Officer Alita Richardson explains why she likes the job. (10:10 PM Pedestrian Accident) A pregnant woman fell into an open manhole on the sidewalk. It turns out the lid was stolen and replaced with a garbage can full of leaves. It is the third one stolen on the same street. (11:07 PM Domestic Dispute) An older trashy woman says her boyfriend tried to steal her food stamps. The guy is there only dressed in his underwear. She says he gives her food away to the neighbors after she brings it home. He says she is nuts and wants her out and says her black eye is from drinking and she admits it probably is. #803. 12/16/95
270 Tampa, FL 3 (11:04 PM Assault Call) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Dept. District III Roll Call - Cops are told about a suspect caught. Deputy Mike Fields takes to a call where a woman found her man at a strip mall where he wasn't supposed to be and she went up and slapped him. He then threw her down and punched her. She is in a red truck and won't come out when the cops arrive. When it looks like she might be in trouble she starts the truck up. Two deputies run over to get her to stop and threaten to bust out her window so she roles it down and drives away. She goes to a Boston Chicken and agrees to talk if the one deputy isn't there and they go and arrest her. 2.0 #804. 9/30/95
271 Tampa, FL 4 (9:21 PM Cruelty to Animals) District 1 - Officer Steven Borden takes a call of a man walking a dog down the street and kicking it as hard as he can and sending it airborne. #805. 10/14/95
272 Tampa, FL 5 (12:08 AM Suspicious Person) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Dept. District 3 - Deputy Anthony Miller says the most frustrating thing is once a month someone gets away. A shooting or robbery gives the most rush. robbery suspect pursued; homeless man arrested; suspected car thief. #806. 11/25/95
273 Tampa, FL 6 (10:31 PM Stolen Van) Hillsborough Co District 2 - Officer Clyde Eisenberg heads to a call of another cop who spotted a stolen van outside a skating rink stolen by two teenagers. Deputies Morris and Schmidt question a man who was discovered sleeping in the front seat of his truck, which was parked in the middle of a major street. Deputy Miller attends to a suicidal man, then questions the driver of a vehicle who fired a gun at a crowd of people. #807. 7/29/95
274 Tampa, FL 7 (4:27 PM Narcotics Sting Briefing) At HQ officers are briefed about the days reverse sting. Outside Officer Lawanda Buchanan is given tiny bags of weed to sell. Corporal Karl Anderson is in charge. Lieutenant Bob Guidana supervises a drug sting operation in which several officers go undercover to snare suspected drug buyers. Officers Matos and Cochran respond to a report involving juveniles and stolen snakes. The Special Enforcement Bureau zeros in on suspected car thieves who dumped stolen vehicles into a river used as the city's main water supply. #808. 11/18/95
275 Tampa, FL 8 (6:32 PM Narcotics Sting Briefing) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Dept. District 3 - Sgt. Mike Flowers explains about the reverse drug operation where Officers Clyde and Dave will go undercover to sell crack. He has drawn a map of 15th st where their van will be waiting. The signal that the deal is done is a tip of the hat. Drug sting snares users; parking dispute; man reports his drug-using roommate. Deputy Wellinger supervises a reverse sting operation that snares several drug users. Corporal Eisenberg settles a dispute after a man parks his truck on another man's property. Deputies Morris and Adkinson investigate when a man claims his roommate is a crack cocaine user. #809. 3/2/96
276 Tampa, FL 9 (1:32 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Dept. District 3 - Deputy Anthony Miller takes a call of three Hispanic males who tried to break into a vehicle and fled the scene in a gray Monte Carlo. He spots a car matching the description which turns to a high-speed chase through the streets of Hillsborough County. Sheriff's Deputy Langiotti searches for three escaped convicts. Sheriff's Deputies Morris and Baxter corral two cows sleeping in a graveyard, then sort out a domestic dispute. #810. 3/16/96
277 Tampa, FL 10 (5:12 PM Man with a Knife) District 1 - Officer Roger Amick says when he's not working he tries to distance himself from the job, has non police friends and hobbies. He loves soccer ever since he was small and that takes up most of his time. He concentrates on that and it relieves stress. He goes to a call of a man threatening to kill himself locked in his apartment. Officer Kristen gets close and her partner tells her to back off because the man would charge her so he would shoot him - suicide by cop. A professional negotiator is brought in and the man is taken without incident. Afterwards they find a Tech-9 inside. Domestic dispute; rape victim locates her attacker. #811. 3/23/96
278 Tampa, FL 11 (8:01 AM Briefing) Quad Squad - Officer Kevin Ahles is undercover driving a second car in case bad guys escape the first car in the buy/bust operation. His partner if Officer Willie Bahr-Matute and wave is the signal. Cops use a box truck, a Ryder, and two other cars to make drug buys on the streets. Sting flushes drug dealers; unconscious motorist; gunfire targets officers. #812. 9/16/95
279 Dallas, TX 1 (10:07 PM Disturbance Call) NW Division - Officer Greg Stonewall says his job is the best job anyone can have. He has a degree in psychology and accounting he'll probably never use because law enforcement is where it's at. Some days he decides he wants to save the city and put everyone in jail - fight crime, suppress evil. He gets a lot of satisfaction putting people in jail. Even though they can't save everyone it's nice to know you can help some people, that's the best part of the job. His partner Officer Rick Walter takes a call of an unknown male trying to break down the door of a ladies apartment. Officers question two men in Halloween costumes. #813. 10/28/95
280 Dallas, TX 2 (11:30 PM Car Pursuit) Officer Gerald Smalley talks about Dallas having high and low lifes. His favorite thing is answering calls. His partner Officer Noel Carrasco doesn't get a chance to say why he likes being a cop. A pursuit of stolen vehicle's passengers; drivers under the influence; abuse call. #814. 9/23/95
281 Dallas, TX 3 (9:42 PM Street Patrol) SW Division - Officer D.T. Long takes a stolen car call; woman claims a crack dealer attacked her; disgruntled customer. #815. 11/11/95
282 Fort Worth, TX 14 (4:12 PM Street Patrol) South Division - Officer Dave Moran is parked on an overpass looking down for an approaching white van. Traffic accidents; immigration-card ring; false fire report. #816. 9/9/95
283 Fort Worth, TX 15 (5:37 PM Street Patrol) South Division - Officer Dave Moran says it is the beginning of the Saturday shift and there is not much going on and it is usually busy. So they drive through a neighborhood with lots of drug traffic to see what is going on. A drug-suspect chase; a body is found; a child-protective case; a noise complaint. #817. 12/2/95
284 Dallas, TX 4 (4:35 PM Street Patrol) car chase; parole violator; junkyard dispute; car accident triggers shooting. #818. 3/30/96
285 Dallas, TX 5 (8:01 PM Street Patrol) Central Division - Officer Kurt Kaetterherny says what motivated him most to do the job is you see every aspect of life both good and bad. Officer Mark Vernon says to pull over a car with an expired tag. The male Hispanic driver takes off, runs on foot through a yard, over fences and falls hard. Kurt drives and Mark jumps out and catches him in an alley. He says he ran because he had warrants from tickets. His cousin said he had 9 warrants, he was scared and thought he'd go to jail. (12:05 AM Stabbing Call) A white guy stopped for directions and the black guy was helping him stabbed him in a Shell station parking lot. The white guy came after him and the black guy pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back a few times. The river says his friend gave him the wrong directions, he was lost and he asked the black guy for help. The white guy game over, threw his stuff down and said, “why you messing with my people?” He got up in his face and pushed and punched the guy. The black guy pulled a knife to defend himself, he pulled out cassettes and said he was going to shoot him. If he gave him $60 he would go away. (3:05 PM Disturbance Call) S.E. Division - Officer Mike Witzgall is going to the 3200 block where a man drove animal control off the road. The animal control man took an old mans’ bird and says it might be put to sleep. The old man was upset and went after him by cutting him off the road. He says the bird is city property and wrote him a ticket for interfering with a public official. It is a pigeon, a rat with wings, the guy found it injured on the road, called them and was upset that it might be put to sleep. The man asks for Mike's badge number and he says 5873 and tells the man there is nothing he can do in this dispute. The law is if the bird is wounded he has to pick it up and a vet will take care of it. The old man says if he knew animal control would take the bird he never would've called. He has a bird sanctuary and would take care of it, but he said he it was his. The old man is all shaken up and says the man was a smart Alec to him. Then they look at the bird, which looks OK. (11:15 PM Street Patrol) N.W. Division - Officer Greg Stonewall says his hobby is bodybuilding because when you fight with someone even for 30 seconds it can wear you out. They get a fight call and go to an apartment complex. Officer Rick Waller grabs one suspect. They are shirtless and fighting right in the street. One gets punched in the face and has a bloody nose when they stop it. One guy says they are brothers and are just playing. Greg says they should play in the dirt then. They claim they are just wrestling. The cops laugh and let them go and say to play soccer instead. (12:17 AM Shooting Call) They go to the apartments on Valley Meadow. An ambulance is on the scene, there is a bloody man shot on the ground with his shoes off. A black man says a 4 door white car drove by with 2 black guys who shot the guy. They were just standing there talking and the shooters thought they were Bloods or Crips. Officer Rhonda Baker closes the scene. Greg says they see this all the time, can't let it bother them and have to go on to the next call. They only talk about it for a few minutes then forget about it. #819. 5/11/96
286 Buffalo, NY 1 (7:54 PM Assistance Call) Precinct 12 - Officer Annette Campbell has been there 10 years on the 4pm - 2am shift, the busiest shift in the busiest precinct. Precinct 12 is exciting since there are quite a few homicides, lots of robberies, chases, guns. Sometimes you get bored when everyone stays inside and it is good to relax. Her partner Officer Zrinell Webster says it's busy, busy most of the time. Once in a while there are slow days, but not too much. Armed robber spotted; burglary suspect caught; drug raid; corpse found; loose boa. #820. 10/7/95
287 Buffalo, NY 2 (8:44 PM Burglary in Progress) Burglary suspect sighted; floating corpses; high-speed chase of unlicensed driver. #821. 10/21/95
288 Buffalo, NY 3 (4:27 PM Assistance Call) Officers Gambino and Rieman help capture a young robbery suspect, then diffuse a dispute between neighbors. Erie County Sheriff's Department Marine Patrol Officer Sean Simet cites a boater for piloting his vessel too fast and too close to shore, and later, accompanied by Sergeant Donaghue, he stops another boat for a safety inspection. Officers Bowen and Walters respond to a burglary in which several men stole some liquor. #822. 12/9/95
289 Buffalo, NY 4 (9:25 PM Street Patrol) Officers Tilsdale and Hall question a woman who tossed her husband's clothes into the driveway after a domestic dispute, then detain a man who entered a vacant dwelling. Lieutenant Taggart and Officer Simonian question several partygoers after a young man claims his sister was molested. Officers Marracino and Trimper chase a man who was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, then respond to a burglary at a vacant home. #823. 12/23/95
290 Buffalo, NY 5 (8:18 PM Street Patrol) Precinct II - Officer Bill Gambino Says downtown Buffalo, East side, that's what it's all about, why he became a policeman. You never know what's going to happen. His partner Officer Bill Rieman says it's not your average job. You never know what's going to happen because there is o set time. It's not a routine job, it can be fun or depressing and no two calls are ever the same. They chase a suspect who stole another man's wallet at a delicatessen. Officers Williams and Kaudeyr investigate a bloody fight between brothers. Officers Gambino and Rieman meet with a man who claims his neighbor threw old phonograph records at his Cadillac. #824. 1/6/96
291 Buffalo, NY 6 (5:38 PM Assault Call) Officer Al Monteforte and his partner Officer Don Genovese go to a call of a gang beating up on one person. They interview several people who witnessed a fight that erupted after a man Vandalized a vehicle. Officers Kaudeyr and Williams investigate when a young man armed with a knife claims that his stepfather threatened him with a gun. Later, Monteforte and Genovese are tipped to a robbery in progress and detain two teenagers in possession of a stolen jewelry case. #825. 1/13/96
292 Buffalo, NY 7 (6:20 PM Street Patrol) Precinct 3 - Officer Pat Roberts says when he was 19-20 he started taking civil service exams for state police and firefighter on the strong advice of his father, a recently retired Lt. Chief. It was an excellent opportunity and worked perfectly. His partner is Officer Paul Roberts who says occasionally people will look at their name tags, see the same name and ask if they are brothers and he'll say yeah. People like that, see the same first initial and old ladies like it so much the ask for a kiss on the cheek. Domestic disturbances; man revived; juveniles detained. #826. 1/27/96
293 Albuquerque, NM 1 (12:30 PM Briefing) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept Narcotics Unit - Detective Mark Rosario shows pictures and talks about the guy they have a warrant for. He lives in Apt 7, the last one on the east side. He leads his narcotics team on a heroin bust, and later, an undercover officer snares crack cocaine dealers in a sting operation. Albuquerque officers Marquez and Oleksak question a woman who claims she and her boyfriend are being harassed by her roommate's ex-boyfriend. Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputy Ruben Barela apprehends a convicted felon driving with a sawed-off shotgun and a clown mask. #827. 2/3/96
294 Albuquerque, NM 2 (5:45 PM Street Patrol) Southeast Area Command - Officer John Bode says he likes it most when kids come up to him to thank him. It sounds corny, but it is true. When a kid says thanks for coming down his street so he can play it means the most. Kids have to go to parks to play since they don't have yards and gang members come and shoot it up and kids get hurt and they can put a stop to that. He goes to a violent domestic dispute where he has been to many times. Ruben gets into a foot pursuit with a woman who stole 4 cartons of cigarettes from a store and she is found hiding under a truck, claims she is on medication and is a Bi-polar Manic Depressant, then fights with the officers when they try to get her into the car. drunken driver. #828. 2/10/96
295 Albuquerque, NM 3 (8:50 PM Assistance Call) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept - South Valley Sub-Station - Deputy Ruben Barela was born and raised in Albuquerque and patrols the same area he grew up in. He always wanted to be a cop in the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept and enjoys working there with the other officers. SWAT team arrests murder suspect; motorist ejects syringe from car; mother-son reunion. #829. 4/6/96
296 Albuquerque, NM 4 (5:15 PM Drug Activity) drug arrests; pregnant woman assaulted; paint sniffer arrested; accidental shooting. #830. 4/13/96
297 Albuquerque, NM 5 (5:31 PM Street Patrol) Valley Area Command - Officer Ray Atencio says he was married two weeks before he entered the academy and they both feel this is where he needs to be, it is his calling. Suspected felon is pursued; DWI suspect; assault case. A call out to a disorderly drunk man in a car, Ernie from Texas, at a gas station with a Hispanic man. Ernie asks Ruben to beat him up, then offers to give Deputy Ruben Barela money and buy him coffee. Ruben transports both of them downtown, but no arrest. #831. 5/4/96
298 Albuquerque, NM 6 (7:32 PM Street Patrol) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept - North Valley Sub-Station - Deputy Dan Royston says his philosophy on police work is to keep people safe and the roads clear. Police are required to be family & Marriage counselors and priests. Drug-related incidents include a car without plates. #832. 5/25/96
299 Albuquerque, NM 7 (4:07 PM Car Pursuit) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept - North Valley Sub-Station - Deputy Jeff Garcia says there isn't enough money for programs to help those in jail that shouldn't be there and there is a problem with repeat offenders who keep going back to jail. Deputy Ruben Barela is dispatched to a "Suicide attempt" call, supposedly for a man with a knife, they tackle the husband and arrest both the husband and take the wife away for attempted suicide. vehicular pursuit; domestic dispute; suicide attempt. #833. 5/18/96
300 Albuquerque, NM 8 (9:12 Assistance Call) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept - North Valley Sub-Station - Deputy Robert Tyler likes to help people and return their stolen property to them. Ruben Barela arrests a man who was believed to be burglarizing a residence but it turns out that he did in fact was staying at the residence and at the end of the episode they ended up not taking him to jail. Women brawl; robbery suspect; unconscious man. #834. 6/22/96
301 Albuquerque, NM 9 (5:47 PM Warrant Served) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept. Narcotics Unit - Sgt. Russell Blaschke says this is the north valley, a section between the city and the county, it doesn't get a lot of cops, is known for black tar heroin, lots of users, rundown, poverty and people take advantage of them. He's trying to make a dent in it. They have a search warrant for a heroin dealers. They run down a dirt driveway past a car that has no tires and is filled with wood then slam the door open. It looks like it's only one big room. Detective Bill Reid calls it in. There is a Mexican man named Gabriel and a woman inside who are cuffed. They find needles, the man has holes in his arm and there is blood on the floor. They ask her what Gabe did, did he swallow anything? She says he shot up. They find razor blades, needles and residue. Gabe wants a cigarette and he gets one. Deputy Larry Garcia talks to a man who pulls up in the rear who says he's just there to give a trumpet lesson. He actually has a trumpet, but there is meth in there. They ask if it's stolen and to prove it’s his. So he plays a little bit and they let him go. Gabe is charged with trafficking. (4:02 PM Assistance Call) Albuquerque Valley Area Command - Officer Gene Marquez says they do make a difference, have helped quite a bit. When they feel they've hit a dead end they talk to the neighbors who appreciate them. A woman went in a gas station asking for help. A car is backing out that is damaged and held together with string in the back. Gene stops them and suddenly Gerard pops up from the front seat. He says he was looking for something. He is wearing a blue doorag is taken out and cuffed. Officer Scott Grommes searches the car. Gene asks Mary the driver what he's hiding, she says he dropped a cigarette. She lives in the south valley, but has no license. She doesn't know what he was doing. They pour out liquor, Gerard says he's not lying because that would be stupid and ignorant. They find a credit card with the name Yolanda that doesn't belong to them. Mary doesn't know anything. The cashier says Gerard tried to use Yolanda's card there to buy beer. He also used the card yesterday. Sgt. Earl Holmes got his name and admits he got the card from a guy and knew it was stolen. Gerard says she didn't know anything. He's used it a few times since yesterday. Gene says he was looking for a male subject with a gun and because he was acting suspicious he stopped him. If he was acting normal he never would've noticed him. (9:12 PM Traffic Stop) South Valley Sub-Station - Deputy Ruben Barela is from NM, born in the Albuquerque south valley, the streets he patrols now. He's known since he was a child he wanted to be a cop, you’ve probably heard it a 100 times. This is the area he always wanted to work. He stops a red T-bird with Iowa plates in a parking lot. The driver says a friend of his lives there, he doesn't have a license and doesn't know why he's driving. He just had to go somewhere and is wearing Gonzalez Bail Bonds jacket. The car is damaged and it's fresh. He says he was in an accident this morning. He has no ID, no insurance and the back tire is falling off. He says it's his friends car. The entire left side of the car is bent, damaged and scratched. Deputy Van Elderedge questions the female passenger. Deputy Greg Rees backs him up and searches the car. He says it's a skip car. Now he says he was in an accident late last night. The woman has no idea and gives a social security number that comes back to a man. They find out she has a warrant with no bond. She is arrested and they find a needle in her purse. If she brings any drugs to a jail it's a felony. Ruben tells the guy Gonzalez can't help her. #835. 6/29/96
302 Orange County, CA 1 (7:03 PM Street Patrol) Fullerton - Sgt. Dave Miller says it's a nice place to work, has nice residential neighborhoods, nice schools and with a population of two million they face all kinds of problems and it is a good way for an officer to learn. Communication Center gets a call from a man who tried to commit suicide; officer pursues gang member; purse stolen. #836. 4/27/96
303 Orange County, CA 2 (Training Session) Santa Ana - The Range Master directs Sgt. John Follo in the use of a video simulator. The test involves a Mexican man and two women standing next to a car. The man then takes one hostage and she gets away and John shoots him. He says a live fire simulator will be better. 6:30 PM Carjacking call. drug arrests; burglary; assault; molestation attempt. #837. 7/6/96
304 Orange County, CA 3 (7:45 PM Narcotics Briefing) Garden Grove - Officer Mike Reynolds is instructed by an undercover officer that they are going to buy an ounce of speed. car-jacking; suspect behind a bookcase; drug sting. #838. 7/13/96
305 Best Chases (Kansas City, MO - 1:04 AM Car Chase) #723, (Cleveland, OH - 2:07 AM Stolen Car Call) #628, (Fort Worth, TX - 12:41 AM Suspicious Vehicle) #526. #S905. 2/5/96
306 911 Calls (Fort Worth, TX - 2:24 AM 911 Call) #527, (Philadelphia, PA - 12:48 AM Shooting Call) #523, (Denver, CO - 12:07 AM 911 Call) #509. #S906. 2/6/96
307 Best Drug Busts (Portland, OR - 11:47 AM Warrant Served) #202, (Las Vegas, NV - 8:38 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) #717, (Denver, CO - 1:30 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) #508. #S907. 2/7/96
308 Best Stings (Fort Worth, TX - 7:14 PM Shoplifting Call) #532, (Las Vegas, NV - LSP Unit Southeast Area Command) #312. (Jersey City. NJ - Truck Sting Operation Briefing) #319. #S908. 2/8/96
309 Classic Cops (Kansas City, MO - 8:43 PM Disturbance Call) #403, (Los Angeles, CA - 9:46 PM "911" Call Hang Up) #704, (Kansas City, KS - 6:05 PM Street Patrol) #407. #S909. 2/9/96

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