Season 7 (1994-95)

Los Angeles, CA/Las Vegas, NV/Kansas City, MO/New York City/Best of
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226 Los Angeles, CA 14 (8:31 PM Stolen Vehicle) North Hollywood Area - Officer Stephen Egan says there are 3.1 million people in the city, 18 sectors and lots of diversity. They spot a stolen white van. Chase involves stolen van; composer is arrested; domestic dispute. 2.0 #701. 5/14/94
227 Los Angeles, CA 15 (10:37 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Dept Lakewood Station - Deputy Scott Anger says it is an all-American town - upper class, lower class, no class with the same problems as everywhere - drugs, gang violence, family disturbances and it is pretty busy. Suspect shoots himself during struggle with police; nude suspect. #702. 5/21/94
228 Los Angeles, CA 16 (7:34 PM Officer Down) 77th area - Sgt. Phillip Jackson races to the scene. When he arrives there are a dozen cops there. Sgt. Michael Marchello says one suspect and the gun is in custody. The cop was shot in the leg and Sgt. James May wants a nearby auto yard shut down and surrounded in case a second suspect is in there. Officer John Wilson fired three shots, but doesn't think he hit the suspect. The officer is OK after fire and rescue patches him up. (11:45 PM Indecent Exposure Call) Lakewood Station Sheriff's Dept Communications Center - A man calls 911 saying a man is masturbating at a tennis court near his house and he wants to go after him with a shotgun. Sgt. David Halm goes in to find him and the guy who called shows where he is and another is after the suspect with a golf club. He says the suspect was walking his dog naked and then started masturbating when he saw them. The helicopter found him hiding in some bushes. Deputy Chris Derry questions the man who says he was just changing to go in a Jacuzzi, he wasn't naked, wasn't masturbating, but doesn't live there either. The caller makes a citizen's arrest. (8:27 PM Runaway Juvenile) Van Nuys Area - Training Officer Janice Mangen says there is pride in the LAPD name and you can do anything you want within the department. It is so large that the opportunities are limitless. Officer Steven Davoren says a 15 year old kid pushed his mother injuring her and ran away the night before. His brother Jason says he knows where he is so the cops go to talk to him. They find him at someone's house and cuff him and take him home. His mom Cathy says he is out of control and doesn't realize the way he acts and she can't handle him anymore. He doesn't want to go back to JV, but has no choice and cries and wails that he'll change. 2.0 #703. 7/30/94
229 Los Angeles, CA 17 (10:15 PM Motorcycle Pursuit) L.A.P.D. Rampart Area - Officer Kevin Webb says when they started going after gangs that people would sleep on wooden pallets on the floors of their homes because of so many drive by shootings. Now even the gangs are telling them they made a difference. Fleeing motorcyclist tosses gun; intoxication; dog-owners' dispute. 2.0 #704. 8/20/94
230 Los Angeles, CA 18 (8:17 PM Drive By Shooting) Officer Tammy Waters calls the pursuit going southbound on Lincoln after a white van. Pacific Area Ė The van rounds a corner and the suspects run off on Glen Cove. Officer Jeffrey Ennis chases the Mexican driver through and apartment complex. Air support is called in over the Marina Shopping Center. Sgt. Mario Munoz is brought in and explains the driver fired a dozen shots during the pursuit and there are three suspects. Training Officer Tonya Drummer caught one because he is all sweaty, but claims he is just a heroin addict meeting his dealer. Tammy IDís him as a passenger. Lt. Larry Manion says two people were shot at the Shell Station and they were only 50 yards behind him when it happened. (North Hollywood Area - 7:37 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Stephen Egan takes the call of a possible explosion and a crazy man named Jesse at a church. He says the spiders are going to get him. He forces his way in looking for a syringe and 100cc of codeine and wrecked the place looking for it. He says heís dying and screams heís not on anything. Heís on speed, his hand is cut, heís homeless and says spiders are hitting him webs. Officer Michael Patriquen says he isnít on speed. Medics come in to clean the cuts. He canít remember if heís been in a psychiatric hospital before and his pulse is 160. (Hollywood Area - 11:10 PM) On Santa Monica Blvd Officer Thomas Mason talks about looking for prostitutes because there are lots of dark areas and no parking, lots of activity goes on. He sees a John and a whore and goes around to surprise them and find a black guy running and men chasing him. He snatched a purse from a Russian woman who doesnít speak English so her friends chased him. Her friend translates for her as the cop questions her. The purse is on the ground, strap is broken and the contents are spilled out. He tells them all to follow them back to the station so they can sort it all out. #705. 8/6/94
231 Los Angeles, CA 19 (10:43 PM Domestic Violence Call) L.A. County Sheriff's Dept - Lakewood Station. Officer Fred Richardson says his job is to train new deputies in law, procedure and how to survive on the street. A black woman calls to say her husband is abusing her and he hangs the phone up as the cops are on their way. Police use pepper spray on uncooperative assault suspect; threatened suicide. #706. 8/13/94
232 Los Angeles, CA 20 (6:01 PM Roll Call) 77th Area C.R.A.S.H. Unit - Shooting call leads to further violence; gang members' arrests. #707. 10/1/94
233 Los Angeles, CA 21 (7:49 PM Pedestrian in Traffic) L.A. County Sheriff's Dept - Lakewood Station. Communications Center. Freeway foot-chase; public intoxication; knife threat. #708. 10/8/94
234 Los Angeles, CA 22 (10:30 PM Stolen Car Call) Pomona Dept - Sgt. Joe Waltman says there are obvious signs when looking for stolen cars like guys riding around in the rain with their window down because they broke it out. High-speed pursuit of reported stolen vehicle; domestic dispute. #709. 10/15/94
235 Los Angeles, CA 23 (11:55 PM Prowler Call) L.A.P.D. Van Nuys Area The Sgt. reads a report where Officer Stephen Davoren gets a commendation for the complete recovery of stolen property in a case. Everyone claps and he goes up and signs a paper. After he says he was in seminary school and after much though he decided to leave and become a cop. Domestic disturbance; suspect with drug paraphernalia. #710. 10/22/94 
236 Los Angeles, CA 24 (11:42 PM Street Patrol) Car-jacking; suspected thieves hide in police tow-yard; stabbing. #711. 1/7/95
237 Los Angeles, CA 25 (8:33 PM Search for Suspect) Air Unit special. LAPD officers track suspects via helicopter; pursue a hit-and-run suspect; investigate an altercation between a man and a woman. #712. 10/29/94
238 Los Angeles, CA 26 (1:57 AM Street Patrol) Cops are seen having dinner. Stolen Vehicle Call, suspected truck theft; suspect allegedly fires at officer. #713. 12/3/94
239 Los Angeles, CA 27 (11:02 PM Domestic Disturbance) LAPD 77th Area - suspect apparently on PCP; man is suspected of robbing a jewelry store. #714. 12/10/94
240 Los Angeles, CA 28 (6:55 PM Street Patrol) A cop tries to stop a long-haired man riding his bike, but he takes off. He tosses some meth before he gets caught. (8:18 PM Theft Call) A white guy is caught and arrested. A black guy says the guy gave him $1 and then followed him and said he stole $40 from him and then took his bag of possessions and runs by a 7-11 and punches him. (1:45 AM Vehicle on Fire) Pacific Area - Officer Tammy goes to an RV on fire and two guys are vainly trying to go in and put it out. One guy falls to the ground and is covered with tattoos and says no one will help him. They get him away because he is all messed up. Firemen come in and put it out. Turns out the RV was his home. Pomona, CA Sgt. Dale La Fleur looks for prostitutes and sees two of them and they start running. He spots another and follows her into a gas station. She is wrapped up and she says it is a spider bite. He thinks she is high and moves her over to a wall and makes her close her eyes and cover them while he gets a flashlight to check her pupils. She is heroin and he passes her off to another officer and goes back to looking for prostitutes. (11:25 PM Shooting Call) A call to 911 by a man who says he is shot. A liquor store owner is attacked by a man with a rifle trying to rob him. He comes around the counter and the clerk shoots him twice in head with a .38 and the guy dies standing up with his face on the counter. #715. 1/21/95
241 Las Vegas, NV 9 (6:51 PM Street Patrol) Metro South East Area Command - Officer Tim Purney spots an unoccupied stolen vehicle in an alley. He is going to stake it out in hopes of catching the thief. He says there are lots of stolen vehicles in the area, especially in this secluded alley. Officers make a stolen-vehicle arrest and capture a wandering python. #716. 2/11/95
242 Las Vegas, NV 10 (8:38 PM Briefing) North Las Vegas Narcotics Unit - Sgt. Mike Blackwell is doing the briefing at night so they won't have to do it early in the morning. He draws the plans on the board for the raid on the heroin house. (6:07 am Staging Area) tip leads to alleged drug traffickers; domestic violence call nets stolen credit cards; man under the influence of drugs. #717. 2/18/95
243 Las Vegas, NV 11 (11:51 PM Street Patrol) North East Area Command - Officer Bryan Wade says it's an interesting area - all kinds there from rural to bikers. Backup is always minutes away, unlike downtown where everything is located. Suspected bicycle thief flees; altercation; assault. #718. 3/4/95
244 Las Vegas, NV 12 (7:41 PM Sting Operation) Sgt. Jeff Russo is in a massive warehouse of large confiscated items talking about how they are going to clear and area of drug dealers and buyers and replace them with cops. Undercover officer decoys drug buyers; public nudity; domestic violence. #719. 4/15/95
245 Las Vegas, NV 13 (1:51 AM Shooting Call) Alleged shooter; cousins fistfight; alleged drug-abusers may lose children. #720. 5/6/95
246 Las Vegas, NV 14 (8:16 PM Briefing) Metro PD Street Crimes Unit Bike Patrol - Sgt. Ken Young is in charge. The undercover says he spotted guys selling drugs across from a park out of a car and have bought from them before, but Greg got robbed last time, so make sure they have their signals down. They've been working the area for a while and have really cleaned it up of coke, but if they don't keep it up it'll come back. (9:08 PM Sting Operations) Officer Greg Damarian is at a 7-11 in a truck. He is in the passenger seat and two guys approach to sell him a rock. Greg wants to make sure it's real and the dealer says he's Cuban, it's always real. Another guy approaches looking for a piece of rock. They say they don't have enough and he wants some money to score. They call in the description to the cops on bikes who take them down. This way they don't blow the undercover guys. (9:56 PM) They go to a bar on Charleston St. with lots of cocaine traffic. Officer Janice Kashiwamura is in the passenger seat when they pull up. A white guy comes over and says to pull over by the white truck. The dealer tells them to have a beautiful day. They ask him if there is enough there for both of them. He says yeah, but not too much to keep them wrecked all night. He says he's got weed too. She wants to know if it's good then can they find him there again. He says to look for him there when they drive by and shakes their hand. They leave and the bike group swarms on him and he runs. The catch him with their truck and he spits out the bags of dope and his retainer. He says he's sorry, he has had problems. (4:39 PM Street Patrol) NLV PD - Officer Sue Schaaf has been there 8 years and has problems with huffers - paint sniffers. She spots a known offender, Marcus, who hides the evidence in his pocket. She gets out and cuffs him and he has paint all over him. He threw a can in a yard and has a gold can of paint in his pocket and the ticket he got from police yesterday in his pocket. She asks why he keeps doing this. This is the 4th ticket he's gotten in a week in a half, but the jail won't take him. Officer Dave Acosta comes up to translate. He says he sniffs a can of paint a day. Marcus's mom shows up only speaking Spanish. She says he sniffs at least a can of day and his memory is so shot he can't remember his own phone number. It fries your brain worse than narcotics. They are taking him to jail in hopes they keep him there. He doesn't care if his mom wants to help him. He doesn't eat, but doesn't want to die. They are trying to build a case to get him help. (9:10 PM Domestic Disturbance) North East Area Command - Officer Keith Harris says the majority of his calls are domestic, loud parties with the occasional homicide. You can be talking to someone one second and the next someone comes after you with a knife. He pulls up to a house where 3 people are outside and a woman is crying. She wants Norton arrested so he cuffs him. Robin is his fiancť, keeps crying and is pregnant, so they cuff her. He says he fought with his mom and his mom went to hit him with a stick and he pulled it out of her hand. Mom says John's selling vacuum cleaners and not making any money, so heís upset and she let them live with her. He's moving all around with no place to stay. He bought $20 in groceries and somebody ate some and he bitched about it. She put down $1300 on a car and he lost his job at Little Caesars and can't pay. She pays all the bills, $1400 a month, and he doesn't do anything and just doesn't get it. He is 18, moved out and moved back. He says they argued over the food he bough and has an anger problem. The reason they cuffed him is it's a domestic situation and they don't come off until the situation is under control. #721. 7/8/95
247 Las Vegas, NV 15 (10:31 PM Man with a Gun) Shooting incident; marital dispute; alleged stalker. #722. 7/22/95
248 Kansas City 9 (MO - 1:04 AM Car Chase) East Patrol Division - Officer John Wagner is called into a pursuit of a car running on three wheels and only going 35 mph. The axle is creating a shower of sparks. Police chase motorist who tried to ram police car; felony suspect bails out of vehicle. #723. 11/19/94
249 Kansas City 10 (MO - 7:26 PM Briefing) East Patrol - Sgt. Mark Johnson talks about an area known for drive bys. #724. 3/11/95
250 Kansas City 11 (MO - 7:24 PM Roll Call) Sgt. Ronald Hayes talks about gypsies that robbed $5,000 and the security tape from a 7-11. Officer Joseph McHale and Brad Chirnside are there. hit-and-run; teen chased by police tosses gun in woods. #725. 2/4/95
251 Kansas City 12 (MO - 11:31 PM Assistance Call) Central Patrol Division - Officer Brad Chirnsdale and Joseph McHale respond to a foot chase. Suspect runs from police; trailer-park brawl; domestic dispute. #726. 3/18/95
252 Kansas City 13 (MO - 9:18 PM Vandalism Call) East Patrol Division - Officer Eric Dillenkoffer patrols an area loaded with drug disturbances and gang activity, it's going all the time, likes the action and always being busy, like the drug cases a lot. Officers respond to a shooting incident; help an animal-control officer capture a snake in a storage garage; arrest a man suspected of breaking into rental trucks. Man is suspected of breaking into rental trucks; snake in garage. #727. 4/1/95
253 Kansas City 14 (MO - 9:47 PM Domestic Violence) East Patrol Division - Officer Bill Warren and Karl Oakman respond to the call. Outstanding-warrant arrest; love-triangle dispute; narcotics warrant. #728. 4/8/95
254 Kansas City 15 (MO - 12:41 AM Street Patrol) East Patrol Division - Officer Chris Ruark talks about loving to catch the man and shootings. Drug arrest; woman assaults beau; teen claims uncle assaulted her. #729. 4/29/95
255 Kansas City 16 (KS - 1:25 AM Car Pursuit) Neighborhood Crime Unit - Officer Jose Viera in the Neighborhood Crime unit joins the pursuit. #730. 4/22/95
256 Los Angeles, CA 29 (7:31 PM Traffic Stop) LAPD Foothill Area rescue training. Drug arrests; restraining-order violation; traffic infraction. #731. 5/20/95
257 Los Angeles, CA 30 (8:40 PM Assistance Call) convenience store robbery; domestic disturbance; stolen car. #732. 7/15/95
258 New York City 1 (4:28 PM Street Patrol) N.Y.P.D. Street Crimes Unit - Officer Joey Oroyo says they are a very large department, 38,000 strong. He's part of a small unit in such a large dept. They go to precincts with major problems in robberies, shooting and homicide and try to bring those numbers down. He was born in the ghetto, South Bronx, brought up in the hood, sees a lot of things, lots of guys he grew up with are in jail, some are dead or haven't made it anywhere. One of the few things he remembers as a kid was when the cops came down into the neighborhood and how they would actually clean up the neighborhood and he said 'hey when I get out of here one of the things I want to do is become a cop. I want to go out there, come back to the neighborhood that I was born in and do the same thing maybe plus times.' They ride under the L train and see three kids in a car weaving in traffic and follow them for a while. The cops get out and the kids have the radio blasting. One of them tries to run and Joey's partner cuffs him. Another has a gun and they order him down and cuff him as backup arrives. (4:11 AM Burglary Call) Cops go the scene and then climb on a roof. The crooks made a hole in the roof of a drugstore in the rain to gain entry. Cops open the store, but find no one. It looks like nothing was taken. Officer Ann Williams saw the crook and they head into a locked parking lot by dropping over a wall and climb on cars until they find him hiding stuck under a car. (4:05 PM Air Patrol) NYPD Aviation unit - Detective Gregory Semendinger explains why he likes flying and his job as chopper pilot as they fly by the WTC. (4:31 PM Robbery in Progress) The chopper flies over a jewelry store robbery and they help with the search for a second suspect. (7:02 PM Shots Fired) Cops grab two people and the chopper makes sure the roofs are clear because recently an officer was killed when a bucket of joint compound was thrown for a roof. (9:45 PM Boat in Distress) Near Coney Island they use a thermal imaging unit to find the boat. #733. 10/20/94
259 New York City 2 (9:01 PM Anti-Crime Briefing) N.Y.P.D. 34th Precinct starts with shot of WTC. Some of the undercover guys look like criminals wearing gangster shirts. raid on reported drug house; menacing rodents; overturned vehicle. #734. 10/20/94
260 New York City 3 (9:11 AM Officer Down) pursuit of drug suspect; attempted suicide. #735. 11/5/94
261 New York City 4 (10:52 PM Street Patrol) N.Y.P.D. 46th Precinct. Sgt. Andy Fasulo. Suspects hide in neighborhood market's basement; cab thieves. #736. 11/12/94
262 Best of Cops 3 (Pomona, CA - 12:03 AM Car Chase) Officer Dale La Fluer joins a hit and run pursuit and calls it. The Asian driver won't stop even though his tires are blown and his engine is smoking, his hubcaps come off, sparks are flying and he's down to 5mph on his rims. He wanders into the opposite lane and crashes into a car, backs into a police car and a tire falls off. He winds up in the dirt with a chopper above and a dog in front of him as a dozen officers take him down. He went 125 mph on the freeway through 5 counties. The passenger was innocent until they found out he had a warrant. Officer Mark Shannon assists at the crash. Sacramento, CA (7:15 PM Street Patrol) Deputy Mark Kessell is called to a fight. Jessie, a black man, is in a silver Buick assaulted Melissa who was walking down the street. Deputy Dave Powell questions them. He tried to get her in his car and took off. They got his license plate number and saw he went down 6th st. They see the car in a nearby apartment complex and find he is in Apt 10 and on parole. They cuff him and go get the girl to ID him at a gas station. She is upset, but says he is the guy because of the white shirt and blue pants. Phoenix, AZ (Roll Call - Halloween) Kids come in the station as Batman and Robin. (11:45 PM Street Patrol) Officer Mike McElroy goes to a call of a man says that he saw a ghost. He found a tombstone in his yard and says it belongs to the dead original owner of the house. He says the ghost molested his daughter and the state took her away thinking he did it. He also says the ghost also grabbed his wife's hand and he has a .44 and will shoot him. Officer Joe Munoz helps translate. The cops recommend an exorcism and leave. #S900. 6/95
263 Best of Cops 4 (Pomona, CA - 9:15 PM Shooting Call) Sgt. Joe Waltman races to the scene of a black woman with one kidney gets shot in a drive by and cops go to the apartment and lead the six kids out that are inside. Suspects confronted the people, left and returned and shot the three adults. Ronald is still in bed. The mother is hit in the leg. They all ran inside and the blood is everywhere in pools. New York City, NY (9:02 PM Rescue Call) A call for a man in the water. There is a chopper to light him up. Cops go in the river and pull him out. He swam out 175 feet and said he was looking for oil and didn't want to come out. (10:33 PM Assistance Call) Jimmy is impaled by a wrench that fell four stories from a crane and into his back. They cut it off and move him out in case the crane falls since it is now loose. Jimmy tells cops not to tow his car away. Fort Worth, TX (9:45 PM Domestic Disturbance) Officer C.C. Ryder responds to a man wearing only shorts on a pay phone. He runs away from the camera and has broken glass on him. His wife is across the street at home. She goes to the wife who is crying with two small kids. There is broken plates and glass all over. He was drunk and out all day and hit her. She doesn't work because she just had a third kid and says she isn't scared of him and is fixin to leave anyway. #S901. 6/95
264 Best of Cops 5 (Kansas City - 7:57 PM Shots Fired) East Patrol Division - Officer Kevin Temple emphasizes the importance of staying in shape. You need to be able to keep up with criminals and help other cops when they need assistance. He's into lifting weights. Cops go to a house with two kids in the yard and a big black lady who tells them no shots were fired. They ask who the man was who ran inside and she says no one did. It turns out the guy is hiding in the closet and has shoved 10 bags of coke under the mattress leaving an obvious lump. They find it and take him to jail. (Dallas TX - 5:47 PM Street Patrol) Cops drive by a drug deal and jump out and grab the three black guys. An old man came to buy from two younger guys and they dump the crack in his window. The old guy confesses to everything. (10:14 PM Street Patrol) Cops see two black drug dealers and find pot and a gun they tossed. (Fort Worth, TX - 3:30 PM Street Patrol) Cops went on a call to the Simpsons, an elderly couple, years ago. The officer goes back to visit them because he had been out of work for the last six months. (5:22 PM Assistance Call) A suspicious stolen truck is stopped and a Caribbean man is pulled out. There is a chicken in the truck which jumps out and escapes. The cops try to catch it, but can't. They also find a large turtle in his backseat. #S902. 6/95
265 Best of Cops 6 (Kansas City - 2:19 AM Street Patrol) East Patrol Division - Officer Kevin Kilkenny says he had a neighbor who was a cop he respected and looked up to and thought he could do it and be a help. He's on a 10 member team, lots of camaraderie, a real team feeling. Cops are notified of a stabbing. A man was stabbed by his wife because he wanted her to stop drinking and he bled all over the apartment. Blood is on the walls, the hallway and down the stairs. The knife is in the sink and their six month old child is sleeping nearby. She is arrested. (Denver, CO - 8:15 PM Domestic Dispute) Cops look for a woman at a house and can't find her. They come back and she was in the closet the whole time. She has a black eye, was beaten, dragged, is bloody and is bruised all over. The man who did it was arrested earlier on a warrant. She is taken by ambulance to the hospital. (Philadelphia, PA - 5:09 PM Street Patrol) A domestic call to a Vietnamese apartment starts off bad when they won't open the door. The cop kicks it in and the man inside is insane and his screaming "I'll fight you" while shaking and crying. The cops make him leave and the woman says she fell and made the marks on her neck because she is sick. It is a traditional Vietnamese healing technique. The man is arrested. #S903. 6/95
266 Best of Cops 7 (Jersey City, NJ - 8:59 PM Shooting Call) West District - Officer Russ McDonald says it is the 1st or 2nd busiest district in the state - lots of shootings, robberies and guns. Most houses have 1 or 2 bullet holes in them His partner is Officer Mark Razzoli and they go to a shooting call looking for 3 men on bikes wearing hoods who shot a girl on Clinton Ave and one is caught with drugs/Dallas, TX - Car chase on the freeway with a drunk in a red pickup who goes home/Fort Worth, TX - Assistance call at a Fina gas station with an insane man who thinks he's Elvis' son in law. #S904. 1996

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