Season 6 (1993-94)

Sacramento, CA/Nashville, TN/El Paso, TX/Cleveland, OH/New York City/Little Rock, AR/Indianapolis, IN/Hong Kong
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180 Sacramento, CA 1 (6:45 PM Vehicle Stop) Sheriff's Department South Patrol - Deputy Robin Kolb is following a car pulling into a business on Livingston and 50th, license plate 766 VHV. Suspect flees search; car-jacking; domestic dispute. #601. 1/15/94
181 Sacramento, CA 2 (7:56 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Department - Deputy Mike Sales takes the call of a man is suspected of shooting neighbor's dogs. Deputy Derrick Greenwood yells at him to put his hands up. man claims brother stabbed him #602. 11/9/93
182 Sacramento, CA 3 (10:57 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Sheriff's Department South Patrol - Deputy David Michaud flies C-5s in the Air Force reserves. During Desert Storm he took a year off and the department understood. He loves his job as well as the chance to serve his country. Car thief is captured; man attacks brother with knife. #603. 10/16/93
183 Sacramento, CA 4 (11:03 PM Pursuit Call) Speeding motorcyclist won't stop; neighborhood argument. #604. 10/23/93
184 Sacramento, CA 5 (5:11 AM Stolen Car) Sheriff's Department - Deputy Mark Freeman. Driver of stolen car flees on foot; trailer-park brawl. #605. 10/30/93
185 Sacramento, CA 6 (10:42 PM Disturbance Call) North Patrol - Officer Bret Satchwell has been on the streets 8 years which is not a long time. Fight between two men; burglary suspect hides in tree. #606. 1/29/94
186 Sacramento, CA 7 (3:06 PM Stabbing Call) Should be listed as AM. Man attacked by his wife claims a stranger stabbed him. #607. 3/26/94
187 Sacramento, CA 8 (6:23 PM Traffic Stop) Officers serve restraining order; parole violation. #608. 4/9/94
188 Sacramento, CA 9 (1:02 AM Suspicious Activity) A man claims to be the son of Jesus; concealed-weapon suspect. #609. 4/23/94
189 Nashville, TN 1 (12:18 AM Suspicious Activity) Central Sector - Officer Joe Shelton works Central. There are lots of drugs and shootings. He knows the area real well and believes in strong backup. #610. 8/7/93
190 Nashville, TN 2 (11:49 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Metropolitan Police - Officer Joe Shelton joins a pursuit. Female officers pose as prostitutes; suspect sleeping in stolen van. #611. 8/14/93
191 Nashville, TN 3 (9:03 PM Armed Robbery) Metropolitan Police East Sector - Officer Dana Lyon has only been on the job eight months and is always hyper and goofed on because of it. She loves her job and says if you like what you do you'll never work a day in your life. Armed robbery suspect turns violent; domestic dispute involves baby. #612. 8/21/93
192 Nashville, TN 4 (11:27 PM Officer Assistance) Central Sector - Officer Joe Shelton has been a cop for 7 years, following in his dads footsteps. Officers control crowd in wake of fight; domestic dispute. #613. 8/28/93
193 Nashville, TN 5 (1:51 AM Stolen Vehicle Call) Central Sector - Officer Joe Shelton goes after a four door with expired tags. Car stolen from deaf man; family dispute turns into reunion; armed father. #614. 9/11/93
194 Nashville, TN 6 (1:17 AM Man with a Gun Call) Metropolitan Police Dept - Central Sector - Officer David Ridings works the high crime area, the midnight shift since he's started. He sees a lot of crazy stuff he's gotten used to and never thought he'd would. Father/son altercation; man with a gun call; barroom stabbing. #615. 9/15/93
195 Nashville, TN 7 (5:27 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Man claims stepson stole his truck; man in seizure cuts himself. #616. 9/25/93
196 Nashville, TN 8 (3:43 PM Domestic Disturbance) high-speed chase with DWI suspect. #617. 6/4/94
197 Nashville, TN 9 (11:48 PM Stabbing Call) Girl is prime suspect in stabbing; weapons in pickup. #618. 11/2/93
198 El Paso, TX 1 (3:02 AM Shooting Call) International Border - Officer Jerry Jimenez says the special thing about downtown is it is so close to the border, lots of people come and go freely over the bridges, lots of Mexicans, lots of people to deal with, lots to do. shooting at Mexico border; body is discovered near graveyard. #619. 12/17/94
199 El Paso, TX 2 (9:02 PM Disturbance Call) Central Sub-Station - Officer Fernie Carrasco is working his first night and because it is a Tuesday he doesn't expect to see much except drunks. drunken brawl; drug raid on van; pedestrian accident. #620. 12/18/93
200 El Paso, TX 3 (1:46 AM Suicide Threat) Suicidal man threatens to swallow razor blade; assault arrests. #621. 1/8/94
201 El Paso, TX 4 (8:09 PM Street Patrol) Suicidal man with shotgun; knife fight outside bar. #622. 2/19/94
202 El Paso, TX 5 (12:40 AM Burglary in Progress) pharmacy burglary; neighbor dispute; landlord/tenant fight. #623. 3/5/94
203 El Paso, TX 6 (1:57 AM Assault in Progress) Border shooting; suspected car thief tries to flee on foot. #624. 3/19/94
204 El Paso, TX 7 (1:07 AM Vehicle Pursuit) Drunken driver flees; gang-related shooting; domestic dispute. #625. 4/2/94
205 Indianapolis, IN 1 (11:41 PM Drug Unit Assistance) North District - Officer Craig Patton K-9 Unit. His dog is Vasco and he is good to have because even having two cops with weapons drawn on a suspect they'll still run knowing they cannot or will not shoot at them. If the dog is there they'll focus on the dog and worry what he's going to do, not the officer. Suspect flees; couple steals from charity collection box. #626. 9/3/94
206 Indianapolis, IN 2 (2:17 AM Vehicle Pursuit) East District - Officer David Schutz works 7pm to 3am, the high felony hours and it is past curfew for kids, so if he sees 3-4 of them outside he knows they are up to something. When he sees broken windows and hi-beams on cars he knows they are stolen, that's his forte. Officers chase suspect with crossbow;  convenience-store drug deal. #627. 9/10/94
207 In Hot Pursuit (2:07 AM Stolen Car Call) Cleveland  #628. 11/6/93
208 Cleveland, OH 1 (12:42 AM Stolen Car Call) Driver throws out a gun as he is fleeing. #629. 11/13/93
209 Cleveland, OH 2 (8:28 PM Disturbance Call) Man assaults girlfriend; nude suspect breaks into school. #630. 11/20/93
210 Cleveland ,OH 3 (10:26 PM Carjacking Call) Two suspects stole a deaf man's car; drug warrant; domestic assault. #631. 11/27/93
211 Cleveland, OH 4 (8:32 PM Stolen Car Pursuit) stolen vehicles; gang fight; bar disturbance. #632. 12/4/93
212 Cleveland, OH 5 (7:29 PM Fight Call) Women with baseball bats fighting at gas station/Drunk guy at police station/Domestic with fat black guy and a tech-9/Domestic with old couple in a country trailer. #633. 12/18/93
213 Cleveland ,OH 6 (9:57 PM Street Patrol) #634. 12/11/93
214 Cleveland, OH 7 (1:41 AM Sexual Assault) #635. 12/25/93
215 Cleveland, OH 8 (1:12 AM Carjacking Call) car-jacker; man reportedly assaults wife; neighbor threatened. #636. 2/26/94
216 New York City Subway Special (2:33 PM Briefing) A train heads toward the the WTC. NY Transit Authority. Sgt. Harry Scott says Officer Fernando Velez is going undercover as a drunken tourist in the subway on Canal and 6th street. They go to evidence and pick out jewelry and a camera to temp thieves. AKA Cops Underground or New York, New York: Underground #637. 1/1/94
217 Little Rock, AR 1 (1:13 AM Stolen Vehicle) Downtown Patrol Division - Officer Steve Woodall spots a stolen vehicle. Hit-and-run involves stolen vehicle; dispute between neighbors. #638. 7/9/94
218 Little Rock, AR 2 (12:04 AM Stolen Car) Officer Steve Woodall - Chase involves stolen vehicle; drunken domestic dispute. #639. 2/7/94
219 Little Rock, AR 3 (11:17 PM Vehicle Pursuit) Southwest Patrol Division - Officer Rodney Lewis says it is a fun job and he doesn't let it stress him out. He gets to deter crime, meet people and help people that need to be helped. What other job can you drive around the city, meet people and get paid? With the aid of a K-9 unit, Officers Rodney Lewis and Frank Ghegan locate a suspect who bailed out of a speeding vehicle that was being chased by police. Officer Greg Birkhead questions a woman who made threats to shoot her ex-boyfriend. Officer Jim Scott investigates a bloody fight between two men. 2.0 #640. 4/16/94
220 Little Rock, AR 4 (9:44 PM Robbery Call) Southwest Patrol Division - Officer Frank Ghegan was in the Air Force for 23 years in Vietnam and all over the world and saw an ad in the paper for a corrections officer and tried it out with no idea what he was getting into. That was 10 years ago and every day is different with different challenges which never ceases to amaze him. He pursues a man who matches the description of an armed robbery suspect. Officers Jim Scott and John Breckon investigate a traffic accident in which the driver of a car hit a telephone pole and fled the scene, then track the suspect by following a trail of liquid through the streets of North Little Rock. Officer Crystal Kindervater investigates a shooting incident. #641. 7/16/94
221 Indianapolis, IN 3 (6:56 PM Suspicious Activity) East District - Sgt. Dennis Riley has been there 18 years and lots of things become routine. You can't get a false sense of security when approaching a car, you have to practice safety measures every time during an 8 hour day of patrol. You have to be constantly reminded something can happen on the spur of the moment and take any action necessary. Juveniles are in the parking lot of a liquor store, have been in and out of the store many times trying to buy beer/Parked car accident/Domestic in a back trailer/Domestic in a car. Officer admonishes clerk who sold alcohol to minor; DWI-related accident. #642. 4/30/94
222 Indianapolis, IN 4 (12:52 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Officer David Schultz says the trouble with stolen vehicles is they almost end up in pursuits which is the most dangerous thing about the job. Suspected stolen vehicle; woman attempts to cash stolen check. #643. 9/17/94
223 Indianapolis, IN 5 (2:24 AM Stolen Car) North District - Officer Tom Shaffer works as a community center director in a lower class neighborhood. He feels it makes him relate better to people in the neighborhoods he patrols, they assist him better too. A helicopter is following a stolen car that a guy just bailed out of, two guys ran in different directions and one is hiding under a tree. Cops spill out and run after him. Officer Pauli Irwin was chasing two different cars. A K-9 is brought in and the dog bites a guy behind a dumpster and he screams. He says the other guy was the driver who told him to run and not to let the dog bite him again. They stole a car, got into another stolen car, stripped another and got in a third car. They find the driver in an orange and black jacket under a car and he already has handcuffs on. The ignition has been punched and there is a fake key. Pauli says there were four of them who ran, the guy in orange is the driver. The red car is also stolen and has bags of coke in it. Officer Jim Briner says there are 4 stolen cars, the van had 6 guys and 2 guns in it. Jim pulls out the guns. One is an old colt with 6 shots loaded and the other is a Beretta 9mm. East District - Officer Emmanuel Toliver uses a baseball analogy. Life a team, know who is on what base, every one gets a chance to bat, you might get a homerun or strikeout, but everyone gets to play. He rushes to a call for assistance, the subject is fighting. A black guy, Patrick, has a bloody hand, a hole on his arm with something sticking out and blood all on his pants. He is trying to put his jacket over it, won't listen and doesn't want to be looked at. An EMT says his hand is ice cold, there is severe damage and he needs to go to the hospital. He says he has to take care of something and will go to the hospital when he's ready, just not now. He walks away and Emmanuel cuffs him, he is forcing him to the hospital. He won't get in the ambulance and they have to force him in. They strap him to a gurney and he says they are hurting him. He says that's his fault. Pat was upset with a girl and doesn't like the police and wanted to fight. At the hospital he says he was fighting with his woman and she cut him with a bottle, but didnít mean to cut him that bad. He wasn't under arrest, he was detained and he appreciated it. (10:03 PM Breaking & Entering). Officer David Schultz works the tactical shift from 7pm to 3am and it suits him well, he doesn't go to bed before 2am anyway. He runs into an apartment, it is dirty and the garbage is overflowing. A stoned looking guy has blood on his shirt and they make him sit in the kitchen. In the living room there is a man down, a guy on crutches and a hysterical woman. The guy on the floor goes into a seizure and starts flailing all around. He doesn't live there and just came through the back door and started grabbing people. The stoner says they stopped him. The seizure guy has a bloody face. Cops smell glue, enough to get a buzz. Sgt. Chris Mosier arrives and they tell him the guy on crutches whacked him in the face. The woman says the seizure guy was okay outside a minute ago. Stoner says he didn't hit him. Then how did he get blood all over him? They find a can of toluene and go into the basement and find another can they are huffing. There is a woman on a mattress down there who is tallywagged out. It is a huff house with 6-7 people there, even the dog is high, it's shaking around. They go out to the garage and find 6-7 empty cans of toluene and the whole place is burned up from fire. #644. 5/7/94
224 Indianapolis, IN 6 (5:17 PM Traffic Stop) Belligerent old biker tries to conceal marijuana; stabbing. #645. 9/24/94
225 Hong Kong Special (Royal Hong Kong Police Force Bagpipe March) A boat chase with drug smugglers; prostitution sting. #091. 6/18/94

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