Season 5 (1992-93)

Pierce County WA/Homicide USA/Denver, CO/DEA/Denver, CO/San Bernardino, CA/Philadelphia, PA/Fort Worth, TX/Phoenix, AZ/United States Special
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134 Pierce County WA 4 (11:07 PM Suspicious Person Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Bruce Larson talks about how he thought a lot about being a cop and how great it is. It is all he ever wanted, loves being there and helping. He used to be a journalist which had a lot of success and excitement, but always knew one day he'd have to be a cop. Arrest of a suspected thief; witness to a battery theft. #501. 10/3/92
135 Pierce County WA 5 (11:01 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Bruce Larson goes to a shooting at a local bar behind a Subway restaurant (5:47 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Suspected gang member shoots man; pregnant woman fears drunken boyfriend. 2.0 #502. 9/19/92
136 Pierce County WA 6 (10:43 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Anthony Jensen takes a shooting cal with one person down and unknown if any suspects. A man went to bed at 9:33 PM after watching a movie. His wife was on the couch and was suddenly shot four times though she heard six shots. Cops think it was a drive by looking for a guy named Sebastian and shot her by mistake. One bullet went into her cheek and stayed there and at the hospital the doctor shows her the x-ray of it. (1:02 AM Domestic Disturbance Call) Donald called because his brother John Scott hit him. He was picking on him and calling his mom a witch and cut his arm. John says he didn't hit him. They arrest John and he says he isn't drunk, just on back pain pills. He says he'll sue them for $100 million, though he can't read, write or listen. Their mom shows up and says she was pushed down and hit by him and doesn't know that her age is 78. Cops find three guns inside and take them. John's room has drawers full of women's clothes and wigs, though no one knows why. When asked John says he is building a plastic museum. (9:38 PM Disturbance Call) A black man and woman are fighting in the parking lot of a Taco Bell. She is trying to rip the radio out of his car because she says it is hers. He smacks her in the face right in front of the cop. A nearby girl tried to find out what was going on and the woman pushed her so she backed off. The man gets arrested for hitting her and se is pregnant by him, but he's married to someone else. She is arrested for vandalism. #503. 9/26/92
137 Pierce County WA 7 (11:27 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Bill Cassio says people victimize each other left and right and sometimes thinks everyone is a bad guy. He knows he's getting cynical when he thinks there are no victims. The world is made up of two types of people - victims and suspects. A man was walking along and Marcus stopped him and they fought in the street. He then shoots the man and takes off. His car and girlfriend are still on the scene. The K9 and cops find two guys at a house and the black guy who was a witness is brought over and says the shirtless guy was the one. He denies everything saying the victim asked him for a ride and he said no, so he got mad and fought with him and then got shot, but he didn't shoot him. He said "Damn" and left. It turns out he was a rival gang member and he just shot him dead in the heart. Olympia WA (6:17 PM Kidnapping Call) A person saw a car driven by Bruce pull over, breaks the car window, pull Debbie out the window and take off. He is her husband and the cop knows the couple and she has a protection order against him. She got out a couple blocks later and walks backed to the scene all bloody with cuts on her head, hand and foot. They take her to the hospital and arrest him ten minutes later. They are getting divorced and he went nuts. He's been stalking her and went to her job the week before. King Co WA (8:14 PM Man with a Gun Call) Mike Smith had his shotgun and chased a Spanish kid on a baseball field. When cops pull up to his apartment he is home and barely coherent. He says he was robbed and was trying to get even. His apartment is loaded with guns, knives and swords which he says are all antiques. They arrest him for public intoxication and take him to detox for the night. His friend comes over to take the guns. #504. 12/5/92
138 Pierce County WA 8 (Deputy John Jimenez) Sheriff's Dept. - He talks about speaking to school kids on the way to serving a warrant. He meets with Officer Anderson who fills him in. The warrant is for Scott Bromley who was on America's Most Wanted. He was turned in by a woman who knows him from Spokane and was sick of him bragging about being on TV. He also has a $100 warrant in Pierce County, and a $10,000 warrant from Phoenix among others. (6:55 PM Warrant Served) Domestic disturbance; officers serve warrant to armed-robbery suspect. #505. 12/19/92
139 Pierce County WA 9 (3:44 PM Shots Fired Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Shawn Macdonald says he drives around 130 miles a night. Convenience-store holdup; attempted suicide; bootleg liquor operation. #506. 1/2/93
140 Homicide USA Special (Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept) Lt. William Sieber explains what homicide does - no cases are closed until they are solved and they know where people are hiding. Sgt. Ray Verdugo talks about seeing an autopsy and how it gets you up close with violence. #507. 11/7/92
141 Denver, CO 1 (8:02 PM 911 Call) District One - Sgt. Bill Yeros does a Full Metal Jacket joke and tells them there are 27 officers, but only 25 cars - so don't damage any. Officer Phil Hernadez + Mike Mosco are there. Police cars collide en route to robbery call; suicide call; drug bust. #508. 10/31/92
142 Denver, CO 2 (9:37 PM Disturbance Call) Gang Unit - Officer Daniel O'Shea says they have a zero tolerance policy toward gangs. Officer John McDonald arrest a hostile assault suspect at the Music Box Lounge. Offs. Phil Hernandez and Mike Mosco investigate a shooting; Offs. Manny Mauri and Mike Pettinger counsel a drug user; assault on a cocktail waitress; domestic disturbance; drive-by shooting. #509. 11/14/92
143 Denver, CO 3 (11:12 PM Shooting Call) #510. 11/92
144 Denver, CO 4 (11:27 PM Traffic Stop) Gang Unit - Officer Daniel O'Shea says he never thought he'd grow up to be a cop. Being a cop lets you do everything you tune in to the 10 o'clock news to see. The badge is like an eticket to Disneyland and he intends to ride every ride in the park. It's a ball, loves being involved in stuff and really enjoys getting to help people. 2 1/2 years ago a lady gave birth in a car and the baby wasn't breathing. He's handled 3 SIDS deaths and it broke his heart. His boy was 2 weeks old at the time and he picked up the baby and got him breathing. All the internal affairs complaints, all the garbage that's going on now, the public attitude toward police, the stuff that is really negative towards police and about the job that overweighed it 10 times. Burglary call bags two; officer is injured during routine traffic stop. #511. 1/9/93
145 Denver, CO 5 (6:44 PM Shots Fired Call) Aurora Police Department - Street Patrol - Officer Ken Storch says he was fascinated with police since he was a kid. He isn't capable of staying behind a desk. His car is his office - he has a phone, air condition and is mobile. Drive-by shooting suspects are captured; hit-and-run; man with a knife. #512. 1/16/93
146 Denver, CO 6 (7:08 PM Person with a Gun Call) Aurora Police Department - Officer Ken Storch says they only get called when there is a problem. It takes a special kind of person to be able to deal with that and keep their sanity when they go home at night. robbery; child with gun; assault call. #513. 1/23/93
147 Denver, CO 7 (8:09 PM Accident Call) Aurora. Hit and run pickup truck hits a souped up motorcycle and injures a man and a woman, traffic stop looking for drive by shooters yields drugs and a gun/Medical emergency call to the basement of a house with an Asian woman who took 4 sleeping pills/Family disturbance call to a drunk black woman who locked herself and a friend in her apartment - hello there. #514. 1/30/93
148 Denver, CO 8 (8:15 PM Burglary in Progress) District 1 - Officer Phil Hernandez tries to do the best he can and every day is another challenge. Man hides in neighbor's house after threatening girlfriend with knife. #515. 3/6/93
149 Denver, CO 9 (8:33 PM Disturbance Call) 3 Guys in a Room. Officers recover a stolen wallet; arrest two domestic-violence suspects; assist an elderly man who's complaining about his neighbors. #516. 4/10/93
150 DEA 1 Hour Special (Los Angeles/Ft. Worth TX/Baltimore MD and more) Starts with a bunch of short clips from many DEA busts. Then goes to DC to hear from the DEA director Robert C. Bonner #517. 7/3/93
151 San Bernardino, CA 1 (2:46 AM Pursuit Call) Sheriff's Dept Fontana Station - Deputy John Greco works in the unincorporated area known as Fontana and Bloomington. It was previously a steel town and has a rough and ready reputation. It is a good place to work and lots of activity. He pulls a shotgun out of the trunk, loads it and goes off to work. high-speed chase; prostitution sting; restaurant shooting. #518. 9/4/93
152 Philadelphia, PA 1 (6:32 PM Burglary in Progress) #519
153 Philadelphia, PA 2 (7:27 PM Traffic Stop) Highway Patrol - Patrol Officer Walter Rice his driving and his partner Patrol Officer Antonio Santiago says there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. They'll fool you as best as they can. The bad guy is never going to tell you where the gun is or that he is a bad guy. Part of their routine patrol is to put the bad guys away. The stop a white car from NJ who drove into oncoming traffic so he could get ahead in the traffic line on his side. The black driver says he was boxed out and couldn't get back in. He just bought the car, has no paperwork for it, no ID, no license. traffic stop yields guns, drugs and stolen car; elderly women have leaky ceiling. #520. 8/29/92
154 Philadelphia, PA 3 (11:04 PM Street Patrol) Capt Benjamin Braxton is inspecting the cops at HQ and says to make sure they keep the road open, nobody stop, no rear enders, doesnít want them to get hurt, doesnít have to tell them how to do their jobs or they wouldnít be there. Patrol Officer Hank Glenn and Patrol Officer King Harris listen. (Highway Patrol) King says heís been there 20 years, 90% of the time in high crime areas. They go on a lot of felony calls Ė robberies, shootings, burglaries and rapes. Any time they go with a report of a gun and do not know if the suspect is still on scene, mentally they have to be prepared, have to make it a safe situation. Any call could be a gun battle or a tussle. (Communication Center) A 9 year old boy calls in that his father is stopping a burglar, but doesnít know his address. The father comes back and says he shot the guy in his barbershop. They drive over to 1626, pass right by and go in reverse. They jump out into North Philly Cuts & Fades and when they get inside they hear shots. A man yells, ďGet out of my face you bitch!Ē They tell him to come out. The guy keeps saying, ďI said!Ē as there are sounds of a struggle. He yells ďkill me!Ē again and again. Heís at the top of the steps in the back where the man lives and is naked. They yell to put the gun down and come out, but have to go up and get him. The guy says, ďIím through, put it in the paper!í again and again. He struggles, tries to bite them and they canít hold him down because heís too slippery from sweat and blood. He gets up and almost gets out the door by running and crawling. They hit him with a metal chair, pull him down and lose their cuffs. They go to cuff him again and Sgt. Raymond Convery calls for a wagon. Heís shot in the arm and spurting blood all over. The two guys were shooting at each other upstairs. If they shot at the cops they wouldíve shot back, unfortunately the victim mightíve gotten shot. The naked guy is the burglar, the victim owns the barbershop and lives above it. He doesnít know the suspect. He fired at him. Heís all wet and bloody, nothing to hold on to, they donít know whatís in his blood, donít want it on them, but have to get it on you to lock him up. (5:43 PM Assistance Call) 25th District - Officer Christine Couter says it was a nice neighborhood a long time ago, before the drugs. Now with the drugs there itís gotten bad, theyíll steal anything to get money to get high, like TVís for $2. So many people there who have nothing, no license, no ID and cars that are wrecked. Some people are good, just stuck there. You canít find out who they are, itís overwhelming and canít take them to jail just to find out who they are. Officer Luis Colon says the Sgt. called to look for a blue Monte Carlo. They spot the car down the road, go to cut him off and he crashes right into their police car. The guy is totally high, says he isnít and they know him. The front of his car is totally wrecked from crashing into other cars. He knows Luis and calls him by name. The victim says he jumped in his car and took off. He has to fill out paperwork before he can get it back. He hit 2-3 cars and has lots of front end damage. He says thatís why he has insurance. He is Middle Eastern, doesnít know the guy, it was a few blocks away where it happened. He left his keys in the car and went in a store. The guy just took it, couldnít drive because he was impaired. The Sgt. knew he couldnít drive, but didnít know it was stolen. The suspect doesnít even know his own name. They take him to the station. Sgt. Victor Ramirez says he came wrong way down a one way with people chasing him, yelling at him to stop. He saw him crash head on into a vehicle at a stop sign. They asked him why he was out of it and he said he did 3 bags of Angel Dust. They put him in the wagon and his pants are falling down. (9:17 PM) 4th District - Officer Daniel OíBrien says itís a high narcotics area, so he looks for drug deals and stolen cars. Itís the first of the month, social security checks are in, so heís also looking for strong arm robberies. Officer Michael Gormley says a girl looks like sheís dong a deal. An undercover says she went in to buy drugs and they are waiting for her to come out. They spot two car thieves in 2 separate cars and follow them to see what they are up to. One is a yellow Toyota. They lose one, think he went west on Shrieve to get the girl. The other car has a passenger and goes south on 3rd. Two of the police cars are undercover. Joe is at Fourth and Rutner. The car goes into the gas station on Front. A bus stops and they hide behind him at Gagliardiís. Dan gets out of the car, walks to the bus, light a cigarette and tells them heís moving north on front. They filled up, snuck out the back and picked up another guy. They follow them as they stop and break into a car on 3rd and McKean. Dan gets out and takes one guy down. Mike helps him cuff Joe on the street. Joe says he didnít break into no car and repeats it 3 more times. The other unit spots a car just like it on 2nd. He popped the window and was trying to pop the steering column with a screwdriver when he caught him. A wagon arrives and they put him. He stole numerous cars and will be spending July 4th behind bars. Note: rumor has it the man in the barbershop was a premed college student with no criminal history. Someone slipped PCP into his food, he was trying to get help and he went crazy. On the way to the station his heart exploded and he died. #521. 8/15/92
155 Philadelphia, PA 4 (10:37 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Patrol Officer Jim Ryan is a second generation cop, his dad was one, he always wanted to be one and is lucky enough to fulfill what he wanted when he was a kid. Patrol Officer Walter David spots a car going very fast, then slow. Purse-snatcher; convenience-store shootings; car theft. #522. 9/5/92
156 Philadelphia, PA 5 (12:48 AM Shooting Call) / (4:02 PM Accident Call) / (5:52 PM Stabbing Call) #523. 92
157 Philadelphia, PA 6 (11:27 Highway Patrol) Patrol Officer King Harris and his partner Patrol Officer Glenn. King prefers working Hwy because it's more exciting than the regular patrol calls of dogs peeing on lawns. They stop a car and the driver is a black shirtless man who has no license and a taillight out. Officers find a gun after stopping a speeder; arrest a stabbing suspect and interview witnesses; serve a warrant on suspected drug traffickers. #524. 10/10/92
158 Philadelphia, PA 7 (12:57 AM Burglary in Progress) 22nd Precinct - Sgt. James Boone talks about an elderly woman who complained people were hanging out on her doorstep. Then he has them march out in formation. back-to-back burglary calls; purse-snatching. #525. 10/24/92
159 Fort Worth, TX 2 (12:41 AM Suspicious Vehicle) North Sector - Cpl. Jim Burnett pulls over a white Cutlass with two occupants and calls in air support. Officers chase stolen auto in car and helicopter. #526. 2/6/93
160 Fort Worth, TX 3 (2:24 AM 911 Call) Officer Bob Abbott (3:26 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer J.R. Jacoby (11:06 PM Assistance Call) Officer Rick Benson #527. 2/93
161 Fort Worth, TX 4 (1:08 AM Assistance Call) Sgt J.D. Farmer talks about Pioneer Day which is tonight. Officer Michael Humphreys & Russell Johnson patrol the North Sector. They go to the Stock Yards where the festival is and explain it is a big street dance where people come from all the neighboring towns to eat BBQ, drink beer and party. There are many bikers, lots of fights and trouble. Officers break up fight between party goer and policewoman. #528. 2/20/93
162 Fort Worth, TX 5 (3:51 PM Man with a Gun Call) West Sector - Sgt. Tim Ellis has been a cop for 13 years and has been in law enforcement since he was 19 working at a jail before he was eligible to be a cop. His dad was the chief of police in the town he grew up in so it's in the family. Stolen vehicle; possible burglary. #529. 2/27/93 
163 Fort Worth, TX 6 (3:02 AM Accident Call) Officer Russell Johnson goes to a fatal car accident; men hide in suspicious vehicle's trunk. #530. 3/20/93
164 Fort Worth, TX 7 (1:25 AM Tarrant County Jail) Sheriff's Dept - Sgt Alan Brinkman says this is their new facility, the last one they were so cram packed that if someone didn't shower you would know it. A drunk man in a cowboy hat and orange shirt was told he was too drunk to go in a bar and started trouble. He says he believes in Ross Perot, didn't do it, now is Rocky Balboa. A cop asks what his name is and he says Mr. Numbshoulders. Officers respond to a child-abandonment call; stop a car that was reported stolen. #531. 3/27/93
165 Fort Worth, TX 8 (7:14 PM Shoplifting Call) Fort Worth TX West Sector - Communications Center #532. 4/3/93
166 Fort Worth, TX 9 (10:32 PM Burglary in Progress) Roll Call - Officer C.C. Ryder listens to the Sgt. of the North Sector. (8:32 PM Disturbance Call) Sgt. Tim Ellis (11:49 PM Shots Fired) Officer Matt Smith. #533. 4/93
167 Fort Worth, TX 10 (9:49 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Tarrant County Roll Call 7th Precinct - Cops return to a trailer where an older dunk couple are fighting in the dark, but they don't live there and there is no one to drive them home who isn't drunk. They clear the trailer and find two others including a man on probation hiding in the shower who is incoherent. Domestic disturbance; domestic violence; murder and attempted suicide. #534. 4/24/93
168 Fort Worth, TX 11 (1:17 AM Attempted Break-in) South Sector - Officer Rick Benson says when you get into something you get a 2-3 minute adrenaline rush and when it's over, you want to do it again to get the rush. It makes you feel good. When cops pulled up to the house the guy fled in a white Ford pickup. He turns his lights out so a helicopter lights him up. A bunch of cars get behind him and he pulls over, runs and is caught. Now it's a felony. He wants to talk to his brother, but they say he doesn't run the show. He went around the house and was trying all the windows and doors to get in. There is a 3/4 empty 12 pack in his truck. (1:48 AM Officer Assistance) Rick takes off and comes up on Officer Dale McCoy fighting with a drunk Mexican. Rick helps by throwing him face first on the ground and he leaves a bloody spot. Dale says the guy was fighting with a 60 year old in the bar and he knocked his glasses off and 5 friends came out and joined him. Rick says not all calls go the way they want and they know people want to hurt them. When you call for help on the radio and even if the cops don't like you, they will show up to help and give you a chance to recover. Officer J.R. Jacoby goes to a call on Diamond Hill. Officer Maurine Harkrider joins him. North Sector - they go up to the house with a witness and she has cat, guesses there is no dog. Maurine goes to the door and the guy has a gun so she draws on him and yells to drop it. They pull him out and cuff him on the lawn. He only speaks Spanish and keeps saying why over and over and that someone wants to kill him. The daughter speaks English and says last night the police came and took his gun away, but he went out and bought another. Sgt. David Carroll talks to her. She says he shot the gun in the yard. J.R. finds a dozen empty shells in the yard. The girl says he gets mad and drinks. Maurine says she saw him on the couch and pulled the guy out. J.R. finds a puppy in the yard that the man wanted to kill because he was mad. The guy lives there and isn't married to her mom. J.R. says to put all his stuff in a garbage bag and get him out. The guy is drunk, confused, angry, loading the gun in front of the kids and telling them he's going to kill their dog. Officer Bill Daniels and Officer Bob Abbott are driving. Bill likes this area because his last area didn't have enough adrenaline rushes. There is more chases here to get you pumping. (11:52 PM Burglary in Progress) A loan company called thinking they hear voices in their building. They drive up, but have trouble finding the place in the dark. Other cops and a helicopter arrive and they pour out searching the ground. A K-9 finds one black man in the back. He says he "ain't did nothing", he's just there minding his own business and wants to know what's going on. He is 33, cuffed and led away. They go inside with the dog looking for others. The door is open and there is a microwave by the door. There is a bag outside the window filled with stolen items. The kitchen is a total mess. The owner arrives and says it's the 4th time the place has been robbed in the last year. He is so happy they actually caught the guy and got all the stuff. Usually he shows up and everything is gone. Bill says it's really strange that the guy was only stealing food, snacks, soda and change from the soda machine. #535. 5/15/93
169 Fort Worth, TX 12 (6:36 PM Shooting Call) Officer Matt Weber grew up in a little farm town in central IL. They didn't even have a stop light. He's been there 6 years and nothing could prepare him for working on the streets. The call is that the guy is supposed to have a rifle. He gets out and there is a bunch of black guys who say the man ran away while there are two guys shot on the ground. He drives off with another unit to where they said the guy went. They pull the guy out off his house. Officer Steve Benjamin mirandizes him. He says he stashed the gun at Walker street. The 2 guys jumped him with pistols and he shot them. He's been shot before and lifts his shirt to show a bullet wound and a huge amount of cut and stitch marks. He lost a kidney and doesn't want to get shot anymore. They were selling dope in front of his mother's house and he was tired of it so he shot them. He stops before they get back to the crime scene where things are heating up and they don't want to bring the guy. They find two rifles in the bushes including a large Marlin 30-30. They have lots of heated arguments in the area that used to be fist fights, now they grab guns and aren't afraid. (9:45 PM Suspicious Activity Call) West Sector - Officer Don Hanlon goes by a cleaners and the door is open and there are no lights inside, it's probably a robbery. Sgt. Tim Ellis joins him and they go up to the door. Don throws his lit flashlight inside and nothing happens. It is very crowded and hard to search. They get to the front and find nothing, but the front door is locked. Out back a witness says he saw 2 guys hiding behind a dumpster. They go to talk to them and they run. Eventually they catch two white guys who claim they were just watching the thieves. Don asks them why they ran, they say because they didn't know what they would do to them. The witness says he saw them loading stuff into a white car by the 7-11. One kid says he was driving his friend home and they saw the police and wanted to see what was going on. It doesn't explain why they ran. The owner arrives and says it has been broken into many times before. It turns out the kids story was true, but they were stupid and will get resisting arrest. (11:34 PM Assault Call) Officer Bob Abbott doesn't do it for the money, he likes doing it. You have to like doing it to work graveyard. Some people dread going to work and he doesn't understand it, he loves his job.  A man was beating on his girlfriend when cops arrived. He goes to back them up. The guy ran off into a field and a helicopter is looking for him. He can hear noises and a barking dog. Officer Brian Levy arrives and searches by car. The guy is spotted and they run off with directions from the helicopter. They run through a yard, jump a fence and find him hiding there. He has a couple of knives on him. He's a young, skinny black guy in a red shirt and they have to flip him over the fence to get him out. The helicopter heard barking dogs. Officer D.L. Flores went back there with Levy to check the area on foot and found him. Officer Bryan Newell was also there. #536. 5/22/93
170 Fort Worth, TX 13 (12:17 AM Suspicious Activity) Officer Matt pulls up on a car with two women sitting in it. They are doing drugs and the driver hides her crack pipe in her vagina so a female officer is brought in. Cops go to an abandoned building to remove a trespasser and when then pound on the door he pulls out a needle from his arm and starts bleeding as they arrest him. Women assault each other; man jumps out window. #537. 5/16/93
171 Phoenix, AZ 1 (6:37 PM Burglary in Progress) Central City Precinct - Officer Christopher Kawa loves what he does, thinks it matters. He comes to work with the opportunity to save people from getting hurt since there is no victimless crime. It pulls all society down, regardless of what crime it may be, it deteriorates everything. He can keep it from happening again. Burglary suspect is arrested; plane crash; boy is separated from family. #538. 6/5/93
172 Phoenix, AZ 2 (7:06 PM Roll Call) Civilian patrol nabs trespass suspect; motel robbery; shooting of teen. #539. 5/8/93
173 Phoenix, AZ 3 (4:35 PM Warrant Briefing) Central City Precinct - A female Sgt. talks about serving search warrants to a pair of house and has a map of them on a chalkboard. She says there shouldn't be problems because there are no weapons there. Officer John Collins talks about the houses. Domestic disturbance call yields spousal abuse arrest; attempted kidnapping. #540. 5/1/93
174 Phoenix, AZ 4 (12:57 AM Carjacking) Car-jacking arrest; family disturbance; shooting call. #541. 6/26/93
175 San Bernardino, CA 2 (7:47 PM Bomb Threat) Victorville Station - Deputy Rob Wickum works in the high desert and the bad thing is that it's so spread out, a very large area, and sometimes it takes a long time to get to calls. sheriff's deputies respond to a threat to blow up a house; Sgt. Sam Pollock briefs a narcotics team; Dep. Hank Valencia assists when an officer is assaulted at a domestic-dispute call. #542. 7/10/93
176 San Bernardino, CA 3 (10:02 PM Street Patrol) Pomona - Corporal Joe Waltman grew up on the East Coast and always dreamed of going to California. I the courts they have all the time they need to work things out, but on the streets it's split second decisions. Officer pursues armed suspect; flood traps man; man on a sidewalk is armed. #543. 7/17/93
177 San Bernardino, CA 4 (1:37 AM Robbery Call) Sheriff's Dept Central Station - Deputy Hank Valencia takes a call for a strong arm 211 involving a van. K-9 unit pursues robbery suspect; briefing on drug warrants; shooting in a car. #544. 7/24/93
178 San Bernardino, CA 5 (12:21 PM Narcotics Unit) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Scott Mesa explains how the drug sting will go. Undercover Hispanic deputies sell dope, speed or coke to customers in their vehicles. They'll sell to the buyer, give the signal then quickly arrest them. The backup cops hide in a nearby van while an undercover First up is a black guy in a white pickup truck. Drug sting; armed motorist; drive-by shooting. #545. 7/31/93
179 United States Hour Special (Pittsburgh, PA - 11:40 PM 911 Call) #323, (Pittsburgh, PA - Narcotics Task Force Team One) #409, (San Diego, CA - 3:40 PM) #217, (Philadelphia, PA - 11:04 PM Street Patrol) #521, (Houston, TX - 12:32 AM Traffic Stop) #334, (Las Vegas, NV - 7:45 PM Code Red - Officer Emergency) #311, (Las Vegas, NV - 11:01 PM Communication Center) #318. AKA Cops Classics #546. 8/93

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